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3 Haunted Hotels in Norfolk

| On 19, Feb 2017

The Golden Lion Hotel, Hunstanton

Situated on the Green in Hunstanton you’ll find the splendid Grade II listed Golden Lion Hotel.

In 2005, a lady staying at the hotel was rudely awoken one night by the ghostly apparition of a young girl with ringlets…

She was described as wearing an old fashion style blue and white dress.

Apparently, she manifested at the bottom of the shocked witnesses bed and then proceeded to skip over to a wardrobe in the corner of the bedroom before vanishing into thin air!

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The Duke’s Head Hotel, King’s Lynn

The Grade II listed Duke’s Head Hotel dates back to 1683 but it actually stands on the site of an ancient inn called the Gryffin.

The hotel is said to be haunted by quite a few ghosts…

In 1531, a maid murdered her mistress by poisoning her.

For her crimes, she was boiled to death in a large pot in front of a baying crowd in the middle of Tuesday Market Place!

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a weeping lady in 16th century dress throughout the hotel.

It’s believed that she’s the ghost of the executed maid!

There’s another ghostly female figure which is often seen wandering around the hotel’s corridors and on the staircase…

She’s known as the Red Lady and is believed to be the ghost of a woman who committed suicide over her two lovers.

Keeping to the suicide theme…

A man at the hotel was brought to Room 18 after he tried to kill himself.

For a short time afterwards, it was said that terrified hotel’s guests would flee the room due to the ghostly moans believed to have been caused by the spirit of the suicidal man!

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The George Hotel, Swaffham

Along Station Street in Swaffham you’ll find the Grade II listed George Hotel.

The hotel dates back to the early 18th century.

It’s said to be Swaffham’s most haunted building.

Some people say it’s haunted by up to five ghosts!

The most infamous ghost associated with the hotel is that of the Green Lady.

Both members of staff and terrified guests alike have witnessed her ghostly green apparition on many occasions.

Strangely, she’s often seen holding a pan for some reason!

The other ghosts said to haunt the George are a maid, a night porter, a crying child and the gay ghost.

Many of the hotel’s young male members of staff have reported the feeling of something unknown tugging at their belt or trouser zip…

The phantom culprit is said to be the gay ghost!

Many people at the hotel have reported being tapped on the shoulder or even pushed by an unknown entity.

The most paranormally active rooms in the hotel are said to be the old dry store room and the basement.

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