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60+ Haunted Places in West Sussex (Updated 2017)

60+ Haunted Places in West Sussex (Updated 2017)

| On 25, Apr 2017



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Haunted Hotels in West Sussex

Amberley Castle Hotel, Amberley

The castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

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The Norfolk Arms, Arundel

The Norfolk Arms Hotel, Arundel

The hotel is said to be haunted by a playful ghost.

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The Lion Hotel, Bognor Regis

The Lion Hotel is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman.

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The Ramada Crawley Gatwick, Crawley

Members of staff and guests alike have reported strange events taking place within the hotel.

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The Angel Hotel, Midhurst

The ghost at the Angel has never been seen but some guests have reported suddenly feeling freezing cold.

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The Spread Eagle Hotel, Midhurst

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a golden lady in the Lounge Bar.

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The Angel Hotel, Petworth

The Angel Hotel, Petworth

The hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old lady.

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The White Horse, Storrington

The White Horse, Storrington

One of the hotel’s bedrooms has a reputation for being haunted.

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Haunted Places in West Sussex

Arundel Castle, Arundel

The most well-known ghost at the castle is that of a former kitchen boy.

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing the phantom sounds of somebody cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen.

Many believe these phantom noises are created by the kitchen boy ghost going about his daily work!

The library at the castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a cavalier from the English Civil War period.

Witnesses who’ve seen his apparition say that he seems to be looking through the library books!

Nobody knows exactly who the cavalier ghost is or why he haunts the library.

The Hiorne Tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young lady.

Legend says that she committed suicide by jumping from the top of the tower after a love affair went bad.

Over the years many shocked witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly suicide re-enacted from the top of the tower.

The final ghost at the castle is of the feathered kind…

You see, in the past a phantom white bird has been seen flapping against one of the castle’s windows.

The ghost bird is an unwelcomed sight as it’s said to be an omen of a death in the household, normally the head of the family!


Arundel Cathedral, Arundel

The cathedral is said to be haunted by the ghost of Bishop Butt.

He spent a lot of time at the cathedral after his retirement.

And it looks like the building had a big impact on him as his ghostly apparition has been seen by witnesses sitting in his old room and standing on the staircase!


Binsted Woods, Arundel

Spirits and demon dogs are said to wander Binsted Woods after dark.

Spooked visitors to the woods after nightfall have reported hearing eerie screams in the area of the shrine to the Virgin Mary and Madonna Pond.

Local legend says two children drowned in the pond and that it’s haunted by a phantom coach and horses which once crashed into it!

St Nicholas Church, Arundel

St Nicholas Church, Arundel

In 1940 a visitor to the church took a photo of its altar.

When the photograph was developed it showed a ghostly apparition of a priest kneeling at the altar.

But was the ghostly figure actually a priest?

An old church warden of St Nicholas Church once reported that he’d witnessed a ghostly apparition of a woman kneeling and praying at the same altar.

He described the ghostly woman as being dressed in blue and having long white hair!

Another woman ghost said to haunt the church is that of a ghostly nun.

Her phantom footsteps have been heard in the church’s bell tower and her apparition has been seen there too!


The Balcombe Tunnel, Balcombe

It’s said that during the First World War three soldiers took shelter in the Balcombe Tunnel during a bombing raid.

Tragically they were all hit and killed by the London to Brighton express train!

During a Second World War bombing raid two soldiers entered the tunnel to take shelter but where horrified to discover the ghostly apparitions of the three First World War soldiers already sheltering in there!


Holy Trinity Church, Bosham

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly male figure walking around the outside of the church.

They describe the male ghostly figure as being an ancient knight!


Bramber Castle

Bramber Castle, Bramber

Situated in the village of Bramber you’ll find the remains of the Norman motte-and-bailey Bramber Castle.

The castle dates back to 1070 when it was first built by William De Braose.

He built the castle on a natural mound overlooking the River Adur together with a Norman church.

Bramber Castle remained the family home of the de Braose family until 1326.

After that date, the history of the castle is a bit sketchy.

It’s known that during the English Civil War in 1642 some minor skirmishes took place at the castle.

Today, all that’s left of Bramber Castle is the remains of the Gatehouse tower, a section of the curtain wall and a small church opposite it.

Legend says that William De Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber had upset King John I.

As a reprisal, it’s said that the children of William De Braose were captured, imprisoned at Windsor Castle and starved to death!

The ghosts of those poor children are said to haunt the ruins of Bramber Castle to this very day.

Witnesses have seen their ghostly apparitions dressed in rags and begging for food in the castle’s grounds!


Chanctonbury Ring, Chanctonbury Hill

Spooked visitors to Chanctonbury Ring have reported hearing the phantom sounds of monks chanting, a baby crying, beating drums, galloping horses, a woman wailing and a church organ.

EVPs of strange voices have also been captured on tape!

Mediums visiting the site have returned with strange finger marks on their skin.

On one night in 1974 a terrified paranormal investigator was lifted several feet into the air by something invisible when he entered the centre of Chanctonbury Ring.

He was dumped back to the ground after he cried out ‘No More, No More’!

Some people visiting Chanctonbury Ring have reported feeing disoriented and nauseous.

One of the most common apparitions seen on the site is that of a ghostly Druid.

Witnesses describe him as having his head bent down as though he’s looking for something.

Another ghost seen at the ring is of an old man who looks like he’s guarding something.

Many believe he’s a ghost of a Saxon warrior who was killed during the Battle of Hastings.


Charlton Forest

Spooked visitors to Charlton Forest have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a mounted soldier riding through the woodland.

They describe him as wearing body armour and riding a grey horse.

Many believe he’s a spirit of a Parliamentarian officer from the English Civil War era.

His ghost is also said to haunt Sokenholes Farm which is located to the south west of the small town of Petworth.

Local legend says that if you’re alone at the farmhouse late at night you’ll be visited by the officer’s phantom grey steed but not the rider!


Brookpits Manor, Climping

In the 1920s the resident of Brookpits Manor got up very early one morning to find a ghostly apparition of a man sitting in his living room.

The ghostly man slowly disappeared into thin air but not slow enough that the resident didn’t get a good look at him first.

He described him as being a large thick-set man with a light-coloured beard.

He was wearing dark clothes with a cape and tall stovepipe hat.

The resident told one of his friends about the ghostly apparition.

His friend advised him that the next time he saw the ghost to take a green bramble branch and make a sawing motion with it on a nearby door.

This he did the next morning when he saw the ghostly man again sitting in his living room.

As soon as the resident being a sawing motion with the bramble branch the ghostly man instantly disappeared into thin air never to be seen again!

During the 1970s the building underwent some restoration work.

It was during this time that spooked builders reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a young girl appear through an old bricked-up window.


St Andrew’s Church, Didling

One day in 1926 a visitor to the village decide to have a look around its church.

As he began to enter the church he heard a choir singing loadly inside.

He paused for a moment to listen then opened the church door and entered the church.

To his surprise he found the church was totally empty and the singing had ceased!

One Sunday in 1943 the Reverend at the time reported to his organist that he could hear a phantom voice singing along with his regulars during the service.

The organist was pleased that the Reverend had brought the matter up as she could also hear the phantom voice singing away.

Apparently the voice was pure and beautiful but only sang a couple of lines of the hymns before fading out!


Ford Airfield, Ford

With its military past it no wonder that Ford Airfield is rumoured to be haunted…

Witnesses visiting the airfield have reported seeing a ghostly figure of an airman wandering about it.

They describe him as being an old-style airman who’s carrying a parachute in his arms!


Ford Road, Ford

In 1984 a young man was driving along the Ford Road when suddenly a man jumped out in front of his car.

The young driver didn’t have enough time to avoid the man resulting in him running the man over.

The driver stopped his car to see if the man was alright.

The man said he was OK and ran off across a nearby field clutching his stomach.

The young driver reported the incident to the police describing the man as wearing clothes which were very similar to the uniform worn by the inmates of the local Ford Open Prison.

Further inquirers at Ford Open Prison disclosed that no inmates were missing at the time of the accident!

A similar incident happened to a woman on the same stretch of road just after she’d dropped a friend off at the railway station.

Again a man stepped out in front of her car and she thought that she’d run him over.

When she got out of her car to see if the man was OK she couldn’t find him anywhere.

He had simply vanished into thin air.

When she checked over her car, she couldn’t find any dents, scratches or damages in it!


St Nicholas’ Church, Poling

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing chanting and seeing ghostly figures in the churchyard of St Nicholas’ Church and in the grounds of the nearby farmhouse.

Experts in ancient music have identified the chanting as being a Gregorian funeral chant called Deus misereatur, the 67th Psalm!


Racton Ruin, Racton

Local legend says that the lanes leading up to the ruin are haunted by the ghostly apparition of a young woman.

Nobody knows the true identity of the ghostly woman but she’s described as being in her mid-twenties.

Spooked visitors to the ruin have reported bricks being thrown at them from the top of the tower, hearing weird ghostly noises, seeing a ghostly face in one of the tower’s window and being physically pushed or grabbed by something invisible!


The Adur Civic Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea

One night a member of staff was working late at the centre when he suddenly heard the front doors opening and closing.

There shouldn’t have been anybody else in the building at that time so he went to investigate who had opened and closed the doors.

As he reached the doors he saw the ghostly apparition of a young woman going through them!

The upper floor of the building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former caretaker who was tragically electrocuted within the centre.

A cleaner working on the upper floor once witnessed a pair of disembodied ankles and feet appear in front of her!

Another witness reported seeing a ghostly figure in a green haze appear next to the vending machine one day.


Southlands Hospital, Shoreham-by-Sea

Beneath the out patients department of Southlands Hospital is a basement which houses the medical records section of the hospital.

Members of staff hated going into the medical records section out of hours because they believed it was haunted by a Grey Lady ghost!



The area around the village and Fontwell Park are said to be the haunt of a phantom horse which has been seen by witnesses galloping towards them before disappearing into thin air just before it reaches them.

A phantom carriage being pulled by a team of horses has also been seen travelling through the village.

In 2011 a lorry driver got the shock of his life whilst driving along the A27 near Slindon.

He drove straight through a collection of black misty circles with white centres that suddenly appeared in front of his lorry.

As he did so, his lorry cut out and coasted to a stop.

He managed to restart the lorry and continued his journey without any further problems but he did admit to being terrified by the experience.


St Mary and St Gabriel Church, South Harting

Spooked visitors to the churchyard have reported witnessing either a figure of a ghostly man or a figure of a ghostly woman.

Witnesses say that the ghostly woman tends to disappear into thin air as soon as she’s spotted.

The ghostly man has been described as being a well-built tall man who paces around the churchyard as though on guard.


St Andrew and St Cuthman Church, Steyning

The church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a 13th century holy woman called Milian who arrived at the church looking for sanctuary and enlightenment.

Apparently she was quiet argumentative, she would often argue with the local monks and even launched a lawsuit against the vicar!

Although her ghost isn’t often seen, it’s still believed to haunt churchyard.


The Tangmere Military Aviation Museum, Tangmere

Spooked visitors to the museum have reported hearing the phantom screams of distressed women whilst walking around the exhibits.

Some people believe the phantom screams are from the ghosts of women of the Women’s Auxiliary Air Force who tragically died when their air raid shelter took a direct hit during a bombing raid in the Second World War.

Other visitors to the museum have commented on the sudden temperature drops and the spooky feeling whilst in the Battle of Britain Hall.

In 1984 a spooked witness reported seeing three ghostly men at the museum.

They were described as wearing RAF uniforms from the Second World War era.

Members of staff have noticed that museum objects are mysteriously moved about the place.

And on one occasion a frightened staff member reported seeing a ghostly face peering out of the window of one of the vintage aircrafts.

During bad weather, witnesses have reported hearing a phantom aircraft circling overhead.

This phenomenon is believed to be a ghostly re-enactment of a stricken aircraft that was shot down during an air battle in the Second World War.


St Mary’s Church Ruins, Treyford

Spooked visitors to the ruins have reported hearing a phantom congregation singing away merrily.

The singing phantom congregation are usually heard on still summer evenings!


Knepp Castle, West Grinstead

The grounds of Knepp castle are said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl from the 13th century.

Apparently, her ghost can transform itself into that of a phantom deer!

Nobody exactly knows who the shape shifting ghostly girl is or why she is haunting the grounds of Knepp Castle!


Cissbury Ring, Worthing

Local legend says a highwayman was executed at Cissbury Ring.

And just before his death he warned his executioners that he would come back from the dead.

It looks like he did…

As some spooked witnesses visiting Cissbury Ring have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a highwayman on horseback riding across the ancient site!


The Connaught Theatre, Worthing

In 1987 a teenager visiting the theatre reported seeing a ghostly woman on the spiral staircase.

The ghostly woman has been seen many times at the theatre.

Some witnesses describe her as wearing Victorian clothing whilst others described her as wearing clothing from the Elizabethan era!

In 2007 a couple of spooked carpet fitters reported seeing a ghostly woman whilst they worked in the theatre.

This time she had a 1930s haircut!

This sighting has brought up many questions on who exactly haunts the theatre…

Is it haunted by three different ghostly women?

Or is it just one ghost who wears different outfits, maybe a former actress who wore different costumes for her job?


Montague Street, Worthing

In the past, local security cameras have captured on film the little faces of two ghostly children peering out from the windows of the chocolate shop and the premises next door.

Spooked staff members of the shops have reported hearing eerie noises and objects being moved about in the empty rooms above the shops.

On one occasion a staff member witnessed a ghostly figure in one of the storerooms and asked it what it was doing.

The ghostly figure replied… ‘Quiet’!


Weald and Downland Open Air Museum of Historic Buildings

Weald and Downland Open Air Museum of Historic Buildings, Singleton

The Weald and Downland Open Air Museum of Historic Buildings is situated on the edge of the village of Singleton.

It’s an amazing place… it’s like a rescue centre for ancient houses!

The museum covers fifty acres and houses fifty buildings.

A lot of the buildings are over four hundred years old and have been rescued from all over the south of England.

The buildings were marked for demolition but were dismantled, relocated and rebuilt at the museum.

It’s said that some of these buildings have brought their ghosts from the past with them and now the museum site is very haunted!

So much so, that in 2010 the team from the paranormal TV show Most Haunted investigated it for two nights…

Dark shadowy figures have been seen by witnesses around one of the museum’s buildings which was at one time a medieval shop.

It’s situated at the end of a street of building which is said to be very haunted.

The medieval hall house from North Cray is said to be haunted by the tall scary ghost of a former resident.

Another of Weald and Downland properties said to be haunted by a former resident is that of a Tudor house from Walderton.

Terrified members of staff have witnessed the ghostly apparition of a lady in a long gown going from house to house.

A dark ghostly figure has been seen standing in the doorway of the medieval thatched cottage located in the woods of Weald and Downland.

The hall house from Midhurst is said to be the most haunted building at the museum.

Poltergeist activity, a dark shadowy figure and phantom footsteps have all been reported by witnesses in the house.


Haunted Houses in West Sussex

Ecclesden Manor, Angmering

In the summer of 1964 a local farm worker spotted a ghostly apparition of a monk sitting on a bank.

He described the monk as wearing a brown habit and reading a prayer book.

As he approached the ghostly monk he got the shock of his life as the monk stood up to reveal that he was about nine foot tall!

The farm worker started to run in terror but as he looked back he noticed that the ghostly figure had vanished into thin air.


St Mary’s House, Bramber

Canadian troops billeted at St Mary’s during the Second World War as well as Land Girls reported seeing ghostly monks wandering about Monk’s Walk.

Witnesses have reported smelling the odour of an old fashioned musky perfume in and outside the bedroom above the Painted Room.

Residents of St Mary’s have reported hearing eerie knocking noises in the house as well as the smelling incense in the Hall.

One witness once reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a pretty little girl playing happily on the upper landing of the house.

Apparently she was dressed in smart Elizabethan clothing of a doublet and hose with a black velvet hat with a feather in it and had a cheeky smile on her face!

In 1935 the apparition of a White Lady was spotted on a couple of occasions standing on the stairs.


Cuckfield Park, Cuckfield

Cuckfield Park is said to be haunted by the ghost of Ann Sergison who died in 1848 at the ripe old age of eighty-five.

She was the lady of the house and apparently had a bad temper so was refer to as Wicked Dame Sergison.

Shortly after her death her ghostly apparition was seen wandering the main corridors and staircase of the house as well as the avenue leading to Cuckfield Park.

It’s said her ghost was very lifelike!


Cowdray House, Midhurst

The most commonly witnessed ghost at the ruins of Cowdray House is that of the Grey or White Lady.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen floating along ‘Lady’s Walk’.

The ghostly woman is said to be the spirit of the wife of the 5th Viscount Montague.

It’s said that in 1702 he shot dead a priest in the chapel at Cowdray for starting Mass without him!

Apparently he avoided justice by hiding in a priest hole at the keeper’s lodge until he died in 1717.

He would only venture out of the priest hole for an hour at midnight when his wife would bring him food.

The ghost of the 5th Viscount was said to have haunted the house until it burnt down in 1793.

A paranormal investigation team has reported hearing the phantom voice of a young child say ‘hello’ in the gatehouse and have found unexplainable wet footprints on the steps of the tower.

They also believe there are a malevolent male presence in the wine cellar and other ghostly presences in the pantry!


Uppark House, South Harting

The house’s Red Room is reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Sir Harry Fetherstonhaugh the only son of Sir Matthew Fetherstonhaugh who bought Uppark in 1717.

Eerie sounds, windows opening and closing on their own accord and the antique fire guard being mysteriously straighten if left in the wrong position are just some of the paranormal activity to have taken place within the Red Room.

Spooked witnesses have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of Sir Harry sitting in the corner of the room!


Haverfield House (Storm House), Worthing

Former residents of Haverfield House reported that the building was haunted by a ghostly female figure.

They would often hear her phantom footsteps walking around the place.

On one occasion the lady of the house came face to face with the ghostly woman.

She described her as being young, attractive and wearing a dressing gown!


Haunted Places in Chichester

Chichester Cathedral, Chichester

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a monk wandering around the grounds of the cathedral near to the Minster House.

He’s often seen in the daylight but for some reason witnesses never see his face!

Another ghostly apparition seen in the grounds of the cathedral is that of an elderly man.

Witnesses describe him as wearing a suit and using a walking stick to help him walk the exact route every day!


Chichester Inn, Chichester

The pub is said to be haunted by a ghostly Roman legionnaire who it’s believed once patrolled the nearby Roman wall.

Customers at the Chichester Inn have reported to have felt the Roman soldier brush past them.

Some spooked witnesses have even seen his ghostly apparition.

Apparently they only ever see the top half of his body.

This may be due to the fact that the ground level was at a different height during the Roman era!

Another ghost has also been witnessed at the Chichester Inn.

One day a former barmaid was cleaning a large mirror in the pub when she suddenly saw in its reflection an old lady standing in the doorway watching her.

The barmaid turned around to tell her that the pub wasn’t open yet but found that she’d completely disappeared into thin air!

Sudden temperature drops and doors mysteriously opening on their own accord have also been reported to have taken place on a regular basis within the pub.


Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

Paranormal activity has been reported to have taken place within the Pallant House.

For most of its history the house was used as a residency.

The downstairs room which used to be the kitchen is reported to be the most active place within the house.

Spooked visitors have reported smelling phantom cooking aromas in the former kitchen.

And some people have actually felt somebody invisible brush past them!


St Richard’s Hospital, Chichester

One of the main ghosts said to haunt St Richard’s Hospital isn’t of a former patient but of a workman who tragically died after falling down a lift shaft whilst building the hospital.

His ghostly apparition has been seen in both the children’s and women’s wards!

The other ghost that’s often witnessed at the hospital is that of a nurse.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen walking around the wards tucking patients in for the night!

Witnesses describe her as wearing an old-fashioned nurse’s uniform.


Unicorn House, Chichester

Spooked workers at Unicorn House have reported all types of paranormal activity taking place within the building.

They’ve witnessed doors and drawers opening and closing on their own accord, objects mysteriously falling off cabinets and computer keyboards being pressed!

One night a poor cleaner was scared witless when she saw a ghostly apparition of a man at the top of the stairs.

A medium who visited said that the building was haunted by an old army general and a little boy from the Victorian era!


Haunted Places in Bognor Regis

Bognor Regis Pier Nightclub, Bognor Regis

One day in the early 1990’s a new barman at the nightclub witnessed a man walk across to the opposite side of the curved conservatory bar.

When the barman walked over to that area of the bar to serve the man he discovered that he’d totally disappeared into thin air!

Later when the bar had a quiet period the barman decided to take a toilet break.

As he was leaving the toilet he turned to close the door and suddenly he came face to face with a ghostly man.

He fled the building and decided to wait outside until customers turned up.

He described the ghostly man as having dark hair but being old looking.

When he told his manageress about the place being haunted she replied, ‘Oh right, you’ve seen him too’!


The Picturedrome Cinema, Bognor Regis

One day in the 1970s the Picturedrome’s cleaner saw a man sitting in one of the cinema’s seats.

The thing was, there was no film playing so the cleaner decided do go over to the man and ask him what he was doing there.

As she approached him he disappeared into thin air!

This ghostly man has been witnessed many times in the cinema.

A ghost hunting group has caught on film a ghostly figure walking along the back row of seats.

As well as an apparition of a headless figure sitting in one of the cinema’s boxes.

One of the cinema’s seats has also been seen to move by its own accord into a position as though someone invisible was sitting in it!


The Unicorn, Bognor Regis

It’s said that the ghostly Methodist priest turns off the pumps to the bar taps on a regular basis because he doesn’t approve of people consuming alcohol.

A spooked member of staff once reported seeing a drinks optic come away from the wall and hover in mid-air before falling to the floor where it smashed.

One evening a couple of members of staff were playing on the pub’s fruit machine when they both suddenly noticed a figure in white walk behind them in the reflection of the glass front of the fruit machine.

Thinking it was their manageress they both turned around only to discover that nobody was there.

Five minutes later their manageress walked in…

She was wearing a blue top!

Customers have reported seeing ghostly figures walk through the wall in the pool table area.

One day a young man was playing pool and just as he was going to take a shot he bumped into somebody standing behind.

He turned around to say sorry to the person but found that nobody was there!


Haunted Pubs in West Sussex

The Lamb Inn, Angmering

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman in the bar area and walking around the upstairs part of the pub.

They describe her as being dressed in white!

Another ghostly apparition seen at the Lamb Inn is of a man.

His cold looking ghost has been seen sitting on a stool trying to warm himself by the pub’s fire.

Witnesses describe him as wearing clothing from the Victorian era!

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The Kings Arms, Arundel

One night in the 1990s the then landlady was suddenly awoken by the eerie sensation that something was rubbing against her leg.

When she looked towards the end of her bed she saw a small hunched monochrome figure.

In the darkness of her bedroom she couldn’t tell whether the ghostly figure was male or female.

After a while it just disappeared into thin air!

Other paranormal activities have been reported to have taken place within the Kings Arms.

Glasses and trays moving by their own accord and light switches turning themselves on and off are just some of the strange events said to have taken place within the pub!


The Black Horse, Binsted

Spooked customers of the Black Horse pub have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of an old man sitting by the fireplace in the bar area.

A former member of staff who lived at the pub reported that one night he was awoken by the sound of someone trying to get into his bedroom.

There was banging on his bedroom door together with somebody rattling the door handle.

After the noise had ceased he ventured out of his bedroom to check the hallway but he found that nobody was there.

When he returned to his room a banging on his window started up.

This was strange because his bedroom was on the first floor of the pub.

He rushed over to his window to capture the culprit in action but when he looked out of it he found nobody there!

In 1894 an old man who was lodging at the pub was found drowned in the well situated at the back of the pub.

The verdict of his death was suicide due to mental health issues.

Could the ghostly old man seen by customers sitting in the bar area and the paranormal activity reported by the former member of staff be something to do with the spirit of this poor old man who drowned himself in the well?


The Black Horse Inn, Climping

The owners of the Black Horse have nicknamed their residential ghost George.

George is said to be quiet a character…

He’s been blamed for pinching the barmaid’s bottoms, moving pictures, throwing plates and turning the dishwasher on!


The Royal Oak Inn, East Lavant

For many years people reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the upstairs empty back bedroom of the pub.

In the 1950s a ghostly apparition of a man was seen in the bedroom.

The witness described him as a thin man with a scruffy beard.

In the early part of the 19th century a body of a bearded man was found in the back bedroom of the pub.

Nobody knows exactly how he died but many believe that he was in fact murdered.

And that’s why he now haunts the pub today!


The Roundstone, East Preston

In the early hours of one morning, the landlady of the Roundstone was woken up by her Old English Sheepdog howling.

To her horror, she spotted at the end of her bed a ghostly man watching her.

She screamed and the apparition disappeared from sight!

Her husband thought that she had hallucinated or dreamt the incident.

That’s up until early one morning when he was having a cup of tea by the fireplace in the Millstone Bar.

He glanced up and saw an apparition of a man behind the bar looking at him.

As soon as the ghostly man was spotted, he vanished into thin air!


The Bull’s Head, Goring-by-Sea

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking across the upstairs floor above the bar area.

It’s said that they always walk across the floor at precisely 6.50pm!

Members of staff have also reported bottles falling off shelves by their own accord when they were locking up for the night.

And one regular reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a man within the pub.

He was described as wearing a shirt together with trousers that were held up by braces!


The Dolphin, Littlehampton

The Dolphin is reputed to be haunted by ghostly women and children from the Victorian era.

Room Seven is said to be the most active room in the building.

Spooked guests staying the night in the room have reported feeling sudden temperature drops, hearing the sound of small phantom footsteps walking around and witnessing a dark shadowy figure standing in the corner of the room!


The Fisherman’s Joy, Selsey

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a little girl within the pub.

Another apparition seen in the Fisherman’s Joy is of a black shadow which moves across the bar area and vanishes through the window.

The window is in the spot of the original entrance door to the pub!

Members of staff at the pub have reported hearing the sounds of glasses clinking and stools moving across the wooden floor in the bar.

At first this doesn’t sound like a strange occurrence within a pub, but it always happens when the pub is closed to the public.

It’s as though the ghosts of the pub are enjoying their own private lock-in!


The Crown and Anchor, Shoreham-by-Sea

The young son of a former landlord got the shock of his life one night when he awoke to find a pair of ghostly legs hanging from his ceiling.

It’s said that a séance was performed the night before and a ghost of a hanging man was evoked.

The pub is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of two young children, a boy and a girl.

Apparently they hide a lot because they’re afraid of the hanging man!

A ghostly Spaniard and a ghost of a French girl are also said to haunt the pub.

Local legend says that French girl was brought ashore by a sailor or soldier during the Napoleonic Wars.

He abandoned her when she became pregnant.

She worked at the pub as a serving wench but tragically committed suicide by throwing herself out of the pub’s upstairs rear window.

Terrified witnesses who’ve seen her ghostly apparition describe her as being pale looking, dressed in grey and muttering a French phrase!


Suter’s Yard, Shoreham-by-Sea

Local legend says that many years ago a little girl and her nanny drowned in the pub’s cellar when a high tide flooded it.

It’s now said that the pub is haunted by the ghost of a little girl and a woman!

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of a little red headed girl and a woman within the pub.

The ghostly red headed girl is said to be about six years old.

She’s been seen in the cellar, the lobby near the ladies toilets and sitting on the floor of the bar.

Witnesses have also reported hearing a young child giggling and phantom footsteps.

A former landlady once awoke with the sensation of her hair being stroked by invisible hands!

Large orb shape lights have also been witnessed in the pub.

They’ve been described as being white or blue in colour.


The Waterside Inn, Shoreham-by-Sea

The previous owners reported seeing ghostly apparitions of nuns and monks wandering around the Waterside Inn.

Recent owners of the pub were convinced it was haunted by a poltergeist as they would often hear chairs being moved about in the middle of the night by somebody unknown!

They believed the cellar was haunted too because they would often feel sudden temperature drops, their pet dogs would refuse to go down into the cellar and the beer would suddenly go flat as the gas would mysteriously be turned off.


The Crab and Lobster Inn, Sidlesham

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a tall man standing in the pub.

They describe him as wearing a uniform, cloak and riding boots from the English Civil War period.

Other witnesses have also seen his apparition but this time they report him lying on the floor in a pool of blood!

His normally seen just before dawn and is said to be the ghost of the Royalist Sir Robert Earnley.

Local legend say that after a bloody encounter with Parliamentarian troops Sir Robert made his way to the inn where he later died from his wounds that he received during his skirmish with the Cromwellian soldiers.

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