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70+ Haunted Places in Hampshire (Updated 2017)

70+ Haunted Places in Hampshire (Updated 2017)

| On 27, Apr 2017


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Haunted Hotels in Hampshire

The Crown Hotel, Alton

The 16th century Crown Hotel situated along the High Street in the middle of the market town of Alton has a reputation for being haunted…

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The White Hart Hotel, Andover

The hotel dates back to 1617 and it has a couple of ghostly tales to tell…

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The New Park Manor Hotel, Brockenhurst

People have reported hearing the phantom sounds of footsteps, mumbling voices and panting animals within the hotel.

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The Master Builder’s Hotel, Buckler’s Hard

Guests staying at the Master Builder’s Hotel have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman in their bedrooms and standing on the hotel’s staircase.

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The Angel Inn, Lymington

The 13th century Angel Inn in the beautiful Georgian market town of Lymington is said to be haunted by up to six ghosts.

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The Roundabout Hotel, Fareham

In the late 1970s witnesses reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young boy at the hotel.

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The White Horse Hotel, Romsey

Spooked guests and members of staff at the hotel have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman drifting around the premises.

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The Dolphin Hotel, Southampton

The historic hotel is well over five hundred years old and is said to be haunted.

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Keppels Head Hotel, Portsmouth

It’s said that Buster Crabb spent his last night at the Keppels Head Hotel and now haunts it!

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Haunted Places in Hampshire

The Cambridge Military Hospital, Aldershot

The Cambridge Military Hospital is said to be haunted by a ghostly nurse who’s been seen gliding along one of the hospital’s long corridors.

The ghostly nurse is said to be the spirit of a grief-stricken nurse from the First World War era who committed suicide after accidentally given her wounded fiancée an overdose of pain killers.

On one occasion a terminally ill patient at the hospital reported that she was given a glass of milk by a kind nurse wearing an old style uniform.

The old style uniform was described as a long grey and blue dress with a scarlet cape.

This is the old uniform of the Queen Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corp!


The Bull Inn, Bentley

The 16th century Bull Inn situated along Alton Road was once said to be haunted.

Spooked visitors to the pub would often report seeing a ghostly figure of a man in the small room next to the bar.


The Crossroads, Bentley

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a phantom coach and horses appear at Bentley’s crossroads.


Fox Hall, Bentley

Near School Lane in the village you’ll find a Grade II listed building called Fox Hall.

The 18th century Fox Hall was said to have been haunted by the ghost of an old man who would regularly be seen walking around the outside of the building at twilight.

A visiting priest staying at the house gave absolution to the ghostly figure when he encountered it one night.

After that, sightings of the ghostly old man have become less common!


St Mary’s Church, Bentley

Situated along Church Lane in the Hampshire village of Bentley you’ll find the 12th century St Mary’s Church.

The church which dates back to 1170 has a path lined by some stunning ancient yew trees leading up to it.

Spooked visitors to the church have reported seeing a ghostly white figure floating in the sloping churchyard and along the yew tree lined path.

Nobody knows exactly who or what this ghostly floating figure is!

A stone’s throw away from the church there’s a picturesque 17th century cottage which also has a ghostly tale to tell.

It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a small boy.

Witnesses describe the small boy as looking like a chimney sweep from a bygone age!

Over the years a ghost dog has been seen near to St Mary’s Church.

Witnesses who’ve seen the phantom dog say it’s very lifelike but realise they’ve seen a ghost dog after it disappears into thin air near a gravestone in the churchyard.

Some people have believed they’ve photographed the animal only to be disappointed when their photos come out minus the phantom dog!

Another apparition of a dog-like creature has also been witnessed crossing the road near the village shop.


St John the Baptist Church, Boldre

Spooked visitors to the church have reported seeing apparitions of ancient soldiers entering the building.

Some witnesses describe the ghostly soldiers as being Crusaders whilst others say they look like Norman soldiers.

One witness who was in the church around dusk one day reported seeing the apparitions of two men kneeling and praying at the altar.

He described the ghostly men as wearing medieval tunics and having bows resting by their sides!



The roads and lanes of Braishfield are said to be haunted by a wandering ghostly woman.

Witnesses have described her as being elderly and wearing clothing from the Edwardian period.

They say she stops under trees and at the gates of cottages.

Local legend says she’s the ghost of a former wealthy resident of the village who buried her fortune to keep it safe.

Unfortunately she died from an illness soon after burying her wealth.

And now it’s said that her ghost wanders the village in search of her buried fortune.


Roundabout Cottage, Bramshott

The ghost of Boris Karloff is said to haunt his beloved Roundabout Cottage as well as the lanes of Bramshott.


The Sir Walter Tyrrell, Brook

A member of staff at the Sir Walter Tyrrell once reported hearing a male phantom voice shouting ‘Get Out’.

And a local medium once witnessed an apparition of a man standing by the pub’s fireplace.

The house next door to the pub is also said to be haunted.

Two amateur paranormal investigators once saw the ghostly apparition of an old lady watching them from a downstairs window!


The Maritime Museum, Buckler’s Hard

The maritime museum is said to be haunted not by the ghost of a former sailor but by the ghost of a young boy.

Nobody really knows who the young boy is or why his ghost haunts the relatively new museum rather than the older buildings of the site!


The White Hart, Cadnam

The White Hart pub is said to be haunted by the spirit of a lady.

Former owners of the pub have reported hearing the swishing sound of a silk dress together with the smell of perfume within one of the pub’s rooms.

Also, the pub’s antique clock is said to temporary stop whenever the spirit of another ghostly woman is present!


Jane Austen’s House Museum, Chawton

Spooked visitors and members of staff alike have reported hearing the eerie sounds of phantom footsteps and doors opening and closing on their own accord within the house.

Staff members have also reported feeling an unseen presence brush past them.

On one occasion a member of staff heard a ghostly female voice call out the name ‘Cass’!


Cheriton Battlefield, Cheriton

It’s said that if you visit Cheriton Battlefield on the fourth year of the anniversary of the battle you just might witness a phantom battle being refought!


Marwell Hall, Colden Common

During the English Civil War there was a skirmish between sixty Roundheads who were staying at Marwell Hall and two hundred Royalists from Winchester.

Although the Parliamentarian troops were outnumbered they actually won the battle.

A ghostly re-enactment of the battle is said to be played out at the hall every year on the 3rd March.

Witnesses have also reported seeing ghostly apparitions of Roundheads and Cavaliers wandering around the hall and its grounds.

Recently, the phantom sounds of civil war drums drumming a call to arms drum roll has been recorded at the hall.

Marwell Hall is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of children, monks, former residents and a Mistletoe Bride.

The Mistletoe Bride ghost is a common apparition associated with quite a few of England’s country houses.

Local legend says a young bride was playing a game of hide and seek on her wedding day when she a found a large oak chest which she climbed into to hide.

Tragically, she couldn’t free herself from the chest and died within it when the wedding guests couldn’t find her.

Many years later, workmen found the chest and opened it to discover the young bride’s skeleton in a wedding dress clutching a sprig of mistletoe!


Old Winchester Hill, Corhampton

One day visitors to Old Winchester Hill were on their way back home walking through a wooded area in the valley below the hill when they came across two ghostly figures.

The ghostly figures were of a man and a woman.

They described the man as standing with a spear in his hand and the woman was sitting down.

Both apparitions were wearing a type of tartan cloak which it’s believed Iron Age people wore.

The witnesses reported that the ghostly couple slowing disappeared into thin air!


All Saints Church, Crondall

In 1643 Parliamentarian soldiers under the control of Colonel Birch seized the church and set up a defensive position there.

Many skirmishes took place at the church between the defending Parliamentarian soldiers and attacking Royalists troops.

Terrified witnesses visiting All Saints Church have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of soldiers from the English Civil War period within the churchyard.

One of the most common seen phantom soldiers is of a mounted Parliamentarian trooper in full armour riding his horse up the avenue of lime trees and disappearing into thin air as he reaches a doorway!


Stoneham Lane, Eastleigh

Over the years, locals travelling along Stoneham Lane have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman.

They describe her as being green in appearance!

Her ghost is believed to be the spirit of a local lady who tragically died when she was run over by a horse and carriage.


The Star Inn, East Tytherley

A customer was enjoying her meal out with her friends and family at the Star Inn one night.

When she was returning to her group from the main bar she witnessed a ghostly apparition of a woman appear in front of her and then quickly disappear.

She described the ghostly woman as being bare footed and wearing a long flowing white nightdress!


St Margaret’s Church, East Wellow

Visitors to the church have reported seeing the ghost of Florence Nightingale wandering around the graveyard as well as entering the church itself.

Another ghost seen around the church is of a 17th century military man called Colonel William Morton who once lived near to the church.

A spooked visitor to St Margaret’s once reported hearing a snippet of phantom choral song within the church itself which he believed was plainsong.

A phantom coach being pulled by four ghostly horses has been witnessed travelling along the lanes around the church.

It’s said that at midnight on the 31st December the phantom coach travels along the country lanes from Embley Park to St Margaret’s Church.


Alice Holt Forest, Farnham

With such a strong historic association with the Roman occupation of Britain you’ll probably won’t be too surprised to discover that spooked visitors to the forest have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of Roman soldiers.

Typically the ghostly soldiers tend not to be aware of the modern day life going on around them.

As they seem to carrying on with their everyday daily duties undistracted.

Ruberta the daughter of Prince Rupert was Ranger of the Forest during the early part of the 18th century.

Her ghost is also said to haunt the forest.

Witnesses describe her apparition as wearing a red riding habit and carrying a plumed cavalier hat.

Her ghostly form is often seen amongst the oaks which are the descendants of the saplings that she once planted.


The Red Lion Inn, Horndean

The Red Lion pub is said to be haunted by two lady ghosts.

One is the ghost of an elderly woman and the other is of a young woman.

The elderly ghost is said to be the spirit of a former resident of the pub called Mrs Byden.

Witnesses have reported seeing her ghost on the staircase of the Red Lion.

People feeling that they’ve been touched as well as doors and latches opening and closing on their own accord have all been blamed on the elderly lady’s ghost.

Nobody knows the identity of the young lady ghost or why she is haunting the pub.

Some paranormal investigators have suggested that she might actually be a younger ghostly version of Mrs Byden!


Hythe and District Cottage Hospital, Hythe

Spooked members of staff at the hospital have reported strange events taking place within the building.

Taps as well as lights would turn themselves on and off by their own accord and crockery would fall from table tops for no apparent reason.


AMBERLEY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux room!

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A patient once saw a ghostly figure of a woman walking down one of the corridors.

And another patient asked one of the nurses who the woman was standing next to her.

The nurse was spooked as she couldn’t see anybody standing next to her.

The patient described the ghostly woman as being young and wearing a maid’s uniform with a cap and apron.

Local legend says that a young maid who once worked at the White House before it was a hospital committed suicide by throwing herself down the property’s well.

Apparently she’d been ‘wrong’ by the son of the family of the house who then didn’t want anything to do with her!

Her name was Minnie and it’s believed that it’s her ghost that haunts the Cottage Hospital today.


The Museum of Army Flying, Middle Wallop

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing two ghosts at the museum.

The apparition of a former member of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force has been seen riding her bike around the museum.

And a ghost of a little boy has been seen playing in one of the museum’s helicopter exhibits!

Phantom footsteps have also been heard walking around the mezzanine floor.


The Rufus Stone, Minstead

It’s said that in the vicinity of the Rufus Stone around about the 2nd August, which is the anniversary of William II death, you can hear the phantom sounds of a horse drawn cart carrying William’s body off to Winchester for burial.

If you’re lucky enough, you may even witness the apparition of William’s cart itself!


Mottisfont Abbey, Mottisfont

Mottisfont Abbey is renowned for its amazing gardens.

Previous owners have reported seeing a ghostly figure walking across the east lawn part of the gardens.

Local legend says that anyone who witnesses the ghostly figure will be dead within a year!

If you ever visit Mottisfont Abbey take this local legend with a pinch of salt as many members of staff and visitors alike who’ve seen the ghostly figure are still alive and kicking today.

The oldest part of Mottisfont Abbey is the cellarium which is also reputed to be haunted.

A gardener once heard phantom chanting and an eerie voice coming from the locked cellarium!


Netley Abbey, Netley

The ruined abbey at Netley dates back to the medieval period.

It was first built in 1239 but closed by Henry VIII during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536.

The abbey was then converted to a home by a Tudor politician called William Paulet and it remained a country house until the 18th century.

After that it was abandoned and eventually went to ruin when some of the stonework was removed for building material.

Today, it’s now a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

And, it’s in the hands of English Heritage and open to the public if you fancy having a look around the place.

Now, the ruins are said to be haunted by two ghosts…

You won’t be too surprised to discover that one is of a monk and the other is of an abbot.

Terrified witnesses have described the ghostly monk as being a white figure whilst those who have seen the spooky abbot describe him as being a dark figure!

There’s also a legend associated with the abbey in which Walter Taylor, who was the local builder commissioned to demolish the church, had a dream that an arch from one of the church’s windows would fall on him…

Walter ignored the dream and started to demolish the church.

He started to work on one of the church’s window, not the one in his dream, and guess what?

Yep, the arch fell on his head and fractured his skull!

He later died from his injuries.


Netley Abbey Hall, Netley

The paranormal investigation team recorded light anomalies hovering over the keys of a keyboard which had been left on the stage.

Their locked off cameras and a trigger object were moved by something unseen.

And the team reported hearing eerie groans, unexplained banging noises and a little child laughing!

They also felt sudden temperature drops within the hall.


Netley Military Cemetery, Netley

Spooked visitors to the Netley Military Cemetery have reported seeing black shadowy figures and hearing heavy phantom footsteps.

They say it’s as though a group of people with heavy boots are marching around the site.

Paranormal investigators have also recorded the sound of phantom machine gun fire within the cemetery grounds!


Odiham Castle, North Warnborough

Witnesses visiting the castle’s ruins have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a minstrel wandering around the place.

They describe him as being dressed in rags and playing some type of musical instrument.

His apparition is normally accompanied by the sound of music!

Spooked locals have also reported seeing ghostly figures wandering around the castle’s ruins which they believe to be the ghosts of former prisoners held at the castle.


Portchester Castle, Portchester

It’s said that the Keep of the castle is haunted by the ghosts of French prisoners from the Napoleonic wars.

Visitors to the castle have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a monk in the castle grounds as well as wandering around the outside of the castle’s walls.

They described the ghostly monk as wearing a black or brown hooded robe.

He typically disappears into thin air as soon as he’s spotted!

A frightened member of staff once witnessed a phantom black horseman galloping towards her one late summer’s evening.

About a year later a young boy showed her some video footage of the castle in which he had captured the sound of a horse galloping but no horse.

During the Victorian era it’s said that a mother called Charlotte White had tragically drowned in the castle’s moat when she tried to save her baby which had fallen into the water.

Her ghost is said to haunt the castle in the form of a White Lady.

Some witnesses have seen her ghost on the battlements and throwing herself from the top of the Keep!

The ghost of a Roman Centurion has been seen by witnesses standing on guard near the outer gates of the castle.

Both members of staff and visitors alike have also reported seeing a large ghostly black figure at the castle.

The ghostly apparition of a dark haired lady has been seen searching for something in the graveyard of the 14th century St Mary’s Church which is situated in the castle’s grounds.


The Anchor, Redbridge

The pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of Boysy Russell who was the seventeen year old son of the owners of the pub in the early part of the 20th century.

He tragically died during the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.

Former owners of the pub reported hearing the sound of phantom footsteps walking around the place.

They believed that it was Boysy’s ghost creating those phantom footsteps!

In recent years a local paranormal group investigated the pub.

They took a photograph which captured a ghostly figure in a black coat or cape reflected in the bar room’s mirror.

Later in the investigation they used an Ouija board and contacted the spirits of French fishermen!

They also ventured down into the cellar of the pub where they had their torch switched on and off on command by something unseen.


Moyles Court, Rockford

Lady Alice Lisle was beheaded for harbouring two rebels after the defeat of the Monmouth Rebellion at the Battle of Sedgemoor.

She was executed on 2nd September 1685 in Winchester Market Place.

Her ghost is said to haunt Moyles Court and the country lanes around it.

Some witnesses have described her apparition as being headless with her head tucked under her arm!

Her ghost is also said to be accompanied by the smell of violets.

One paranormal event which happened at Moyles Court and was blamed on her ghost was the rearrangement of furniture in a locked room!

Winchester’s Eclipse Inn and Ellingham Church are also said to be haunted by Lady Alice Lisle’s ghost.


Gypsies Clump, Rowlands Castle

Gypsies Clump is said to be haunted by the ghost of a drunkard called Charlie Pearce.

One dark night he was riding through Gypsies Clump swinging away from his kettle of gin when he suddenly hit a low hanging branch.

The branch hit him dead in the throat crushing his windpipe and knocking from his horse to the ground where he tragically died.

Witnesses have reported seeing Charlie’s ghost wandering the area of Gypsies Clump.

It’s said that his ghost is easily identified by the large weals on his throat caused by the low hanging branch which ended his life!


The Kings Theatre, Southsea

Ghost hunters who’ve investigated the Kings Theatre have reported paranormal activity taking place beneath the stage, within the auditorium and in certain dressing rooms.

A ghostly female figure has been seen in the lower backstage areas.

And is believed to be the ghost of a former chief dresser and costumier.

Visitors and members of staff alike have also reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a man wandering around the dress circle promenade.

They describe the ghostly gentleman as being dressed in a frock coat and top hat.

Many people believe the ghostly man is the spirit of John Walters Boughton checking up on the theatre.

A helpful ghost which tidies-up a small section of the stalls is also said to haunt the Kings Theatre.

And ghostly shadows have been seen up in the gods!

Royal Marines Museum

The Royal Marines Museum, Southsea

The first ghost said to haunt the Royal Marines Museum is that of a little girl who was said to have been ran over and tragically killed by a horse-drawn carriage when she ran out in front of it.

Her ghostly apparition is mainly seen around the main steps to the museum’s entrance.

Spooked members of staff have also reported that they’ve smelt paper burning as well as feeling an oppressive atmosphere in the attic of the building.

Local legend says that during the 19th century an officer called Colonel Wolf burnt love letters in the attic.

And then shot himself in the head with his service revolver after a love affair came to an abrupt end.

His heartbroken ghost is now said to haunt the attic!


Crofton Old Church, Stubbington

Over the years, both Crofton Old Church and the manor house next door have gained the reputation for being haunted by a ghostly monk.

His ghostly apparition has been seen wandering around the church grounds.

And on one occasion, a guest staying at the manor awoke in the middle of the night to find the ghostly monk at the foot of his bed!


Eling Tide Mill, Totton and Eling

Spooked passers-by have reported seeing the ghostly face of a former miller peering out of one of the tide mill’s windows.

Visitors to the tide mill have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of the miller working in the sack loft.

Nobody really knows who exactly the ghostly miller is or from what era he lived in!


The Chute Causeway, Vernham Dean

In the 1665 the great plague came to the parishes of Vernham Dean and Chute.

The parson of Vernham Dean persuaded his parishioners to flee to an isolated spot on Conholt Hill to escape the plague.

Local legend says the parson left to get his flock much needed food and water but he never returned.

His abandoned parishioners all eventually die of the plague!

It’s said that the parson’s ghost now haunts the hillside and Chute Causeway.

Some say he’s trying to reach his flock to ask for forgiveness for abandoning them.


Warblington Castle, Warblington

Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury was executed on 27th May 1541 for treason at the command of King Henry VIII.

Witnesses have reported seeing her ghost wandering around the castle ruins and at the nearby St Thomas a Becket Church.

Her ghostly apparition has been described as wearing white clothing and being headless!

St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Wymering

St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Wymering

St Peter and St Paul’s Church is said to be haunted by a White Lady ghost.

The White Lady is believed to be the ghost of a woman called Elizabeth Harrison.

Local legend says that Elizabeth fell for a local land owner’s son called Tom.

But Tom didn’t feel the same way about Elizabeth and shunned her advances.

Elizabeth didn’t give up though, she would often hound Tom until one day when she approached him whilst he was working in a field and he turned around and shot her dead!

Today, the field where she was shot dead is now part of St Peter and St Paul’s graveyard.

Her ghostly apparition has often been seen wandering around the church’s graveyard occasionally stopping and reading a gravestone.

Elizabeth Harrison is also buried in the graveyard and her tomb has a couple of lines of a poem about her tragic death engraved upon it.


Haunted Houses in Hampshire

Jenkyn Place, Bentley

The most well-known ghost at Jenkyn Place is that of Mrs Waggs or Mrs Mopps.

Nobody knows exactly who she was but many believe that she may’ve been a former housekeeper.

Her ghostly apparition is mainly seen wandering the house carrying a lighted candle during the winter months of the year particularly February.

She’s been described as wearing an 18th century style mop-cap, brown dress and white apron.

Her apparition has been witnessed in the hall, the stairwell on the west side of the house, the landing and in an upstairs sitting room.

And when he was a little boy, the Cooks son David reported seeing an apparition of a woman dressed as a housekeeper walk through his bedroom.

This is the same room which has a door that gained a reputation for opening itself in the middle of the night!

Witnesses have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a White Lady in the garden heading towards the little white bridge which spans the lane.

They describe her as being tall and wearing a long white dress!

People have reported seeing a ghostly light appearing at one of the house’s upper windows.

This paranormal event has been known to take place both when people are in the house and when it’s empty.

A phantom coach and horses is another apparition said to have been seen drawing up to Jenkyn Place!


Marelands, Bentley

Just off the main road in Bentley you’ll find a large 17th century house called Marelands.

The house had a haunted room which was said to be haunted by the ghost of Lord Stawell.

He was an unpleasant character that local legend says killed his illegitimate child in the room then had the body bricked up next to a fireplace!

A former owner had the room exorcised by local priests.

They seemed to have done a good job as no paranormal activity has been reported at the house in recent years.


The White House, Bentley

There’s a property within the village which was once the home of the ghost hunter and author Peter Underwood.

He claimed the White House was haunted by the spirit of an old Victorian lady.

A psychic who visited his house described her as being short and dumpy with a smiling face.

The following owners of the White House often reported smelling the strong smell of pipe tobacco at the top of the stairs.

When they were renovating the house they would often hear strange banging noises coming from an empty room.

After the renovation work came to an end the mysterious noises also ceased.

On a couple of occasion they also saw the apparition of the elderly Victorian lady!


Beaulieu Abbey, Beaulieu

Many spooked visitors to Beaulieu Abbey have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of monks wandering around the site.

One night in 1954 four boys who were on a fishing trip on the Beaulieu River decided to shelter from the bad weather in a boat house.

Suddenly they spotted five monks in a small rowing boat come ashore.

The monks disembarked and heading off towards the abbey entrance where they suddenly disappeared into thin air!

In the 1960s a nurse visiting the abbey ruins witnessed a ghostly apparition of a monk reading a scroll whilst sitting in a niche in the cloisters.

In 1964 the actress Margaret Rutherford was filming a documentary at Beaulieu Abbey when she too spotted an apparition of a ghostly monk reading in the cloisters.

Another TV crew were once filming a short film at the abbey and the cameraman stood on a wall in the cloisters to get a better shot.

Suddenly a phantom hand appeared from nowhere and tried to push him off!

The former parish priest of Beaulieu, Reverend Robert Frazer Powles claimed to have spoken with the ghostly monks of the abbey.

Apparently he knew them by name and had even held midnight mass on Christmas Eves for them!

A former resident of the first floor flat of the Domus Conversorum claimed that she’d spoken with the phantom monks of the abbey too.

Visitors to the abbey have also reported hearing the phantom sounds of Gregorian chanting which legend says heralds a death in the village.

A director of Beaulieu’s motor museum once reported hearing a phantom funeral procession and burial taking place outside his cottage window in the former monk’s graveyard.

Witnesses have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman crossing the cloisters and heading towards the Montagu family vault.

They describe her as wearing a blue dress.

Many believe this ghostly woman in blue is the spirit of a former family member called Countess Isabelle.

Her ghost has also been seen wandering around the private rooms of the Palace House.


Bramshill House, Bramshill

Although there’s been a few manor houses at Bramshill over the centuries the one you see today dates back to 1605 when Lord Zouche demolished the former building and started to build a new Bramshill House.

Since that time the house has been the family home to the Antrim, Henley and Cope families.

The last private owner of the house was Ronald Nall-Cain in 1935.

Since then it has been a maternity home and a police training college… it’s now owned by the Home Office!

Bramshill House is said to be one of the most haunted houses in England…

It said to be haunted by up to fourteen ghosts!

Terrified visitors to the house have seen the ghostly apparition of a Grey Lady.

She said to be the wife of a religious dissident who was beheaded in the 17th century.

Another ghost often seen at the manor is that of the Green Man.

He’s said to be the spirit of a member of the Cope family who drowned in the lake in 1806.

Bramshill House has the Legend of the Mistletoe Bough associated with it.

In this legend, a young bride is said to have disappeared during a game of hide and seek one Christmas…

Fifty years later he body was found by servants in an old chest still wearing a wedding dress and with a sprig of mistletoe in her hand!


Breamore House, Breamore

When Sir Edward Hulse bought Breamore House it was on condition that the portrait of Lady Dodington would always hang in the Great Hall.

The problem is, the portrait is said to be cursed!

Legend says that anybody who touches it will die that very day.

Two people are known to have touched the portrait in the past.

The first was a man who suffered from depression and wanted to end his life.

Fortunately for him the curse didn’t come true.

The other person who touched the portrait was a member of staff who decided to clean it.

Later that day he was tragically killed when he fell from the roof whilst he was fitting a TV aerial!

In 1629 Henry Dodington murdered his own mother.

It’s now said that her ghost haunts the Blue Room of Breamore House.

When her ghost is witnessed it’s supposed to mean that the current owner of Breamore House is about to die!

The estate’s Mizmaze dates back to medieval times.

It’s said that local monks who had misbehaved were punished by being made to crawl with bare knees over the hard chalk ground to the centre of the maze.

Some visitors to the maze have reported hearing the eerie sounds of phantom monks crying out in pain as they go about their punishment!


Basing House, Old Basing

The Basing House site is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Royalist soldiers who were slain during the storming of the house.

Spooked visitors to the site have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of men wearing Royalist uniforms.

One of the ghostly Royalist soldiers is said to be a giant of a man.

In the past, an archaeological excavation uncovered some makeshift graves which dated from the English Civil War period.

One of the graves contained the skeleton of a man who was over seven feet tall!


Brushmakers Arms, Upham

Local legend says the pub is haunted by the ghost of a brushmaker called Mr Chickett.

He was brutally killed during a robbery on the premises.

And his ghost is now said to haunt the pub looking for his stolen money and the person who killed him!

During renovation work, the landlord reported a mirror was repeatedly being broken, a wardrobe heavy doors opened on their own accord and objects being moved by something unseen.

The landlord’s two pet cats would often play up for no apparent reason.

A fire door was seen to open and closed on its own accord, barrels have been heard moving around in the empty cellar and a stereo unit in the kitchen came to life one day even though it had been left switched off and unplugged!


Hopfield House, Waterlooville

Hopfield House was originally built by a self-made businessman called Edward Fawkes.

Edward was obsessed with his descendants living in the house.

His grandson found the house wasn’t to his need so rented it out to a retired naval officer and his wife.

The couple were into spiritualism and claimed the ghost of Edward Fawkes visited them threatening them with retribution if they didn’t leave the house.

The couple left the house but then sub-let it out to a widower and her grown up daughter.

One morning the widower was found dead in her bed with a look of horror on her face!

The daughter moved out of the house and the Fawkes family decided to put it on the market.

A retired army officer and his wife then bought Hopfield House.

One day the army officer was found dead with his own Indian dagger embedded into his back!

The murder was never solved and his widow moved out of the house.

The next family who bought Hopfield House also had misfortune within in it.

Their happy go lucky son went downstairs into the basement one day and tragically committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with his shotgun!

The mother never got over her son’s death and later died heartbroken.

The house was eventually sold to Hampshire County Council who converted it into flats.

Since the house has been converted into flats no strange deaths have happened within the building.

But some residents have reported that weird things are still happening within Hopfield House!


Hulbert Road, Waterlooville

Hulbert Road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a hitchhiker.

Drivers who’ve seen the phantom hitchhiker describe her as being a young woman walking along the road on her own.

One wet night a couple of workmates were driving along Hulbert Road on their way home from work when suddenly they noticed a young woman hitchhiker along the road in the rain.

They decided to slow down and give the young woman a lift but as they did so they noticed that although it was raining hard the young woman was bone dry.

Realising what they were witnessing wasn’t quiet real they spend past the apparition.

When the driver checked his rear view mirror he discovered that the ghostly young woman had totally disappeared into thin air!


Haunted Places in Basingstoke

The Haymarket Theatre, Basingstoke

The Haymarket Theatre is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a little girl, a man in a tricorn hat and cape, a grey lady, three former employees and a whistling ghost.

One day a member of staff was working in the administration block when she noticed a strange looking man walking towards her.

She naturally thought he was an actor dressed up in his costume as he was wearing a tricorn hat and a black cape.

She soon realised he was actually a ghost when he walked straight through a closed door!

The whistling ghost has never been seen but he’s often heard whistling away somewhere behind the theatre’s walls.

The ghost of the little girl is often seen darting about the theatre.

And witnesses who’ve seen the Grey Lady describe her as having her hair tied up in a bun and is wearing a grey dress with a bunch of keys hanging from her waist.


Haunted Places in Gosport

The Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, Gosport

Spooked members of staff and visitors alike have reported eerie things happening at the museum.

They’ve witnessed paranormal activity such as seeing weird flashing lights, hearing eerie moans and the feeling that someone unseen had touched them!

Former Royal Naval personnel, security guards and paranormal investigators have all reported seeing ghostly apparition within the former Royal Naval Armaments Depot.


Fort Blockhouse Point, Gosport

In 1776 a Scot called John Aitkin aka Jack the Painter set fire to Portsmouth rope house.

This act of sabotage was a very serious crime as Portsmouth rope house supplied rope to the Royal Navy.

John Aitkin was arrested and sentence to death by hanging.

The mizzenmask of the Royal Navy frigate HMS Arethusa was struck from the ship and re-erected at Portsmouth dockyard entrance.

On the 10th March 1777 John Aitkin was hung from the mizzenmask.

His body was then placed in a gibbet as a warning to other criminals.

It’s now said that on stormy nights the eerie sound of John Aitkin chains can be heard ringing out from Fort Blockhouse Point!


Fort Brockhurst, Gosport

Visitors to the fort have reported hearing eerie whistling and phantom footsteps walking about the building.

Many believe they are caused by the ghost of a former sergeant major who still patrols the grounds of Fort Brockhurst to this very day!


Fort Gilkicker, Gosport

The former accommodation block of Fort Gilkicker is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a man, a woman and a little girl.

Nobody knows exactly who the three ghosts are or from what period of the fort’s history they belong to.

One night the security guard notice a man standing underneath a security light by one of the fort’s walls.

Thinking the man was an intruder the security guard confronted him asking him ‘what do you think you’re doing here, mate?’

The ghostly man turned around and replied ‘not a lot’ and then disappeared into thin air!

Another security guard witnessed three ghostly faces peering at him from the other side of a window.

Again, thinking they were intruders he rushed around the other side of the window to confront them but found they had totally disappeared.


Haunted Places in Portsmouth

Brewhouse and Kitchen Pub

The Brewhouse and Kitchen, Portsmouth

Local legend says that during the early days of the pub, the jealous husband of the barmaid stabbed her to death on the premises.

It’s now said that her ghost haunts the area around the pub’s fireplace!

Her Victorian ghost was last witnessed in 1991 by the nephew of the then landlord.


Fort Purbrook, Portsmouth

Fort Purbrook is said to be haunted by two ghosts.

Spooked staff members have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of a soldier and a little girl.

The ghostly soldier has been described as wearing a red coat.

And the little girl is said to be called Rosie.

She’s believed to be the daughter of a military family that was once resident at the fort.

Legend says that she wandered onto the fort’s ramparts to pet one of the fort’s sheep but slipped and tragically fell to her death!

Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson, Portsmouth

There’s a ghost story associated with the fort that dates back to the 19th Century.

You see, one day a Colour Sergeant was found drunk on duty.

He was quickly arrested and put in a cell to await his court martial.

Apparently the Colour Sergeant was so shameful of being caught whilst drunk on duty that he tragically committed suicide by hanging himself.

It’s now said that his ghostly apparition haunts in and around the cell where he hung himself!


HMS Victory, Portsmouth

Members of staff on board the HMS Victory have reported seeing ghostly figures fleeting around the decks of the ship.

Eerie noises have also been heard when the ship has been empty.

Some of the large replica storage barrels which take up to three men to move were found by a security guard to have been moved in the middle of the night to the top of the ship’s large flight of stairs.

This happened on a few occasions and baffled the security guard as nobody was on board the ship during the night!


Fort Widley, Portsmouth

Fort Widley is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a drummer boy and French prisoners from the Napoleonic Wars.

Spooked members of staff have reported paranormal activity taking place within the fort.

On one occasion a member of the horse riding staff witnessed a leather strap be thrown by someone unseen across the corridor that she was walking along!

New Theatre Royal

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

The New Theatre Royal is said to be haunted by a ghost of a former actor who killed himself at the theatre in the 1880s.

It’s said that he somehow managed to cut his own throat!

In his time at the theatre the actor was said to have use a particular backstage dressing room.

And now his ghost is said to haunt that dressing room!

Registry Building

The Registry, Portsmouth

Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a man wandering around the Registry building late at night.

They describe the ghostly man as wearing a stove pipe hat and a long grey coat!

Many believe that the ghostly man comes from the period when the building was used as a workhouse.

Southsea Castle

Southsea Castle, Portsmouth

Visitors to Southsea Castle have reported seeing a ghostly apparition wandering around the castle.

The ghost is not of a military person as you would have thought but surprisingly of a little girl.

The ghostly girl is believed to be the spirit of the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who was housed in the castle.

It’s said that she caught scarlet fever and tragically died from the disease!


Spitbank Fort, Portsmouth

The Scheduled Ancient Monument of Spitbank Fort is a sea fort located a mile off-shore in the Solent near Portsmouth.

It was built as one of four sea forts in 1861 to defend the Solent and the approaches to Portsmouth Harbour.

The fort was sold by the Ministry of Defence in 1982.

It’s now privately owned and run as a luxury spa hotel and retreat.

The fort had a reputation for being haunted, so much so that the paranormal TV show Most Haunted investigated it for Series 8 in 2006.

Apparently, in 1910 a soldier called Henry Attreal was accidently killed whilst manning one of the breech loading guns…

A shell fell out of the gun and blew him to pieces!

It’s now said that his angry ghost haunts the fort.

Another spirit the Most Haunted mediums picked up upon whilst doing their walkabout was that of a young mischievous powder boy whose job was to ferry gunpowder to the guns.

Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor, Portsmouth

Spooked visitors and former residents of the manor house have reported sudden temperature drops, furniture moving on its own accord and hearing the phantom sounds of children whispering and crying.

Witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a nun standing at the top of the stairs near to the small attic room known as Noah’s Ark.

Apparently her hands are covered in blood!

It’s said that the Noah’s Ark attic room was once used as a back street abortion clinic in the 1800s and maybe the bloodied nun had something to do with it.

The ghost of the brother of the novelist Jane Austen, Sir Francis William Austen who was once a warden at the nearby St Peter and St Paul’s Church is said to haunt the manor house.

His ghostly apparition has been seen on many occasions and apparently on one occasion he actually smiled at a member of staff!

One night in the 1940s and another night in the 1960s a phantom horse was heard galloping away from the manor house.

This paranormal activity has been associated with Sir Roderick of Portchester aka Reckless Roddy.

Local legend says that during the medieval period Reckless Roddy rode to the manor house in order to seduce a young bride.

She’d been left alone on her wedding night when her new husband was called away on an emergency.

Unfortunately for Reckless Roddy her husband returned and caught him in the house.

Reckless Roddy tried to flee but as he mounted his horse the husband thrusted his sword through him killing him instantly.

The horse galloped away and it’s now said that the sound of the phantom galloping horse heard in the 1940s and 1960s may well be the ghost of Reckless Roddy’s horse galloping away after his murder.

Local legend says that Reckless Roddy’s apparition is seen at the manor house whenever a new bride is brought into the premises!


Haunted Places in Southampton

The Station, Bitterne

The Station’s ladies toilet is said to be haunted by a ghost who likes to tap people on the shoulder.

It’s believed the ghost is a spirit of lady who was once a regular at the Station for many years.

The pub’s cellar is said to be haunted by a ghost who doesn’t like the door to be shut.

If the door does get shut the spirit will throw objects about the place.

The kitchen is another part of the pub where weird stuff happens…

On one occasion staff members were scared witless after seeing a plate lift off a shelf and then fall to the ground as though somebody invisible had taken the plate off the shelf and dropped it!

One member of staff once heard phantom whistling coming from the empty dry store room.

And a tall ghostly figure has been caught on the pub’s CCTV system standing up against the wall in the pool room!


Bargate, Southampton

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing phantom bells ringing at Bargate as well as objects moving about on their own accord.

A local news reporter left an investigation at Bargate in a distressed state after hearing phantom footsteps and a loud banging noise coming from the upper floor of the building!


Bitterne Manor, Southampton

There’s a dual carriageway which goes through Bitterne Manor.

The road has a distinct bend in it where motorist have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of Roman legionnaires.

Some motorists have witnessed only single Roman soldiers whilst others have reported seeing groups of them.

They say the ghostly Romans cross the road oblivious to the modern day traffic!

In the early 1980s a local bank manager driving along the dual carriageway saw an apparition of a Roman soldier crossing the road on the bend in front of him.

He described the ghostly soldier as being cut off at the knees and wearing a short tunic with a helmet.

The ghostly figure disappeared into thin air when he reached the centre of the dual carriageway!


The Medieval Merchant’s House, Southampton

During the Second World War the house was being used as a brothel.

Later in the 1950s an amateur dramatics group then hire the building to use as their rehearsal rooms, workshop and store.

One night, a group of their members decided to hold a séance within the building.

They contacted the spirit of a former prostitute of the house who’d been murdered by a sailor.

And it’s her ghost that’s said to haunt the Medieval Merchant’s House today.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen in one of the bedrooms and disappearing through an old bricked up doorway.

Spooked witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly female figure in a dirty dress standing at the bottom of their beds in the middle of the night.

A heavy door in the Medieval Merchant’s House has been known open and close on its own accord.

And visitors to the house have reported being pushed in the back by someone unseen and hearing phantom footsteps on the wooden stairs!


The Old Farmhouse, Southampton

Local legend states that in the days when the building was a farmhouse an Irish family lived in it.

The daughter fell pregnant out of wedlock and something unpleasant may’ve happen to her.

You see, a skull said to have been that of the girl was unearthed in the cellar one day.

And it was morbidly put on displayed behind the bar for some time!

Her ghost is now said to haunt the pub’s attic.


The Red Lion Inn, Southampton

A ghostly funeral procession has been seen leaving the Red Lion Inn and heading towards Bargate, the city’s former place of execution.

The pub itself is said to be haunted by a ghost of a former barmaid who’s been seen by members of staff on the small staircase leading to an upper seating area as well as drifting through the bar area.

Apparently the ghostly woman is described as being in her sixties and can only be seen from the knees upwards!


The Tudor House and Garden, Southampton

Tudor House is said to be haunted by the ghost of Anne Boleyn who once was a guest at the house.

Paranormal investigators have also reported seeing ghostly figures disappearing through bricked up doorways and hearing weird scraping noises, phantom footsteps and the sound of a bell ringing.

There’s said to be a presence in the Green Room.

And spooked visitors have reported being touched by something unseen and capturing strange orbs on their cameras in the upper floor’s Georgian room.


Haunted Places in Winchester

The Buttercross, Winchester

Some witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition approach the monument at speed when the old Guildhall bell toils at 8.00pm.

Witnesses have described the ghostly figure as being either a man wearing a long dark cloak, a large dog or a child!

According to local legend, the Buttercross is also said to have been cursed during the middle ages by a witch who was burnt at the stake.

Apparently, anybody who sits on the Buttercross will be cursed to return to the city time and time again.

The Eclipse Inn, Winchester

The Grey Lady ghost is said to wander the corridor of the Eclipse Inn on the floor where she spent her last night alive.

Lady Alice Lisle’s ghost is also said to haunt her former home of Moyles Court and her former parish church in Ellingham.


God Begot House, Winchester

During the time the God Begot House was being used as a hotel it gained a reputation for being haunted.

The hotel’s dining room was said to be haunted as pet dogs couldn’t be persuaded to enter the room.

And visitors reported hearing an eerie rapping noise coming from somewhere within the room.

Since the days of the hotel the building has been changed and the haunted room no longer exists.

But it seems the ghost of the old dining room may’ve just moved downstairs to the building’s cellar.

Recently, mysteriously crashing noises have been heard coming from the cellar!


The Hyde Tavern, Winchester

Spooked guests staying the night at the Hyde Tavern have reported that somebody unseen had pulled their bedcovers off them in the middle of the night.

Neatly folded and stack blankets have also been found mysteriously placed on the bedroom floor!

Local legend says the culprit of these acts is the ghost of a poor woman who once called at the Hyde Tavern looking for food and shelter from the cold weather.

She was refused entry to the pub and was later found dead due to hunger and exposure to the elements.


Royal Oak Passage, Winchester

Spooked locals walking along the Royal Oak Passage have reported hearing the phantom sounds of whispering and monks chanting.

Witnesses describe the phantom whispering as though invisible people are standing in the passageway having a conversation.

One evening in 1947 a shocked local stepped out of the Royal Oak pub into the passage only to witness three ghostly apparitions walking along the passageway towards the High Street in prayer.

The ghostly figures disappeared into thin air as they reached the end of the passageway.

He described the ghostly figures as being monk like in appearance but wearing cassocks rather than monk’s habits!


The Theatre Royal, Winchester

The ghost of John Simpkins has been seen walking from his old office, along the circle and stops at one of the theatre boxes and inspects a sign above the stage which reads “JS”.

It’s said that James Simpkins added the sign above the stage and John wasn’t happy with it as he wanted it to read “J&JS”.

James promised to change the sign but never did.

It looks like his brother’s disgruntle ghost is still checking whether he has changed the sign!

After checking the sign John’s ghost then walks towards the stage and disappears through a wall where his old office was once located.

During the First World War one of the male members of staff went off to fight in the war.

During a show, one of the actresses witnessed a young man in uniform who suddenly disappeared into thin air.

She fainted but later identified that the ghostly soldier was the lighting operator who went off to fight in the war.

The next day the mother of the soldier received a telegram stating that her son had been killed in action!


Winchester Cathedral, Winchester

Just outside the cathedral is a large green space called Cathedral Close.

Cathedral Close is said to be haunted by the ghost of a limping monk.

Witnesses who’ve seen the ghostly monk describe him as being dressed in a brown cloak and moves fast with a pronounced limp.

In 1957 a photograph was taken inside the cathedral which revealed thirteen ghostly figures kneeling in prayer at the altar!


AMBERLEY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux room!

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