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60+ Haunted Places in Surrey (Updated 2017)

| On 24, Apr 2017



Table of Contents

Haunted Hotels in Surrey

Hartsfield Manor, Betchworth

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the apparitions of children playing in the main Dining Room at the manor.

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The White Horse Hotel, Dorking

This old coaching inn is said to be haunted by the ninth Duke of Norfolk.

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Wotton House, Dorking

Members of staff at Wotton House have reported all sorts of paranormal activity taking place within the building during the night.

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The Angel Hotel, Guildford

Room 1 at the hotel was said to be haunted by the ghost of a military man.

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The Bishop’s Table Hotel, Farnham

In the 1940s the building was known as Newnhams House.

And it was during this time that a teenager who lived in the house reported paranormal activity taking place.

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The Bush Hotel, Farnham

One of the hotel’s rooms has a reputation for being haunted.

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The King’s Arms and Royal Hotel, Godalming

Room 3 at the hotel is reputed to be haunted.

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Nutfield Priory, Redhill

The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghostly apparition of a nun.

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The Oatlands Park Hotel, Weybridge

Recently the hotel has got a reputation for being haunted.




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Haunted Places in Surrey

The Rectory, Ash

In 1938 the rector reported that he was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of thundering hoofs within his room.

As he opened his eyes he was met by the vision of a phantom coach and horses galloping through his bedroom.

Apparently, Ash Rectory was said to have been built on an old coaching road!


Chinthurst Woods, Bramley

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of an elderly gypsy woman leading an old brown horse along a narrow lane which goes through the wood and leads to Bramley.

Apparently, the old lady together with her horse disappears into thin air when she reaches Cranleigh Waters.

In 1971 a father and his daughter saw the old lady and her horse as he was driving along the lane.

He slowed down to avoid the pair and remarked on them to his daughter.

His daughter said that she could only see the old horse.

This is when it dawned on him that he was the only one who could see the old gypsy lady.

As with other sightings, both the old gypsy lady and her horse disappeared into thin air as they got close to the road junction near Cranleigh Waters.

Apparently, this area was once a very popular spot for Romani gypsies to camp.

But no traffic accidents involving a gypsy lady and her horse have ever been recorded at this spot!


Betchworth Castle, Brockham

Local legend says that the castle is haunted by a large phantom black dog which roams the castle and its grounds late at night.

Witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly figure wandering around the castle.

This phantom figure is said to be the ghost of a Lord Hope who it’s said chased and killed an escaping prisoner.

He later found out that the man was in fact his son.

His ghostly figure is now said to roam the area around the castle in regretful disrepair!

The grounds of the castle which are now Betchworth Park golf course are also said to be haunted by an evil presence.


The Old Rectory, Caterham

Former rectors and their families often reported hearing phantom footsteps walking along the first floor’s corridor when they were alone in the property.

Another paranormal phenomenon which often occurred in the house was the closing of doors by something or somebody invisible!

The rattling of door knobs, slamming doors, windows and doors opening on their own accord, objects being moved and eerie music being heard were other paranormal activity reported to take place within the old rectory.

Spooked witnesses reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of an elderly man, a child dressed in Victorian clothing and a hooded monk like figure.

Since the building has been used for offices the hauntings have lessened but the odd eerie occurrence is still sometimes reported!


Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Chaldon

Chaldon Church graveyard is said to be the second most haunted in the England!

One afternoon a couple of friends were taking photographs in the churchyard.

At the time there was nobody else in the churchyard but when they checked their photos out, one of them had capture an image of what looked like a ghostly man leaning over a gravestone.

The ghostly figure seems to have his hands on top of a gravestone and is looking at the camera with a slight smile on his face!


Baynards Park, Cranleigh

The grounds of Baynards Park are said to be haunted by the headless ghost of Sir Thomas More.

Sir Thomas More was the councillor to King Henry VIII and Lord High Chancellor of England during the Tudor times.

He was a staunch Roman Catholic and opposed to the Protestant Reformation and the King’s separation from the Catholic Church.

He fell out of favour with King after he refused to acknowledge Henry as the Supreme Head of the Church of England and the annulment of his marriage to Catherine of Aragon.

For this he was convicted of treason and beheaded.

His severed head was placed upon a pike over London Bridge for a month before his daughter Margret Roper bribed the gatekeeper and retrieved it.

He’s headless body was buried at the Tower of London in an unmarked grave.

And his daughter is said to have brought his severed head back to Baynards Park.

Today, his skull is believed to rest in the Roper Vault at St Dunstan’s Church in Canterbury.

Local legend says that his headless ghost wanders the grounds of Baynards Park perhaps looking for his severed head!


Dunsfold Aerodrome, Cranleigh

The Boeing 747-200 served with British Airways until 2002 as the City of Birmingham.

It was bought and transferred to Dunsfold by a company which specialises in supplying aircraft for television and film work.

The aircraft was actually used in the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale!

And it was during the filming of Casino Royale that the terrified crew reported lights and switches turning themselves on within the aircraft’s cockpit even though the aircraft had no power.

Some witnesses reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman walk down the aisle of the Boeing 747.

People have speculated that she’s the spirit of a woman who sadly died of a heart attack during a flight when the aircraft was in service!


Box Hill, Dorking

Probably the most infamous ghost of Box Hill is that of Peter Labilliere.

Peter Labilliere was of French Huguenot descent and was born in Dublin in 1725.

He later became a major in the British Army but when he left the army he became known for his anti-war protests.

In his later years he moved to Dorking and would often visit Box Hill.

As he aged he became more and more eccentric, never washing and never changing his clothes he gain the nickname of the walking dung-hill!

When he died in 1800 he was buried in an upside down position on the western side of Box Hill.

This strange burial position was his own wishes because he wanted to emulate St Peter who it’s said was crucified upside down!

Today there’s a memorial stone on Box Hill which is close to the spot where Labilliere is buried.

Spooked visitors to the hill have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of an unkempt eccentric looking man wandering around.

Many think that this phantom figure is the ghost of Peter Labilliere!

At the bottom of Box Hill there’s a ford with some stepping stones that cross the River Mole.

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of Roman soldiers crossing the river near to the stepping stones.

Ghostly figures of pilgrims from a bygone era have also been seen using the stepping stones to cross the river.

Another apparition seen on the hill is that of a phantom rider who’s been witnessed galloping down the hill.

This ghostly rider was seen by the famous author Robert Louis Stevenson who wrote about the experience in one of his poems.


Leith Hill, Dorking

Leith Hill is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the Danish and Anglo-Saxon warriors who died during a battle in 851.

Spooked visitors to the hill have reported hearing the phantom screams of men fighting in battle.


Eashing Bridges, Eashing

Local legend says that the historic Eashing Bridges are haunted by the ghosts of the monks that built the bridge in the 13th century.

Apparently, their ghostly apparitions have been seen on the bridge in the middle of the night!


The Lock-Up, Ewell

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a group of ghostly figures hanging around the site of Ewell’s old lock-up.

Some say that the ghostly figures may be the spirits of men who died in the lock-up whilst being incarcerated there!


St Mary’s Church, Ewell

It’s said that the churchyard of St Mary’s has an ancient plague pit within it.

The plague pit is believed to be the burial site of local children who sadly died from the terrible pandemic.

And it’s said that the churchyard is now haunted by the ghosts of those poor children.


The High Street, Ewell

Along the High Street you’ll find an Italian restaurant housed in a Grade II listed building.

The Victorian building was once the King William IV pub.

And it was during the years that the pub was opened to the public that witnesses would report seeing a ghostly coach and horses clattering up the High Street and coming to a halt outside the King William IV pub.

Apparently, ghostly figures would then descend from the coach and enter the pub through its closed doors.

The arrival of this ghostly apparition would always happen late at night after the pub had closed its doors to the public!


Bourne Mill, Farnham

Spooked witnesses at the mill have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady in the vicinity where there was once a staircase.

They described the ghostly lady as wearing a crinoline dress from the Queen Anne period.

One woman saw her sitting on a chair and described the ghostly lady as being happy and friendly!

In 1999 a photo was taken by a dealer of some his antiques.

Later, he was shocked to discover that a phantom figure of a woman had appeared in the photograph!

One of the receptions at the centre often reported seeing antique books flying of their shelves by their own accord.

Witnesses passing the mill after business hours, when nobody should be inside, have reported seeing the face of an old lady peering out of one of its windows.

Both antique dealers and visitors alike have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man in a grey suit.

Apparently, he looks very solid and lifelike… until he disappears into thin air that is!

The ghostly figure is believed to be a former owner of the mill who died suddenly.

During the 1970s the 19th century house near to the mill was said to be haunted by a poltergeist.

Apparently the poltergeist was fond of carving the letter ‘F’ into the family’s property.

The letter ‘F’ was discovered carved into bedcovers as well a wooden table top!

In one of the rooms there’s a fireplace which seemed to be the centre of attention for the poltergeist.

One day the wallpaper and ceiling plaster near the fireplace fell off for no apparent reason.

And on another occasion a large wooden dresser was moved across the room and placed next to the fireplace by something unseen!

On one occasion a glass mirror fell into the bath whilst the family’s two young daughters were bathing in it.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

The spooked parents called in the local curate from St Andrew’s Church to perform an exorcism within the house.

The exorcism seemed to be successful as no further paranormal activity was reported to happen within the property.

Many people believe that the poltergeist activity was caused by the ghost of a former maid of Lady Hamilton.

Her name was Fatima and it’s said that she died in the workhouse that was once situated behind the house!


Farnham Castle, Farnham

Spooked witnesses visiting the 12th century keep have reported seeing ghostly figures which suddenly disappear into thin air.

They describe the figures as being male and wearing a long garment!

The spirit of Bishop Morley is said to haunt the Waynflete’s Tower (Fox Tower).

He led a simple and austere life at the castle living in a very small cell like room on the east side of the tower.

He actually spent an enormous amount of money renovating the Bishop’s Palace during the 17th century.

Witnesses have reported seeing his ghost on the landings and walking the corridors of the tower!

The Great Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl who was forced to dance until she dropped dead from exhaustion.

Some witnesses have reported that they’ve seen her small ghostly figure dancing away whilst others have reported hearing the sound of her bare feet dancing on the floor!

The wide staircase at the castle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Bishop Morley and a monk dressed in grey robes.

He’s been seen gliding down the staircase on sunny afternoons and is said to be very real looking until he disappears into thin air that is!

A shadowy figure has been seen lurking in the areas of the gateway, ramparts, keep and old guard room.

The ghostly apparition of a 12th century stern-faced lady has also been witnessed in this part of the castle.

She’s been described as wearing a light coloured gown with a long cord girdle!

Town’s folk and people at the castle have reported hearing a bell ringing out from the Waynflete’s Tower on many occasions…

The strange thing is, there hasn’t been a bell at the castle for many years!

In the gallery overlooking the Great Hall a former maid witnessed the ghostly apparition of a monk looking out of the window which overlooks the moat.

The moat is said to be the haunt of a procession of phantom monks.

The maid described the ghostly monk as being a tall man dressed in a brown habit and wearing a round hat.

She said he seem very lifelike until he completely disappeared into thin air!

Over the years both members of staff and residents of the castle have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the oldest parts of the castle.

One terrified witnessed who stayed the night in the old part of the castle reported that she was awoken by a dark and evil crouching figure trying to pull the bedcovers off her bed!


Farnham Library, Farnham

A ghostly apparition of a man has been seen standing on the Jacobean staircase in Vernon House.

Witnesses described the man as being dressed in a 17th century costume which has led to people believing that the ghostly figure is in fact of Charles I himself.

During the Second World War soldiers were billeted in the house.

Many of the soldiers found it very spooky reporting all types of strange paranormal activity taking place within it.

Today the haunted room is hardly used by members of staff due to the atmosphere being very oppressive.

On one occasion a staff member noticed a man reading a book in the library after closing hours.

She informed him that the library was now closed before proceeding to open the locked doors for him to leave.

After she’d unlocked the doors she turned back to the man but found that he’s totally vanished into thin air!

Another member of staff often reported smelling the strong scent of violets in one of the library rooms.

Next to Vernon House is the Library Garden.

The garden is said to be haunted by a ghostly man who walks with a limp.

Witnesses describe him as wearing clothes from the Victorian era.

And walks in silent with a limp until he reaches a bush or tree in the garden where he then disappears from view!


Farnham Park, Farnham

Over the years spooked visitors to the park have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a lady riding a horse.

They describe her as wearing old fashioned clothing with a top hat.

Apparently she rides her horse slowly and silently without any acknowledgment of the witnesses before disappearing into thin air!

An 18th century property in the park was once rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a pretty young girl.

But nobody knows who the young girl actually was and why she haunted the building!

The park is also said to be haunted by the ghost of St Swithun.


Museum of Farnham, Farnham

There’s a first floor room at the museum which has the reputation for being haunted.

Many of the members of staff don’t like to be alone in the room because of its strange atmosphere.

One poor staff member actually felt some invisible hands trying to strangle her from behind whilst she was checking the room one night before locking up!

And a receptionist often reported hearding phantom footsteps coming from the same room.

This typically happened when she was alone in the museum just before she closed up for the night!


St Andrew’s Church, Farnham

Spooked visitors to the church have reported seeing the apparition of a ghostly old lady entering the church via the main doorway on the north side of the building.

She’s normally seen when the bells are ringing for 6 o’clock evensong.

The funny thing is… they never actually see her within the church itself!

Apparently her ghostly form is very solid and real looking.

Most witnesses don’t think they’re seeing a ghost at all until she disappears from sight.

She’s described as being very little and quite ordinary looking.

A former priest once heard the sound of phantom horses at the back of the church which he thought was interesting as the church was once used by Cromwell to stable his horses!

Some parishioners have reported seeing a strange semi-transparent curtain drop inbetween the chancel and congregation for a few moments during service.

Behind the strange semi-transparent curtain eerie lights and shadowy figures are seen!

Firewatchers during World War Two often reported hearing the eerie sound of men chanting in Latin and seeing small lights moving around in the darkness whilst they were on top of the church tower late at night!

They said that instead of feeling terrified by the paranormal activity they actually felt a deep sense of peace.

One parishioner once reported that she’d witnessed a silent Pre-Reformation Mass taking place at the altar end of the church which lasted for a couple of minutes until the rector and church warden arrived when it just vanished from sight.

She described a scene were the celebrants wore gold clad vestments and were chanting in Latin whilst swinging thuribles which filled the church with incense smoke.

Shocked witnesses have also reported seeing the ghost of a White Lady throwing herself from the church tower.

Nobody knows who the White Lady ghost is as no incidences of suicide have yet been uncovered in the church’s history!


Waverley Abbey, Farnham

There was once a lake called Black Lake in the abbey grounds.

Black Lake was drained during the First World War and subsequently planted with conifers.

The area around the former lake got a reputation for being haunted.

Witnesses in the area were scared witless one day after hearing someone invisible telling them to ‘get away’.

This eerie warning coincided with an axe being flung at them by the invisible being!

Other witnesses have reported seeing ghostly monks walking amongst the abbey’s ruins.

In 1978 a visitor to the abbey witnessed a silent procession of phantom monks being led by a ghostly cardinal.

They walked through the abbey ruins until to his disbelief they just suddenly disappeared into thin air!

The abbey is also said to be the haunt of a White Lady ghost.

And interesting for a male dominated abbey, a skeleton of a woman has been unearthed within the abbey grounds!

A ghostly monk-like figure has been reported to wander around the abbey grounds.

Spooked visitors to Waverley have also heard phantom chanting coming from somewhere within the ruins.


The Devil’s Punch Bowl, Hindhead

Terrified witnesses visiting the Devil’s Punch Bowl area have reported seeing a ghostly re-enactment of the murder.

In 1971 a driver saw a ghostly man dressed in tattered clothing staggering towards the Devil’s Punch Bowl where he then disappeared into thin air.

He believed that the ghostly man may’ve been something to do with the murder of the sailor in 1786 as he returned to the spot at a later date and found the memorial stone to the murdered sailor!


Thunderfield Castle, Horley

Legend says that King Harold’s army rested near to the Thunderfield Castle site in 1066 on its way to the Battle of Hastings.

Witnesses have reported hearing the eerie sound of a bell tolling from sunset to midnight.

The phantom bell gradually gets louder and louder as midnight approaches.

Spooked visitors to the ancient site have also reported seeing a ghost army that marches through the area.

Some people believe this phantom army is that of King Harold’s on its way to Hastings!


Whitmoor Common, Jacobs Well

The most frequently seen apparition on the common is of a young woman walking by herself.

In 1988 a retired policeman witnessed her ghostly apparition whilst walking his dog on the common.

He described her as being a slim woman dressed in a long dark grey tailored coat with a wide hem and hood.

He saw her walk behind a group of birch trees but she didn’t appear on the other side of them.

The railway line which cuts through the common is also said to be haunted.

Witnesses have reported hearing phantom cries and moans coming from the railway path and bank!


The A324, Pirbright

Pirbright is situated on the A324 road.

In 1995 a local man was driving along the A324 heading towards the village one night when all of a sudden an old fashioned bus came along the road in the opposite direction.

He thought the bus was strange because it was eerily silent, produced no exhaust fumes and didn’t reflect his headlights when he passed it.

From the description of the phantom bus the witness gave it’s been deduced that it was a Dennis J Type bus which was used in the area during the 1920s!


Newark Priory, Pyrford

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of Augustinian monks wandering around the ruins of the priory.


The Ghosts of Reigate Priory

For many years the corridors of the priory have been said to be haunted by the ghostly apparition of a 12th century priest.

The grounds and woodlands of the priory are also said to be haunted…

Spooked witnesses wandering through the woods have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a Roe Deer!


St Mary’s Church, Reigate

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing phantom singing and choir music coming from the locked church in the early hours of the morning.

The ghostly apparition of a little girl has also been seen skipping up and down the path in the graveyard before she vanishes into thin air.

Witnesses describe her as wearing a long white 19th century pinafore!


Boughton Hall, Send

Boughton Hall is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old man.

Witnesses have reported seeing his ghostly apparition walking around the upper floors of the hall.

Apparent he’s seen smoking a pipe.

The majority of people never actually see his ghostly apparition but instead smell the smoke of his pipe tobacco!


Botley Hill Farmhouse, Tatsfield

Members of staff at the Botley Hill Farmhouse have reported that the 16th century building is in fact haunted by a Grey Lady ghost.

Her apparition has been seen wandering around the building.

A medium who visited the farmhouse once reported that he felt a spirit of a young lady who sadly died during childbirth was present in the building!


Brooklands, Weybridge

The most frequently seen apparition at Brooklands is of a 1920s racing car being driven by a racing driver wearing black leathers, goggles and a leather racing helmet.

The phantom driver is believed to be the ghost of the racing driver Percy Edwards who was tragically killed at the circuit in the 1920s.

The ghostly racing car and driver are often seen in the area where Percy was killed!

In the 1930s, a plane crashed whilst trying to land at Brooklands airfield during bad weather.

Subsequently witnesses at Brooklands clubhouse have often reported hearing the sound of a phantom aircraft trying to land.

Workers at the factory which was built on Brooklands’ old Railway Straight often reported hearing the sound of an old-style racing car thundering along where the old straight was once located.

Another strange paranormal event said to take place at Brooklands is the main gate opening and closing on its own accord!


King Edward VI School Witley, Wormley

The school is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former pupil who sadly died at the school in a tragic accident.

The boy was trying to impress his friends by doing a tight rope act on a broom stick which he’d positioned across the stairwell.

Well, half way through his act the broomstick couldn’t take his weight.

And it snapped in half and the poor boy fell injuring himself so badly that he died!

Spooked witnesses at the school have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of the boy on the stairwell in the late afternoons.

Apparently he appears for a few seconds before disappearing into thin air!


Haunted Houses in Surrey

Cobham Park, Cobham

In 1750, Cobham Park was the home of Field Marshall John Ligonier, 1st Earl Ligonier.

He was Commander-in-Chief of the Forces in 1757 and by all accounts a bit of a character.

His ghostly apparition is said to have been seen walking around the estate and surrounding lanes in his military uniform.

A hermit once lived in the surrounding parkland of Cobham Park and his ghost has also been seen wandering in the area.


Pippbrook House, Dorking

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a lady in a grey or green long dress walking the corridors of the house and descending the stairs.

A former caretaker reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady dressed in a cloak on the top landing.

And her apparition has also been witnessed on the stone staircase.

The apparition is believed to be the ghost of Caroline Moore who lived at Pippbrook House briefly during the 1880s.

Another ghost at Pippbrook House seen by passers-by is that of a man looking out of one of the upstairs windows during the night.

Witnesses describe him as looking like a butler.

A lot of poltergeist activity has also been reported to take place within the Gothic building…

Knives being thrown down the stairs, books being moved in the library and pens, pencils, paper and books being piled up in the middle of one of the attic rooms!


Polesden Lacey, Dorking

Polesden Lacey is an Edwardian house situated on the North Downs near the market town of Dorking.

The present house on the site wasn’t the first to be built…

In fact, since 1336 there’s been many houses and rebuilds at Polesden Lacey.

The present Regency house was remodelled by the Ritz Hotel architects Charles Mewès and Arthur Davis for Margaret Greville in 1906.

In 1923, the Duke and Duchess of York to spent their honeymoon at the house!

The house is opened to the public from March to October if you fancy visiting this magnificent building.

With such a long history, you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that Polesden Lacey has a few spooky stories associated with it…

Witnesses have been scared to death after seeing a ghostly apparition of a hooded figure dressed in a brown robe by the bridge.

And Nun’s Walk is said to be haunted by a ghostly phantom that resembles a whirlwind!


Slyfield House, Fetcham

Slyfield House is said to be haunted by a ghostly Blue Donkey!

There’s a picture of the phantom animal surrounded by a blue haze that hangs in the house next to the staircase.

Apparently an apparition of the blue donkey was witnessed jumping over the dog gate at the bottom of the stairs and then it climb the stairs to the top where it vanished into thin air.

Guests staying in an upstairs bedroom have remarked on hearing the sounds of horses’ hoofs in the courtyard outside their bedroom window during the night.

The strange thing is… the old courtyard no longer exist!

This haunted bedroom was the room in which Sir John Fenwick took refuge in the 1690s.

He had taken part in a plot to assassinate King William III.

The king’s men came to Slyfield House and took him off to the Tower of London where he was tried for treason and executed.

It’s said that the sound of phantom horses hoofs which are heard at the house today are those of the king’s men’s horses coming to arrest Sir John Fenwick.

The ghost of Sir John Fenwick is said to wander around the corridors of Slyfield House.

A ghost of a cavalier from the English Civil War era has also been witnessed at the house.

Some people believe that the cavalier ghost is still trying to hide from enemy roundheads who are searching for him!

The final ghost at Slyfield House is of a Grey Lady who has been spotted walking in the gardens.

Spooked witnesses describe her as looking sad and weary!


Brook House, Godalming

There’ve been a few tragic events at Brook House over the years…

It’s said that a former owner of the house sadly committed suicide in one of the rooms on the upper floors.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing his ghostly apparition looking out of the window of the room in which he committed suicide.

A ghostly figure of a woman has also been seen within the property.

It’s said that she’s the ghost of another former resident who tragically died after falling down the stairs of the house!


Loseley House, Littleton

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady standing outside one of the house’s bathrooms.

They describe her as smiling and wearing Victorian clothing.

After witnessing the ghostly Victorian lady, the present owner of Loseley House found a portrait of her in the attic!

The ghostly Victorian lady is believed to have once been a resident of the house.

Some witnesses standing at the bottom of the stairs have reported suddenly feeling freezing cold before seeing the ghostly apparition of the Brown Lady.

Legend says that about four hundred years ago the Brown Lady killed her step son by chopping off his leg so that her own son would inherit her husband’s fortune.

When her husband discovered her evil deed he locked her up in her room where he kept her for the rest of her life.

It’s now said that on a certain night of the year, blood curdling cries can be heard coming from her room where she was once kept prisoner.

There’s another ghostly lady said to haunt Loseley House but she’s only ever been seen by the previous owner’s daughters.

The daughters described her as being a little old lady dressed in grey clothing.

She was always smiling and looked after them whilst they played in their playroom.

The house’s Long Gallery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who witnesses described as wearing fancy dress!


Puttenden Manor, Lingfield

The manor house is said to be haunted by two ghosts…

One female and one male!

It’s said that both ghosts announce themselves by certain smells.

The male ghost emanates the smell of old fashioned pipe tobacco in the downstairs part of the manor.

And the female ghost emanates the smell of perfume in the master bedroom.

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sound of heavy phantom footsteps walking around the property!


Waverley Abbey House, Waverley Abbey

When the Anderson family owned the house spooked members of staff reported hearing the sound of a phantom coach and horses rushing up the driveway.

This typically occurred when there was a death in the family!

At this time one of the bedrooms was also said to be haunted by ghostly figures that were always milling about the room.

The great dining room got a reputation for being very haunted too…

During the First World War the dining room was used as a hospital ward for wounded servicemen.

A ghostly figure dressed in a brown dressing-gown was often seen wandering about the ward by both the patients and nurses alike.

The phantom figure would slowly walk towards the door where it would then just suddenly vanish into thin air!


Clandon Park, West Clandon

Terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a lady wearing a cream satin dress.

She said to wander the grounds of Clandon House with a large hunting knife in her hands!

On one occasion she stunned witnesses by walking through the front wall of the house and then through the building exiting via the back wall as if the house never existed.

Members of staff and visitors alike have also witnesses another female ghost at Clandon House.

This time, the ghostly apparition is wearing a black dress!

The final ghost that is often seen by scared witnesses at the mansion is of a man who has a very large beard.


Haunted Pubs in Surrey

The George Inn, Chertsey

The George Inn is said to be haunted by two ghosts…

One is said to be a ghost of a monk who witnesses describe as wearing a cowl.

The other is of a Victorian man who’s said to be seen standing in the bar as though he’s waiting for someone.

Witnesses describe him as being a stylist man who smells strongly of cigar smoke!

There’s been lots of paranormal activity reported to take place within the George.

The distressing sound of a phantom woman crying has been heard coming from an upper room of the inn.

And poltergeist activity has been reported to take place within the pub’s kitchen.

In the 1960s a couple who were staying at the inn reported their bedroom had a heavy presence.

They also said that their bed had a depression in the middle of it as though someone invisible was sleeping there!


The Golden Grove Inn, Chertsey

The Golden Grove Inn is said to be haunted by two spirits…

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young girl wearing a hooded white dress.

She’s believed to have been a nun who was having an affair with a young monk.

Apparently she was going to tell her Mother Superior about the affair but the young monk panicked and killed her!

It’s said that he buried her body in a sandpit at the inn.

Witnesses have also reported seeing the apparition of the young monk in the room of the inn where he murdered his lover!


The King’s Head, Chertsey

In 1977 an Australian barmaid who was working and living at the pub was rudely awoken one night when her bedclothes were pulled off her bed.

When she looked down at the bottom of her bed she saw a ghostly apparition of an elderly monk standing there looking at her.

Apparently he had a rather rancid odour about him!

Some people have suggested that the ghostly monk may’ve had something to do with the dissolved Benedictine monastery of Chertsey Abbey.


The Percy Arms, Chilworth

Both members of staff and customers alike have reported strange events happening at the Percy Arms.

They’ve reported seeing tankards and bar stools levitating, glasses of beer suddenly fly off the bar and smash on the floor and doors slam shut by themselves.

The owners have been pushed and even punched in the back by something unseen!

Members of staff have nicknamed the poltergeist ‘George’ after George Smithers.

He tragically died in a lethal explosion at the nearby gunpowder mill in 1901.

It’s said that poor George was blown a hundred yards in the air during the accident.

He initially survived the explosion but was very badly injured.

Critically ill George was then brought to the Percy Arms where he sadly died from his injuries.


The Mulberry, Farnham

Situated on Station Hill just a stone’s throw away from Farnham Station you’ll find the Mulberry pub.

The Mulberry was previously known as the Blue Boy Inn and had a reputation for being haunted.

Late one night the landlady reported hearing strange banging noises and phantom footsteps coming from the upstairs of the pub.

She went to investigated and found a guest who was as white as a sheet.

He told her that he’s witnessed a ghostly dark figure in the corridor.

He described the ghostly figure as being tall with long hair and wearing a black cape.

Both the landlady and her husband went on to see this very same ghostly figure on a couple of more occasions within the pub.

Late one evening the landlord saw the tall dark figure walk into the dining room.

This time the figure was wearing a black cloak and tall hat but didn’t have a face.

When he followed it into the dining room he found the room totally empty, the figure had totally disappeared into thin air!

The landlady witnesses the dark figure on a few occasions describing that the cloak and top hat it was wearing looked like they merged together.

It’s believed that the ghost may have a connection with the flats situated opposite the Mulberry.

You see, the building was once used as an undertaker’s.

And the residents of the flats have also reported seeing the dark ghostly cloaked figure walking around the premises late at night!


The Lion and Lamb Hotel, Farnham

Along Farnham’s West Street you’ll find a building which was once an old 18th century coaching inn called the Lion and Lamb Hotel.

The inn closed in 1910 and today the area has been redeveloped to accommodate retail units.

In its time the Lion and Lamb Hotel had a reputation amongst the locals for being haunted…

Spooked customers at the Lion and Lamb often reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young woman.

Typically, the witnesses were inside the hotel looking out of a window when they notice the ghostly girl just outside the building looking like she was waiting for someone.

The ghostly young woman would often be remarked upon because it looked like she was wearing fancy dress.

Apparently she would be wearing a grey old-fashioned dress and large hat.

And looked very lifelike until she disappeared into thin air that is!

Sometimes the apparition of an older lady was also seen in the vicinity.

Local legend says that the ghost of the young lady may be the spirit of a woman from the 18th century who was waiting at the inn for her fiancé to arrive from Winchester.

Apparently, during the journey from Winchester the coach was stopped by a highwayman and in the commotion her fiancé was killed.

His lifeless body was brought to the hotel were his fiancé was waiting for him.

Late at night, spooked witnesses in the area of the old Lion and Lamb Hotel have reported hearing the phantom sounds of a coach and horses approaching followed by the agonising screams of a young woman!


The William Cobbett, Farnham

Situated on Bridge Square in Farnham you’ll find the William Cobbett pub.

The pub was originally called the Jolly Farmer but was renamed the William Cobbett in the 1970s after the famous pamphleteer, politician, farmer and journalist.

William Cobbett was born in the building in 1763.

Many believe that the ghost of William Cobbett haunts the pub today.

There are vague reports of a ghostly figure of a strong looking man dressed in 18th century clothing has been seen standing in the corner of the bar before he suddenly vanishes into thin air.

This ghostly 18th century gentleman is said to be the ghost of William Cobbett himself.

In the late 1970s a medium investigating the pub picked up on the spirit of a man called Sir Reginald Blomfield.

The spirit told her that he had designed the chancel of the local church and that he had secret meetings with a local schoolmistress within the building.

It later came to light that Sir Reginald Blomfield was indeed a well-known architect!


The Nelson Arms, Farnham

Situated along Castle Street in the Surrey town of Farnham you’ll find the Nelson Arms pub.

The pub dates back to the 16th century.

The building is made up from three farm cottages which originally dated back to the 14th century.

The farm cottages were part of the Castle Farm which belonged to the Bishop of Winchester’s estate.

Today these farm cottages make up the rear section of the Nelson Arms.

The pub cellar has a sealed tunnel within it which is said to be connected to Farnham Castle.

The pub has had a few names over the centuries…

At the beginning of the 17th century the pub was called the Hand and Pen for the Scriveners that worked in Castle Street, in the 18th century it was known as the Bakers Arms and the present day name is due to the connection the town had with Lady Hamilton and Lord Nelson.

The Nelson Arms is said to be haunted by the ghosts of two navy men, one being an officer, a distressed young girl and an old man who sits in a corner seat.

Witnesses describe one of the navy men as being small and wearing a 19th century old fashioned style uniform whilst the navy officer is seen walking through bar.

A ghost in clothing from the English Civil War era has also been seen standing by the pub’s large fireplace!


The Royal Oak, Great Bookham

The upper floor of the Royal Oak pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young boy.

And strangely, the cleaning cupboard in the main bar area of the Royal Oak is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman!


The King’s Head, Guildford

One night the head barman was just about to call time when he suddenly saw an apparition of on old lady standing by the bar.

At that moment an internal door in the bar flung itself open and the pub’s dog started to go berserk.

Members of staff going down into the pub’s cellar often reported hearing a female voice calling their name from within the cellar.

But when they entered the it they always found it to be empty!

An apparition of a man reading a newspaper has been seen in the bar but whenever he’s approached he disappears into thin air.

Recently the ghost of a little girl has been seen standing by the doorway and then skipping through the pub and out of the French windows at the back of the building.

Members of staff have nickname her Mary and describe her as wearing a dress from the Victorian era.

The pub’s windows have been known to open and close on their own accord and heavy ash trays have been mysteriously moved about.

On one occasion several of the pub’s barstools where found outside in the street in the early hours of the morning!


The Star, Guildford

A former landlord and his wife were once awoken in the early hours of the morning by the loud bangs of somebody moving barrels around in the pub’s cellar.

The landlord got up to investigate.

As he stood outside the cellar doors he could hear the barrels being moved about but as soon as he opened the door the sound ceased and the cellar became deadly quiet.

He entered the cellar expecting there to be barrels strewn all over the place but found that nothing had been disturbed!

The landlord went back to bed but was awoken a few more times by the same sounds.

Each time he went to investigate but only found an undisturbed cellar.


The Three Pigeons, Guildford

In summer of 1976 paranormal activity started to take place within the Three Pigeons.

The bar lights would turn themselves on and off and the light fitting above the staircase would swing from side to side on its own accord.

In the late 1980s witnesses reported seeing glasses move from one end of the bar to the other, a glass bowl suddenly explode and a bar stool lift up into the air and fly across the barroom as though somebody invisible had pick it up and flung it through the air!


The Running Horse, Leatherhead

Former owners of the Running Horse have reported all sorts of eerie things happening within the pub’s four walls.

The feeling of being watched, strange banging noises, sudden temperature drops and the sound of phantom footsteps walking around the pub are just some of the weird events which have happened within the pub.

The pet dog of a former landlord outright refused to go into an upstairs room at the front of the building even after being coaxed with food.

The pub’s cellar is said to have an oppressive atmosphere…

After cleaning the cellar’s floor one day, the landlady was shocked to discover that a 19th century woman’s silver bracelet had suddenly appeared in the middle of it!

Recently, members of staff at the pub have reported seeing strange shadows in the upstairs hallway and finding doors have either opened or closed on their own accord.

All these strange events have had some people believing that the pub is haunted by the ghost of Elynour Rummyng!


The Crown Inn, Oxted

Phantom footsteps and sudden temperature drops have been reported at the Crown Inn.

It’s believed that the pub may be haunted by up to three ghosts.

A ghostly apparition of a woman has been witnessed walking along the upper landing of the pub.

Witnesses describe her as wearing a long dress and shouting something which they can’t quite make out.

It’s believed that this ghostly lady is the wife of a former landlord from the 1930s who parted from her husband on somewhat acrimonious terms!

Witnesses have also reported seeing the apparition of an old man sitting by the fireplace.

Some say he’s a former regular of the pub who still likes to visit the place from time to time.

A medium also claimed the inn was haunted by a serving girl from the mid-1800s who committed suicide after suffering years of abuse and ill treatment at the pub.


Haunted Places in Guildford

Friary Street, Guildford

Shop owners have reported seeing an apparition of a ghostly monk walking through their shops walls into the adjacent property.

They describe him as wearing a black cowl with his hood pulled over his head covering his face.

A former member of staff of an outdoors shop on Friary Street blamed the ghostly monk for breaking and knocking down display goods.

One day she actually saw the ghostly monk standing at the bottom of the stairs facing her as she stood at the top of the stairs!


Guildford Castle, Guildford

Spooked visitors to the castle’s grounds have reported witnessing the ghostly apparition of a Victorian looking woman wandering around.

Another ghostly woman has been seen at the top of the stairs in the Keep.

And recently a young child visiting the castle reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a man shackled to the castle’s wall!


The Guildford Museum, Guildford

Members of staff at the museum have reported hearing a phantom piano playing somewhere on the premises.

The piano is said to be played by the spirit of a music teacher who taught at the girl’s school that was formerly housed at 48 Quarry Street.

The music teacher suffered from depression and sadly hung herself in the music room located at the top of the building.

Knowledgeable witnesses have identified the phantom piano music as being one of Chopin’s Impromptus.

Spooked staff members who now work in the room where the music teacher committed suicide have reported hearing phantom footsteps climbing the steep stairs to their office and a loud thudding noise coming from above their heads.

In the 1990s the caretaker’s wife heard a phantom person enter the building on the ground floor, come up the stairs and slightly open her bedroom door before closing it and walking away.

The ghostly person was then heard running up the stairs to the top floor!

The main part of the museum is also said to be haunted.

Witnesses have reported hearing muffled voices coming from empty rooms and phantom footsteps on the main staircase in Castle Arch.

In 2000 a male member of staff got the shock of his life when he entered the cellar one day.

He saw the ghostly apparition of a woman walk straight past him and through a wall where there was once a staircase which had been blocked up over two hundred years ago!


Meadow House (Kadek House), Guildford

On two separate occasions spooked members of staff have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man in blue overalls standing in the corner of the lighting workshop.

In 2003 staff members moved two large heavy tables which were in the wood workshop to another position in the room before they left the building for the night.

The next morning they were stunned to find the tables had been mysteriously returned to their original position overnight.

On another occasion old wooden floorboards which were propped against a wall waiting to be disposed of the next day where found the next morning to have been neatly stacked on the floor by someone unknown during the night.

Members of staff have also reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the building and a door being loudly slam shut in the downstairs workshop.


Mill Studio Theatre, Guildford

One night a technician was locking the theatre up for the night when he suddenly heard footsteps walking on the floor above.

Nobody else should have been in the building at that time of night so he went to investigate.

He found nobody on that floor so he continued locking up the theatre.

He started to get spooked when he heard the phantom footsteps a couple of more times and still couldn’t find the person who could be causing them.

Before leaving the building for the night he thought he’d check out the upstairs one more time to make sure nobody else was in the building.

But when he went upstairs, something unseen suddenly slam a door shut in his face.

As you can imagine, after that spooky incident he quickly locked up and fled the building!


The Old Cloth Hall, Guildford

One afternoon in the mid-1970s builders working on the first floor of the building heard the sound of a young girl crying coming from the empty rooms above them.

Then one of the bolted first floor windows violently flung itself open.

And strangely they then heard what sounded like a trumpet blasting out one note.

Over the remaining time they worked in the building they would hear the phantom trumpet on a regular basis.

In 1979 two members of staff were working in the stockroom when suddenly they heard a loud rapping noise on the outside of the room’s window.

They were so frightened that they fled the room.

You see, the stockroom was then on the top floor of the building and no living person could be tapping on the high up window!

Other members of staff reported seeing a ghostly mist in the stockroom which quickly disappeared into thin air when they entered the room.

They also reported hearing people having a conversation and a young girl singing coming from the empty rooms at the top of the building.

In 2003 a member of staff suddenly realised she couldn’t hear the busy sound of traffic coming from the street outside.

Suddenly she heard the sound of a coach and horses coming along North Street.

She looked out of the window expecting to see the coach and horses but saw nothing even though she heard it thunder past her and head up the street!

One afternoon in 2005 a staff member entered the menswear section on the first floor and as she did so she heard the sound of children laughing.

The children’s laughter suddenly ceased the moment she entered the room!


St Catherine’s Chapel, Guildford

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a Grey Lady emerging from the ruins of the chapel and walking across St Catherine’s Hill.

A ghostly man has also been seen walking on St Catherine’s Hill.

Visitors to the eerie chapel have reported hearing phantom chanting coming from the ruins!

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