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20 Haunted Hotels in Devon (Updated 2017)

| On 27, Feb 2017


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The Tors Inn, Belstone

You’ll find the Tors Inn in the small village of Belstone.

The family run pub dates back to the Victorian era.

In the past the landlord of the Tors Inn reported ghostly goings-on within the building.

Paranormal activity of doors slamming shut on their own accord, beer taps turning on and off and beer barrels rolling themselves about the cellar were reported at the Tors Inn.

One morning in 1996 the landlord was shocked to see the ghostly apparition of an elderly woman appear in front of him.

He described her as being about sixty to seventy years old with grey hair and wearing a red dress.

She’s believed to be the spirit of an old woman who tragically died in a fire at the pub about a century ago!

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Berry Head Hotel, Brixham

You’ll find the Berry Head Hotel along Berry Head Road in Brixham.

The Grade II listed building dates back to 1803 when it started life out as a military hospital.

It later became the home of the hymn-writer and poet Henry Francis Lyte.

Berry Head House remained in the Lyte family up until 1949 when it was then converted into a hotel.

Local legend says that the Berry Head Hotel is haunted by the ghost of a soldier.

In the summer of 2003 a shocked wedding guest reported seeing a ghostly figure during the middle of the night.

Apparently, the apparition was dressed in Napoleonic clothing!

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The Smugglers Haunt, Brixham

You’ll find the Smugglers Haunt Hotel on Church Hill East in the middle of Brixham.

The hotel is over three hundred years old.

As the name of the hotel suggests, it has a past intertwined with smuggling but the building isn’t haunted by the ghosts of former smugglers.

In fact, one of the ghosts is said to be that of a young girl called Aggie who tragically fell to her death from an upstairs window in the 1920s.

Her ghost is said to pull the bedsheets of anybody who sleeps in the room where she fell from!

The other ghost said to haunt the hotel is that of a man who’s been seen sitting at a particular table in the bar.

Witnesses describe him as being about forty years old and wearing a raincoat and flat cap!

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Manor House Hotel, Cullompton

You’ll find the Manor House Hotel along Fore Street in Cullompton.

The Grade II* listed hotel dates back to the 16th century but was refurbished in 1603 as a home for a wealthy local clothier called Thomas Trock.

In 1850, JS Upcott bought the property and named it Manor House.

The house was used to billet officers during the Second World War.

And local legend says that it’s haunted.

Room 6 at the hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a bride who was jilted at the altar and is still waiting for her groom to return to her.

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The White Hart, Cullompton

The White Hart is located along Fore Street in the market town of Cullompton.

It’s a Grade II listed building with an early 19th century façade but it’s believed the building dates back much further than that.

The White Hart is said to be haunted by a ghost called Angie.

Angie has been heard moving around the premises when it’s quiet.

Sometimes her presence is accompanied by the sounds of young children playing.

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The Globe Hotel, Topsham

You’ll find the Globe Hotel along Fore Street in Topsham.

The Grade II listed hotel dates back to the late 18th century when the Harrison family combined several buildings into one and added a Georgian façade.

The Globe became a coaching inn in the 1830s and was a stop off for coaches traveling between Lyme Regis, Salisbury and London.

In the summer of 1932 an American gentleman was staying at the Globe Hotel.

He reported that he was awoken several times in the night by an eerie swirling sound which sounded like someone was waving silk scarves in the air.

This eerie sound was also heard by the woman guest in the next room!

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The Fisherman’s Cot, Bickleigh

The Fisherman’s Cot is situated in a picturesque spot next to the River Exe just northwest of the village of Bickleigh.

The inn was built in the 1930s as a fishing lodge for Bickleigh castle.

The Fisherman’s Cot is said to be haunted by a female ghost…

Members of staff and guests alike have reported hearing a phantom woman softly laughing around the bar area of the hotel!

Next to the hotel is a 14th century bridge which some spooked guests have witnessed a headless horseman crossing.

Other guests have just heard the eerie sounds of clattering phantom hoofs on the bridge.

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Ring O’Bells, Chagford

You’ll find the Ring O’Bells situated on the Square in the market town of Chagford.

There’s been an inn on the site of the Ring O’Bells since the 16th century.

In its time the building has been used as a stannary court, coroners court, mortuary, holding prison and a pub.

Guests staying in Room 1 have reported that they’ve felt a female presence in the room.

The cellar of the Ring O’Bells is reputed to be haunted by a poltergeist who’s been blamed for the loud knocking noises often heard coming from the room.

It’s believed the poltergeist occasionally ventures out of the cellar into the other rooms of the pub where it knocks ornaments and decorations from the walls.

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The Three Crowns Hotel, Chagford

Along Chagford’s High Street opposite the churchyard you’ll find the Grade II* listed Three Crowns Hotel.

The historic granite façade hotel dates back to the 13th century.

The Three Crowns has a reputation for being haunted since 1643 by the poet Sidney Godolphin.

At the time of the English Civil War Sidney was a Royalist officer.

He was shot in a skirmish in Chagford and it’s said he died on the doorstep of the Three Crowns.

One day, the hotel’s chef was scared witless after seeing the ghostly apparition of Sidney in full Royalist uniform standing in the doorway of the dining room!

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The Churston Court Hotel, Brixham

The historic grade II* listed Churston Court Inn near Brixham dates back to the 12th century when it first started life out as a coaching inn.

It’s said that the inn was regularly visited by the famous author Agatha Christie when it was owned by Lord and Lady Churston.

Candles blowing out, then reigniting on their own accord is just one of the paranormal activities said to take place at the inn.

It’s said that the inn is haunted by a couple of ghosts…

Both members of staff and guests alike have been scared witless when they’ve witnessed the infamous ghostly apparitions of monks who disappear through walls!

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The Pack O’Cards Inn, Combe Martin

In the village of Combe Martin you’ll find the unique Pack O’Cards Inn.

Legend states that the Grade II listed hotel was built by George Ley after he won a large amount of money by playing cards in 1690.

The hotel has four floors which are said to represent the four card suits and thirteen rooms which represent the number of cards in a suit.

The hotel also has a reputation for being haunted…

Guests and members of staff alike have seen the ghostly apparitions of a man with a long beard and a woman in a white long flowing gown.

Two more ghosts are said to haunt the hotel, both are victims of the press gang.

It’s said that one young lad died of fright whilst hiding from the press gang and the other was killed during a fight with the press gang!

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The Royal Castle Hotel, Dartmouth

The 17th century Royal Castle Hotel is located in the middle of Dartmouth on the Quay overlooking the Harbour and the River Dart.

The historic grade II* listed hotel dates back to 1639.

Queen Victoria, Sir Francis Drake, Mary II, Edward VII, Agatha Christie and Cary Grant all stayed at the hotel.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a ghostly stagecoach which turns up in the early hours of the morning to pick up phantom passengers.

This paranormal activity normally takes place in the autumn months!

Other ghostly sounds heard taking place outside the hotel is the sound of two people fighting in the courtyard.

One of the hotel’s bedrooms is also rumoured to be haunted…

Terrified guests have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a robed figure in the room!

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ABode Exeter (The Royal Clarence Hotel), Exeter

The ABode Exeter (The Royal Clarence Hotel) in Cathedral Yard was built in 1769 on the spot where Sir Walter Raleigh father’s house resided.

People say that the phantom coughing noises which are often heard within the hotel are from Sir Walter Raleigh himself.

Other hauntings at the hotel are that of a three headed creature, a nun and a monk!

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Lord Haldon Hotel, Dunchideock

The Lord Haldon Hotel is situated near Dunchideock.

The hotel was once the country home of the Haldon family.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a maid who committed suicide at the hotel.

It’s said that one of the Lord Haldons had an affair with the maid and got her pregnant.

When he found out about the pregnancy he had nothing more to do with her.

Heartbroken, she drowned herself in the garden pond.

Today, her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified guests wandering around the hotel.

They describe her as wearing an 18th century dress which is soaking wet and crying her heart out!

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The White Hart Inn, Exeter

Along South Street in the historic city of Exeter you’ll find the Grade II listed 15th century White Hart Inn.

The inn is said to be haunted by a couple of ghosts…

Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of the hanging judge himself George Jeffreys wandering around the White Hart.

Another ghostly apparition to be witnessed at the inn, this time in the courtyard, is a lady in a long black cape!

Local legend says that a mythical reptile called a basilisk is lurking somewhere in the inn’s well.

And at one time it killed two workmen with its lethal breath!

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The Pig and Whistle Inn, Littlehempston

You’ll find the Pig and Whistle Inn along the Newton Road (A381) near the village of Littlehempston.

This four hundred year old traditional Devon inn is said to be haunted by a rather randy monk!

You see, local legend states that a French monk from Buckfast Abbey had regular illicit rendezvous with a local farmer’s daughter at the Pig and Whistle.

His spirit is said to haunt the inn today waiting for his lover to show up.

He’s been nicknamed Freddie and is said to be a lecherous ghost!

Terrified witnesses have seen his ghostly apparition in the bar area.

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The White Hart Hotel, Okehampton

The White Hart Hotel is a 17th century coaching inn which is situated along Fore Street in the middle of Okehampton.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a little boy called Peter.

Apparently, spooked members of staff have heard him call out in the middle of the night… I’m Peter!

Sometime his ghostly apparition is seen playing with children who visit the hotel with their parents.

When questioned about Peter, the children say he’s a nice boy but very lonely!

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The Bedford Hotel, Tavistock

You’ll find the Bedford Hotel along Plymouth Road in the market town of Tavistock.

The stunning castellated style hotel is built on the remains of a Benedictine Abbey.

But the hotel isn’t haunted by ghostly monks…

In fact, it’s said to be haunted by a female ghost some call Betsy.

The chef at the hotel was scared witless one day when he witnessed her ghostly apparition walking around the ground floor.

He described her as young and wearing a dark early 20th century dress with a flowered bonnet!

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The Palace Hotel, Torquay

The magnificent Palace Hotel is located along Babbacombe Road in the seaside resort of Torquay.

Before it became a hotel, the building was the home to the Bishop of Exeter.

The hotel is said to be haunted by many different ghosts…

On one occasion, a shocked witnessed saw four ghostly vicars having a conversation at a table, they looked at the witness, smiled and disappeared into thin air!

Another entity which likes to disappear into thin air is of a Victorian man dressed in a black suit.

The most common apparitions to be witnessed at the hotel are of male servants from a bygone age.

Ghostly cleaners and front of house porters have been seen going about their daily work!

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The George, Hatherleigh

You’ll find the George situated on Market Street in the small market town of Hatherleigh.

The former coaching inn dates back to the 15th century.

It’s believed that the building was originally the court house of the Abbots of Tavistock.

The pub was a Grade II listed buildings until it was burnt down in 2008.

After the fire the owners carefully restored the building to its original design but it lost its listed building status.

The pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a friendly monk whose apparition has been seen wandering around the first floor of the building.

The upstairs of the George is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman.

Apparently, she’s beautiful but also stark naked!

Witnesses have reported hearing the sounds of a phantom coach and horses pulling up outside the inn.

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