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8 Haunted Hotels in Cambridgeshire (Updated 2017)

| On 21, Feb 2017


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The Bull Hotel, Peterborough

You’ll find the 17th century Grade II listed Bull Hotel along Westgate in the middle of Peterborough…

Just opposite the Queensgate Shopping Centre to be precise!

The hotel has a few ghostly tales to tell…

In the 1800s, a lady travelling with her dog stopped off at the hotel.

Unfortunately, whilst their coach and horses manoeuvred in the yard the poor dog got run over and killed.

Since that time, the Bull has been extended and the yard is now one of the hotel’s bedrooms.

Today, the room is said to be haunted by the ghost of the dog…

Hotel maids have been surprised to discover muddy paw prints on the clean bed sheets even when no guests have been staying in the room!

It seems that the ghostly dog isn’t the only spirit to roam the hotel…

Both members of staff and guests alike have reported hearing phantom footsteps and the eerie sound of somebody jingling keys in the bar area.

Cold spots and suddenly temperature drops have also been noticed!

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Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough

Another of Peterborough’s hotel which has a reputation for being haunted is the Orton Hall Hotel.

Orton Hall is a 17th century manor house which at one time was the home of the Marquises of Huntly.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a friendly female ghost…

The White Lady is said to be responsible for opening curtains and windows as well as flushing toilets.

Some spooked guests have even reported somebody tapping them on their shoulder only to find nobody there when they turn around!

Terrified witnesses who have seen the White Lady describe her as an elderly woman with white hair wearing a high-collared dress.

Many believe that she was once a member of staff to one of the Marquises.

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The Haycock Hotel, Peterborough

The Haycock Hotel near Peterborough is said to be haunted by a very famous ghost.

The 16th century hotel is situated in Wansford on the banks of the River Nene to the west of Peterborough.

The hotel is reputed to have many ghosts.

Guests regularly report seeing ghostly figures within the old part of the building.

But the most famous ghost said to haunt the hotel is that of Mary Queen of Scots…

You see, she stayed at the hotel in the days when it was a coaching inn on her way to her execution at Fotheringhay castle.

Members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady who looks remarkably like Mary!

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Golden Lion Hotel, St Ives

The 18th century Golden Lion Hotel in the market town of St Ives has a reputation for being very haunted…

The ghost of the Green Lady is said to be responsible for opening and closing doors and ringing bells.

Her ghost has also been accused of pulling the sheets off the beds in Room 13!

On one occasion, an apparition of a lady wearing a green dress was seen by a terrified witness in Room 12.

A ghostly cavalier has also been witnessed roaming around the building.

One day a maid saw a ghostly figure walk along the corridor and vanish through the wall.

A few seconds later, a terrified guest came running out of a room saying that they’ve seen a ghostly apparition of a man dressed in a Royalist uniform enter the room through the wall and then just vanish into thin air!

The strange thing is…

Local legend says the hotel has a reputation for the ghost of Oliver Cromwell turning up.

And we all know that he was a Parliamentarian!

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The Hardwicke Arms Hotel, Arrington

You’ll find the Hardwicke Arms Hotel situated along the old Roman road of Ermine Street in the Cambridgeshire village of Arrington.

Parts of the Grade II listed hotel date back to the 13th century but much of the hotel you see today is 18th and 19th century.

The hotel was once a busy coaching inn and then later became part of the Wimpole estate.

From the 1980s onwards, the Hardwicke Arms has gained a reputation for being haunted.

The dining room of the Hardwicke Arms Hotel is said to be haunted by a wicked poltergeist.

And the guest room is said to be haunted by a ghostly woman who’s been seen sitting at the dressing table.

Witnesses describe her as wearing a red dress and say that as they enter the room she looks up at them before disappearing into thin air.

Spooked members of staff have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a monk standing by the fireplace in the bar area.

Apparently he appears for a few seconds before disappearing through the wall.

He’s been described as being old and wearing a black habit!

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George Hotel, Buckden

The George Hotel in Buckden dates back to the 17th century.

Today, the modern hotel’s rooms are cleverly named after famous Georges such as George Best, George Orwell and George Eliot.

But in the old days when the rooms were more conventionally numbered, the rooms in the old part of the George had a ghostly reputation…

Paranormal activity was reported by both members of staff and guests alike to take place in rooms 100, 104, 105 and 112.

Guests sleeping in the rooms would often be woken up in the middle of the night by something unseen lifting up their bedcover and pinching their legs!

The ghostly apparition of a man wearing a tricorn hat and a black coat has been seen by terrified witnesses gliding along the first floor corridor.

Locked doors in the hotel have been known to mysteriously unlock themselves on their own accord and heavy phantom footsteps have also been heard walking around the building.

The apparition of a woman has been seen to suddenly manifest on the hotel’s main staircase by stunned witnesses.

In the 1990s a shocked guest was woken by her young daughter who was speaking in a disturbing deep male voice…

It’s said that the lady and her daughter left the hotel in a hurry the very next morning!

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The George Hotel, Ramsey

Along the Ramsey High Street you’ll find the Grade II listed 17th century George Hotel.

The George is said to be haunted by a former landlady called Mary who tragically died from smoke inhalation in a fire at the property.

Understandably, Mary’s ghost is said to hate the sight of any naked flame within the building.

She’s been blamed for blowing out candles and hiding matches and lighters!

It’s believed that Mary is responsible for a variety of poltergeist activity which has taken place within the George.

But it seems that the hotel’s members of staff don’t mind Mary’s paranormal activity, in fact they quite like having her around the place.


The Bell Inn Hotel, Stilton

The 17th century Bell Inn is situated along the Stilton’s High Street.

The present building dates back to 1642 but there’s actually been a Bell Inn on the spot since the 1500s.

It has a reputation for being haunted by no other that the infamous highwayman Dick Turpin.

Legend says that when he was on the run from the authorities he stayed at the inn for nine weeks.

He eventually fled the Bell on his famed horse Black Bess when he was surprised by a raid on the inn.

One of the inn’s bedrooms which Dick Turpin is alleged to have stayed in is said to be haunted by his ghost.

Wednesday night is said to be the night that the highwayman’s spirit likes to haunt the bedroom and roam the hotel’s corridors.

Terrified guests have reported to have been awoken in the middle of the night to see a ghostly apparition of a highwayman in dark clothing standing at the bottom of their bed.

A dark ghostly figure on horseback believed to be Dick Turpin’s ghost has also been witnessed outside the Bell Inn.

Another ghost believed to be the spirit of a former employee is said to haunt the inn too.

Spooked guests have reported seeing a ghostly female figure in period clothing walking along the inn’s corridor.

Members of staff have reported objects mysteriously be moved or going missing in the bar area as well as in the kitchen!

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