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9 Haunted Places in Hampshire

9 Haunted Places in Hampshire

| On 27, Apr 2017

Portchester Castle, Portchester

It’s said that the Keep of the castle is haunted by the ghosts of French prisoners from the Napoleonic wars.

Visitors to the castle have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a monk in the castle grounds as well as wandering around the outside of the castle’s walls.

They described the ghostly monk as wearing a black or brown hooded robe.

He typically disappears into thin air as soon as he’s spotted!

A frightened member of staff once witnessed a phantom black horseman galloping towards her one late summer’s evening.

About a year later a young boy showed her some video footage of the castle in which he had captured the sound of a horse galloping but no horse.

During the Victorian era it’s said that a mother called Charlotte White had tragically drowned in the castle’s moat when she tried to save her baby which had fallen into the water.

Her ghost is said to haunt the castle in the form of a White Lady.

Some witnesses have seen her ghost on the battlements and throwing herself from the top of the Keep!

The ghost of a Roman Centurion has been seen by witnesses standing on guard near the outer gates of the castle.

Both members of staff and visitors alike have also reported seeing a large ghostly black figure at the castle.

The ghostly apparition of a dark haired lady has been seen searching for something in the graveyard of the 14th century St Mary’s Church which is situated in the castle’s grounds.

Royal Marines Museum

The Royal Marines Museum, Southsea

The first ghost said to haunt the Royal Marines Museum is that of a little girl who was said to have been ran over and tragically killed by a horse-drawn carriage when she ran out in front of it.

Her ghostly apparition is mainly seen around the main steps to the museum’s entrance.

Spooked members of staff have also reported that they’ve smelt paper burning as well as feeling an oppressive atmosphere in the attic of the building.

Local legend says that during the 19th century an officer called Colonel Wolf burnt love letters in the attic.

And then shot himself in the head with his service revolver after a love affair came to an abrupt end.

His heartbroken ghost is now said to haunt the attic!

St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Wymering

St Peter and St Paul’s Church, Wymering

St Peter and St Paul’s Church is said to be haunted by a White Lady ghost.

The White Lady is believed to be the ghost of a woman called Elizabeth Harrison.

Local legend says that Elizabeth fell for a local land owner’s son called Tom.

But Tom didn’t feel the same way about Elizabeth and shunned her advances.

Elizabeth didn’t give up though, she would often hound Tom until one day when she approached him whilst he was working in a field and he turned around and shot her dead!

Today, the field where she was shot dead is now part of St Peter and St Paul’s graveyard.

Her ghostly apparition has often been seen wandering around the church’s graveyard occasionally stopping and reading a gravestone.

Elizabeth Harrison is also buried in the graveyard and her tomb has a couple of lines of a poem about her tragic death engraved upon it.

Brewhouse and Kitchen Pub

The Brewhouse and Kitchen, Portsmouth

Local legend says that during the early days of the pub, the jealous husband of the barmaid stabbed her to death on the premises.

It’s now said that her ghost haunts the area around the pub’s fireplace!

Her Victorian ghost was last witnessed in 1991 by the nephew of the then landlord.

Fort Nelson

Fort Nelson, Portsmouth

There’s a ghost story associated with the fort that dates back to the 19th Century.

You see, one day a Colour Sergeant was found drunk on duty.

He was quickly arrested and put in a cell to await his court martial.

Apparently the Colour Sergeant was so shameful of being caught whilst drunk on duty that he tragically committed suicide by hanging himself.

It’s now said that his ghostly apparition haunts in and around the cell where he hung himself!

New Theatre Royal

New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth

The New Theatre Royal is said to be haunted by a ghost of a former actor who killed himself at the theatre in the 1880s.

It’s said that he somehow managed to cut his own throat!

In his time at the theatre the actor was said to have use a particular backstage dressing room.

And now his ghost is said to haunt that dressing room!

Registry Building

The Registry, Portsmouth

Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a man wandering around the Registry building late at night.

They describe the ghostly man as wearing a stove pipe hat and a long grey coat!

Many believe that the ghostly man comes from the period when the building was used as a workhouse.

Southsea Castle

Southsea Castle, Portsmouth

Visitors to Southsea Castle have reported seeing a ghostly apparition wandering around the castle.

The ghost is not of a military person as you would have thought but surprisingly of a little girl.

The ghostly girl is believed to be the spirit of the daughter of a lighthouse keeper who was housed in the castle.

It’s said that she caught scarlet fever and tragically died from the disease!

Wymering Manor

Wymering Manor, Wymering

Spooked visitors and former residents of the manor house have reported sudden temperature drops, furniture moving on its own accord and hearing the phantom sounds of children whispering and crying.

Witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a nun standing at the top of the stairs near to the small attic room known as Noah’s Ark.

Apparently her hands are covered in blood!

It’s said that the Noah’s Ark attic room was once used as a back street abortion clinic in the 1800s and maybe the bloodied nun had something to do with it.

The ghost of the brother of the novelist Jane Austen, Sir Francis William Austen who was once a warden at the nearby St Peter and St Paul’s Church is said to haunt the manor house.

His ghostly apparition has been seen on many occasions and apparently on one occasion he actually smiled at a member of staff!

One night in the 1940s and another night in the 1960s a phantom horse was heard galloping away from the manor house.

This paranormal activity has been associated with Sir Roderick of Portchester aka Reckless Roddy.

Local legend says that during the medieval period Reckless Roddy rode to the manor house in order to seduce a young bride.

She’d been left alone on her wedding night when her new husband was called away on an emergency.

Unfortunately for Reckless Roddy her husband returned and caught him in the house.

Reckless Roddy tried to flee but as he mounted his horse the husband thrusted his sword through him killing him instantly.

The horse galloped away and it’s now said that the sound of the phantom galloping horse heard in the 1940s and 1960s may well be the ghost of Reckless Roddy’s horse galloping away after his murder.

Local legend says that Reckless Roddy’s apparition is seen at the manor house whenever a new bride is brought into the premises!

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