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9 Haunted Pubs of East Sussex

| On 01, Nov 2016

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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The Star Inn, Alfriston

There are two ghosts which are said to haunt the Star Inn.

One of the ghosts is said to wear clothing from the medieval era whilst the other is said to wear Victorian clothing.

The medieval ghost is said to wear a court costume.

And the Victorian ghost is said to be wearing an outfit that a farmer of the period would wear.

The ghostly Victorian farmer has been seen sitting under the wall clock in the lounge.

A former landlord of the Star Inn reported that he woke up one night to see the Victorian farmer walk across his bedroom, stop at the bedroom wall and the walk back again.

He described him as being in his sixties and wearing a floppy hat, pleated smock and leggings held up with string!

Terrified guests staying at the Star Inn have been locked in their rooms by something or someone unknown.

Phantom footsteps, strange moans, temperature fluctuations, glasses and bottles falling off shelves on their own accord and members of staff being pushed by someone unseen are just some of the strange events to have taken place within the pub.


The Cricketers, Brighton

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing The Lanes Grey Nun ghost hovering outside the pub.

In the early 1900s the manager of the pub witnessed the ghostly apparition of a man he identified as Roslyn D’Onston Stephenson.

Roslyn D’Onston Stephenson was a Brighton writer and journalist who would often visit The Cricketers.

He was a suspect in the Jack the Ripper murders as there was evidence that he was in the area when the first victim Mary Ann Nichols was murdered!

The ghostly apparition of a pale looking man dressed in a long black overcoat and wearing a wide brimmed black hat has been seen ascending the pub’s stairs.

The sound of beer barrels being rolled about and phantom footsteps on the staircase have also been reported by spooked members of staff.

Doors slamming shut on their own accord, beer taps being mysteriously turned off, glasses suddenly falling of shelves and beer bottles being thrown through the air are just some of the weird events to have happened within the pub.

One manager reported that on one night when he was closing up, he blew out all the table candles only to find a few minutes later that they’d all been mysteriously relit!

A few years ago a young woman customer came screaming out of the ladies toilets.

She had felt two cold hands grab at her face and stroke her forehead.

It’s said that about a century ago a woman sadly committed suicide in the area of the ladies toilets!


The Lamb Inn, Eastbourne

The collapsed tunnel which connects the Lamb Inn’s cellar to the parsonage is said to be haunted by a White Lady ghost.

Spooked members of staff have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a tall man in the pub.

They describe him as being in his early forties and having blonde curly hair.

An apparition of another man is sometimes seen in the back bar sitting in a chair.

And the eerie sounds of a little girl crying has been heard coming from the laundry room!

The Lamb Inn is also said to be haunted by the ghosts of two prostitutes who once lived and worked at the inn when it was used as a brothel.


The Anchor Inn, Hastings

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a tall man wearing a dark suit and top hat in the pub’s back bar.

There was once a portrait of a local judge hanging on a wall in the Anchor Inn.

It’s said that the ghostly man seen in the pub’s back bar looked very much like the judge in the painting!

The back bar is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a much love clockmaker of Hastings who died in 1811.

It’s said that if a broken timepiece is left overnight in the back bar it will be miraculously fix by the morning!

Guests staying in the upstairs rooms of the inn have reported seeing a ghostly female figure leaning over them when they’ve woken in the middle of the night.

They describe her as wearing a big floppy hat.

Strangely, they say that they never felt afraid…

In fact they report feeling calm, reassured and fell quickly back into a peaceful sleep!

The ghostly woman is believed to be the spirit of a former nanny of the house who would watch over the family’s children while they slept.

The Anchor Inn is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a man who was hanged.

Witnessed who’ve seen his ghostly apparition describe him as wearing high sea boots and a dark blue jersey.

Many believe the ghostly man was a former smuggler!


The Bow Street Runner, Hove

Whenever the pub changes ownership paranormal activity seems to increase within it.

Many believe that the paranormal activity is down to a female ghost.

Local legend says that on one night in the 1860s a prostitute and her pimp were arrested and locked up for the night on the charge of being drunk and disorderly.

Somehow the prostitute died.

And now her ghost is said to haunt The Bow Street Runner!

Frightened members of staff have seen her ghostly apparition walk through the rear wall of the pub into the bar.

This wall is where the police cells once stood!

Witnesses describe the ghostly woman as wearing a Victorian white dress.

Her ghost has also been seen sitting in the bar area by both customers and members of staff alike.

An eerie knocking noise has also been heard coming from the back wall of the pub.

Glasses have been known to suddenly shatter or fall off shelves, beer bottle tops have mysteriously been removed from the bottle, beer bottles have been flung across the bar area by something unseen and a metal curtain rail suddenly fell off the wall one day.

Members of staff have also reported to have been touched by somebody unseen.

One member of staff who was living at the pub had her hair dryer switched off whilst she was using it and then felt a cold hand touch her on the back of her neck!


The Royal Oak and Castle, Pevensey

In the mid-1960s the new residents of the pub decorated some of its old disused rooms.

As a result paranormal activity started to take place in the upstairs lounge.

People would often hear phantom footsteps outside the lounge door and were certain that somebody was there.

Also some of the people felt distressed whilst in the room.

Witnesses would often report smelling the scent of perfume in the room.

The room was once the bedroom of a former landlady of the pub.

And it’s believed that it was her ghost that was responsible for the paranormal activity.

One young resident of the pub reported feeling a sudden heavy weight on his legs one night whilst he was sleeping in another one of the pub’s rooms.

Another person reported feeling somebody pulling at his duvet cover in the middle of the very first night he slept in the same room!

Customers have reported witnessing a shadow crossing the main bar.

And a member of staff now refuses to go down in the cellar alone after having a spooky experience down there where she felt she wasn’t alone.


The Seven Stars Inn, Robertsbridge

The infamous ghost that’s said to haunt the Seven Stars Inn is that of the Red Monk.

His ghostly apparition was last witnessed at the pub in 1972.

Members of staff at the pub have reported seeing objects suddenly fly off the kitchen shelves on their own accord.

In one week, the gas taps on the barrels in the cellar were turned off three times all by themselves!

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing ghostly shadows and hearing phantom footsteps and doors rattling.

The televisions in the building had a habit of suddenly switching themselves on.

And bed sheets have had jagged holes cut into them!

Poltergeist activity has also been reported to take place within the pub.

A lot of the paranormal activity happens within an upstairs room of the Seven Stars Inn.

A former owner once witnessed the drawers of a Victorian dressing table rapidly opening and closing on their own accord.

And a former guest reported that he would have to constantly shut a window in his bedroom which would have the habit of opening all by itself!


The Horse and Groom, St Leonards-on-Sea

A corner in the pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young happy-go-lucky 19th century man called Jimmy Coles who was found with his throat cut in a nearby alleyway.

Just before his murder Jimmy was having an affair with the wife of a wealthy businessman.

And was found out by her husband and warned off!

Drinkers in the pub know when Jimmy’s ghost is sitting in his favourite corner because they can smell the strong odour of old fashioned pipe tobacco.


The Wheatsheaf Inn, Willingdon

One day a member of staff at the Wheatsheaf Inn got the shock of their life when they noticed two old ladies sitting at the corner of the bar having a good old chat…

As they approached them to ask them what they would like to drink, they disappeared into thin air!

They aren’t the only elderly apparitions to have been seen at the pub.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing a ghost of an old man in a flat cap walking around the downstairs bar.

One member of staff has also reported hearing spooky knocking sounds and eerie whispering whilst alone in the pub.

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