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3 Haunted Places in Nottinghamshire (Updated 2017)

| On 17, Apr 2017

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Pleasley Vale Mills, Pleasley

Pleasley Vale is a deep, narrow, wooded valley created by the River Meden.

The natural geography of the area made it an ideal spot for industry in the 1700s.

In 1785, a water-powered cotton mill called Upper Mill was built by a consortium of businessmen and drapers.

Seven years later a larger mill called Lower Mill was also built together with houses for the mill workers.

Both mills produced cotton for industries in the East Midlands.

The Hollins family run both cotton mills for many years.

In the 1830s they were joined by the Paget family who brought steam power to the mills.

In their history, both mills were destroyed by fire but they were later rebuilt with better equipment.

As the mills flourished so did the community around them.

More worker houses were built together with a school, a wash house, a cooperative society, a library, a cricket club and a chapel.

The mills flourished right up until 1987 when work was moved abroad and the mills were closed down.

Today the mills have been bought by Bolsover District Council who have converted them for use as offices and by light industry.

Now, the mills have a reputation for being haunted…

So much so, that the TV paranormal show Most Haunted investigated the mills back in 2005 for their Series 5.

Phantom ghostly voices are often heard by spooked witnesses along the old corridors of the mills.

One witness was shocked out of her life when she visited the ladies on the first floor of one of the mills.

A ghostly man’s voice said ‘hello?’ three times…

Apparently there wasn’t anybody else in the toilet, especially not a strange man!

Another female witness has seen ghostly shadows in her office and she doesn’t like to visit the haunted toilet and the corridor outside it either.

The ghostly apparition of a man has been witnessed in the Mill’s car park.

The apparition is supposed to be so lifelike that many night deliver drivers actually try to speak to him only to get upset when he doesn’t reply to them!

The woods near the mills are also said to be haunted.

Phantom giggling voices and dark shadowy figures are often witnessed in them.


The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

The Galleries of Justice courtrooms date back to the 14th century but the site actually goes back to Norman times.

They’re located in a building called the Shire Hall on High Pavement in the Lace Market area of Nottingham.

The Galleries of Justice museum consists of a Victorian courtroom, Jail and Police station.

Many a harsh judgment was dish out at the courtrooms.

A person could be arrested, sentenced and executed at the Galleries of Justice!

With such a long history, it’s not too surprising that the Galleries of Justice are rumoured to be haunted…

In fact that might be an understatement, the paranormal group Fright Nights voted it as one of the most haunted buildings in the UK!

On the subject of most haunted…

If you’re a fan of the TV series Most Haunted, then you’ll know that the team investigated the Galleries of Justice in 2003.

It’s said that the building is haunted by criminals who were executed on site.

Doors opening and closing on their own accord, phantom bangs and crashes, stones being thrown, dark shadows, people being touched and pushed by an unknown entity are just some of the paranormal activity which has been recorded at the Galleries of Justice.

And as recent as 2010, a ghostly apparition of a young girl has been seen running in the building!


Annesley Hall, Annesley

Another place the gang from Most Haunted investigated was the Grade II listed Annesley Hall.

The 13th century hall was the ancestral home of the Chaworth-Musters family for over three hundred and fifty years.

One of the hall’s residents, Mary Chaworth, was the lover of the poet Lord Byron in his younger years.

Mary Chaworth later married John Musters whose son sailed with Charles Darwin on the HMS Beagle.

In 1997, the hall was badly damaged by fire and English Heritage has now put it on the ‘Buildings at Risk Register’.

Today the hall is privately owned and unfortunately not opened to the public.

Now, Annesley Hall is said to be very haunted…

A ghostly apparition of a White Lady has been seen in the dining room by terrified witnesses.

And phantom music is often heard playing in the empty room!

In Byron’s bedroom people have reported being physically pushed very hard by unseen hands.

In the laundry room it’s said that a young girl sadly hung herself.

Terrified witnesses have been scared witless by seeing her ghostly apparition in the area where she committed suicide.

People visiting the library room often report smelling old fashioned cigar smoke and hearing phantom voices murmuring.