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130+ Haunted Places in Hertfordshire (Updated 2017)

| On 24, Mar 2017


Table of Contents

The Brocket Arms, Ayot St Lawrence

In the small village of Ayot St Lawrence is a stunning 14th century pub called the Brocket Arms.

In its heyday it was a popular place for pilgrims on their way to St Albans Abbey to stay.

Keeping with a religious theme…

The pub is actually said to be haunted by a ghostly monk.

Terrified witnesses who have seen him describe him as being a small man and wearing a brown habit!

His ghostly apparition is often seen by frightened punters near the bar area of the pub…

Apparently, the monk committed suicide there by hanging himself!

Whether it’s the same monk or another one altogether…

Some visitors to the inn have also reported seeing the apparition of a monk who is on fire!

Now, if you ever visit the Brocket Arms it may be worth taking the five minute walk to visit Shaw’s Corner in the village.

If you don’t know, Shaw’s Corner is the former country home of the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw who’s said to still haunt the place.

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The White Hart Hotel, St Albans

The stunning 15th century White Hart Hotel is one of St Albans’ most haunted buildings.

And it’s situated slap-bang on Holywell Hill!

The ancient black and white coaching inn is said to be one of the oldest buildings in the city.

Like many of Britain’s old coaching inns the White Hart has a reputation for being haunted…

Spooked members of staff and guests alike have witnessed shadowy figures throughout the hotel.

Heavy barrels which had been stacked neatly where often heard moving around the cellar on their own accord in the middle of the night.

Upon inspection of the cellar in the morning the heavy barrels were discovered to be scattered all over the place.

These barrels were very heavy which only strong men could move!

The cellar lights would also switch on and off on their own accord.

And the cellar door would constantly lock itself without the use of the key.

The apparition of a little girl has been seen standing by the fireplace in the bar area…

And whilst we’re on the subjects of fireplaces, one witness saw the fireplace in Room 7 engulfed in flames which was really strange because that fireplace has been bricked up for many years!

Terrified members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman believed to be Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth Wilson tragically died at the hotel in 1820.

You see, she was sitting on top of the Northampton coach as it drove through the archway which leads to the stable yard at the back of the building.

She forgot to duck her head and was fatally injured when she hit the archway!

On one occasion a guest staying in Room 8 reported that he saw a ghostly apparition of a man sitting on his bed…

Not only that, but a message suddenly appeared on his bedroom mirror.

It read MEET ME IN ROOM 7 at 7.30!

The guest reported the paranormal writing to the manager downstairs.

The manager inspected the room and wiped the mirror clean whilst the guest was still downstairs.

The manager then went back downstairs and told the guest that she had wiped the mirror clean so he could return to his room.

Within a few minutes of the guest returning to his room he’d came back saying that the writing had reappeared!

Other guests staying in the same room had reported waking up in the morning to find bathroom towels mysteriously strewn across the bedroom floor.

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The Dog and Whistle, Hertford

You’ll find the trendy looking Dog and Whistle pub along Fore Street.

You may be surprised to discover that the pub is actually an old 17th century coaching inn which for much of its life was called the Ram Inn.

In 2011 the new management at the Ram reported some strange events taking place in the building…

Doors would mysteriously open and close on their own accord.

And witnesses reported seeing shadowy figures in the bar area of the building!

The Ram’s managers also found it hard to rent out Room 1 on the upper floor of the building due to the strange atmosphere in that room.

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Fanhams Hall, Ware

You can find the 18th century Fanhams Hall along Fanhams Hall Road in the countryside to the northeast of the Ware.

Today the hall is a luxury hotel with many spooky stories to tell…

One night a guest staying in Room 207 reported hearing eerie music coming from the room next to theirs.

The room was empty at the time but the strange thing is it was once used as a music room!

A lot of the poor cleaners at the hotel have experienced some paranormal events…

One of the cleaners felt phantom icy hands grab her around the neck whilst she was cleaning in the drawing room.

The same cleaner also heard the sad sound of children crying coming from beneath the stairs.

Another cleaner saw the reflection of a ghostly woman wearing a long dress and tall pointed hat in the mirror on the main staircase.

Maybe the ghostly reflection was the spirit of the Grey Lady which a third cleaner saw on the staircase.

The Grey Lady has been seen on many occasions leaning over the staircase’s banisters as though she’s looking for somebody.

A ghostly apparition of a dark haired lady in a cream dress has been seen walking into Room 15.

The hall’s Long Gallery is said to be haunted by a man wearing a waistcoat.

Apparently, only the top half of him is visible!

Over the years, the cleaners have reported lots of paranormal activity taking place within the house.

Radios turning themselves on, objects being moved around tables and the smell of old fashioned tobacco are just some of the unexplainable activity to take place within the hall.

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Cinnabar Café Hotel, Hertford

Next to the old Post Office in Fore Street is a building which was once the house of the Master of Hale’s Grammar School.

Today the building is a boutique hotel and restaurant called the Cinnabar Café Hotel.

In 2012 a lot of the chefs working at the premises reported paranormal activity take place within the building.

One night a chef was hit in the side of his head with the lid from a mayonnaise bucket.

You see, he was playing frisbee with the lid during a quiet period earlier in the day with a workmate.

The eerie thing was…

His workmate was actually working in the bar at the time of the incident.

And he was totally alone in the kitchen!

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The Hertford House Hotel, Hertford

There’s a grand looking building along Fore Street called the Hertford House Hotel.

This building hasn’t always been a hotel…

In fact, for many years it was the premises of the Hertfordshire Mercury.

And it was during this time that a lot of paranormal events were reported to take place within the building by terrified members of staff.

One night, one of the members of staff was working late alone in the building when suddenly the lights in the office started to flicker on and off.

He then heard the handle of the office door moving so he turned around to get a better look only to find the door handle moving up and down on its own accord.

He thought someone was playing a trick on him so he searched the building but discover that he was the only one working late that night.

As he returned to his desk the office lights went totally out.

And for a moment he was left in total pitch darkness before they came back on again.

Again, the door handle started to move up and down on its own accord.

This was all too much for his nerves and he decided to go home.

One Sunday another member of staff was locking up when he suddenly heard a door slamming shut somewhere in the building.

Thinking that the building was in the progress of being burgled he dial 999.

A police dog handler quickly arrived with a large German Shepherd Dog.

The officer sent the dog into the cellar and shut the door behind him…

A few moments later the dog was scratching at the door trying to get out.

The policeman opened the door and the dog shot out like a rocket with its hackles raised!

The pair searched the remainder of the building but didn’t find any burglars.

They came across one office which had a bunch of keys in the door which were swinging wildly as though someone had just entered it…

The officer rushed into the office ready for action only to find that the room was totally empty!

Now, there are a couple of theories to who haunts the building…

One is the spirit of a machine operator who died on the premises in the area where the offices were located.

In fact, one terrified member of staff actually witnesses the ghostly apparition of a man walk through an office wall here.

The other spirit is of a maid who was said to have been murdered by a butler in the house many years ago.

She’s said to haunt the cellar!

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The Salisbury Arms Hotel, Hertford

You’ll find the Salisbury Arms Hotel situated along Fore Street directly opposite Market Place in the middle of Hertford.

The hotel dates back to the 1800s but it’s actually built on the spot of a medieval inn.

Up until 1820 the Salisbury Arms was called the Bell.

It was named after the market bell in Market Place.

One of the pub’s cleaners was working on the first floor one day when she saw a middle-aged man dressed in black walk across the corridor and enter the room where a hotplate was kept.

The cleaner thought the man was a lost guest in need of assistance so she entered the room to see if he needed help…

To her surprise the room was totally empty.

There was no sight or sound of the mysterious man.

He had simply vanished into thin air!

Members of staff at the hotel also believe that Room 6 at the Salisbury Arms is haunted.

And on some occasion witnesses have even reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a Cromwellian looking figure walking along the hotel’s corridor.

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The George Inn, Bishop’s Stortford

The oldest recorded pub in Bishop’s Stortford is the George Inn which is located on the corner of the High Street and North Street.

The historic inn has a Victorian façade but it actually dates back to the 1417.

In the 1600’s both Charles I and Charles II visited the hotel.

The George Inn is one of the town’s buildings which is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady.

Terrified members of staff have seen a white shape hovering in the hotel’s cellar…

But the cellar isn’t the most paranormally active area within the hotel, that’s left to Room 27!

It’s said that a woman was once stabbed to death by a burglar in that room.

Guest staying in the room had complained that they feel their being watched by something unknown.

And have also reported seeing the wardrobe’s doors open on their own accord and the bedroom’s lights turn on and off by themselves.

On one occasion a young couple witnessed a grey mist above the bed…

And one poor guest was scared witless when he saw a ghostly apparition of a lady in a grey dress next to the bed looking as though she was in a lot of pain!

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The Dolphin, Botley

The Dolphin is said to be haunted by the ghost of a Cavalier from the English Civil War period.

Members of staff have nicknamed him George.

His ghostly apparition has been witnessed wandering around the rooms of the Dolphin.

Spooked members of staff have also reported hearing phantom footsteps outside one of the bedrooms, eerie noises in the cellar and feeling sudden temperature drops in the dining room.

In 1980, the then landlady reported that a tall and slim shadowy figure had rushed pass her one day!


Hertford Castle, Hertford

There’s a local legend associated with the castle of a spirit which bangs loudly on the door in the middle of night waking up the occupants.

The witnesses are then said to look out of the castle’s windows to see a ghostly figure carrying an apple whilst gliding across the castle grounds.

One tale says it’s a ghostly monk whilst the other tale says it’s a phantom gardener!

One night in 1930 a local man cut across the castle grounds on his way home from a dance…

In the moonlight he saw a hooded figure walking across the lawn carry a large object.

The ghostly figure disappeared behind a bush then let out an agonising cry.

This scared the living daylights out of the local man and he quickly fled the scene!

The castle is now owned and used by the local council…

A former mayor reported that a phantom dog would often be heard barking somewhere within the building but could never be found.

He also reported that the lights would mysteriously turn themselves on and off by their own accord!

Back in 1920 an eerie tapping noise was heard throughout a Council committee meeting.

Those present tried to discover the source of the phantom noise but had no luck in doing so.


The Corn Exchange, Hertford

You’ll find the 19th century Corn Exchange on the corner of Fore Street and Market Street in the town.

The building is located on the spot where the county gaol once stood in the 18th century.

The gaol was an overcrowded and filthy place where public hangings were an everyday occurrence.

The squalled conditions of the gaol led to several outbreaks of cholera and smallpox.

During the 19th century the Corn Exchange was used for musicals and shows.

In recent years the building has got a reputation for being haunted…

A caretaker who looked after the building when it was empty reported hearing the phantom sounds of scenery being shifted around and musicians clearing their throats and tuning their instruments.

This paranormal activity actually happened in the day time!

One day in 2007 the Corn Exchange manager took some photos of the bar area.

He was totally shocked to discover ghostly shapes in his photographs as he was totally alone at the time he took the snaps!

On another occasion when the building was empty the manager heard people talking in the men’s toilets.

He went to investigate but found them to be totally empty.

Sensitive women have also reported that the ladies toilets have a negative atmosphere to them.

Other eerie sounds which have been reported by terrified witnesses when the building has been empty include the jangle of keys and the sound of the pulley mechanism which operates the curtain being moved!


Gallows Hill, Hertford

As you’ve probably already deducted Gallows Hill was once a site for public hangings.

Executions ceased in 1812 but it now has a reputation for being haunted.

Terrified witnesses have seen a ghostly figure in grey wandering around the area.

And have heard the eerie sounds of clanking chains and phantom raised voices in the dead of night!

Some say these spooky sounds are the re-enactment of a condemned man on his way to the gallows with a baying mob awaiting his execution.


Port Hill, Hertford

One afternoon a lady was walking along Port Hill with her daughter when she suddenly noticed a strange looking young man approaching her…

She described him as looking cold, hungry and being very thin.

He was dressed in an old-fashioned outfit with a wide brimmed hat similar to what Quakers once wore!

She stepped aside to let him pass but was shocked to see him disappear into thin air.

She asked her daughter what happen to the young man but her daughter said she never saw him!

In 2003, a father who was pushing his baby son in a pushchair along the hill also saw the ghostly apparition of the young man.

Other witnesses have seen his ghostly figure near the old Quaker burial ground which is situated near the veterinary practice on the hill.


Hertford Hospital, Hertford

Hertford Hospital is said to be haunted by a former nurse nicknamed Mabel…

Suddenly temperature drops and the lift doors opening and closing on their own accord have been blamed on Mabel.

One evening a member of staff at the hospital distinctively heard a female voice say ‘Sister’ to her but when she turned around to reply she found nobody there.

Herself and a male porter where the only people present at the time of the incident!

On one occasion members of staff were baffled when an X-ray plate was developed with an impression of a rogue hand on it.

Members of staff and patients alike have seen Mabel’s ghostly apparition walk through a wall where the old morgue in the original 1833 hospital once stood.

On another occasion a thick black mist was captured on CCTV footage emerging from the lift and moving to the front door.

It then returned to the lift and then back to the front door where it kept on going into the corridor!

Another ghostly former member of the hospital’s staff has been witnessed in the building.

This time a member of staff was putting linen out when she saw a doctor in a white coat…

She later found out that she was the only member of staff in that area at the time!


Hertford Museum, Hertford

You’ll find the Hertford Museum along Bull Plain in a grand looking 17th century house.

Several members of staff have commented on the strange atmosphere within the building and a couple of them have even heard some eerie noises.

In 2006, a spooked visitor to the museum reported to the museum’s staff that he had witnessed the ghostly apparition of a female ghost standing at the top of the first floor stairs.

He described her as having red hair and wearing a high collared outfit similar to those worn by ladies in the Edwardian period.

The ghostly Edwardian lady was witnessed again in 2008 by a shocked couple from Norfolk.

In 2007, the apparition of a little nine year old Victorian boy was witnessed running up the stairs whilst laughing.

Other ghostly children have been seen on the attic stairs too!


The Red House, Hertford

Along Fore Street opposite the Marks and Spencer supermarket there’s a stunning Grade II* listed 18th century building called the Red House.

Today it houses many different businesses but it was originally a brewer’s house.

In the late 19th century it became part of the Christ’s Hospital for the orphaned children of London.

It’s probably from this era where the residential ghost comes from…

You see, witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a woman in a grey matron’s uniform carrying a tray up the stairs.

She’s actually been seen on many occasions!


The White Hart, Hertford

The four hundred year old White Hart is situated in Salisbury Square in the heart of the town.

The pub’s cellar is said to be haunted by a ghost who likes to move the stock around the place!


Balls Park Mansion, Hertford

Balls Park Mansion is a Grade I listed 17th century house situated in its own grounds to the east of Hertford’s town centre.

The Artisan Mannerist style house was first built by the wealthy financier Sir John Harrison in 1640.

Today the house has been converted into residential apartments.

But from 1946 to 2003 it was used as an educational facility with its last owners being the University of Hertfordshire.

Many members of staff at the university reported paranormal activity taking place within the house…

On one dark October evening in 2001 a female member of staff was working late at the university.

When she decided to leave for the night she found that the front door had been locked by the security staff.

Turning around to find another exit she saw a grey figure standing under the balcony in the vestibule.

On another autumn night in the same year one of the security staff was walking towards the front door when he was suddenly knocked off his feet and flung backwards by an unseen force!

Local legend says that Balls Park Mansion is haunted by a Grey Lady…

The Grey Lady is said to be the spirit of a woman who committed suicide by flinging herself off the balcony into the vestibule.

Her tragic suicide took place in October!

The ghostly apparition of the Grey Lady has been seen by terrified witnesses wandering around the vestibule and walking along the upstairs corridors.

These spooky sightings are always in the month of October.


Leahoe House, Hertford

You’ll find the 19th century Leahoe House in the grounds of County Hall.

The County Council have owned the house since 1935.

They run it as a recreation and leisure venue.

In the 1980s, one of the barmen at the leisure centre was locking up for the night when he suddenly felt tremendous fear.

He walked out into the corridor and came face to face with a ghostly apparition of woman dressed in a nun’s grey habit!

The strange thing was…

As soon as he looked at the ghostly nun all his fear totally disappeared and he felt at ease.

He actually stood for a while staring transfixed at the ghostly woman before he decided to turn the lights off and leave for the night.

He never saw the ghostly nun again but always felt the presence of her when he was working late at the house!


Wallace House, Hertford

Along St Andrew Street in the town is a building called Wallace House.

It’s named after the famous Victorian naturalist Arthur Russell Wallace who lived in the house in 1828.

The house is currently used as a doctor’s surgery.

It also has a reputation for being haunted…

During renovation work the spooked builders reported that their tools would be mysteriously moved and electric drills would start up on their own accord.

The ghostly apparition of an old man has been seen walking along the top floor corridor by terrified witnesses.

One day a reception manager was working in her office on the top floor.

She glanced into the common room opposite her only to witness a ghostly apparition of a man standing in the corner of the room looking out of the window.

Apparently, he was dressed in a black frock-coat, had white hair and was very distinguished looking!

As she watched him he disappeared into thin air from the legs upwards.

I’ve seen old black and white photos of Arthur Russell Wallace and her description of the apparition fits him down to a tee.

Was this ghostly man Arthur Russell Wallace?

One evening the practice manager was working in her office when she got the shock of her life…

You see, the large television set which was on top of a filing cabinet suddenly flew across the room and landed in front of the door.

This wasn’t the first strange event happen in her office.

She would often hear an eerie dragging noise coming from the empty loft above her room.

And also a strange knocking noise inside her office!

Another member of staff was spooked one day when she went to the filing cabinets which are kept in the basement of the house.

She swore blind that she heard footsteps follow her down the steps and saw a person walk pass her…

But upon further investigation she found the basement room was totally empty!

In 2012, a woman who lived opposite the Wallace House was awake in the early hours of the morning.

She decided to have a cup of tea and was drinking it whilst looking out of her window onto the empty St Andrew Street.

She suddenly noticed a man looking out of the window above the archway at the Wallace House.

The next day curiosity got the better of her and she asked the surgery’s receptionist who the man was…

The receptionist replied that no doctor or members of staff were working in the building at that time in the early hours of the morning!


The Hertford Club, Hertford

The Hertford Club is situated in Lombard House which you’ll find next to the River Lee on Bull Plain.

The Grade II listed Lombard House is an impressive building which dates back to the 15th century.

It was originally a hall which provided lodgings for the Assize judges.

The house is said to be haunted…

Creaking floorboards and phantom footsteps are often reported by spooked witnesses.

One day, the barman arrived at the house to open up for the evening but was surprised to hear men laughing and talking in the snooker room.

Thinking that he may have locked someone in the house from earlier in the day he went to investigate only to find the snooker room totally empty!

The strange thing was…

The snookers balls were scattered on the table as though a game was in progress.

And the snooker cues were rattling in their rack as though someone had just replaced them there.

Lombard House was once the home to the 18th century historian Sir Henry Chauncy.

Many of the members of staff at the house refer to the resident ghost as Old Henry in reference to Sir Henry.

Thing is… there’s no real evidence whether it’s his ghost or not!


St Albans

The B651 road just north of St Albans has the reputation for being haunted by a column of Roman soldiers.

One dark November night a car was returning to St Albans from Wheathampstead along the B651.

The terrified occupants came across phantom Roman legionaries marching along the road.

They first heard the eerie sound of jingling harnesses and marching feet.

And then a ghostly full column of armed Roman soldiers dressed in leather kilts, metal breastplates and helmets manifested in front of them.

There was even a ghostly standard bearer leading the column!

The phantom legionaries continued to march along the road until they slowly disappeared into the night.

Phantom marching Roman soldiers have also been witnessed in St Albans itself…

One afternoon, an old man who lived in the Camp area of the city heard the sound of marching feet outside his flat’s window.

He thought it strange because it sounded like they were marching on gravel when in fact the area outside his window was lush grass!

He thought it may’ve been phantom Roman legionnaires marching because the area he lived in was once the site of a Roman encampment.

A couple of St Albans’ houses are said to be haunted by ghostly Roman soldiers…

A house in Camlet Way has been built on an ancient Roman cemetery.

And it’s now said that apparitions of Roman soldiers manifest in the house every now and again!

The residents of a house in Kingsbury Avenue were sacred witless one day when a Roman soldier suddenly appeared right in front of them whilst they were in their kitchen.

In 1985, a young man was on his way home through Verulamium one summer’s evening when the ghostly apparition of a Roman centurion on horseback manifested in front of him.

He fled in terror but unfortunately for him he ended up in the local A&E department after tripping and injuring his knee and shoulder in his panic to flee!

Ghostly apparitions of Roman soldiers have also been seen by terrified witnesses just to the west of St Albans in the area surrounding Gorhambury.


Ivy House, St Albans

Along St Peter’s Street just opposite the church you’ll find the listed Ivy House.

Today, the early 18th century three-storey house is the business premises of solicitors.

Paranormal activity seems to have quietened down of recent years but the house has got a reputation for being haunted.

In the 1970s, members of staff were scared stiff of being left alone in the building after the sun had gone down…

On a dark Friday night in 1975 one manger had to return to the building because he had forgotten some important papers.

As he entered Ivy House he was scared witless by seeing the ghostly apparition of a young blonde haired woman in a white dress standing on the first floor landing.

The ghostly woman looked at him then walked calmly up to the next floor where she disappeared into thin air.

This sighting was too much for the manager and he quickly left the building!

Another time, a couple of staff members can into the building after hours to decorate a Christmas tree.

They too witnessed the ghostly female figure by the stairwell.

They described her as looking sad!

Doors opening and closing on their own accord, taps turning themselves on, eerie noises and phantom footsteps have all been reported by members of staff and visitors alike at Ivy House.

The stairwell seemed to be the epicentre of the paranormal activity.

The phantom lady believed to haunt the house is said to be a young chambermaid called Meades from a former building on the site.

Apparently she became pregnant by a member of the household.

And as a punishment was bricked up alive behind a wall in the house!

It’s said that her spirit still performs her duties…

She’s believed to clean the handrail on the stairs and parts of the cellar!


The Grange, St Albans

If you walk back along St Peter’s Street towards the city centre you’ll come across another old building on the opposite side of the road called the Grange.

Today the building is occupied by a building society but from the 1940s it was used as council offices.

The house dates back to 1763 when it was first built by John Osborn the mayor of St Albans.

Terrified staff members of the building society have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady wearing a long grey dress walking around the Grange.

The Grey Lady is believed to be the ghost of Dorothy Osborn who was the daughter-in-law of Mayor John Osborn.

It’s said that she committed suicide after discovering that her husband was having an affair!

Members of staff at the building society are constantly remarking on the sudden temperature drops and icy cold atmosphere within the building.

The strange thing is…

Upon further investigation it’s normally found that the heating is actually on full blast!


Mallinson House, St Albans

Just down the street from the Grange is an ivy clad three-storey building called Mallinson House.

Like the Grange, the late 18th century Mallinson House has a reputation for being haunted…

The building was originally called Donnington House and was owned by a surgeon called Dr William Russell.

On one Sunday’s evening in 1872 hundreds of people gathered outside the house.

You see, a passer-by had seen a ghostly apparition of a man tapping on one of the upstairs windows.

He was described as wearing a white wig and being dressed in a silver buttoned uniform!

Many believed that the ghostly man was the former butler of Dr Rusell.

He had been caught drinking his master’s finest brandy and was sacked on the spot.

Ridden with guilt, the butler had committed suicide in an upstairs room.

In 1977, a builder working at the house was scared witless when he saw the ghostly apparition of a man on the main stairs.

Apparently, the ghostly man didn’t have any legs!

Later Donnington House was renamed Mallinson House and became the headquarters of the National Pharmaceutical Association.

The staff at the association’s often reported their personal objects mysteriously going missing or being move to other parts of the building.


Batchwood Hall, St Albans

On the outskirts of St Albans just opposite the ultra-modern Batchwood Sports Centre you’ll find the beautiful Batchwood Hall.

The Queen Anne style hall dates back to the 19th century but today its home to a nightclub called Club Batchwood.

During 1989 when the hall was being refurbished a Victorian fireplace was removed.

Soon afterwards paranormal activity started to take place within the building…

The builders would report that the lights would mysteriously turn themselves on and off.

Object would be moved and padlocks would become unlocked!

Many believe that the haunting was caused by the spirit of the multimillionaire Baron Grimthorpe who originally built the hall.

In 1995 there was a fire at the hall…

The people escaping the fire said they witnessed a ghostly apparition of woman scattering burning coals over the floor from a shovel.

Many believe that this ghostly woman was the spirit of John Beckett’s wife who died during another fire at the hall in 1895!


St Albans City Hospital, St Albans

To the west of Bernards Heath you’ll find St Albans City Hospital.

St Albans Hospital is said to be haunted by a ghostly apparition of a Sister.

She’s believed to have worked on the hospital’s St Mary’s Ward in the early 1900s.

Her apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses on dark winter evenings wandering around the medical library.

Apparently, the floor level of that part of the hospital was raised in the 20th century which probably explains why the witnesses describe her as only appearing from the ankles upwards!


The Kingsbury Watermill, St Albans

Situated on the River Ver to the southwest of the hospital you’ll find the historic Kingsbury Watermill.

The restored watermill dates back to the 16th century and today is home to a restaurant.

The watermill is said to be haunted by the spirit of ghostly miller who has been heard singing loudly above the sound of the rushing water of the River Ver!


Verulamium Park, St Albans

Kingsbury Watermill is close to Verulamium Park…

On a misty Christmas night in 1970 two local boys were cycling through the park when suddenly they came across a ghostly apparition of a Cavalier who appeared in a haze of silver light.

They described the Cavalier as having long curly hair.

And was dressed in baggy trousers which were tucked into his high boots and a tunic with silver buttons!

They also said he was also carrying a sword.


St Albans School, St Albans

Situated to the east of Verulamium Park is St Albans School.

The school was founded in 948 by Abbot Wulsi who was the Abbot of St Albans Abbey at the time.

It’s not only the oldest school in Hertfordshire but one of the oldest schools in the world!

Recently the school’s biology department was being rebuilt…

And at that time witnesses started to hear the sound of phantom hobnailed boots walking down the school’s corridors.

Many believe the ghostly hobnailed boots belong to a former caretaker of the school who died many decades ago!


St Albans Antique Centre, St Albans

In the east of the city you’ll find the St Albans Antique Centre.

In the 1970s the resident of one of the flats above the centre returned to his home in the early hours of the morning only to get the shock of his life…

You see, in his hallway he saw a ghostly apparition of a lady floating a couple of feet in the air.

Apparently she was wearing a lace dress and was a translucent lime colour!

She proceeded to drift down the flat’s hallway and disappear through the hallway’s wall.


Holywell Hill, St Albans

The ghost of Granny Sheldrake is said to haunt one of the houses along Holywell Hill.

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing her heavy phantom footsteps walking around the house.

It’s said that her ghostly presence becomes more prevalent when young children are in the house!

A ghostly apparition of an Elizabethan woman has been witnessed in one of the bedrooms of White Hart Cottage.

The ghost is said to be that of a former resident called Mrs Perkins.

Terrified witnesses described her as wearing a white neck ruff and a dark skull cap.

A Georgian House which stands on the hill has a cellar which is said to date back to the 12th century.

That cellar is said to be haunted!

Residents who’ve lived there have reported that the cellar had a strange presence.

The cellar lights would turn themselves on and off on their own accord.

And object within the cellar would mysteriously be moved around the place!

Another house along the hill is said to be haunted by the ghostly spirit of a nun.

She’s heard walking up and down the stairs and also moving around the house’s cellar.

In 1980, a guy called Oliver was walking up Holywell Hill during his lunch break when suddenly he became aware of an unusually dressed woman in front of him…

You see, she was wearing a wide brimmed hat with an ankle-length flowery skirt, brown boots and a woollen shawl which was draped over her shoulders.

Similar to what a Victorian lady would have worn!

She was also carrying a large wicker basket over her left arm, the type which flower sellers would have used in the 19th century.

The pavement was narrow so he waited for the traffic to clear before he stepped out on the road so that he could pass her.

Curiosity got the benefit of him and he glanced back to see what the lady’s face looked like.

To his surprise, she had totally disappeared into thin air…

He couldn’t see her anywhere on Holywell Hill!

Some people have reported hearing the sound of an armed conflict upon the hill.

Many believe it’s a paranormal replay of events which happened during the War of the Roses’ First Battle of St Albans which took place nearby in 1455.

Terrified witnesses have also seen a ghostly apparition of a coach being pulled by phantom headless horses travelling past the White Hart Hotel on the hill.


Fishpool Street, St Albans

A lot of the houses along Fishpool Street have the odd ghost or two knocking about the place.

One house is said to be haunted by a friendly female ghost…

Whilst another house along the street has a least than friendly female ghost!

It’s said that a woman was once strangled to death in one of the bedrooms of that house.

And now traumatised residents who’ve slept in that bedroom have reported waking up in the middle of the night with the feeling of icy cold hands around their necks!

Some say the spirit of the murdered woman is trying to re-enact her own death.

The ghostly apparition of a man in grey has been witnessed to manifest besides on of the beds in the bedroom of another house along the street.

The cellar of the residence which was once the Angel Inn is said to be haunted…

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a Cavalier down there.

A former shop along Fishpool Street is said to be haunted by a ghost nicknamed Charlie.

He’s been blamed for moving biscuit tins around the place!

After the sun goes down it seems like Fishpool Street comes alive with ghosts…

The apparitions of a man in a Panama hat and a woman in a long blue dress have been witnessed riding along the street in a carriage which is being pulled by two phantom white ponies!

The ghostly apparitions of a man in a tall stove-pipe hat, another man in grey, a Cavalier and a nurse in a grey uniform have also been witnessed along the street in the dead of the night.

In the 18th century a mother who lived near the Red Lion pub was said to have accidentally smothered her baby daughter to death.

Her distraught ghost has been witnessed in the early hours of the morning walking along the street crying into her handkerchief.

I personally think that Fishpool Street could indeed be one of the most haunted streets in St Albans!


The Ancient Briton, St Albans

On the corner of Harpenden Road and Beech Road in the north of the city you’ll find the Ancient Briton Harvester pub.

The Ancient Briton is said to be haunted by a spirit of a woman…

Terrified members of staff have witnesses a ghostly female figure in a misty form floating around the pub’s bar area.

One member of staff was scared witless one day when she heard an eerie gasping sound whilst she was down in the cellar alone.

She described it as sounding like someone was struggling to get breath!


The Six Bells, St Albans

Along St Michael’s Street there’s a 16th century pub called the Six Bells.

Before the enlargement of the pub’s kitchen in 1997 archaeological work uncovered the remains of a Roman bath house.

Unnerved members of staff at the Six Bells have reported to hear phantom footsteps following them around the pub.

A ghostly figure has also been seen in the kitchen…

Could this ghost be from the Roman baths?


The Verulam Arms, St Albans

Along Lower Dagnall Street you’ll find the Verulam Arms pub.

The pub dates back to 1853 and some say it’s haunted…

Members of staff at the Verulam Arms have reported strange electrical faults taking place and objects mysteriously flying off the pub’s walls and shelves!


St Albans Cathedral, St Albans

Probably the most infamous ghostly tale to come out of the cathedral was that of Basil Saville during war torn Britain.

In 1944, Basil was sixteen years old and had an important role at the cathedral as a fire-watcher.

You see, during the Second World War the German Luftwaffe dropped incendiaries devices onto UK towns and cities to start fires which would not only mark the target for later bombing raids but also cause a lot of damage by fire.

Basil’s job was to detect and put out any incendiaries devices dropped onto the cathedral.

On Christmas Eve he turned up for his night’s vigil only to find that his fire-watching colleagues hadn’t arrived yet and he was all alone.

He decided to start his round without them but had the uneasy feeling that somebody was watching him…

When he reached the Saint’s Chapel which houses the shrine of the martyr Alban his feeling of being watched grew.

As he glanced around he thought he saw two hooded figures watching him but put it down to an overactive imagination because he’d just witnessed two discarded monk’s habits of the chapel’s stone floor!

Carrying on with his tour he entered the 12th century Lady Chapel.

As he climbed the belfry he suddenly heard the bells start to slowly ring out…

This totally confused him as he knew that the bells had been removed from the tower to stop them from being damaged in a bombing raid.

As he opened the belfry door the bells fell silent and he discovered that the room was totally empty with no bells in sight!

At this time, Basil was starting to get unnerved and decided to return to the ground floor and wait for his fire-watching colleagues to turn up.

As he descended the tower stairs he started to hear organ music.

Heading towards the organ he saw what he thought was a lit candle.

Mindful of the blackout rules he shouted out for the candle to be put out.

The request was ignored by whoever was playing the organ.

As he got nearer to the organ he got the shock of his life…

The organ’s keys were being played and the pages of the music book were slowly being turned on their own accord.

It looked like somebody invisible was sitting there and playing the organ!

Suddenly the sound of singing voices rang out from the high altar.

As he approached the high altar the organ music and singing fell silent.

And he then witnessed a very solid looking abbot and a procession of monks walk through the screen doors into the Saints Chapel.

Following the procession, Basil found that the screen doors were actually locked and upon opening them he discovered a dark and empty chapel with no sight or sound of the ghostly monks and abbot.

Returning to the organ he found the spent candle and a music book titled Albanus Mass by Robert Fayrfax.

Robert Fayrfax was a former organist and director of the abbey choir who died in 1521.

In fact, his body is actually buried in the abbey crypt!

Basil returned to the vestry to discover that his fire-watcher colleagues had turned up.

He told them about his paranormal experiences but they hadn’t seen or heard anything unusual.

Together with another fire-watcher Basil retraced his steps but the spent candle at the organ and the discarded monk’s habits had mysteriously disappeared.

It later came to light that in the 1930s the Canon George Glossop heard music coming from the locked cathedral late one night…

That music was the Albanus Mass by Robert Fayrfax!

The daughter of Canon Glossop has her own ghostly tale to tell…

One night she had a young relative staying over at the house.

She got up out of bed in the middle of the night to fetch a glass of water for her young relative.

As she got up she heard men singing in the street outside her house.

Looking out of her window she couldn’t see who was singing so she went to fetch her father who was working late in his study.

They both went outside to investigate and heard a phantom procession of invisible singers pass them, go through the locked Abbey gate, then pass through the main door and enter the Abbey!

In the morning of All Souls’ Day in 1931 the abbey verger opened up the building to prepare for the day’s first service.

He was scared witless when a ghostly procession of Benedictine monks glided silently towards him!

The monks then proceeded to disappear into thin air right in front of him.

This isn’t the only time ghostly Benedictine monks have been seen at the Abbey…

A group of very tall phantom monks were seen walking near the Great Gateway one September evening.

They were in pairs and swaying side by side as though they were carrying a heavy coffin!

Ghostly monks have also been seen in the Watching Gallery, by the shrine of the martyr Alban and in the Hudson Library.

People have also reported the very strong smell of incense in the south side of the building.

Many people have heard heavenly music coming from the Abbey late at night…

One summer’s evening a woman passing by the cathedral heard the sound of music and a choir singing coming from the building.

She decided to sneak in the back door to listen to them some more but as soon as she touched the door handle the music and choir suddenly stopped.

In 1938, a young girl was passing the building with a friend when they too heard some lovely music coming from it.

They went to the Abbey and looked inside only find that the music had stopped and the building was totally empty and in pitch darkness!


St Albans City Hall, St Albans

A short walk from St Albans’ St Peter’s Street on Civic Close is the city’s theatre and music venue called the Alban Arena.

The Alban Arena was formerly known as St Albans City Hall.

It was during this time in the 1980s that the manager of the venue got the shock of his life after a Mayoral banquet.

He heard someone pass his office door which he thought was suspicious because nobody else should have been there at that time of day.

He went to find out who the person was only to be shocked to discover a ghostly apparition of a woman in a long grey dress.

The woman then simply disappeared into thin air right in front of his eyes!

Many believe that the Grey Lady was the apparition of Dorothy Osborn.

She was the daughter-in-law of John Osborn who was a former mayor of the city in the 18th century.

He had built the nearby Grange.

And the City Hall was built on the spot where its gardens were once situated.

Dorothy Osborn tragically committed suicide after she discovered that her husband was having an affair.


St Stephen’s Church, St Albans

Along Watling Street to the south of St Albans School you’ll find St Stephen’s Church.

After the Easter Sunday service in 1970 a member of the congregation was counting out the collection in the vestry.

He suddenly heard eerie footsteps walking up behind, he quickly turned around only to find that nobody was there.

He then heard the phantom footsteps continue to walk along the centre aisle through the chancel and to the altar.

To be on the safe side he decided to lock the doors.

And give the church a quick search to find if anybody else was with him in the building.

He discovered that he was indeed alone!

A short while later the phantom footsteps started again, this time they walked from the altar and through the door which a short time ago he had locked.

The strange thing about the phantom footsteps was that they sounded like they were on stone flooring when in fact the floor of the church was carpeted!


Abbey Gateway, St Albans

Spanning Abbey Mill Lane in St Albans you’ll find the imposing brick and flint Abbey Gateway.

The three storey building dates back to 1365.

Today, it’s the premises of one of the oldest schools in Britain…

The prestigious St Albans School who have used the building for schooling since the early 1870s!

In the centuries before St Albans School took over the building it was used as a prison.

Like many old prisons throughout the world it has a reputation for being haunted…

The building’s windows have been reported to open and close themselves on their own accord.

And terrified witnesses have reported hearing eerie screams within the building!


Romeland Cottage, St Albans

A stone’s throw away from St Albans Abbey Gateway on Romeland Hill you’ll find an 18th century cottage called Romeland Cottage.

In the early 1900s the cottage was reported to have been haunted by a monk-like figure…

One night the maid of the household was climbing the stairs on her way to bed when she suddenly felt something pin her up against the wall and blow out her candle.

In the darkness she could see a male figure dressed in a cowl.

He spoke to her in a language she didn’t understand, most probably Latin, and then disappeared into thin air right in front of her.

The next night the poor girl got another visit from the monk-like figure.

She awoke to find him standing at the end of her bed.

In the moonlight she could make out that he had some sort of medal around his neck.

As you can imagine the maid was very upset by her ghostly visits so the family called in Canon Glossop of the Abbey to talk to her.

The Canon believed the ghostly apparition was of a pilgrim from the Middle Ages.

You see, they were given medallions when they visited the Abbey similar to the one the maid said the ghost was wearing!

It’s also believed that Romeland Cottage was built on the spot where the Abbey’s charnel house was once located.

The Abbey’s charnel house was where monk’s bodies would have been laid before their burial!


Ye Olde Fighting Cocks, St Albans

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks pub situated along Abbey Mill Lane in St Albans is said to be the oldest pub in England.

The pub’s cellar is built on the 8th century abbey gatehouse!

One morning in 2001 a terrified member of staff witnessed ghostly monks emerging from the ancient cellar.

What made the figures even more frightening was that they had no legs from the knees downwards.

The ghostly monks glided across the bar area and sat down at a fireside table before disappearing into thin air!

On one occasion the bar manager left some keys on the bar whilst he went into the cellar…

When he returned he found that the keys had been hung up on a key hook and were swinging violently.

Nobody else was in the bar with the manager at the time!


The White Lion, St Albans

The White Lion pub is a former 16th century coaching inn.

It’s said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl whose apparition has been seen staring out of one of the pub’s windows.

Legend says that she’s waiting for her lover who never turns up because he was hung from the city’s gallows!

Once every month, members of staff at the White Lion swear blind that they witness a shadowy face on the outside of the small window in the bar.

One day, a pub regular got the shock of his life when he had his back against the window and he felt an icy cold hand on his shoulder…

Of course, there wasn’t anybody behind him!

This wasn’t the only ghostly hand to have been witnessed at the pub.

The White Lion’s barman also saw an apparition of a hand manifest on the cellar stair rail.


Boot Inn, St Albans

The 17th century Boot Inn is situated at the Clock Tower end of Market Place in St Albans.

A bunch of dried flowers were discovered behind a wall when some building work was taking place at the pub.

It looked like the dried flowers had been place behind the wall deliberately many years ago for some strange reason.

Since the disturbance of the dried flowers the pub has been plagued with strange electrical problems…

The lights, juke box and fruit machines would all suddenly turn on and off by themselves!

Spooked members of staff and customers alike have reported seeing dark shadowy figures suddenly manifesting before them making an eerie moaning noise before disappearing back into thin air.


The Snug, St Albans

Situated in St Albans French Row is a pub called the Snug.

The Snug is located in the building which was once the Fleur de Lys Inn.

The Fleur de Lys was an ancient inn which dated back centuries.

The building is said to be haunted…

Eerie phantom footsteps have been heard walking about the place.

And members of staff have heard the sound of rattling keys.

Employees often report that they feel their being watch by someone unseen.

Some of them have even reported seeing a ghostly face with spooky eyes staring at them from one of the pub’s mirrors!


Goat Inn, St Albans

You’ll find the 15th century Goat Inn in St Albans Sopwell Lane.

It was originally built as a private hall house but was converted to an inn to service the stagecoaches from London.

In the 1920s it was used as a lodging house for road workers but now has reverted back to a public house.

The Goat Inn has a reputation for being haunted…

A door would open and close on its own accord and on a few occasions it actually locked itself!

The landlord reported that his room would have severe drops in temperature in the middle of the night.

And on one occasion he woke to find an ugly ghostly face at the bottom of his bed staring at him!

Objects would also be mysteriously moved around the building.

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sound of a phantom coach and horses in the middle of the night being driven through the pub’s present day archway.

Ghostly laughter and shouting has also been heard outside the pub.

It’s believed that this phenomenon is created by the spirits of young woman who once frequented the pub in the 16th century!


The Hare and Hounds, St Albans

The Hare and Hounds pub is situated in St Albans Sopwell Lane.

The ancient inn dates back to the 1600s when it was first called the Falcon.

It changed its name to the Hare and Hounds in 1774.

One summer’s morning in the late 1990s the barmaid at the pub went down to the cellar to get some cleaning equipment.

As she was half way down the stairs she felt the temperature drop suddenly.

And then a black shape rushed up the stairs at her and seemed to envelop her.

She described the shape as feeling like pure evil.

She then heard an eerie voice scream at her GET OUT!

Well, as you can imagine she didn’t stay too long after that.

She turned around and fled back to the bar.

The landlord later found out that the building next door was built on the site of the city’s old gallows.

And that the bodies of the hanged criminals were put into a trough which now forms part of the cellar at the Hare and Hounds.


King William IV, St Albans

You’ll find the King William IV pub at the end of Sandridge Road in the northeast of St Albans.

Compared to other watering holes in St Albans the King William IV pub is a relative new comer as it only dates back to 1937.

That’s not to say it’s not haunted though…

In 1939, terrified members of staff witnessed a ghostly figure walk across the bar area.

They became ever more frightened when beer glasses would launch themselves across the room!

One summer’s morning in 1987 the pub’s head chef entered the cellar to get some stock cards.

She got the shock of her life when she saw a ghostly apparition of a very tall moustached man wearing an army uniform with green buttons.

She screamed out for the manager who came rushing to her aid.

The shocked manager also got a good look at the phantom soldier just before he disappeared into thin air right in front of them!

It was later discovered that just after the King William IV was built in the late 1930s the local Home Guard unit used it as a drill hall.


The Lower Red Lion, St Albans

The 17th century Lower Red Lion pub is situated in Fishpool Street.

The first floor bedroom above the archway has a reputation for being haunted…

Past residents of the pub have reported to have been woken in the early hours of the morning by their bed being shaken violently.

The ghostly apparition of a lady has also been seen standing at the bottom of the bed in that room!

The sad sound of a crying phantom child has been heard by witnesses in the pub.

It’s said that in the past a young girl died of pneumonia in the upstairs haunted room.

In the bar downstairs a spooked witness once saw a ghostly shadow move across the room.


Bishop’s Stortford

Quite a few of the historic buildings in the town are said to be haunted by a ghostly apparition of a Grey Lady.

Most of these building are located along the road which starts at Windhill becomes the High Street and ends at Bridge Street.

The buildings which are alleged to be haunted by the ghostly Grey Lady are the Boars Head, St Michael’s Church, the George Inn, the former Tissmans building, the Black Lion, Coopers of Stortford, the Bishop’s House and the Star Inn.

With so many of Bishop’s Stortford’s old buildings being allegedly haunted by the Grey Lady one question remains unanswered…

Who exactly was the Grey Lady?

Well there are a couple of theories…

One theory is that she was a woman called Sarah who was said to have been raped and murdered in Water Lane by the son of the local Squire.

Water Lane is another location were the Grey Lady has been spotted.

In 1922, a shocked mother and child witnessed her ghostly figure gliding along the lane heading towards the church.

In the 1970s, an Ouija session took place at a house in Stanstead in which a spirit came through saying that she was Sarah and the Bishop’s Stortford’s Grey Lady.

She also said that she had been raped and murdered by the Squire’s son on the 23rd December and wanted help to pass over and be in peace!

Another theory is that she’s connected to Waytemore Castle and was either imprisoned or executed there.

Others believe she was a nun from a local convent which does tie in with the sighting of her by the resident of the Old House Café.


Windhill House, Bishop’s Stortford

Today the 17th century Windhill House which is located near St Joseph’s Church is used as a monastery.

But the house was originally built as a private dwelling.

Captain Winters was the owner during the Napoleonic wars and he allowed the local yeomanry to camp in the grounds of Windhill House.

One night, Captain Winters was accidentally shot by one of his own men and tragically died as a result.

It’s now said that the ghost of Captain Winters and a troop of soldiers in full uniforms haunt the grounds of the house!


The Herts and Essex Observer, Bishop’s Stortford

The Herts and Essex Observer offices are in a four-storey building along Bishop Stortford’s North Street and are said to be haunted…

A terrified receptionist witnessed a pair of black ghostly legs walk along the corridor next to the conference room.

Other frightened members of staff have reported phantom footsteps walking about the place and lights turning on and off on their own accord!

It’s said that four ghosts haunt the building one being a little girl who roams freely throughout the building!


Royal British Legion Club, Bishop’s Stortford

A lot of paranormal activity has been reported to take place in the town’s Royal British Legion Club on Windhill…

A manager of the club who lived in the flat above the bar would often get woken in the night by eerie noises and doors slamming in the empty room below her.

On night when she was closing the club up she distinctively heard a man say “Hello” to her.

Turning around expecting to see a customer she found that the room was totally empty!

On another occasion she heard phantom footsteps running through the room above her which she knew was empty at the time.

One day she saw an apparition of a little boy by the cellar stairs thinking that it might be her son she walked towards the boy only to see him vanish into thin air.


Bishop’s House, Bishop’s Stortford

The Bishop’s House on Bridge Street was once the country home of the Bishops of London.

It later became incorporated into Handscombes Department Store.

During this time a lot of paranormal activity was reported to take place within the building.

Strange noises, loud phantom banging, the sound of someone running and objects being thrown by something unknown all took place within the store.

A former owner of the store witnessed the ghostly apparition of a lady dressed in grey walk down the stairs when he was working late one night!

Another night when he was working late again he heard somebody come up the stairs and walk up to his door.

He asked them to come in but upon inspection nobody was there!

At the same time of the hauntings, a pile of human bones were discovered underneath an old cupboard in the house.

The bones were given a proper burial in consecrated ground in the hope of that it would bring an end to the hauntings.

It seemed that it didn’t work!

You see, paranormal activity is still being reported and witnesses are still seeing the Grey Lady roaming around the old building.

Recently when building work was taking place on the Bishop’s House, builders reported cuts in their fresh plasterwork, a hammer standing on its end by itself and tools being thrown around.


The Cock Inn, Bishop’s Stortford

Situated on the Hockerill crossroads in Bishop’s Stortford you’ll find the 16th century Cock Inn.

In the 1980s, the landlady reported that the historic inn was haunted by two ghosts…

One was a man in clothing from the English Civil War era and the other was a serving wench!

The pub underwent some renovation work which seemed to upset the residential ghosts as all hell broke loose…

Sudden temperature drops, tables being moved on their own accord and lamps being mysteriously smashed were just some of the paranormal activity to take place in the pub during the building work.

The landlady reassured the spirits that the work would improve the building and she deck out the pub with beautiful flowers.

This tactic seemed to work as the paranormal activity suddenly stopped just as quickly as it had started!


The Star Inn, Bishop’s Stortford

The 17th century Star Inn along Bridge Street is said to be another of Bishop’s Stortford’s old buildings where the Grey Lady likes to make an appearance now and again…

Both members of staff and punters alike have reported seeing her ghostly apparition manifest itself in the historic pub.

In the 1990s the poor cleaner got the shock of her life one day when she was confronted by the Grey Lady.

She fled the inn never to return again!


The Black Lion, Bishop’s Stortford

The 17th century Black Lion pub in Bridge Street has a reputation for being haunted by many spirits including the Grey Lady.

Did you know that the building was once used to store coffins before burial?

A common apparition witnessed at the pub during the late 1960s and 1970s was that of a little Victoria girl…

She would often manifest in guests bedrooms!

A friend of the landlord got the shock of his life one night when he stayed over…

You see, he heard his bedroom door open and someone walk into his room and climb into bed with him.

When he turned over to see who it was he discovered that nobody there


The Boars Head, Bishop’s Stortford

The ancient Boars Head pub which dates back to 1420 is located on Windhill in the town.

It’s said to be one of the pubs in which the Grey Lady stops before heading towards St Michael’s Church.

It’s also said to have a couple of residential ghosts too…

Witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of an anxious looking woman sitting in the corner of the bar.

And a ghostly figure of a man has been witness in the pub’s cellar.

He’s actually believed to be a former employee!

Are these ghosts responsible for the paranormal activity seen by terrified witnesses in the bar one day?

Apparently, the credit card machine went haywire spewing out streams of paper then unexplained eerie knocks occurred on the front door followed by the optics above the bar shaking violently.


St Michael’s Church, Bishop’s Stortford

Directly opposite the Boars Head in Bishop’s Stortford is St Michael’s Church which is believed to date back to the 1400s.

There have been a couple of sightings of ghostly figures in the churchyard of St Michael’s…

A man who was using the churchyard as a short cut one dark night witnessed a ghostly black figure of a very tall man creeping amongst the graves.

Apparently the figure didn’t have any facial figures!

The other ghostly figure witnessed in the churchyard, this time by a terrified woman, was that of a lady wearing a long dress.

After the apparition was spotted she just simply vanish into thin air!


Attimore Hall, Welwyn Garden City

You’ll find the Attimore Hall pub just off the Ridgeway in Welwyn Garden City.

Attimore Hall was originally a listed 17th century farm house but was converted into a pub in the late 1980s.

The pub’s women’s toilets are said to be haunted…

A ghostly apparition of a lady in a big flowery dress has been seen by spooked members of staff coming out of the toilets and disappearing into thin air!

But she not the only ghost said to haunt the pub.

The apparition of a young boy with dark hair has been seen peering through the pub’s windows and peeking around corners.

Many believe that the ghost of the small boy is the spirit of an eight year old lad who died in the farm house back in 1957.

In Church Road there’s another pub which has a ghostly tale to tell…


The Doctor’s Tonic, Welwyn Garden City

It was once known as the Cottage but today it’s called the Doctor’s Tonic.

In 1995, a former member of staff was leaving the pub one night when he suddenly felt a sharp jab in his ribs.

He spun around expecting to see one of his work mates messing with him.

But there was nobody there, he was totally alone!


Watford Museum, Watford

Watford Museum is situated in Lower High Street.

The museum is based in a stunning Grade II listed Georgian town house which dates back to 1775.

Although an apparition has never been witnessed in the museum it has got a reputation for being haunted.

Some say that the property is haunted by Joseph Benskin of the Benskin Brewery as he once owned the property.

Others believe it’s haunted by a member of the Dyson family who originally had the house built.

Now, the museum’s basement storerooms are said to be very spooky.

But witnesses have also reported to have been touched by something unseen in other parts of the museum.

And the doors of the upstair’s office have been heard to open and close on their own accord!


Watford Central Library, Watford

You’ll find Watford Central Library at the end of Hempstead Road opposite the Horns pub.

The library dates back to 1928 and has a reputation for being haunted…

One former librarian witnessed a ghostly figure in the stack storage area of the reference library.

Apparently, the figure was dressed in a black suit and was wearing a badge with ‘Borough Librarian’ written on it.

On another occassion, an assistant library manager was sitting in the work room one day when he felt somebody come up behind him and tap him on the shoulder.

Turning around he discovered that there was nobody else in the room with him!

Another day, two members of staff shot upstairs in response to the panic alarm going off in the stack.

When they entered the stack they discovered that nobody was there but they heard the door close at the far end.

They split up and went around the stack in opposite directions to find the person but couldn’t find anybody there.

It’s not only the stack which is said to be haunted in the library…

One librarian was working alone at the counter one day when she clearly heard her name being called.

She turned around to answer the person only to discover that she was totally alone!


Palace Theatre, Watford

Watford’s Edwardian Grade II listed Palace Theatre has a reputation for being haunted by a ghost nicknamed Aggie!

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking across the stage and the stage curtains being pulled aside by something unseen.

On another occasion a poor usherette was scared witless when she saw a ghostly figure walk down the aisle of the gallery and jump over the barriers.

Some say the ghost is the spirit of a former spot operator who fell from the gallery to her death.

It’s not only the theatre’s stage and gallery areas which are said to be haunted…

Paranormal activity has also been reported to take place in one of the theatre’s dressing rooms.

Sudden temperature drops and the sounds of phantom footsteps walking towards the door have been reported!


Cassiobury Park, Watford

Cassiobury Park is the main park in Watford.

It was created in 1909 from some of the land belonging to estate of the Earls of Essex.

The park is said to be haunted by the ghost of the staunch Royalist Lord Arthur Capel.

During the English Civil War Lord Capel fought for Charles I but eventually surrendering to General Fairfax at Colchester.

He was beheaded on the orders of parliament on the 9th March 1649.

Local legend says that he’s heart was removed, placed in a silver casket and eventually hidden in Cassiobury Park somewhere.

It’s now said that on March moonlit nights the ghostly apparition of the Lord Capel can be seen wandering around the park.

Some witnesses describe his ghost as being headless whilst others see him with his head.

They describe him as having long hair and a moustache!

Lord Capel ghost isn’t the only one said to haunt the park…

The Grand Union Canal passes through the park and it too has a ghostly tale associated with it.

The area around the canal’s Ironbridge Lock is said to be haunted by the ghost of a black slave called Jack O’Cassiobury.

Back in the 18th century Jack’s owner was a wealthy woman who owned property which bordered the canal.

She didn’t like the presence of the canal or the barges that passed along it.

And instructed Jack to harass any bargeman who passed by, which he did with gusto!

Well, it all came to a shocking end one day for Jack when an enraged bargeman took a swing at him knocking him into the canal and leaving him to drown.

It’s now said that Jack’s ghost haunts this part of the canal where he drowned.


Amwell House, Ware

Today, the Grade II* listed Amwell House is now used as the administrative area of Hertford Regional College.

But in its heyday the house was the former home of the wealthy 18th century poet John Scott.

It’s said that it’s haunted by a ghostly apparition called the Grey Lady.

Witnesses have also reported hearing eerie phantom footsteps walking around the house’s empty attics.

At one time Amwell House had extensive grounds.

Within the grounds John Scott had a series of interconnected chambers dug out of the chalk hillside.

The chambers were lined with shells, flints and pieces of coloured glass.

Some people say that Scott’s Grotto is haunted.


The Victorian House, Ware

There’s a Victorian house in Watton Road, Ware which is said to be haunted…

In 1974 a lodger staying in the house reported on many occasions that his room would dramatically drop in temperature in the early hours of the morning.

On one occasion he heard phantom footsteps come through his locked door and enter his room.

The entity walked over to him, grabbed him by the arm and shook him violently.

The footsteps then left the room!

The strange thing was…

The lodger could hear the eerie footsteps quiet clearly even though the room was carpeted!

The frightened family of a house in New Road reported paranormal activity taking place within their home too…

Doors would open on their own accord, phantom footsteps would be heard going up and down the stairs and taps would turn on by themselves.

On one occasion when the family were watching TV one night phantom footstep were heard coming down the stairs, they entered the room walked over to the settee and then the family saw the cushions on the settee dip down as though someone invisible was sitting on it!


Amwellbury House, Great Amwell

Just south of Ware in the village of Great Amwell you’ll find the Grade II listed 18th century Amwellbury House.

Local legend says that just before snow fall ghostly monks will manifest at the property and start chanting!


The Old Bull’s Head, Ware

Along Baldock Street in Ware you’ll find one of the town’s oldest buildings, an old coaching inn called the Old Bull’s Head.

The five hundred year old inn has a reputation for being haunted…

It’s said to be haunted by the ghost of a tax collector who came knocking one day and ended up being murdered at the property.

The spirit of a little girl is also said to haunt the pub.

And spooked members of staff have reported hearing the eerie sound of a phantom music box playing somewhere in the property!

Another paranormal phenomenon reported by members of staff is seeing the flickering light of a candle out of the corner of their eyes.

But when they turned round there’s nothing there.

Now, there’s an unconfirmed rumour about the tree in the Old Bull’s Head car park.

Some people say that it was once Ware’s hanging tree!



The Roman road of Akeman Street linked the ancient Briton road of Watling Street with the Roman road of Fosse Way.

In Roman times the road became a major route between London and Cirencester.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of Roman troops in full battle dress marching along the road.

Ghostly Roman soldiers have also been seen by terrified witnesses on the Icknield Way in the Miswell area.

The Roman soldiers are said to be looking for a well.

In fact, local legend says that the name Miswell is a corruption of ‘missed well’ as many travellers found it hard to locate the only well in the area.

The ghostly apparition of a separate Roman Centurion has also been seen in the area.

He’s said to only manifest when the country is in great peril and was last witnessed in the early part of the Second World War!

Just outside Tring, shocked witnesses have seen the disturbing sight of a ghostly headless man and woman walking along the Icknield Way.

Keeping to the headless theme…

Where the Icknield Way meets the road to Drayton Beauchamp an apparition of a black stagecoach being driven by a headless coachman and pulled by headless horses has been seen!

Spooked people walking along the Icknield Way have also reported hearing a phantom stagecoach fly past them but strangely they don’t ever see anything solid.

On New Year’s Eve, an apparition of a phantom stage coach pulled by four headless horses has been seen speeding along the road to Pendley Beeches.

It’s not the only ghostly horse drawn vehicle to have been seen hurling along this road…

It’s said that on the first day of May it’s possible to witness the apparition of Boudica’s Chariot speeding past Pendley Beeches.

You may not want to see this ghostly apparition as it’s said to bring you bad luck!

In the 1950s a spooked witness saw an apparition of a tall man wearing a cloak and top hat as he drove past Pendley Beeches.

Apparently, the ghostly figure had his head bowed but was absent of a pair of legs.


Tring Park, Tring

Tring Park is a stunning country house to the south of the town.

The house was designed by Sir Christopher Wren in 1685.

It’s been home to both William Gore the Lord Mayor of London and the Rothschilds.

Today it’s run by the AES Tring Park School Trust and is known as the Tring Park School for the Performing Arts.

The older parts of Tring Park are said to be haunted by the ghost a beautiful lady.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing her wandering around the house on many occasions.

She’s only seen for a short time as she tends to disappear into thin air as soon as she’s spotted!


Tewin Wood, Tewin

A lady who lived near to Tewin Wood was washing her car on day when she suddenly felt as though somebody was behind her…

Spinning around she came face to face with a beautiful tall blonde woman wearing stained clothing.

The woman was ghostly pale and had a frightened expression on her face.

Concerned about her wellbeing the lady asked the blonde woman if she needed her help.

At which time the blonde woman just simply disappeared into thin air right in front of her very eyes!


Tewin Water House, Tewin

Tewin Water House is situated on the banks of the Mimram River to the west of Tewin.

The house was originally built in 1689 for Squire John Fleet who was the first husband of Lady Cathcart.

It’s said that Lady Cathcart ghost haunts the house to this very day…

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly apparition gliding amongst the trees in the grounds of the house.

Lady Cathcart’s room within the house is also said to be haunted by her ghost!


Church of St Peter, Tewin

Just off Churchfield Road there’s a single track lane which leads to the village’s Grade I listed Church of St Peter.

The church is alleged to be haunted by the ghosts of a couple of ladies…

The first ghost is of Lady Ann Grimston.

She’s regularly seen by spooked bell ringers in the churchyard.

She didn’t believe in life after death so much so that when she laid dying in 1713 she refused the last rites.

Legend says that she said ‘If indeed there is a life hereafter seven trees will render asunder my tomb.’

Well, if you ever visit St Peter’s you’ll find Lady Ann Grimston tomb in the churchyard surrounded by an iron railings.

The tomb has been damaged by a huge tree.

The tree has split into many limbs after growing through the original railings that once surrounded her tomb!

The second lady ghost that’s said to haunt the Church of St Peter is that of Lady Sabine.

Her husband General Sabine was the governor of Gibraltar from 1730 to 1739.

Legend says that the General was badly wounded during a battle and was lying in his bed in Gibraltar when suddenly the curtain around his bed opened to show his wife standing there.

She stood there for a few moments before disappearing into thin air!

His wife was actually very ill back in England at the time.

And it’s said that she died at the same time her husband had the vision.

It’s now believed that Lady Sabine ghost haunts the area around the tomb of her husband located within the church.

A ghostly apparition of a figure wearing a hooded cloak has been witnessed near the tomb…

Many people believe this figure is the ghost of Lady Sabine!

Witnesses visiting the church have felt a strong female presence near the bell tower and have heard the rustling of a crinoline dress in the church aisle.


The Plume of Feathers, Tewin

You’ll find the Plume of Feathers pub in the Upper Green area of Tewin located just off Sevenacres.

The Grade II historic inn dates back to 1596 when it started life out as a hunting lodge for Elizabeth I.

The pub has a reputation for being very haunted…

If you ever have a meal in the Plume of Feathers choose to sit at Table 8.

You see, Table 8 and the area around it is said to be haunted by a ghostly old woman.

She’s described as having long grey hair and wears a transparent dress.

Spooked members of staff who’ve witnessed her say that she cackled at them!

Two ghostly old men have also been witnessed in the bar area of the pub…

One of the men sits down at the infamous Table 8.

Whilst the other one props himself up at the bar but actually faces in the direction of the former bar which was removed many years ago!

The ladies toilet is also thought to be haunted as there’s said to be a creepy feeling inside it.

The chef has reported paranormal activity taking place in the kitchen too.

The oven has switched itself on all by its self.

And food has been burnt when the gas hob has suddenly been turned fully up on its own accord.

The ghostly apparition of a little girl has been seen by terrified witnesses at the top of the cellar stairs.

In 1999, one poor female member of staff found herself locked in the cellar when she couldn’t open the usually free moving cellar doors.

She was trapped down in the cellar for a long time until suddenly the doors opened freely again.

In bygone years the cellar was actually used as servant quarters.

Back in the 17th century a woman’s body was discovered behind a bricked up fireplace.

The woman was believed to have been brutally murdered by her husband when he returned from sea to discover that she had been unfaithfully to him and was carrying another man’s child!

The fireplace is no longer there but the area where the woman’s body was found is right where the infamous Table 8 stands.



An old building along Stevenage’s High Street which now houses a well-known bank was once the property of a local wealthy grocer called Henry Trigg.

For nearly three hundred years Henry’s coffin has been in the loft!

Henry Trigg lived in the building in the early 18th century.

Unfortunately for him, he once witnessed the ghoulish crime of grave robbers stealing a body from St Mary’s churchyard.

This affected him deeply…

He believed that if the same thing happened to his body then the grave robbers would deny him an eternal life!

To protect his soul after death he decided that his body should be put in a lead-lined coffin and placed for safekeeping between the rafters of his barn.

Henry died in 1724 and his eccentric wishes for his coffin were carried out to the letter.

Over the centuries the coffin naturally deteriorate and poor old Henry’s bones were stolen only to be replaced by animal bones.

Since then his spirit has been restless…

A builder renovating a property in Middle Row in the 1960s got the shock of his life one morning when he entered the storeroom only to be followed by another man.

The man ignored the builder and proceeded to vanish through a brick wall.

The spooked builder described the ghostly man as being old and wearing a scruffy jacket and gaiters.

The builder believed the ghostly man was the spirit of Henry Trigg as the building he was working in backed onto Henry’s old property.

In 1970, another builder who was renovating the bank reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man in a striped apron also walk through a wall.

He believed that it was the ghost of Henry too.

During the 1970s a lot of the bank’s members of staff refused to work late in the building because they were frighten of bumping into Henry’s ghost.

It’s said that the remains of Henry’s coffin and bones are still in the building’s loft even today!

Just off Monkswood Way in Stevenage you’ll find the North Hertfordshire College campus.

A college caretaker reported that a ghostly apparition of a monk haunted one of the older campus buildings.

The old building was eventually knocked down and large supermarket was built in its place.

In 2004, a cleaner who was working early one morning in the new building got the shock of his life when he suddenly encountered the ghostly monk…

The poor man was so frightened that he fled in terror never to return again!

The cleaner isn’t the only person to have witnessed the phantom monk.

Security staff and caretakers have also reported seeing the ghostly monk wandering around the building late at night.

Before the industrial units were built along Gunnels Wood Road in Stevenage there was once a huge ancient burial mound.

Unfortunately it was levelled to make way for the industrial units.

But since that time terrified witnesses have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of Roman centurions marching in the area where the ancient burial mound once stood.

The weird thing is…

The Roman soldiers were actually marching three metres off the ground at the same level as the top of the former ancient burial mound!


The Grange, Stevenage

The Grange is situated along Stevenage’s High Street.

The listed building was once an important coaching inn back in the 16th century.

It was re-named ‘The Grange’ in the 1840’s by Reverend John Osbourne Seager who transferred the building into a boy’s school.

The Grange has a reputation for being haunted…

One day in 1965, the caretaker of the school notice a strange man dressed in brown standing in the garden watching him.

The man had no right to be there so the caretaker went over to challenge him.

As he approached the figure the ghostly man suddenly disappeared into thin air!

It’s believed that the ghostly apparition was once a stableman from the time when the Grange was a coach house in the 1800s.

Apparently he was tragically killed in a fire that gutted the house.

Another ghostly apparition seen at the Grange is that of a woman who’s often seen sitting quietly on the stairs.

Spooked witnesses have also reported hearing eerie voices whispering in the house’s empty hallways!


St Nicholas Church, Stevenage

You’ll find the impressive Grade I listed St Nicholas Church at the end of Rectory Lane in Stevenage.

The 12th century church has a few ghostly tales to tell…

Spooked witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a little dog wandering around the churchyard.

It’s said that the dog once belonged to a gravedigger and was a very yappy little thing.

Well, one of the bell ringers got fed up with the dog breaking the serenity of the church with its constant barking…

And he poisoned it!

The spirit of the little dog is now believed to haunt the churchyard.

Another ghost said to haunt the churchyard is that of St Nicholas himself!

His ghostly apparition has been seen riding a white horse in full armour.

Apparently he manifests in the churchyard and then heads down the hill where he disappears into thin air near the old Alms House.


Great Hyde Hall, Sawbridgeworth

Situated in the countryside to the east of Sawbridgeworth you’ll find the Grade II* listed Great Hyde Hall.

In the 1700s Sir John Jocelyn owned Hyde Hall.

Sir John was an interesting character…

He wanted to be buried in the local churchyard with his favourite horse!

Unfortunately, the church authorities weren’t too enthusiastic about Sir John’s request and turned him down.

Sir John’s Plan B was to be buried in the grounds of Hyde Hall with his much beloved horse.

In November 1741 he died and was buried as instructed without a coffin in a circle of yews along the main driveway to the Hall.

One part of his instruction which may not have been carried out was the slaughtering of his favourite horse and it being buried next to him…

There’s no evidence that this actually happened!

Local legend says that on dark nights the ghost of Sir John Jocelyn can be seen riding his beloved phantom horse along Hyde Hall’s drive.

Another version of the legend has Sir John riding his horse along an avenue near the local church…

With the phantom horse breathing fire!

During the 1980s the rock singer Suzi Quatro lived at the hall.

She claimed that one of the guest’s rooms was haunted by a ghost called Richard.

And that the ghostly apparition of a little girl was also witnessed wandering around parts of the house.


RAF Sawbridgeworth, Sawbridgeworth

RAF Sawbridgeworth was once located to the north-west of Sawbridgeworth.

The base was first opened in 1917.

It was used during the First World War as a Night Landing ground for No. 39 (Home Defence) Squadron.

And during the Second World War the base was home to 2 Squadron (AC) RAF which was a special operations group that undertook clandestine operations.

The base ceased active operations in 1944 and was finally closed in 1947.

In 1946 the control tower was demolished and the runway was ploughed up so that the area could be used for farming once again.

Today, all that’s left as a reminder of the air base are a few old pillboxes and some outlying buildings which have now become incorporated into a small industrial estate or used as agricultural buildings.

Back in 1988, a witnessed spotted an airman sitting beside a road which was once situated on the air base.

Apparently, the airman was wearing an American uniform and appeared to be waiting for a lift.

The ghostly apparition of the airman was only visible for a few minutes before he totally vanished into thin air.

Many believe that the ghostly airman was the spirit of an American pilot who was tragically killed when his Thunderbolt aircraft crashed at the airfield.


Green End Farm, Sarratt

Green End Farm has a reputation for being haunted by a little old woman…

In the late 1940s, the farmer’s wife reported that she would often see the ghostly apparition of the old lady wandering around the farmhouse.

So much so, that she actually remarked that she felt like a guest in the old woman’s home!

The old woman would often wake people up in the middle of the night by pulling the bedclothes of their beds whilst they were sleeping.

Witnesses who saw the old lady described her as wearing a black gown with white lace.

Although the cobblestones in the farmyard were removed many moons ago, people still report hearing the phantom sounds of footsteps on cobbles together with the jingling of horses’ harnesses.

Apparently, a troop of parliamentarian soldiers were stationed at the farm during the English Civil War…

And it’s thought that their spirits have something to do with this haunting!


Rose Hall Farm, Sarratt

There was once a 12th century manor called Rooshall on the Rose Hall Farm site.

It was later converted into the farm.

In 1897 a guest at Rose Hall was awoken in the early hours of the morning by a headless ghost!

Apparently, the headless man was well dressed in a blue coat with gilt buttons.

The ghost was stooping over the bed whilst at the same time using the bed to support his weight.

As soon as the terrified guest sat up in bed, the headless apparition disappeared into thin air.

In the morning the guest told his host about his ghostly encounter.

The host informed him that a man had indeed been decapitated and killed in the very same bedroom that the guest had slept in!

Now, there may be another ghost at Rose Hall…

You see, a long term resident believed that the place was haunted by a ghostly monk who most probably came from a monastic building that once existed in the grounds but was burnt down!



Royston’s High Street has a couple of haunted properties along it…

There’s a solicitors along the High Street which is alleged to be haunted by a ghostly Lady in Grey.

She’s been seen throughout the upstairs rooms of the property but it’s said that she is particularly fond of the Tudor Room.

Members of staff don’t really like to hang around the Tudor Room too long as they feel that it has a negative energy and it always feels cold!

Back in the 1970s the building was a hairdressing salon…

During some building work a pile of sawn up bones were discovered beneath the floorboards!

Another shop along the High Street is said to be haunted by a man called Grosvenor Elston.

He committed suicide by hanging himself in the shop’s cellar.

His ghostly apparition has been witnessed a few times…

One terrified resident of the flat above the shop saw a ghostly figure of a man manifest in the corner of their room.

And a member of staff accidently walked straight through a shadowy figure on the stairs one day too!

At one time the building was used as grocer’s shop…

A lot of poltergeist activity took place during this time.

Items would often get moved around the shop on their own accord and sometimes objects would fly off the shelves by themselves.

Members of staff would report severe temperature drops and the sound of phantom footsteps coming from the empty flat above them!

The hauntings continue even after new owners took over the premises.

The new members of staff didn’t like to be in the building alone at night and didn’t like to go down to the cellar…

They were convinced the building was haunted!

Leading off the High Street is a shopping arcade called the Angel Pavement.

Well, many years ago a pub called The Angel was situated where the Angel Pavement is today.

The pub had a reputation for being haunted…

And it seems like the arcade has inherited those hauntings.

You see, many people get spooked after hearing phantom footsteps walking through the arcade!

At the end of Fish Hill there’s a 16th century Grade II listed building which at one time was a hairdressing salon.

During that time a lot of paranormal activity was reported to take place within the building.

Lights would turn themselves on and off, a mirror flew off the wall and smashed on the floor, strange eerie noises were heard, cold spots were experienced and items were thrown at members of staff by something unseen.

An EVP was even recorded one night which purported to capture a child’s voice saying ‘help me, help me’.

A paranormal investigation group called in a psychic to give the building a once over…

He claimed that there was twelve spirits in the building!

Some of which he said had perished in a fire at the premises many years ago.


The Old Police Station, Royston

On the corner of Market Hill and Priory Lane in Royston you’ll find the old 19th century police station and magistrate’s court.

It’s now used as business premises with some of the old police cells being used as offices.

Paranormal activity has been reported to take place in the last cell.

Sudden temperature drops, eerie noises and strange shadows have all been reported in that cell.

In the old Sergeant’s house, the taps in the ladies toilets are often turned on by something or somebody unknown.

One member of staff entered the ladies toilets one morning to find the potpourri all over on the floor…

Only the pink parts mind you, the blue parts were still in the bowl!


Letchworth Library, Letchworh

You’ll find Letchworth Library on Broadway in the town opposite Broadway Gardens.

The library building dates back to 1938 and first opened its doors to the public in 1939.

From the end of the Second World War up until his retirement in 1975 the caretaker Phillip Kane looked after the library.

In fact, he loved the library so much that he actually voluntary looked after the place after his retirement until the day he died.

Many people believe that one of the ghosts seen at the library is that of Phillip.

Another ghostly figure, this time of a woman dressed in black, has also been seen by terrified witnesses in the archaeology gallery.

Phantom footsteps, books falling from shelves on their own accord and eerie banging noises are all paranormal activity which has been reported to take place within the library.

In the spring of 1975 the library was closed to the public for a short time as the floor needed a recoated of varnish.

Members of staff where still present in the building and two of them were sitting on the stairs overlooking the library when they spotted a figure walk across the newly varnished floor.

They shouted a warning to the figure that the floor had wet varnish on it but the figure just ignored them and left through an exit door.

They ventured over to the wet floor to see what damage had been done to it only to be surprised to find that there wasn’t a mark on it!

On another occasion a member of staff was closing up the library for the night and had turned off the lights in the fiction section.

Instead of leaving straight away they decided to walk to the fire exit to have a look at the garden.

At that exact time a book suddenly fell from the shelf and landed at their feet!


Nup End Business Centre, Old Knebworth

Nup End Business Centre is located in Old Knebworth.

The old farmhouse and the contractors’ office at the centre are said to be haunted.

In the early hours of one morning a witness was working late in his office.

He was sitting at his desk working on his computer when he glanced up to see the ghostly apparition of an old fashioned farm worker.

The ghostly man smiled at him and then totally vanished into thin air right in front of him!

The same ghostly farm worker was seen on another occasion walking down the corridor by a spooked computer engineer!

Another witness working in the main reception area saw a misty figure manifest and then disappear through a wall.

A paranormal investigation team was called in to investigate the old farmhouse and its building.

One of the investigators saw an apparition of a man in a white shirt walk past the side of the farmhouse and stride through some flowerbeds.

Eerie knocking noises, taps turning themselves on by their own accord, a door open and closing by itself and the front door bell being rung by something unseen are just some of the paranormal activity reported to take place at the old farmhouse and offices!


The Chequers Inn, Woolmer Green

Just south of Knebworth in Woolmer Green you’ll find the Chequers Inn.

In the 17th century a brilliant fiddler called Blind George used to play at the inn.

Near to the inn was a tunnel which led to Anstey Castle.

The locals called the tunnel… the Devil’s Hole!

Many of the pub’s punters never went anywhere near the Devil’s Hole as they believed that if you went inside it you wouldn’t come out alive.

Well, Blind George had different ideas about the tunnel.

And to prove the locals wrong he said that he would venture into it and then return to buy them all a drink.

It’s said that George entered the tunnel with his dog whilst playing his fiddle.

Suddenly there was a scream followed by George’s poor dog running out of the tunnel’s entrance with most of its fur burnt from its body!

Blind George was never seen alive again but some people have reported to hear his ghostly fiddling in the area of the old tunnel.

The Chequers Inn is said to be haunted by the ghost of a middle-aged man that some believe is Blind George.


Knebworth House, Knebworth

Knebworth House has been the ancestral home of the Lytton since 1490.

The house was originally a red-brick Late Gothic manor house.

But in 1812 two wings were demolished with the house later being transformed into the Tudor Gothic building you see today.

Knebworth’s most famous resident was the Victorian author Edward Bulwer-Lytton.

The house is infamous for a couple of its residential ghosts…

The first being that of the Yellow Boy who if you were unfortunate enough to witness would mean you would soon die a violent death.

It’s said that his ghostly apparition would tell you how you would die.

As you can imagine, the Lytton family would avoid the room which the Yellow Boy haunted at all cost.

Now, Lord Castlereagh was the Foreign Secretary in the early 1800s.

He famously stayed at Knebworth House and had a visit from the ghost of the Yellow Boy.

Apparently, the young ghostly apparition was very life-like with long yellow hair.

Unfortunately for Lord Castlereagh he gestured his death to him by drawing his finger across his throat three times before disappearing into thin air!

On August 12th 1822 Lord Castlereagh committed suicide by slitting his own throat with a penknife!

The second infamous ghost to haunt Knebworth House is that of Spinning Jenny.

It’s said that Jenny worked at the estate in the 18th century.

She was locked in a room in the old East Wing to be kept away from a lower class man who’d she fell in love with.

Apparently she had nothing to do except spin yard all day which eventually sent her mad resulting in her taking her own life in the room.

Her ghost is now said to haunt that room with the sound of spinning.

A gardener who worked at Knebworth claimed he witnessed her ghostly apparition in the kitchen garden.

She’s said to look pale with a red ring around her neck.

Some say that the ghostly tale of Spinning Jenny was made up in 1800 by a guest called Miss James at a Christmas party.

But I’ll let you make up your mind on that one!

Another ghost often witnessed at the house is that of a young girl with long blond hair.

She said to haunt the Queen Elizabeth room and maybe the picture gallery too.

Recently, one American guest of the house got the shock of her life when she awoke to find the little girl leaning over her!

Terrified witnesses have also seen the ghostly apparition of a phantom Second World War tank driving from Knebworth House Lodge along the road to Old Knebworth.

Apparently a ghostly soldier frantically gesturing to people to clear the road and take cover is seen on the tank’s turret!


Bar Amigo, Hitchin

Spooked witnesses in Bar Amigo in Market Place saw the ghostly apparitions of an old man and a little girl walk straight through the bar’s wall…

Apparently they had their arms linked together!


The Coopers Arms, Hitchin

The regulars at the historic 19th century Coopers Arms in Tilehouse Street reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a monk manifest one day in the pub.


The George Inn, Hitchin

The George Inn situated along Bucklersbury dates back to 1676.

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking around the pub by spooked witnesses.

The pub’s cellar is said to have a very dark atmosphere too!


The Red Hart Inn, Hitchin

Further down Bucklersbury you’ll find the oldest pub in Hitchin, the Red Hart Inn.

The Red Hart Inn dates back to the 1500s…

It’s rumoured to stand on a spot where the last public hanging occur in the town.

In the 1960s, a trainee manager at the pub woke up suddenly in the night to discover the ghostly figure of an old man sitting in an armchair next to her bed looking at her!

As you can imagine, she was very shaken by the experience.


Minsden Chapel, Hitchin

Just off the B651, south of Hitchin near the hamlet of Chapelfoot you’ll find the Scheduled Ancient Monument and is Grade II Listed Minsden Chapel ruin.

Located near a small wood off the beaten track the chapel is quite isolated and only accessible via a footpath.

Minsden Chapel dates back to the 14th century.

At that time it was a popular place for pilgrims on their way to St Albans Abbey to stop and visit.

Unfortunately, by the 17th century the chapel had started to fall into a ruinous state.

And by the 18th century all ceremonies at the chapel had to be stopped due to the danger of falling masonry to the public.

In Hertfordshire the chapel is infamous for being haunted…

Apparently, if you visit the chapel at midnight on Halloween you just might witness the ghostly apparition of a monk climbing the stairs which were once located at the north-east end of the chapel.

Spooked visitors to the chapel have also reported the ghostly sounds of music and church bells ringing!

The ghosts of another monk, a nun and a small child are also rumoured to haunt the chapel ruins.


Tilehouse Street, Hitchin

The town house along Tilehouse Street in Hitchin is said to be haunted by the ghost a 19th century midshipman.

Terrified witnesses have seen his ghostly apparition manifest and walk through walls.

They describe him as wearing an old fashioned blue naval uniform.

There’s another town house along Tilehouse Street which once belonged to the playwright and poet George Chapman at the turn of the 16th century.

The house is named Chapmans after him and it’s said that his ghost still wanders around it today!

Halls Yard just of Tilehouse Street is reputed to be haunted by the ghostly apparition of a woman who only shows herself from the knees up!


The Rose and Crown, Hemel Hempstead

Along the Hemel Hempstead High Street you’ll find the Rose and Crown pub.

The pub is really old, it dates back to 1523 when it actually started life out as a butchers.

The owner at the time brewed mead for his workers which became very popular.

So much so, that he started to make more money from his brewing than he did from being a butcher which resulted in the birth of the oldest ale house in the High Street.

The Rose and Crown is said to be haunted by a couple of ghosts…

There’s the ghost of the Grey Lady who’s said to be responsible for the instances of the kitchen lights being turned on and off on their own accord.

And there’s also the ghost of a young handicapped girl who’s believed to have once lived at the pub.

Apparently she was locked in her room because of her disability.

During recent renovation work at the pub, a pair of old fashioned girl’s shoes was discovered.

The sole on one of the shoes was said to have been built up!


The White Hart, Hemel Hempstead

Opposite the Rose and Crown is another haunted pub called the White Hart.

The White Hart is also extremely old with parts of the building said to date back to 1530.

It’s the stairs of the pub where all the paranormal activity is said to happen…

Sensitive people get bad feelings when they approach the stairs.

Terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly face of a man manifest near the stairs.

They say he appears to be in terribly distress!

Local legend says that back in the days of the Press Gangs a young man was tricked into accepting the King’s shilling.

Depending on what version of the legend you hear…

The young man was either killed by the Press Gang whilst trying to escape.

And his ghost haunts the pub today.

Or, he killed the Press Gang’s recruiting sergeant and officers.

And their ghosts now haunt the pub!


The Olde King’s Arms, Hemel Hempstead

Further up the High Street you’ll find the 16th century Olde King’s Arms.

It’s said that the inn was once used as a meeting place for Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII when they were first courting.

Spooked members of staff have witnessed a ghostly apparition of a large man sitting on the bed in one of the pub’s bedrooms.

Apparently he resembling the King and is said to be laughing!


Hatfield House, Hatfield

Hatfield House was built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury.

But it wasn’t the first house to be built on the site.

The Royal Palace of Hatfield was built in 1497 by the Bishop of Ely and was the childhood home of Queen Elizabeth I.

The passageway in the Old Palace part of Hatfield House is said to be haunted.

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking down the passageway followed by the eerie sound of a door opening.

It’s then said that the spooky footsteps are heard descending the stairs.

In 1835, the first Marchioness knocked over a lighted candle in her bedroom causing a fire in which she tragically lost her life.

The fire also destroyed most of the west wing of the house!

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses gliding along the long gallery.

The Marchioness would regular take trips to London in her coach and horses.

Witnesses have reported seeing a phantom coach and four horses manifesting at the gates of Hatfield House.

It’s said to bare a remarkable likeness to the coach belonging to the Marchioness!

Apparently, it shoots along the long drive at great speed towards the house where it passes through the fronts doors and continues up the staircase before totally disappearing into thin air.

Queen Elizabeth I is also said to haunt Hatfield House.

And a ghostly apparition of lady has been seen to exit the Old Palace gateway cross the street and enter the nearby church where she suddenly disappears!


The Eight Bells, Hatfield

On the corner of Park Street and Fore Street you’ll find the Grade II listed 17th century Eight Bells pub.

The pub is said to be the oldest one in Hatfield.

And of course it’s said to be haunted…

The landlord of the Eight Bells once awoke in the early hours of the morning to discover a ghostly woman’s face hovering above him!

He’s also witnessed an apparition of a hunched dark shadowy figure at the end of the upstairs corridor of the pub.

The apparition of a little girl has been witnessed standing by the fireplace in one of the pub’s bedrooms.

And, the eerie sound of a phantom young girl singing has also been heard!

Paranormal activity has been reported to take place downstairs in the pub.

Pint glasses have moved on their own accord in the bar area, the pub’s fuses have mysteriously blown on many occasions and the building’s alarm keeps on going off for no apparent reason.


Old Coach House, Hatfield

Along Park Street in Hatfield you’ll find the Grade II listed Old Coach House.

The Old Coach House is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

She often witnessed playing in one of the rooms…

Apparently she looks so life-like that one shocked witnesses actually thought she was a real girl and told her to go away which she did by disappearing into thin air!

The Old Coach House is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a worried looking man.

Legend says that the man is looking for his lost daughter which he’s doomed to never to see again.


Harpenden Hall, Harpenden

The 16th century Harpenden Hall is located on Southdown Road.

Over the centuries the listed hall has had many uses ranging from a private dwelling to a school, a mental asylum and council offices.

The hall has a reputation for being haunted…

Members of staff and visitors alike have reported eerie noises and the sound of phantom footsteps following them around the building.

Terrified witnesses have also reported seeing grey ghostly figures gliding across the landing.

Apparently the hall has got such a bad reputation that some of the cleaners refuse to work on their own there!

Children visiting the hall often remark on seeing ghostly figures in the upstairs areas of the hall.


The Cross Keys, Harpenden

You’ll find the 16th century Cross Keys pub along Harpenden’s High Street.

Historians believe there was actually a guest house on the site of the Cross Keys belonging to Westminster Abbey way back in the 13th century.

So you probably won’t be too surprised if I told you that the pub has a reputation for being haunted by monks!

In the 1960s a relief manager was looking after the running of the pub.

One night he went to bed as usual but was awoken by the sound of men talking in the bar downstairs.

Thinking that he had burglars he went down stairs to investigate…

Cautiously peering into the bar he got the shock of his life when he spotted three shaven headed men by one of the tables.

He described them as wearing dark robes and looking like medieval monks!

The monks turned and looked at him which was too much for the poor relief manager to handle as he fled back to his bedroom where he locked himself in for the rest of the night.


Datchworth Green

On the east side of Datchworth Green you’ll find an old whipping post which was once used for public floggings.

Local legend says that an unsuccessful jester who couldn’t make a harsh crowd laugh was tied to the whipping post and flogged to death by them…

His ghostly cries are still said to be heard on quite dark nights near to the whipping post!

Datchworth Green has a couple more hauntings associated with it…

The ghostly apparition of an old lady collecting firewood in a barrow has been seen by spooked witnesses on the Green.

And an apparition of a woman wearing an old fashioned dress has been seen hovering above the ground close to the swings!

One day a woman got the shock of her life when she was walking by the Green…

You see, she heard the sound of an old fashioned coach and horses tearing up behind her.

Instinctively she stepped back to get out of the way and was deafen by the sound of a coach and horses thundering past her.

The strange thing is…

She didn’t actually see any physical coach and horses go past her, there was nothing there!

A couple of the buildings on Datchworth Green have reported ghostly goings-on taking place within them…

The landlady of the Plough Inn got in contact with a clairvoyant after she witnessed a ghostly man’s face in her mirror one day.

The clairvoyant said the man’s name was Jacques and he was from the 17th century!

And finally, a family from one of the houses on the Green have reported the spooky sound of phantom footsteps wandering around their house in the middle of the night.



Walter Clibbon was an 18th century highwayman who preyed on the local traders.

By day he was an honest pie-man but at night he would rob traders returning from the local fairs and markets.

For this he was dubbed the murderous pie-man of Hertford!

Because he was a pie-man by trade he would often visit the local markets where he would easily blend in with the other traders and spy on them.

He would use his trips to the markets as scouting missions to suss out which farmers and peddlers had a successful day.

He would then target them on their way home knowing they were probably carrying a lot of cash.

On the 28rd December 1782 he and his sons robbed a young man of his hard earned money.

After the robbery, the young man quickly went and got help from his family members.

The family caught up with Clibbon and his sons.

After a struggle, they managed to capture him whilst his sons ran off.

They dragged him to Bulls Green where the locals surrounded him and beat him to death!

Today, spooked witnesses have reported seeing an apparition of a horse dragging the body of what’s thought to be Clibbon along the lanes surround Datchworth.

Others have reported hearing the eerie sound of Clibbon screaming in both the Bulls Green and Datchworth areas.

Close to the church in Datchworth is a narrow road called Rectory Lane.

People walking along this spooky hedge lined lane at night have heard phantom footsteps and seen the ghostly apparition of a cart carrying dead bodies.

Many locals believe that the ghostly cart witnessed is a manifestation of the one used to carry the bodies of the Eaves family.

They tragically starved to death during the famine of 1762!

One of the houses along Hollybush Lane is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady with long red hair.

The flame headed spirit is said to wear bright clothing and manifests to the sound of tinkling bells!

The funny thing is, nobody in the village knows exactly who the ghostly red headed woman is.

Terrified witnesses have come across a ghostly apparition of a little old lady dress in black hurrying along Hawkins Hall Lane.

At first glance they think the old lady is bent double with age but when they get a closer look they realise to their horror that she is in fact headless!

Local legend says that she’s the spirit of an old 19th century Knebworth lady who committed suicide.

She hung herself with a piece of wire following the sudden death of her beloved husband.

Nobody knows why this ghostly old lady from Knebworth is seen hurrying down Datchworth’s Hawkins Hall Lane.

Bury Lane has a couple of hauntings associated with it too.

A terrified family reported seeing ghostly dark shapes rushing past their back window.

On one occasion the husband was spooked when he saw an old man looking through the window.

He went outside to investigated but found that the ghostly old man had simple vanished into thin air!

The apparition of a woman dressed in white has been witnessed in another house in Bury Lane.

The family living in the house have also reported hearing eerie shouting, phantom footsteps and a dark ghostly figure in the garden.


All Saints Church, Datchworth

On the outskirts of the village along Bury Lane you’ll find Datchworth’s All Saints Church.

This simple but attractive church dates back to the 12th century when it was originally dedicated to St Mary Magdalene.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing shadowy figures and hearing a weird chattering noise whilst walking through the churchyard.

On one occasion a lady out walking her dog foolishly decided to cut through the churchyard…

She suddenly felt the atmosphere change to a darker more oppressive state.

And then her dog started to grow and she heard the infamous chattering sound coming from the graveyard.

Apparently, it sounded like a thousand monkeys chattering all at once!


The Horse and Chains, Bushey

The listed 17th century Horse and Chains inn along Bushey’s High Street was said to have gone through a spate of hauntings in the early 1990s.

A terrified witness saw a beer glass fly off a shelf in the bar and smash on the pub’s till.

Apparently this eerie event was witnessed quite a few times!

Was the phantom glass smasher the ghost of a former landlord who was said to have haunted the building back in the 1970s?

I guess we’ll never know!


The Royal Masonic School for Boys, Bushey

You’ll find the historic Grade II Royal Masonic School for Boys’ building located along The Avenue in Bushey.

The school was built in 1903 to help the sons of Freemasons who had fallen on hard times.

Due to declining pupil numbers the school closed in the 1970s.

But in 1977 the historic buildings were once again used as a centre of education for a few years when they housed the United States International University.

Today, the iconic buildings have now been transferred into luxury apartments called Royal Connaught Park.

If you ever visit the Royal Connaught Park development you may get a déjà vu feeling due to the fact that the buildings are only a stone’s throw from Elstree Studios.

You see, they’ve featured as a backdrop in many popular films and TV shows!

Now, the former Masonic school had a reputation for being haunted…

It’s said that the former students’ quarters was plagued with paranormal activity.

A little girl was said to have died at the school.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses on the stairs of the old school.

Some of the security guards who patrolled the buildings at night would admit that they would often get spooked.

One security guard was scared out of his wits one dark night when he heard eerie sounds of whistles and somebody crying in distress!

A former American student of the university heard the sound of a horse galloping outside his window when he was studying alone in his room one night.

Of course, there were no horses onsite at the time but he did later discover that a former headmaster of the boys school used a pony and trap as a means of transport.

A girl called Hillary was the sixteen-year-old daughter of a former headmaster of the school who tragically die in 1947.

Her ghostly figure has been seen by frightened witnesses in the school’s old chapel.

One day, many years after the school had been closed, a couple of security guards saw a load of young lads larking about on the old playing field.

They quickly ran to the playing field to catch the trespassing boys red handed only to find that the lads had totally vanished into thin air.

A bit stunned by the quick disappearance of the boys the only conclusion the guards could come to was that the boys were actually ghostly apparitions from a bygone era!

Now, the Royal Masonic School has been used as a filming location for many years.

Many film crew members have reported paranormal activity taking place whilst filming at the old school.

Doors and windows would mysteriously open on their own accord, object would be moved around and eerie phantom noises would often be heard in the buildings.


St Bartholomew’s Church, Buntingford

If you head along the lane called The Causeway in Buntingford you’ll come to a derelict church called St Bartholomew’s Church.

Back in the 19th century it was used by the locals of Buntingford for worship.

They referred to it as Layston Church!

During this time the church bells would sometimes ring out in the middle of the night when nobody should’ve been there.

Well the local bell ringers had enough and decided to catch the phantom bell ringer red handed.

One night the bells started to ring out and the bell ringers went to investigate.

As they approached the church all the lights were on in the building and the bells were ringing away with gusto.

Upon entering the church the bells suddenly fell silent and all the lights went out.

The bell ringers found not a single soul in the church just an eerie silence!


Alswick Hall, Buntingford

If you head east out of Buntingford along Hare Street Road you’ll come across the Grade II listed Alswick Hall.

Just outside the hall is a pond where Lady Lemon and her coach driver were tragically killed!

It’s said that on their way back to the hall one day a ghostly apparition manifested on the road in front of their coach and horses.

The spooked horses fled towards the pond and the coach overturned killing both Lady Lemon and her coach driver.

It’s now said that on the night of the fatal crash you can hear the sound of horses panicking and the noise of a carriage speeding along the road.


The Royal Oak, Kitters Green

In 2012, the Watford Observer reported that the radio presenter Darren Fernando had seen something eerie in the car park of the Royal Oak pub opposite his home in Kitters Green.

The Royal Oak is a former coaching inn which is said to be well over four hundred years old.

In the early hours of one Sunday morning he was awoken by the ghostly clip-clop sound of horses pulling a carriage.

Intrigued, he looked out of his window only to witnesses the apparition of a Victorian looking carriage being pulled by two ghostly grey horses heading towards the car park of the Royal Oak pub!

Footage taken at the time by the pub’s CCTV equipment is said to show a misty box like shape with an animal standing next to it in the pub’s car park.

What’s more…

It’s said that a former chef at the pub outright refused to work late at night as he’d had been scared witless in the past by a ghostly face appearing at pub’s window and hearing the phantom sound of someone crying!


The Vicarage, Abbots Langley

Along Abbots Langley’s High Street you’ll find St Lawrence Church with the 18th century Grade II listed vicarage just opposite it.

The churchyard and the vicarage are both said to be haunted by the ghost of Mary Anne Treble.

Mary Anne was the housekeeper at the vicarage in the early 1900s.

She was much loved in the village especially by the children who she used to spoil with sweets.

So when she suddenly died in 1914 rumours became rift in the local community concerning her death!

Some locals said that the vicar’s wife mistreated her whilst others even went as far as suggesting that she had actually murdered her.

Some thought that she had just sadly committed suicide.

Most people now believe that she tragically died after falling down the vicarage’s stairs.

The ghost of Mary Anne is said to haunt her former bedroom at the vicarage.

The strange thing is…

It’s the fireplace which seems to be the target of her angst!

You see, the fireplace has been mysteriously damaged in the past and as soon as it has been repaired it has been mysteriously damaged again.

In the 1960s, the parish priest reported witnessing a ghostly apparition of a lady who fitted the description of Mary Anne whilst he conducted Mass on All Souls’ Day.

Following this ghostly sighting they discovered that the fireplace in the vicarage had mysteriously got a new crack in it!

This is not the only sighting of Mary Anne to have taken place in the village.

Just shortly after her untimely death, locals saw her ghostly apparition staring out of the window of her former bedroom at the vicarage.

Her ghostly figure has also been seen by witnesses walking from the vicarage to the churchyard.

All Souls’ Day seems to be a popular day for her apparition to manifest.

Ghostly footsteps have also been reported walking in the church on Halloween.

When Reverend Andrews moved into the vicarage in 1979 he reported that some of his electrical items mysteriously switched themselves on in the middle of the night.

Maybe Mary Anne was just welcoming the vicar to his new home!


The Lilley Arms, Lilley

You’ll find the Lilley Arms pub situated along West Street in the village.

The old coaching inn dates back to the early 1700s when it was originally called the Sugar Loaf.

In 1852 the pub changed its name to the Sowerby Arms out of respect for the lord of the manor.

And then it finally changed its name to the Lilley Arms during the First World War.

It has a reputation for being one of the most haunted pubs in the county.

The pub’s bar, attic and barn are all said to be haunted.

One of the ghosts reputed to haunt the Lilley Arms is said to be a former landlord called Tom Connisbee.

Old Tom was the landlord at the pub from 1780 onwards.

Spooked members of staff and punters alike have seen fleeting glimpses of his ghostly apparition in the pub.

The pub actually has a seat at the bar which they call Tom’s Chair!

Tom’s ghost has been blamed for poking customers in the back and for lighting candles.

Another ghost said to haunt the pub was once a friend of Tom’s who visited him regularly.

Her name was Frances Mitchell and she owned her own millinery business at Stotfold.

An 18th century postman, a handyman called John, a kitchen hand, a lady called Rose Anne, a deaf and dumb girl and a little girl who plays in the orchard are all other ghosts that are rumoured to haunt the pub.

One summer a little boy was visiting the pub and commented to his parents about the strange looking shepherd who was standing in the pub’s yard with his see-through dog!


Welwyn Garden City

A well-known department store in Welwyn Garden City has a reputation for being haunted.

The haunting happens in the women’s toilets which are situated in the old part of the store.

A member of staff got spooked one day when she heard strange noises coming from the next cubicle to her.

She was scared because she knew she was the only person in the toilets at the time.

Other female members of staff at the store report that the women’s toilets have an eerie atmosphere to them and they’re always freezing cold!

Frightened witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition hovering over a wall along Brockswood Lane in the town.

Some say the apparition looks like a little old monk!


Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Welwyn Garden City

The Queen Elizabeth II Hospital is situated off Howlands in the town.

Like a lot of hospitals across Britain it has a reputation for being haunted…

In the case of the Queen Elizabeth II Hospital it’s said to be haunted by the ghost of an old lady.

Terrified nurses working the night shift have often seen her wandering around resulting in them being scared to be left alone on the wards.

They describe her as a shadowy figure!


Lannock Hill, Weston

Lannock Hill is in the countryside to the west of Weston.

Local legend says that on a full moon night you might just see the ghostly apparition of a phantom horse drawn coach racing down the hill.

When the ghostly coach and horses reaches the bottom of Lannock Hill it overturns and vanishes into thin air!

Legend states that the phantom coach crash is a replay of an accident which happened when a coach carrying newlyweds crashed at the bottom of the hill.

The newly married couple were tragically killed in the accident!

In 1972, a couple were driving along a road near Lannock Hill one night when they suddenly spotted a ghostly apparition of a young woman dressed in white.

Some say that this ghostly woman in white is the spirit of a young bride who tragically drowned on her wedding day.

Or could it in be one of the newlyweds who died in the coach crash at the bottom of Lannock Hill?


South Mimms

You’ll find the 12th century St Giles’ church along Blanche Lane in the village.

Back in the 1920s a local parishioner entered the church and noticed a praying priest kneeling by the altar rail.

The parishioner didn’t give the priest a second thought until he got up a walked through the vestry door…

The sturdy vestry door was firmly locked shut at the time!

St Giles’ churchyard has a reputation for being haunted too.

Terrified witnesses have reported hearing eerie noises coming from one of the churchyard’s tombs.

Other people have also reported seeing strange blue spirit lights moving backwards and forwards over the same tomb in the middle of the night!

Just down the lane from the church is the 14th century vicarage.

The vicar who lived there in the late 20th century reported that he would often be woken in the early hours of the morning by a ghostly presence.

He was convinced the ghost was friendly but later found out that a murder took place in his bedroom!

It’s said that the vicar who lived at the vicarage in the 17th century had a violent argument with his wife one day…

And he beat her to death with a poker!

The presence of the ghost the latter day vicar felt in his bedroom may’ve been the spirit of the murdered vicar’s wife.

You see, the aunt of the 20th century vicar came to stay one day at the vicarage and she witnessed the ghostly apparition of a tall woman in a grey dress walk down the stairs.

Over the years, the ghost of a grey lady has been seen by many terrified witnesses wandering around the area of the old vicarage!

In the spring of 1935 several motorists reported seeing the ghostly apparition of an old man with a long grey beard and doubled with age standing by the crossroads in the centre of the village.

He would wave his stick at them as if to flag them down before he’d disappear into thin air!


Toot Hill, Pirton

Next to the 11th century Grade I parish church of St Mary the Virgin you’ll find Toot Hill.

Toot means ‘look out’ and the hill was once the site of a Norman Motte and Bailey castle.

Back in the days when the castle was still in use a woman tried to enter it one night.

She started to cross the drawbridge when it was suddenly raised and she fell into the moat where she tragically drowned.

Now some accounts of this tale say that the woman was the Baron’s wife whilst other accounts say that it was a parlour maid.

Whoever it was, it’s now believed that her ghostly apparition haunts the site!


Knocking Knoll, Pirton

To the south-west of Pirton there’s a long ancient barrow called Knocking Knoll.

The barrow is said to get its strange name from the occurrence of three distinct loud knocking noises which can sometimes be heard coming from deep within it.

Local legend says that an armoured clad warrior was buried in the barrow with his treasure chest.

The barrow was partially excavated by William Ransom in 1856.

And ancient pottery which was found at the site can be seen today at the Hitchin Museum.


The Fox Inn, Pirton

Along Pirton’s High Street you’ll find the Fox Inn.

The pub has a reputation for being very haunted…

In the late 1970s, the little son of the landlord witnessed an 18th century soldier manifest at the end of his bed.

The poor little boy was scared witless by the apparition!

Apparently, the soldier was dressed in a red coat with a mitre cap.

He was armed with a musket which was slung over his shoulder and held a pistol in his hand.

The funnily thing is…

In 2011, a medium who was working for a pilot TV programme called Britain’s Greatest Haunts picked up on another young soldier in the High Street who was killed at Ypres during First World War.

He told her that he visited all the houses along the High Street as he was looking for his mum!

She also picked up on the spirits of an 18th century mother with two sick children who died at the pub.

Eerie bangs and knocking noises have been heard in the pub by the punters.

And strange EVPs have also been recorded.

One poor barmaid reported being slapped in the face by something unseen.

The same barmaid also witnessed the ghostly figure of a woman by the pub’s door.

The doors in both the men’s and ladies toilets have been heard to slam shut on their own accord even when the restrooms were supposed to have been empty.



There have been a lot of eerie ghostly sightings along the streets and roads of Markyate.

In 1990, two locals were taking a walk along the B4540 near Markyate Cell when they suddenly saw a ghostly hooded figure walking a little way in front of them.

The apparition quickly disappeared into thin air right in front of their eyes!

Was this ghostly hooded figure a spirit of a monk from the days when Markyate Cell was a priory?

A woman driver was heading along the same road one morning when suddenly an elderly woman wearing a black coat stepped out in front of her car.

The lady driver slammed on her brakes and luckily narrowly missed the old lady.

The only reaction she got from the old woman was an evil look!

The elderly woman then continued to cross the road stepping out in front of a lorry coming in the opposite direction.

The lorry driver didn’t brake at all and carried on his route as though nothing had happened.

The lady driver jumped out of her car concerned that the old woman must have been hit by the lorry.

She looked everywhere for the old woman but couldn’t find her anywhere.

She had simple vanished into thin air!

One rainy night, the bad weather had reduced the traffic on the nearby A5 to a crawl.

One lady driver and her passenger were stuck in the traffic when they suddenly saw a horse and rider together with another person on foot cross the road in front of them.

As the person on foot passed in front of her car they stumbled and put their hand on her bonnet to steady them self.

At that exact moment, the horse, the rider and the person all totally disappeared into thin air right in front of them!

In 1912, the 1930s and in 1957 a ghostly figure of a young man was seen in the High Street, Hicks Road and on the Markyate bypass.

On all these occasions this legendary phantom figure was witnessed by spooked night watchmen who were looking after sites where excavation work had taken place that day!


Markyate Cell, Markyate

In the countryside on the outskirts of the village you’ll find a large 19th century manor house called Markyate Cell.

The house stands on the former site of the 12th century priory of the Holy Trinity in the Wood.

The priory became a victim of the Dissolution of the Lesser Monasteries Act of 1535.

It was then converted into the manor house and named Markyate Cell.

The house’s most infamous resident is that of the murderous highwaywoman Katherine Ferrers.

She lived at the house in the mid-17th century.

Legend says that she turned to highway robbery with Ralph Chaplin after her husband died and she needed to redress her fast-dwelling wealth.

It all came to a sudden end one day when she received gunshot wounds during a robbery of a waggon on Nomansland Common.

She returned to Markyate Cell where she later died from the injuries that she had received during the robbery.

Her ghost is now said to haunt the house and many more locations surrounding the village.

In the 1800s workmen found Katherine’s secret chamber in Markyate Cell behind a false wall next to a chimney stack.

After their discovery they witnessed her ghostly apparition watching them from the branches of a giant sycamore tree standing in the grounds of the house.

In 1840 there was a terrible fire at Markyate Cell which destroyed a large part of the building.

The locals blamed the ghost of Katherine for starting the fire due to the fact that whilst they were putting out the fire several of them witnessed her apparition watching them!

Former residents of Markyate Cell have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of Katherine in the house on many occasions.

She’s been mostly seen on the stairs!

Now Katherine isn’t the only ghost said to haunt the house…

In the late 1850s, the ghostly apparition of a nun was seen by terrified builders who were repairing a wall.

Apparently, she walked up to the wall and then totally disappeared into thin air right in front of the poor shocked builders!

The ghostly nun was also seen a couple more times after this, once at the house and another time gliding along an avenue near to St John’s Church.


Manor House, Little Gaddesden

Standing back from the village green is a Grade II* listed Elizabethan Manor House.

The house and nearby village pond is said to be haunted by an 18th century churchwarden called William Jarman.

His apparition has never been witnessed actually inside the house but paranormal activity has been reported to take place there.

Oil lamps, candles and electric lights have been said to go out or dim on their own accord!

An exorcism did take place at the house but it seems that William still makes his presence felt every now and again by turning lights on and off.

It’s said that William once lived at Manor House and that he fell in love with the Earl of Bridgewater’s daughter who lived nearby at Ashridge Park.

It sounds like the admiration was a one way thing as his advances towards the Earl’s daughter were rejected.

Heartbroken he committed suicide by hanging himself from a nearby oak tree!

His ghostly apparition has been witnessed at midnight riding a phantom horse pass the Manor House and heading for the village pond.

His ghost has also been seen next to the village pond as if he’s waiting for someone.

Other witnesses have seen his ghostly apparition by the pond but with two white phantom horses which are drinking the water.


Letchworth Hall, Letchworth Garden City

The 17th century Letchworth Hall is located in the south of Letchworth Garden City next to St Mary’s Church just off Letchworth Lane.

The hall dates back to 1620 when it was first built by Sir William Lytton.

Letchworth Hall became a hotel when the Garden City was first formed.

In the mid 1800s Reverend William Alington owned the Hall.

And his ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses wandering around it.

In the 1980s, two members of staff saw the ghostly figure of the Reverend glide across the ballroom.

They describe him as being dressed in a cassock!

In the early hours of one morning the Assistant Manager of the hotel also saw the Reverend’s ghost manifest on the landing.


Plinston Hall, Letchworth Garden City

Opposite Letchworth Library on the other side of Broadway Gardens you’ll find Plinston Hall.

Members of staff at the venue have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady in the main hall.


Scudamore, Letchworth Garden City

On the corner of Muddy Lane you’ll find a Grade II listed early 17th century house called Scudamore.

Back in 1946 the residents reported hearing phantom footsteps and eerie banging noises in the middle of the night.

And the pet dog would refuse to enter one of the bedrooms instead he would just growl at the door.

To this day, nobody really knows who or what caused the paranormal activity at the house!


Hemel Hempstead

During the 1960s, the ghostly apparition of a Victorian gentleman in a top hat and tails was often seen by the spooked storeroom workers of the Woolworths which was once situated along Marlowes.

It’s believed that the man had lived in some cottages which were knocked down to make way for the new shopping development.

It’s said that the poor man hung himself from a beam in the attic of his cottage.

And now his ghostly apparition manifests to workers in the storeroom of the old Woolworths building.

A ghostly apparition of a headless nun has been seen by terrified witnesses wandering around the grounds of Gadebridge Park.

On the 19th April 2009 a driver was travelling along Redbourn Road when they suddenly saw a ghostly figure dressed in a cape and a wide-brimmed hat cross the road in front of them.

Checking for the figure in their rear view mirror they discovered that the phantom had totally disappeared into thin air!


Leisure World, Hemel Hempstead

The nightclubs in the Leisure World complex had the reputation for being haunted by young children.

Sudden temperature drops were often reported to take place in one of the DJ booths.

And objects would be mysteriously moved when the clubs were empty!


The Nickey Line, Hemel Hempstead

The Nickey Line is a disused railway line which once connected Hemel Hempstead with Harpenden.

Today it’s been redeveloped as a cycle and walking path.

Witnesses using the Nickey Line have reported hearing the eerie sound of a phantom train whistle from bygone years.

The line is also said to be haunted by people who were tragically killed when a train derailed and ploughed into a shanty town.

Another haunting on the line is that of a woman who’s believed to have killed her baby by throwing it off a bridge.

It’s now said that on quite nights you can hear the ghostly sounds of the poor baby crying!

Another common apparition seen is that of a ghostly man who if you walk towards him disappears into thin air.

A local legend of Harpenden says that three children trespassed onto the railway track one dark night.

Tragically they were hit by a passing train and killed!

Their young ghosts are now said to haunt the Nickey Line.

It’s said that when there’s a fresh covering of winter snow you can see sets of little footprints in it.

Apparently they end at the site where the tragic accident took place.



There’s an old local legend that Hatfield is haunted by an old woman dressed in black.

She’s been witnessed walking the town’s streets both at night and in broad daylight.

Her ghostly apparition is known to beckon to people and sometimes even talks to them!


Bush Hall House, Hatfield

The Grade II listed Bush Hall House located to the north of Hatfield is said to be haunted by a former owner of the house.

Sir Robert Chester lived at the house in the early part of the 19th century.

His ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses floating up the staircase and walking into bedrooms!


Todd Building, Hatfield

You’ll find the Todd Building along College Lane on the University of Hertfordshire’s Hatfield campus.

You may be surprised to discover that this modern looking building is said to be haunted…

The building’s lights have a reputation for mysteriously turning on and off on their own accord.

And spooked security guards once witnessed a ghostly misty figure within the building itself!


Burnham Green

Heading north out of Burnham Green you’ll discover a narrow road called Whitehorse Lane.

Back during the English Civil War there was a local farmer called Pennyfather who lived at the nearby Welch’s Farm.

He was a proud Royalist but unfortunately for him a troop of Cromwell’s Roundheads caught up with him at his farm.

They proceeded to cut off his head and stick it on a spike in his stable yard as a warning to others!

Now it’s said that the farmer had a magnificent white horse which the parliamentarian soldiers wanted to take as a prize…

But the spirited horse put up such a struggle when the soldiers came to capture it that the Roundheads decided to decapitated the poor animal too!

Since that terrible day, many witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a magnificent white horse wandering around the local area.

The ghost of the Royalist farmer’s favourite white horse is so infamous in the area that the owners of the hamlet’s 17th century White Horse pub actually named their inn after the phantom creature!

In the 1960s, a local woman reported seeing an apparition of a white horse grazing in an orchard near her cottage.

She described it as being pure white and at least fifteen hands in height!

Apparently, one moment it was happily grazing away then the next moment it just simply disappeared into thin air.

On one dark night in 1990 a young local lad was driving along Whitehorse Lane heading towards the White Horse pub when suddenly he saw in his rear view mirror a horse and rider galloping fast up behind him…

Being a considerate driver he pulled over to let them pass.

As the horse and rider galloped pass him he thought that it was irresponsible of the rider to be out on his horse on such a dark night along a narrow lane.

Then the horse and rider suddenly disappeared into the night which is when the shaken lad realised that he had just witnessed the infamous White Horse of Burnham Green!

The road leading to Harmer Green to the west of Burnham Green is also said to be haunted by a headless horse.

Some locals say that the ghostly apparition is the same one which haunts Whitehorse Lane.

Other locals will disagree with them saying that the ghostly animal is from a much more ancient haunting.

You see, back in 1002 there was a battle locally between the Saxons and some invading Vikings.

And many believe that it’s from that bloody battle that the ghost of the headless horse comes!


Elstree Film and TV Studios, Borehamwood

Elstree Film and TV Studios have become infamous with actors for being very haunted.

They were first built in the 1920s and have become famous for their involvement in the making of classic films such as The Dam Busters, Moby Dick, Dr Zhivago, 2001: A Space Odyssey and the first three Indiana Jones and Star Wars films.

A lot of paranormal activity has been reported in Elstree’s dressing rooms and along its corridors.

Some believe that this phenomenon is cause by a spirit of a man.

Elstree’s small dark preview theatre is also said to be very active.

Phantom tapping and knocking noises are often reported to take place in this room by spooked witnesses.

In the eerie Enigma Building objects have been reported to mysteriously move on their own accord.

During the Most Haunted Live investigation the psychic medium Derek Acorah claimed that a family who died from the plague in the 1600s were present in the building.

In the centre of the Enigma Building is a disused lift which Elstree workers try to avoid going near at all costs due to the eerie atmosphere that surrounds it.

During an Ouija board session in the lift lobby area by the Most Haunted Live team an angry spirit called Peter who apparently died in the location was contacted.

Back in 2006, the seventh series of the then Channel 4 reality programme Big Brother was being recorded at the Elstree Studio.

The Welsh glamour model Imogen Thomas who was a contestant in the series reported seeing a ghostly apparition whilst in the Big Brother House.

This was not the first time that someone had witnessed something spooky in the BB House.

In fact, there’ve been reports of a phantom monkey which has been seen clinging to the ceiling!


Minsden Chapel, Chapelfoot

The Scheduled Ancient Monument and Grade II Listed Minsden Chapel is a ruin near the hamlet of Chapelfoot.

Located near a small wood off the beaten track the chapel is quite isolated and only accessible via a footpath.

Minsden Chapel dates back to the 14th century.

At that time it was a popular place for pilgrims on their way to St Albans Abbey to stop and visit.

Unfortunately, by the 17th century the chapel had started to fall into a ruinous state.

And by the 18th century all ceremonies at the chapel had to be stopped due to the danger of falling masonry to the public.

In Hertfordshire the chapel is infamous for being haunted…

Apparently, if you visit the chapel at midnight on Halloween you just might witness the ghostly apparition of a monk climbing the stairs which were once located at the north-east end of the chapel.

Spooked visitors to the chapel have also reported the ghostly sounds of music and church bells ringing!

The ghosts of another monk, a nun and a small child are also rumoured to haunt the chapel ruins.


Cold Christmas Church, Thundridge

You won’t find Cold Christmas Church on a map of Hertfordshire because it’s actually a nickname for Little St. Mary’s Church…

You see, the church gets its nickname from being situated near Cold Christmas Lane in Thundridge!

Like Minsden Chapel, the church is sadly now a ruin.

All that’s left is the ruined church tower as in 1853 the main part of the building was demolished after a new parish church was built nearby.

The original church was built in Hugh De Desmaisnil’s estate way back in 1086 for the family to worship in.

The church tower isn’t the only part of the church to survive the demolition in 1853.

The graves where never moved but unfortunately they’re now in disrepair and some have even been subjected to some mindless vandalism.

All in all the church ruins are an eerie place to be and you probably won’t be too shocked to discover that they’re rumoured to be haunted…

The church tower is said to have an evil presence attached to it.

And some frightened visitors to the ruins have even reported hearing a scary growling sound coming from around the tower.

Terrified witnesses have even seen a ghostly black figure walking through the graveyard.

On one occasion in 1978 a woman was scared out of her life when she witnessed a phantom army march from the church and straight through her!


Shaw’s Corner, Ayot St Lawrence

You’ll find Shaw’s Corner located along Bibbs Hall Lane in Ayot St Lawrence.

George Bernard Shaw lived at Shaw’s Corner until the ripe old age of ninety-four.

And his ashes together with his wife Charlotte’s are scatter in the grounds of the property.

He was a firm believer in life after death.

He famously said to his loyal housekeeper Alice Laden that he would prove to her that the afterlife existed.

And so he did…

One day, shortly after he died, a knock came on the kitchen door.

Without thinking Alice asked her former employer to come in.

She was then greeted by the apparition of George standing in front of her in the kitchen doorway!

His ghost famously said…

I heard a noise and thought you may have had an accident.

Just before Alice had time to reply his apparition vanished into thin air!

A couple of days later Alice had another paranormal encounter with the playwright.

She heard phantom footsteps on the landing followed by George calling out…

Are you there Mrs Laden?

Members of staff at Shaw’s Corner say that the property is still haunted.

Closed doors are mysteriously opened, the security alarm goes off for no apparent reason and chords are played on the Bechstein piano by someone unseen!

Lawrence of Arabia is also rumoured to haunt Shaw’s Corner.

You see, after he left the army he became a close friend of George Bernard Shaw and spent a lot of time at Shaw’s Corner.

Some witnesses have said they’ve actually heard the ghostly sound of him riding his beloved Brough Superior motorcycle along the lanes around the village.

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