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70+ Haunted Places in Cambridgeshire (Updated 2017)

| On 31, Mar 2017

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Golden Lion Hotel, St Ives

The 18th century Golden Lion Hotel in the market town of St Ives has a reputation for being very haunted…

The ghost of the Green Lady is said to be responsible for opening and closing doors and ringing bells.

Her ghost has also been accused of pulling the sheets off the beds in Room 13!

On one occasion, an apparition of a lady wearing a green dress was seen by a terrified witness in Room 12.

A ghostly cavalier has also been witnessed roaming around the building.

One day a maid saw a ghostly figure walk along the corridor and vanish through the wall.

A few seconds later, a terrified guest came running out of a room saying that they’ve seen a ghostly apparition of a man dressed in a Royalist uniform enter the room through the wall and then just vanish into thin air!

The strange thing is…

Local legend says the hotel has a reputation for the ghost of Oliver Cromwell turning up.

And we all know that he was a Parliamentarian!

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Madingley Hall, Cambridge

The most famous ghost of Madingley Hall is that of Lady Ursula…

Lady Ursula was the wife of Sir John Hynde and it’s said that her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses walking along the path from the hall to St Mary Magdalene Church.

It’s said that she appears every year on the 24th December.

It’s believed that Lady Ursula ghost is upset because her son Sir Francis destroyed St Etheldreda’s church in the village of Histon to use its timber and stone to finish the construction of Madingley Hall!

Lady Ursula isn’t the only Tudor ghost said to haunt the hall…

One witness in 1963 was scared witless after seeing a ghostly party of people dressed in Tudor costumes.

Apparently one of the figures had a green decaying skeletal face!

A young female apparition dressed in white has also been seen by witnesses in the courtyard of Madingley Hall.

It’s believed that she was the young daughter of the 17th century Hynde family.

Local legend says that her bridegroom died suddenly only a few days before their wedding.

And the tragic young woman died of a broken heart a couple of days later!

Spooked witnesses have seen her ghostly apparition wandering around the courtyard of the hall in her bridal gown.

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Peterborough Museum, Peterborough

When the building was used as a hospital in 1916 a young Australian soldier called Thomas Hunter died from his wounds whilst he was being treated within the Infirmary.

Today, the infamous ghostly grey figure called the lonely ANZAC is often seen during the summer months by terrified witnesses on the stairs and the first floor of the museum.

This man in grey apparition is believed to be Thomas!

Thomas ghost was first witnessed in 1931 by the caretaker’s wife and his children who live in the premises at the time.

The caretaker’s wife first saw him walking along the corridor on the first floor.

She described the apparition as a being a thirty year old man dressed in a grey suit with a weird glow around him.

Apparently grey suits were issued to wounded soldiers by the hospital during the Great War!

The museum is said to be haunted by the ghosts of the first owner Thomas Cooke and his second wife Charlotte.

Phantom female voices have been heard on the stairs which one of is believed to belong to the spirit of Charlotte.

In fact, during a ghost hunt in 2003 investigators heard the sound of a silk dress rustling and then phantom footsteps descending the stairs with a female voice calling ‘Lady Charlotte, Lady Charlotte’.

On the top floor of the museum there’s a staircase, corridor and rooms which at one time were the servants quarters.

The staircase is said to be haunted by the ghost of a serving girl…

Local legend says that a pretty serving girl at the house got pregnant after being forced upon by a male servant.

She mysteriously died by falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.

Some say she committed suicide whilst others believe she was pushed by the male servant!

A dark ghostly figure, phantom female voices and the feeling of someone invisible brushing past them have all been reported by spooked witnesses.

The funny thing is that most of the witnesses have been women.

Some of these women have reported feeling a sensation something like morning sickness and also the feeling of being pushed by unseen hands whilst they were standing at the top of the stairs!

The Geology Gallery on the first floor which exhibits fossils has a reputation for being haunted by a little girl.

Nobody really knows the identity of the ghostly girl…

Some people refer to her as Amy or Anna!

In 2004 a young workman saw an apparition of a little girl behind the frosted glass of a door at the end of the corridor near the gallery.

In 2008 a witness on an organised ghost hunt saw the ghostly figure of a little girl manifest then disappear in the glass of a window.

It’s very rare to actually see the apparition of the little girl but her voice is often caught on recordings taken in the gallery by investigators.

Doctor Caleb Taylor was the registrar at Peterborough Infirmary.

He was a very dedicated man and one of the first pioneers in the use of the x-ray in the early 1900s.

Unfortunately health and safety regulation weren’t so stringent in those days and he sadly died in 1927 from radiation poisoning.

In the late 1940s the young daughter of the caretaker who lived in the first floor flat of the museum was taken very ill with chickenpox.

The little girl was put to bed with a high fever and the doctor was sent for…

She awoke from the fever to see a kind-looking man sitting at the bottom of her bed.

He smiled at her and then a few moments later left the room.

The man was in his late fifties and had balding hair, a moustache and round glasses.

The girl at first thought that this was the doctor until the real doctor turned up an hour later!

A couple of weeks after she’d recovered, she was helping her dad sort through some old photographs from the museum.

To her surprise she found a photo of the same man who she’d seen sitting on her bed when she was ill…

It was of Doctor Caleb Taylor who had died twenty years earlier!

The museum’s Archaeology Gallery houses a rare 1st century iron Roman cavalry sword.

In 2004 a psychic said that the ghost of a Roman soldier from the 9th Legion was attached to the sword.

Two years later a couple of ghost hunters witnessed a dark ghostly male figure enter the Archaeology Gallery and stood looking at the Roman sword before disappearing into thin air!

There’s a room near the main staircase which is used by the museum’s fossil team as a laboratory.

Back in 2005 a Most Haunted team member reported feeling as though someone had walked straight through them when they entered the room!

They also remarked that they felt an icy cold feeling around their hand as though a spirit of a small child was holding it.

The room was once used as an operating theatre when the building was used as a hospital.

The Most Haunted spiritualist medium David Wells felt that there were spirits of a Georgian woman and a child in the room when he did a walkabout for the series.

The period shop on the first floor of the museum is said to be the haunt of a dark figure.

A little boy was terrified on day when he visited the shop and said he saw a nasty man in there…

The museum staff checked the security camera for the culprit but there was no sign of the nasty man anywhere!

Both visitors and ghost hunters alike have reported seeing a dark figure lurking around the shop.

Again, the Most Haunted spiritualist medium David Wells picked up on a spirit of a man within the shop when he did his walkabout.

He said his name was George Wilson and he was a soldier from the First World War who was treated at the hospital for severe burns he received whilst fighting.

Alarmed guests visiting the Changing Lives Gallery on the top floor of the museum have remarked on the strong smell of smoke and burning.

Members of staff always investigate but never find a fire.

It’s believed that this burning smell is paranormal as there was once a bad fire in this part of the building back in 1884 which led to the hospital being evacuated and unusable for six months.

Terrified guests have also seen the ghostly apparition of a White Lady in the Changing Lives Gallery…

The White Lady is normally witnessed in the afternoons but nobody knows who exactly she is.

One poor guest reported being followed around the gallery but a ghostly figure of a lady in white!

In 2007 two ladies got the shock of their lives when they saw the White Lady appear behind them, glide in between them and then disappear into thin air right in front of their eyes.

The once paranormal devoid Norman Cross Gallery has recently had some odd events happening within it since alterations have taken place to the room.

Spooked witnesses have seen a ghostly figure walk past the door and the apparition of small creature probably a pet dog or cat!

There’ve been a few strange events reported by terrified witnesses whilst they’ve been visiting the ground floor galleries…

Back in 1998 a work experience girl was scared witless when she was shoved to the ground by something unseen.

She turned around to see who’d pushed her but found herself alone in the room!

Guests have also reported seeing the apparition of a monk like figure near to the toilets.

The Martin Howe Lecture Room on the ground floor is said to be haunted by the ghost of a former caretaker.

Some witnesses have described seeing the apparition of a man in his fifties who has a large bunch of keys on his belt and tends to kept to the edges of the room!

In 2001 the Museum Officer set out children’s tables and plastic chairs in the room for a school party which was visiting the next day.

He decided to have red chairs on one side of the tables and blue chairs on the other…

He was the last to leave the museum that night and first to arrive so was totally shocked to discover that the rows of red and blue chairs he had set out the day before had now been arranged alternatively!

Maybe the ghostly caretaker preferred this seating arrangement?

The car park behind the museum also has a reputation for being haunted…

In the days when the Cooke family lived in the building it was a garden and during the days when it was a hospital it was home to a bathhouse and a mortuary.

Spooked drivers returning to their parked cars late at night have reported being touched on their shoulder by something unseen.

Some have even been scared witless after seeing the ghostly apparition of a white figure floating across the car park!

If you watched the Most Haunted investigation of the museum in 2005 you’ll remember that they captured a lot of activity in the cellars of the building.

Some of the cellars date back to a former Tudor house which was once situated on the spot.

Spooked workmen in the 1980s reported hearing eerie voices and phantom footsteps whilst they were installing part of the building’s alarm system in the cellar.

In 2001 a poor electricity man went to the cellars alone to read the meter and returned scared witless claiming he had felt that something else was down there with him.

The apparitions of a hooded monk, an unkempt hairy man and a phantom dog have all been seen by terrified witnesses in the cellars.

Moans, groans and small objects flying at people have also been reported.

And if you remember, the Most Haunted gang recorded orbs and one of the cellar doors closing on its own accord!


The New Inn, St Neots

The New Inn situated along the High Street in St Neots was in times gone by an old coaching inn.

In 1648, during the English Civil War, Henry Rich the 1st Earl of Holland marched into St Neots with four hundred troops.

The next day, Parliamentarian Roundheads turned up and the battle of St Neots commenced.

Holland took refuge in the New Inn but was eventually arrested by the Roundheads.

He was put on trial in London and then executed as a traitor at the Tower of London.

Punters having a quiet drink in the bar of the New Inn have been spooked when they have witnessed the ghostly apparition of a tall man wearing an ankle length cloak…

The ghostly figure then proceeds to walk across the bar and into the yard.

This apparition is believed to be Henry Rich the 1st Earl of Holland himself!


Woodcroft Castle, Peterborough

Woodcroft Castle is a Grade II* listed castle which dates back to the 13th century.

During the English Civil War it was held by Royalists but was eventually taken by Parliamentarian forces in 1648.

At this time, Woodcroft Castle was the home of Dr Michael Hudson who was chaplain to King Charles I.

Hudson and a band of men would partake in surprise attacks against the Parliamentarian troops in the area.

One day, Hudson’s attack went wrong and the Roundheads chased Hudson and his men back to the Woodcroft Castle were they besieged him.

Eventually the Parliamentarians forced themselves into the castle.

Hudson retreated to the roof of the castle and tried to hide by hanging off the ramparts on the side of the roof.

Unfortunately he was spotted by the roundheads, as he hung from the ramparts they cut off his fingers and he plunged down into the castle moat.

Some say that he survived the fall but was finished off by musket fire!

Today the castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of Hudson…

Eerie sounds of phantom musket fire and men fighting with swords are heard on still nights echoing around the castle walls.

Visitors to the castle have reported hearing the screams of a man crying for mercy over and over again!



A couple of miles away from RAF Alconbury there’s a wooded area called Monks Wood…

People walking through the wood have been scared stiff after seeing the ghostly apparition of a monk!

The road between Alconbury and Alconbury Weston is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young drummer boy who’s believed to have been murdered by a highwayman.

Witnesses walking along the road after sunset have said that they’ve heard his phantom footsteps behind them followed by the sound of his eerie drumming.

The roads around Alconbury are said to be haunted by a ghostly nun who likes to jump out in front of cars causing them to swerve.


RAF Alconbury, Alconbury

RAF Alconbury was originally called RAF Abbots Ripton and from 1938 to 1942 it was under the control of RAF Bomber Command.

During the rest of the Second World War it was used by the USAAF Eighth Air Force.

Since then the United States Air Forces in Europe have continued to use the airbase up until present day.

Recently it has been announced by the Pentagon that the US Air Force will be withdrawn from RAF Alconbury in 2015.

Surprisingly, the first haunting I’m going to tell you about isn’t by the ghostly spirits of past personnel from the base.

In the 1970s security personnel on night watch duties often reported hearing the sound of phantom children playing on the base.

Many believe that these spirit children are the ghosts of six youngsters who were tragically killed in an 1876 train crash at nearby Abbotts Ripton.

Spooked witnessed at the Rod and Gun Club on the airbase have reported seeing ghostly apparitions of men in Second World War flying gear.

The building which houses the Rod and Gun Club was said to have been used as a mortuary during the Second World War.

Concerned security personnel at the base would also report that lights would be mysteriously turned off in buildings which were supposed to be secure.

Searchlights would also have the habit of suddenly switching themselves off for no apparent reason.

The airbase also has a legend of a strange unearthly creature associated with it…

In the 1970s a couple of the airbase’s personnel saw a strange creature near the north side of the airfield.

One of the men was so scared by what he saw that he jumped into the cockpit of a nearby aircraft and refused to come out!

On another occasion the strange creature was seen climbing over the security fence and heading into the North Woods.

One serviceman actually pursued the creature in his vehicle and described it as being about 5ft 9″ in height with a flat nose, large ears and human-like eyes.

There’s another story from the 1970s about an aircraft mechanic who was found dead in the back seat of a phantom jet…

Apparently he had been frightened to death!


Caxton Gibbet

If you don’t know, a gibbet was a metal cage or chains in which a dead or dying criminal was place and then publicly hung from a gallows-type structure as a deterrent to other criminals.

Gibbets were used throughout England in the 17th and 18th century.

In the 18th century there stood an inn at the Caxton crossroads.

Legend states that the landlord of the inn was a ruthless man.

One night, three wealthy travellers stayed at his inn and the temptation of riches was too much for him.

In the middle of the night he started to go through their belongings looking for expensive items to steal.

Unfortunately, one of his guests woke up and caught him red handed.

The landlord reacted violently by murdering the guest followed by his sleeping fellow travellers.

He disposed of their bodies by dumping them down the pub’s well but they were later found and the landlord was hanged for their murders.

After the hanging, his body was displayed as a deterrent in the gibbet which was close to the inn!

Caxton Gibbet Inn is no longer standing but in its time it had the reputation for being haunted by the hanged landlord.

Spooked witnesses reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the upper floor of the building.

They were said to cross the balcony area, descend the stairs and stop in the area where the well was once situated.

Other ghostly goings-on have also been witnessed in the Caxton Gibbet area…

One couple driving along the A428 at dusk one day had to slam on their car brakes suddenly to avoid a collision with an apparition of a very lifelike coach and horses which crossed the road in front of them!

There’s another local ghostly tale which states a phantom hitch-hiker patrols the Caxton Gibbet to Graveley road trying to thumb a lift in the middle of the night.


The Imperial War Museum Duxford, Duxford

In 2003 paranormal investigators spent the night in the Duxford control tower…

Apparently some of the investigators actually witnessed a terrifying ghostly scene of an American Second World War B17 aircraft crashing whilst attempting to land!

It’s now said that the control tower is haunted by the American crew of that ill-fated aircraft.

Witnesses have also reported hearing the sound of wartime aircraft flying low overhead even when nothing can be seen in the skies.

The control tower isn’t the only building at Duxford which is said to be haunted…

Hangar 5 and a workshop near the base mortuary are said to have eerie atmospheres whilst the ghostly apparition of a wounded soldier has been witnessed inside the ambulance at the Land Warfare Museum!

Slamming doors and phantom footsteps have also been heard by spooked members of staff in many of the old hangars at the museum.



Considering Ely’s history, you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that some of the ghosts witnessed in the city are of monks…

The first ghostly tale I’m going to tell you about takes place just outside the city on the River Ouse.

On certain misty evenings terrified witnesses have reported seeing an apparition of a group of monks navigating a barge along the river.

Apparently they’re chanting hymns and are escorting an open coffin containing the body of Saint Withburga!

It’s said that on the orders of the Abbot of Ely her body was taken from her grave in East Dereham and taken to Ely by the monks.

Apparitions of monks have also been seen around Ely Cathedral…

In 2001 a street cleaner was scared witless when he witnessed the ghostly apparition of two monks by the Goldsmith’s Tower.

The monks were wearing cassocks, one was brown and one was black.

The ghostly monks walked through the gate of the Cathedral, crossed the grass and entered the north transept of the cathedral via a doorway.

The street cleaner saw the apparitions again half an hour later and then a week later when he actually spoke to the ghostly monks asking if they were alright.

Apparently they just ignored him and carried on their usual path!

In 1993 a member of staff at the Ely Stained Glass Museum was shocked to see a very solid looking apparition of a Benedictine monk in a habit and cowl in the museum.

The author Elizabeth Goudge grew up at the Deanery in Firmary Lane.

She wrote that occasionally she would be woken by an unpleasant looking apparition of a faceless monk in a grey cowl.

Powcher’s Hall is another building along Firmary Lane which is said to be haunted by a ghostly monk.

In the 1940s the housekeeper of the hall saw an apparition of a grinning monk appear at the small window next to the back door.

Her daughter also saw a ghostly monk in her bedroom…

Apparently he was wearing a white habit and spoke in a strange language which she believed was Latin!

Phantom footsteps were also heard by spooked family members walking around the top floor of the building.


Silver Street, Ely

If you head south from Ely Cathedral along The Gallery you’ll come to a mini roundabout and Silver Street.

Silver Street has a reputation for being haunted by the ghost of a soldier.

His ghostly apparition has been seen walking down Silver Street and turning into Parade Lane heading towards a car park which was once a parade ground.

The ghostly soldier is thought to be a Sargent-Major from the reign of George III.

He’s described as wearing a scarlet jacket with his campaign medals pinned proudly to his chest.

There’s a row of old cottages along Silver Street that’s said to be haunted by one ghost.

The row of cottages was actually once one big house!

A former resident who lived in one of the cottages in the 1980s and 1990s reported hearing phantom crying in the upstairs of the building…

On one occasion a ghostly apparition was witnessed disappearing through on of the cottages inner walls!


Oliver Cromwell’s House, Ely

If you turn right at the end of Silver Street into St Mary’s Street you’ll come across Ely’s Tourist Information Centre.

This building dates back to the 13th century and between 1636 and 1647 was the home of Oliver Cromwell.

The building has a reputation in Ely for being haunted!

Phantom footsteps have been heard by witnesses walking along a corridor in the house.

The footsteps are said to stop and then the witnesses hear the eerie sound of a door opening and closing on its own accord.

The ghostly spirit of a Blue Lady has also been seen in the house.

Spooked Tourist Information staff members have also reported seeing a grey figure manifest in one of the bedrooms.

One member of staff had his left shoelace untied three times by something unseen whilst working at his desk in one of the rooms at the back of the building.

A couple of days after this incident another member of staff saw a ghostly apparition in one of the upstairs bedroom.


King’s School, Ely

During the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1539 the scared relic of St Etheldreda’s left hand was smuggled out of Ely for safe keeping.

In 1953 St Etheldreda’s left hand was returned to St Etheldreda’s church in Ely.

Near to the church you’ll find King’s School.

In 1995 three of King’s schoolboys were scared half to death when they saw a ghostly blue hand move up and down the banister of the rear staircase in Priory House Tower.

Many believe that this was the ghostly left hand of St Etheldreda.

The apparition of a ghostly nun carrying a candle has also been witnessed in the area as well as the spirit of a priest!


Broad Street, Ely

Witnesses have reported on many occasions seeing a ghostly apparition of a Victorian lady walking along Broad Street heading for St Peter’s Chapel.

It’s believed that the ghost is that of Mrs Catherine Sparke who commissioned the construction of St Peter’s Chapel of Ease in 1889 in memory of her dead husband Canon Edward Bowyer Sparke.


The Black Hostelry, Ely

The Black Hostelry was once the home of Canon Glazebrook and his family.

The spare room in the house was said to be haunted by a ghostly angel…

It would often scare witless guests visiting the family by manifesting next to their bed!

One of the servants told a guest that she called the ghost her angel.

In the 19th century the building became a boarding house for the pupils of King’s Girls’ School.

Some of the girls witnessed the angel in a first floor doorway late at night.

They described her as being fair, barefooted and wearing a long white gown.

Some people believe that the angel is the ghost of Mistress Pamply who was the daughter of a headmaster who was dismissed from his post in 1609.

Apparently Mistress Pamply was far from an angel and was said to be of loose living!


Byron’s Pool, Grantchester

On the outskirts of the village is a modern weir where the Bourn Brook flows into the River Cam.

The pool below the weir is called Byron’s Pool which is named after the famous poet Lord Byron as it’s said that he used to like swimming there.

Local legend says that he enjoyed swimming in this pool so much that his ghost comes back now and again for a dip!


The Old Vicarage, Grantchester

Today, the Old Vicarage in Grantchester is the home of the Cambridge scientist Mary Archer and her author and former politician husband Jeffrey Archer.

But at one time it was the home of the famous Edwardian poet Rupert Brooke.

Rupert Brooke died tragically of sepsis at the young age of just twenty-seven.

It’s now said that his ghost haunts the Old Vicarage!

Although the Archers have never witnessed any paranormal events whilst living there former residents of the vicarage have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the outside of the house heading towards the sitting room.

Poltergeist activity was also reported in the ruined summerhouse and on the top floor of the vicarage.

The summerhouse furniture was moved by something unknown during one night and books were mysteriously moved from the shelves on the top floor of the vicarage.

On many occasions spooked visitors to the vicarage also reported seeing ghostly forms moving around the garden!


The Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon

The Grade I listed Hinchingbrooke House was built around a 13th century nunnery.

The Cromwell family took possession of it in 1538 during the Reformation and then it later became the home to the Earls of Sandwich.

The house became part of the Hinchingbrooke School in 1970 and it was during this time that paranormal activity was reported…

Both spooked pupils and teachers alike heard the phantom sounds of young children’s voices within the school.

In 2009 the house was undergoing restoration work which took longer than usual due to the builders refusing to work after it got dark.

You see, some of them were scared witless after witnessing the ghostly apparition of a monk like figure wandering around the house!

A ghostly nun is also said to haunt the cloister garth and the grounds of the house.

The spirit of a cavalier is said to haunt a room at the house in which he was killed.

And the ghostly apparition of a woman has also been seen by terrified witnesses hovering six inches above the house’s staircase.

If you fancy having a look around this magnificent house it’s open for tours on Sunday afternoons in the summer season.


Nun’s Bridge, Huntingdon

Close to Hinchingbrooke House is a bridge which crosses the Alconbury Brook.

The bridge is called Nun’s bridge and it’s rumoured to be haunted by the spirit of a nun who once lived in the nunnery located at Hinchingbrooke House.

The ghostly nun is said to be the same spirit which haunts the cloister garth and the grounds of Hinchingbrooke House.

Legend says that the nun had a relationship with a local monk…

They were both discovered and executed for the illicit affair!

In 1965 a married couple witnessed the ghostly nun together with an apparition of a nurse crossing the bridge.


The Dog and Duck, Linton

Situated half way along the High Street near to the bridge at the side of the old ford you’ll find the Dog and Duck pub.

The pub dates back to 1850 and is rumoured to have a resident ghost.

The ghost is said to heavily tap people who have upset him on their shoulder.

Chairs have been heard being moved around the bar by someone unknown in the middle of the night.

Some spooked customers have even witnessed a ghostly elderly man sitting in the corner of the pub!


The George Hotel, Ramsey

Along the Ramsey High Street you’ll find the Grade II listed 17th century George Hotel.

The George is said to be haunted by a former landlady called Mary who tragically died from smoke inhalation in a fire at the property.

Understandably, Mary’s ghost is said to hate the sight of any naked flame within the building.

She’s been blamed for blowing out candles and hiding matches and lighters!

It’s believed that Mary is responsible for a variety of poltergeist activity which has taken place within the George.

But it seems that the hotel’s members of staff don’t mind Mary’s paranormal activity, in fact they quite like having her around the place.


Ramsey Rural Museum, Ramsey

Just off Wood Land you’ll find the Ramsey Rural Museum.

It’s an independent museum which is housed in some renovated 17th century farm buildings.

The small museum is dedicated to the history of rural Fenland life.

It has a variety of farm machinery, tools and vehicles spanning two hundred years of rural life.

In 2013 a paranormal group investigating the museum reported to have recorded unexplained eerie noises on the site.

They also caught images of mysterious dark shadows!


Sawston Hall, Sawston

The ghostly apparition of Queen Mary has been seen by witnesses in the Tapestry Bedroom which she once slept in.

It said that she’s always smiling and is in the same dress which she is wearing in her portrait that’s hanging at the hall.

The eerie sound of a phantom spinet being played has been heard by spooked witnesses at the hall.

Members of staff in the late 19th century were scared out of their wits one day when they heard three eerie knocks on the Tapestry Room door.

They then witnessed the door opening by itself followed by a grey misty shape entering the room and floating across the floor!

The phantom sound of girls laughing has been heard echoing from the upper floor of the hall…

Upon further investigation by the witnesses no giggling girls can ever be found!

It’s said that the ghost of Lady Jane Grey haunts her former bedroom at the hall.

Her ghostly apparition has also been seen walking down corridors by terrified witnesses.


Soham Lodge Motel, Soham

In 2007 the members of staff at the Soham Lodge Motel reported some strange events happening within the building.

Spooked staff would often hear phantom voices coming from the empty corridors.

Furniture would be mysteriously moved around and on one occasion a member of staff saw a clock literally jumped off the wall by its own accord!

Stationary would be moved by something unseen from one room to another.

And the security cage around the bar would often rattle violently as though someone invisible was shaking it.

Guests would also complain that they had a very bad night’s sleep in Room 11.

Enough was enough for the manageress of the motel and she called in a medium to see who or what was causing all the strange disturbances…

The medium said that three ghosts were haunting the motel.

The first was the spirit of an 18-year-old boy who’d been killed on the road outside the motel five years earlier.

The second ghost was of an older man who had tragically committed suicide.

And the third was another man who was taken seriously ill at the motel and sadly later died in hospital!

Today, the building is no longer a motel.

It’s now been transformed into a nursing home for the elderly.


Causeway House, Soham

The Grade II listed Causeway House at the end of Brook Street has a reputation for being haunted.

A terrified guest staying at the house reported to have witnessed the ghostly apparition of an old lady in a long black dress.

Apparently she was standing still with her arms crossed blankly staring into thin air.

The apparition matched the description of a lady called Mary Fordham who once lived at the house and was said to have suffered from the nervous condition catalepsy.


Soham Mere, Soham

There’s a local ghost story associated with Soham Mere and a man called Joseph Hempsall.

Joseph had disappeared after a heavy night of drinking.

His friends claimed that his ghost appeared to them and guided them to his dead body in a bog near his farm.

He was buried soon afterwards but that was not the last time somebody saw his ghost…

Spooked witnesses are still reporting seeing his ghostly apparition wandering around the area where his body was found!


Steeple Morde

Along the Litlington Road there’s a stunning 17th century farmhouse which has a ghostly tale associated with it.

In the mid-18th century a local woman called Elizabeth Pateman was murdered.

Suspicion fell on a local farmer and his wife but whoever murdered Elizabeth was never brought to justice.

It’s now said that her ghost haunts the site she had once lived.

Terrified witnesses who’ve seen her ghostly apparition say that she appears to be wringing her hands!


RAF Steeple Morde, Steeple Morde

In 1938 an airfield was opened at RAF Steeple Morden.

During the war it was use by the 355th Fighter Group of the United States Air Force.

After the war in 1946 it was closed down and by the early 1960s the airfield had been returned to agricultural use.

Today, only the concrete remains of the perimeter track and runways still exists.

During the Christmas period of 2001 a telecoms engineer was passing the old airfield site.

He decided to stop and have a look around…

It was a very cold foggy day and he noticed it was eerily silent.

Suddenly he could hear a group of American men chatting and laughing together somewhere in the fog out on the old airfield site.

He was straining to hear what they were saying when a car suddenly drove by and the scene reverted back to a strange eerie silence again!


RAF Mepal, Mepal

RAF Mepal was located just to the south of the village.

The airfield was in use between 1943 and 1963.

During the war years it was the home to the bomber squadron No. 75 (NZ) Squadron RAF.

One foggy night in 1960 a RAF policeman was scared witless after a ghostly apparition of an RAF pilot in full flying gear manifested in front of him before it then disappeared into thin air.

The officer tried to report his encounter with the phantom pilot but was told to forget about it as the apparition had been seen before on many different occasions!

Other witnesses at RAF Mepal have reported hearing the sound of low flying aircraft coming into land when in fact the skies have actually been totally clear of aircraft.


Hannath Hall, Tydd St Giles

You’ll find the Grade II listed Hannath Hall just outside Tydd St Giles along the Hannath Road.

The hall dates back to the late 16th century.

In 1812 it was bought by Joseph Hannath.

Local legend says that when Joseph’s wife died he was so devastated by her death that he refused to let anybody touch her body.

He then had her body place in an open coffin in an upstairs bedroom of the hall.

For two months he had his servants take a meal up to her room three times a day!

Eventually he allowed her body to be buried under a chestnut tree in the front garden.

In 1957 a family moved into the hall and soon reported all types of strange events happening within the building…

They heard all sorts of eerie noises such as phantom footsteps, unexplained rapping, groans and knocks on doors!

On one occasion a bed was shifted by something unseen.

A lot of these paranormal events took place on the first floor and in the bedroom where Mrs Hannath body had once laid.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition within this room.

On a couple of occasion in 1959 the mother of the family witnessed the apparition of a small fair haired boy looking at her from the box room doorway.

The ghostly apparition of a maid has also been witnessed walking along the corridors of the hall.

It’s believed that she’s the spirit of a maid who committed suicide shortly after the death of Mrs Hannath.


Haycock Hotel, Wansford

In the middle of the village you’ll find the 16th century Haycock Hotel.

The hotel is reputed to have many ghosts.

Guests regularly report seeing ghostly figures within the old part of the building.

But the most famous ghost said to haunt the hotel is that of Mary Queen of Scots…

You see, she stayed at the hotel in the days when it was a coaching inn on her way to her execution at Fotheringhay Castle.

Members of staff and guests alike have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a lady who looks remarkably like Mary!


Wansford Railway Station, Wansford

Wansford railway station is the main station on the seven and a half mile long Nene Valley Railway.

The railway station has a reputation for being haunted…

Terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a former passenger on the platform and by the toilets.

Doors at the station have been seen to open on their own accord.

And ghostly figures have also been caught by the station’s CCTV system.

A former stationmaster was hit and killed by a passing train one day whilst he was out looking for the station’s cat called Snowy.

It’s now said that the phantom cat will haunt the station until he’s reunited with the deceased stationmaster!


Vicarage Farm, Waresley

Along Vicarage Road in the village is a building called Vicarage Farm…

In the mid 1960s a lady from Australia moved into the farmhouse.

On her very first night at the farmhouse she got the shock of her life when she saw the ghostly apparition of a little boy kneeling down by the side of her bed!

Apparently the little boy was gaunt and seemed like he was in distress.

The boy touched the lady on the arm and she felt that he was missing his mother terribly.

At that moment she shouted out the word ‘Mummy’ and the little boy disappeared into thin air.

It’s believed the little boy died in 1921 but his ghost hasn’t actually been seen for many years!


Weston Colville Hall, West Wratting

On the outskirts of the village is the 18th century Grade II listed Weston Colville Hall.

The hall was first built in 1725 for a wealthy farmer gentleman but was later split up into three different buildings.

In 1973 a family moved into part of the hall.

One evening their in-laws were coming down the stairs when they got the shock of their lives…

They saw a ghostly apparition of an elderly woman who hurried to the kitchen window, looked out of it and then turned to face them!

The old lady frowned at them and then turned back to the way she came.

Apparently she was wearing a long black dress with white collars and sleeves and had greying red hair.

The ghostly old lady was seen a couple more times by different witnesses both in the kitchen and in the spare room.

The ghost is believed to be the spirit of one of the two elderly women who once lived at the hall during the Second World War.


Spinney Abbey, Wicken

In 1971 the legendary ghost hunter Peter Underwood investigated Spinney Abbey.

The owners of the farm told Peter that he had witnessed the ghostly apparition of a hooded monk gliding along the garden path.

Other terrified witnesses have also reported seeing the ghostly monk at Spinney Abbey.

Phantom footsteps have been heard slowly walking around the house too.

On one occasion six people in the west part of the house even heard faint Latin chanting together with music!

The owner had also heard this phantom music and chanting coming from the area where the old Chapel of the Abbey once stood.

The ghostly apparition of a female figure has also been seen by spooked witness at Spinney Abbey.

When Peter Underwood investigated the site he recorded sudden temperature drops in the areas where the apparitions of the female figure and monks were witnessed.

In 1403 the Prior William de Lode was stabbed to death by three of his own canons in the priory church.

Some people believe that the sighting of the ghostly monk has something to do with the murder of Prior William de Lode!


RAF Wittering, Wittering

In the early part of the Second World War a returning bomber in distress tried to perform an emergency landing at the airfield but tragically crashed into the control tower killing many airmen.

Spooked witnesses have reported seeing this tragic event being played out in a ghostly re-enactment on many occasions.

Some witnesses say that they see the aircraft quietly descend and disappear into thin air before it reaches the ground whilst others say they actually see it crash into the control tower!

Many witnesses have also seen ghostly apparitions of airmen milling around the control tower where the aircraft crashed.

The control tower itself is said to be haunted…

Lights are switched on and off by their own accord and eerie unexplained banging noises are often heard.

Phantom footsteps are also heard walking along the empty corridor of the old Number 1 Squadron hangar.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing ghostly dark shadows moving around the rooms within the hangar too!


The Manor House, Hemingford Grey

You’ll find the Manor in Norman Court close to the banks of the River Great Ouse.

The Manor dates back to 1150.

In 1936 it was bought by the famous author Lucy M Boston who was well known for her Green Knowe series of children’s novels.

During her time at the Manor both Lucy and her son were aware of a ghostly presence within the house.

Her son even witnessed apparitions of people from another time whilst he was reading in the sitting room one day.

On many occasions they both heard a phantom flute being played in the empty music room.

One day during the Second World War Lucy was entertaining some local airmen from nearby RAF Wyton when they all suddenly heard phantom footsteps come down the stairs and witnessed the room’s door open on its own accord.

Many of the airmen said they witnessed the ghost of their comrade who tragically died the night before come into the room!

Spooked witnesses have also seen the ghostly apparition of a woman in a long gown wandering around the garden.

The Manor’s gardens are opened to the public all year round but the house is only opened by prior appointment.


RAF Witchford, Witchford

One night in 2009 a couple were having a look around the old runway site of RAF Witchford.

Suddenly they both heard the low drone of old fashioned aircraft engines.

And then they were scared witless when they saw the ghostly apparitions of people in frantic activity manifest around them.

Just as quickly as the ghostly scene had appeared it suddenly fell quiet and the night returned back to normal!


Christ’s College, Cambridge

You’ll find Christ’s College along St Andrew’s Street in the city.

The college was originally established in 1437 as God’s House.

In 1505 it was renamed as Christ’s College and expanded by the mother of King Henry VII, Lady Margaret Beaufort.

The famous naturalist Charles Darwin and poet John Milton studied at Christ’s College.

The college is said to be haunted by a former fellow called Christopher Round.

Legend says that Christopher Round drowned his love rival after he fell into the school’s swimming pool apparently drunk.

The rival wasn’t drunk but under the influence of anaesthesia which he was experimenting with trying to find a cure for their love interest who had a terminal illness.

It’s now said that the ghost of Christopher Round haunts the grounds of the college raked with guilt after killing the man who could’ve cured his dying girlfriend.

His ghostly apparition has been witnessed by terrified students in the area around the swimming pool and the mulberry tree in the college garden.

Christopher Round ghost is described as a tall elderly gentleman who is wearing a beaver hat!


Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Further along St Andrew’s Street you’ll come across Emmanuel College.

The college was founded in 1584 by Sir Walter Mildmay, Chancellor of the Exchequer to Elizabeth I.

Emmanuel College was built on the site of a former Dominican friary.

In 1667 the Brewhouse was built in the eastern corner of the college ground.

For many years the Emmanuel House part of the Brewhouse was rented to outside tenants.

Many of these tenants reported ghostly goings on…

Heavy phantom footsteps would often be heard walking down the stairs towards the drawing room.

On one occasion the ghostly apparition of a veiled woman was witnessed coming down the stairs.

Sadly the building no longer exists, it was demolished in 1893 and it seems like the haunted disappeared with it too!


Corpus Christi College, Cambridge

Along Trumpington Street you’ll come to Corpus Christi College.

The college is the sixth oldest in Cambridge and was founded in 1352 by the Guild of Corpus Christi and the Guild of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Corpus Christi College has a reputation for being haunted…

In 1632 there was an outbreak of plague in Cambridge.

Dr Henry Butts was the Master of Corpus Christi at the time and looked after the sick.

Unfortunately he suffered from depression and tragically committed suicide by hanging himself from the door of the Master’s Lodge on Easter Sunday.

It’s now said that his ghost haunts the old Master’s Lodge.

Phantom footsteps, mysterious knocking and eerie sounds have all been reported to take place within the building especially in the rooms near to the kitchen.

In the early part of the 20th century the apparition of Doctor Butts was seen by terrified witnesses on a couple of occasions.

Apparently he had long hair and was dressed in white and had a gash on his neck!

An exorcism was attempted by students at the college in 1904 but it failed.

Butts ghost was last witnessed in 1967 in the passage between New Court and Old Court.

The kitchen is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Elizabeth Spencer and her lover who died in 1667.

Elizabeth was the daughter of the Master and was secretly seeing a student called James Betts.

One day Elizabeth had to hide James in her cupboard when her father visited unexpectedly.

Unfortunately James suffocated and died in the cupboard!

She was so distraught by his death that she committed suicide by throwing herself from the roof of Old Court.

It’s now said that their ghosts haunt the college every Christmas Eve.


Peterhouse, Cambridge

Staying on Trumpington Street you’ll find Peterhouse which is near to the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Petehouse dates back to 1284 when it was first founded by Hugo de Balsham, Bishop of Ely.

It’s the oldest and smallest college of the university.

Next to the Peterhouse dormitory wall is a stone gateway.

Since the 1700s, witnesses had reported seeing a dark shadowy figure crouching on top of the stone gateway.

Legend says that this ghostly figure influenced students to commit suicide.

In the 1960s a priest was called in by the Dean to cleanse the area.

Since the cleansing no Peterhouse students have committed suicide and the ghostly figure has never been seen again!

In the early part of the 18th century a student reported that his room was haunted by a poltergeist.

A successful exorcism was performed and the noisy ghost disappeared.

In 1789 the Senior Fellow and Bursar Francis Dawes hung himself from the bell ropes in the 15th century turret that connects the Hall and the Combination Room.

In 1997 his ghostly apparition was seen in the oak panelled Combination Room by terrified members of staff.

Apparently the ghost glided a foot off the floor across the room towards the staircase where Dawes body was discovered after he’d committed suicide.

On other occasions staff members have heard eerie knocking on the oak panelling and witnessed a solid wooden door violently shaking on its own accord!

Another staff member reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a small man holding a large hat manifest in front of him after there was a sudden temperature drop in the room.

These sightings of Francis Dawes ghost were witnessed in the late 1990s and have now seemed to have lessened recently.


Girton College, Girton

You’ll find the red brick Victorian Gothic style Girton College off the Huntingdon Road to the south of Girton village and just to the north-west of Cambridge.

It dates back to 1869 and was one of the first residential colleges for women in England but has now become coeducational.

The college has a reputation for being haunted…

It’s built on an ancient Anglo-Saxon burial ground.

Whilst some excavation work was taking place at the burial ground a spooked student reported seeing what they described as an apparition of a Roman soldier.

Some people believe that they actually saw a ghost of an Anglo-Saxon warrior!

Keeping to the theme of ghostly soldiers…

The hospital wing at Girton is said to be haunted by soldiers from the Great War.

The building was used in the First World War to treat wounded soldiers coming back from the front!

The most infamous ghost at the college is that of the Grey Lady…

In fact the Grey Lady staircase at the college is named after their infamous ghost.

In 1876 Thomas Taylor paid for the building of an additional study block at the college which became known as the Taylor Knob.

His daughter was set to study at the college but tragically she became very ill and died before she could start her studies.

Shortly after her death terrified students witnessed an apparition of a grey lady on the spiral staircase of the Taylor Knob building.

Many believed that it was the ghost of the young Miss Taylor!

In the early hours of one Christmas morning a porter at the college witnessed a ghostly apparition of a woman in the lodge.

Apparently she was wearing a grey blouse and long grey skirt with a belt and a bunch of keys.

The man said hello to her at which she disappeared into thin air.


King’s College, Cambridge

You’ll find the stunning Gothic King’s College facing out onto King’s Parade in the centre of Cambridge.

The college dates back to 1441 when it was first founded by Henry VI.

One ghostly story from King’s College concerns an eccentric fellow called Barrett.

It’s said that he used to sleep with a coffin in his room.

One night Barrett’s friends heard him screaming and the next morning they found his dead body in his room.

He was buried in his favourite coffin.

It’s said that on the anniversary of his death his ghostly screams can be heard echoing around the building!


Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

Sidney Sussex College is situated in the city centre towards one end of Sidney Street.

The college dates back to 1596 when it was founded by Frances Sidney, Countess of Sussex.

Probably the most famous person to have studied at the college was Oliver Cromwell.

Two years after Cromwell died the monarchy was re-established.

Cromwell’s body was exhumed, hanged and his head was severed from its body and displayed on a pole at Westminster Hall for twenty years!

In the 1960s, Cromwell’s head was presented to the college by Dr Wilkinson and was laid to rest in a secret spot in the ante-chapel.

In the late 1960s students reported sudden temperature drops and the smell of rotting meat in their rooms.

On one occasion one student saw the apparition of a blue eye staring at her in her room.

And on another occasion a student saw the apparition of a floating pale yellow decapitated head.

Many people believe that this gruesome sighting was the ghostly head of Oliver Cromwell!

This apparition hasn’t been seen since that time but another manifestation has been witnessed by students regularly at the college.

The ghost of an elderly University Don dressed in grey has been seen gliding from the college heading towards Christ’s College!


Abbey House, Cambridge

You’ll find the 16th century mansion of Abbey House in the Barnwell area of Cambridge near to the old Barnwell Priory site.

At one time Abbey House was said to be the most haunted house in England!

It was said to be haunted by up to six ghosts.

A couple of the ghosts are said to be that of animals…

A phantom red squirrel has been seen running along the garden wall and on the lawn before it disappears into thin air.

And a ghostly hare has also been seen in the garden on cold winter nights when there’s snow on the ground!

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a nun whose been described as the black nun or grey lady.

She’s been seen gliding along the path at the back of the house and also near the garden’s iron gates.

She was described as wearing dark robes!

Local legend says that she fell in love with a young man from the priory and was executed for her sins.

Former residents of Abbey House have reported hearing an eerie banging noise on bedroom doors, phantom footsteps on the staircase, clanking chains and ghostly whispering voices.

The apparition of a small brown furry creature which ran about the nursery on its hind legs was seen by witnesses too.

The family at the time nicknamed it Wolfie!

One lady was literally pulled out of her bed by something unseen one night.

Whilst on another occasion she saw an apparition of a man in full armour.

On another occasion a terrified witness saw the ghostly apparition of a disembodied woman’s head floating in mid-air in her bedroom.

This apparition manifested to her on three different occasions.

Other residents at Abbey House reported feeling something heavy laying on their chests in the middle of the night as well as having their bedsheets pulled off them by an unknown force.

In 1980 an elderly lady staying at the house awoke to see a ghostly apparition of a man shortly followed by six nun-like figures…

All appeared to be surrounded by a whitish light!

A friendly ghost known as the white lady was seen by witnesses tucking in sleeping children.

Witnesses have also reported seeing the ghost of Jacob Butler who lived in the house in 1714 and was nicknamed the Giant Squire.

The ghost of the Giant Squire is said to be looking for his beloved dog which died just shortly before him.

The apparition of the Giant Squire is described as a tall sad looking man wearing a long green coat, green breeches, black shoes and a black tricorn hat who is also carry a walking stick.


The Guildhall, Cambridge

You’ll find the Guildhall on Market Hill situated between Peas Hill to the west and Guildhall Street to the east.

It’s an imposing Grade II listed building which was designed by Charles Cowles-Voysey in 1939.

The building consists of two halls… the Large Hall and the Small Hall!

The Large Hall is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young girl who’s believed to be responsible for tugging at people’s shirts and holding their hands.

Witnesses have also reported hearing a phantom orchestra playing, eerie footsteps walking behind and on the stage as well as doors slamming shut on their own accord.

Terrified witnesses have heard a strange dragging noise in the cells area of the Guildhall as well as phantom footsteps.

Members of staff at the Guildhall have reported hearing mysterious knockings and bangs in the old courtroom area too.


BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, Cambridge

Studio 1a in the old Hills Road BBC Radio Cambridgeshire building had a reputation for being haunted…

Staff at the radio station reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a friendly man sitting in the presenter’s chair.

Apparently he was dressed in beige and had grey hair.

And once told a presenter to ‘calm down’ just before her morning radio show!

This wasn’t the only occasion staff members heard someone ghostly speak to them…

A film editor heard somebody say to him ‘Hang on, wait for me’ whilst he was alone in the car park behind the studio.

And whilst coming down the stairs one day a broadcast assistant heard someone say ‘hello’ to her even though she was totally alone at the time!

An apparition of a tall man dressed in dark clothing was seen walking into and out of the library.

And the breakfast team would often see a ghostly figure in the shape of a little old lady standing in the corner of the studio.


Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge

Cambridge’s world-renowned teaching hospital Addenbrookes Hospital is said to be haunted by a ghost of a nurse…

It’s said that her ghost only manifests when a patient is being given morphine for pain relief.

It’s believed that she is a former nurse who’s full of remorse after making a mistake and giving a patient a really high dose of morphine with dire consequences!


Sherratt & Hughes, Cambridge

Along Trinity Street there was once a bookshop called Sherratt & Hughes.

Before it was Sherratt & Hughes it was called Bowes & Bowes and dating back to 1581 was said to be the oldest bookshop in the UK!

The Sherratt & Hughes bookshop was said to be haunted by a ghost of a Victorian gentleman in evening dress as well as a young girl.

The young girl is seen often gliding silently down the aisles of the bookshop and walking up the stairs.

She’s said to have long fair hair and is accompanied by the smell of violets!


Newmarket Road, Cambridge

Newmarket Road on the east side of the city has a weird ghostly tale to tell…

Witnesses describe seeing a ghostly apparition of what looks like a very large penguin walking along the road!

In the 14th century Cambridge was hit by the plague.

Plague doctors at the time wore large waxed overcoats and a mask with a beak shaped cone nose that held scented herbs.

Paranormal investigators believe that the large penguin apparition seen on Newmarket Road is in fact the apparition of a plague doctor from the time when the disease swept through Cambridge.


Chesterton Road, Cambridge

In the summer of 2012 a terrified witness got the shock of their lives when taking a shortcut through an office block car park on the Chesterton Road.

The witness saw a ghostly apparition of a 1940s policeman who had a gasmask case slung over his arm.

Apparently the policeman was floating in mid-air!

The witness was frozen to the spot for a few seconds before the fight or flight instinct kick in and they fled the scene in terror.


Huntington Road, Cambridge

The ghostly apparition of a young girl was witnessed disappearing through a bush on the Huntington Road in the summer of 2014.

The ghostly girl was described as having light brown hair and was wearing a blue raincoat.

The witness was concerned for the young girl as it was late at night so explored the area to see if she needed help.

The young girl couldn’t be found anywhere… she had simply vanished into thin air!


Silver Street, Cambridge

One evening in 1954 a young student was walking along Silver Street heading back to Queen’s College.

Further along the street he suddenly saw an old man standing with his arms behind his back.

He described the figure as being stooped over with silvery hair and wearing a morning coat.

As he approached the old man he suddenly disappeared into thin air right in front of him!


Pickerel Inn, Cambridge

The Pickerel Inn situated in Magdalene Street dates back to 1608 making it the oldest licensed premises in Cambridge.

With such a historic building you’ll probably won’t be too surprised to discover that it’s reputed to be haunted…

Many of the former landlords of the inn have sadly committed suicide.

Two hung themselves from a hook in the pub’s cellar and another drowned herself in the nearby River Cam.

It’s her ghost that is said to haunt the building!

Members of the Pickerel staff often remark that they can feel her presence within the pub.

And on a few occasions her ghost has actually been witnessed in the upstairs rooms of the building.


The Eagle, Cambridge

Along Cambridge’s historic Bene’t Street you’ll come across the 17th century Eagle pub.

The pub is well-known for its RAF bar which has graffiti on its walls and ceilings by airmen from the Second World War.

The pub is said to be haunted not by airmen but by two young boys who apparently died in suspicious circumstances.

Spooked witnesses have seen their apparitions staring out of the upstairs window.

The ghost of a young Victorian girl in a black dress is also said to haunt the pub…

She was seen in 1957 carry a silver lighted candlestick and was said to be bathed in a glowing lighter.

Later in 1977 she was witnessed again on the pub’s staircase!

Shocked punters at the Eagle have also reported that their table had mysteriously tilted up on its own accord resulting in their drinks being spilled.


The Oyster Tavern aka St Johns Chop House, Cambridge

Along Northampton Street you’ll find the 17th century St Johns Chop House.

The St Johns Chop House was once called the Oyster Tavern.

During the late 1970s and early 1980s paranormal activity was reported to have taken place at the Oyster Tavern.

Lights in empty rooms would mysteriously switch themselves on and off.

And on a couple of occasion an apparition was witnessed standing in the bar area.

Apparently the ghostly figure had spiky hair and was wearing a high collar!


The Red Cow, Cambridge

The Red Cow pub was once situated on Corn Exchange Street in the centre of Cambridge.

The Grade 2 listed pub was said to have been haunted by a ghostly figure of a man.

Terrified witnesses have only seen his apparition from the knees upwards.

It’s believed that over the years the floors of the building have been altered to a higher level which probably explains why his ghostly figure seems to be cut off at the knees!


St Mark’s Vicarage, Cambridge

You’ll find St Mark’s Vicarage on the Barton Road in Cambridge.

Former vicars believe that the building is haunted by the ghost of a young serving girl.

Phantom noises were heard in the attic room, doors would open and close on their own accord, objects would be moved about and the central heating would be mysteriously turned on and off.

One of the vicar’s wife’s actually woke up in the middle of the night to find a ghostly apparition of a young girl standing at the bottom of her bed.

In the mid 1990s another vicar witnessed the ghostly figure of a forlorn young woman looking out of one of the vicarage’s window.

All of the former vicars and their families who lived at the vicarage believed that she was a friendly ghost and were never frightened by her presence!


The Old Library, Cambridge

The old library building along Wheeler Street was said to be haunted by a former librarian called John Pink.

He was the first Borough Librarian at the old library when it opened its doors to the public in 1862.

John Pink’s ghost was often blamed for moving objects around the premises during the night.

Today the old library houses a celebrity chef’s Italian restaurant.


Cambridge Airport, Cambridge

The 1930s Administration Block is said to be the most haunted building at the airport.

Terrified cleaners and security guards are constantly reporting strange events taking place within the building…

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking along the passageway towards the tower and air traffic control area.

Sometimes these phantom footsteps are heard walking along the passageway and sometimes they’re heard walking on the floor above.

In all instances the building had been empty at the time!

The phantom footsteps have also been heard descending the wooden stairs leading to the conference room.

At one time there was an Officer-in-Charge office situated to the north end of the Admin Block.

A cleaner saw a ghostly apparition of a RAF officer walking towards the office and entering it.

He was wearing blue trousers with a blue jumper.

The cleaner followed the ghostly officer to the office block but found the door of the office was locked.

She let herself into the room with her pass key but found it be totally empty.

The ghostly RAF officer had vanished into thin air!

The next day whilst cleaning another room she briefly saw the same figure standing next to her before he quickly disappeared from sight.

Other spooked staff members have also reported seeing this apparition entering the Officer-in-Charge office.

They describe him as being dressed in full flying gear from the Second World War.

The parachute store is believed to be haunted by a former employee…

Security guards have reported hearing the doors opening and banging shut on their own accord!

One employee who was working in the parachute packing room got the shock of his life one day when he heard a young girl singing…

He looked up into the loft area of the room to see an apparition of a little girl softly singing to him.

Within seconds she had disappeared into thin air!

Both security guards and cleaners have reported smelling the strong smell of pipe tobacco smoke in the non-smoking building when it was supposed to have been empty.

One day a couple of cleaners were scared witless after hearing phantom footsteps walking along a corridor and seeing two sets of heavy wooden fire doors open and shut on their own accord as though someone invisible had just walked through them!

The ghostly apparition of a transparent man has been witnessed by spooked staff members walking around the Quality Control Office.

And the office manager’s wedding photograph situated on his desk was seen by shocked members of staff to rise in the air and fall to the floor on its own accord.

Many of the hangars at the airport have ghostly tales to tell too…

Hangar Four dates back to the Second World War.

In 1958 the maintenance crew were doing an all-nighter.

They were having their break in the early hours of the morning when suddenly they saw a ghostly figure of a Second World War RAF pilot walking towards them from the end of the hangar.

Apparently he was wearing a fur-lined flying jacket, fur-lined boots and a helmet with googles!

He walked into a locked office and the maintenance crew followed to get a better look.

One of the crew unlocked the office only to find that the room was totally empty and the ghostly airman had disappeared.

The hangar became notorious amongst staff members for tools to be mysteriously moved or go missing.

On one occasion a staff member was making his workmates a cup of tea…

He found that the empty mugs that he had early put out on the side ready to be filled when the kettle had come to the boil had all been turned upside down by an unseen presence!

A security guard checking out Hangar Two one night saw the ghostly apparition of a man walk right through solid work benches before disappearing into thin air.

The hangar is believed to be haunted by a former employee!

Hangar Thirteen is also said to be haunted…

Like Hangar Two workmen have found that their tools mysteriously go missing only to reappear somewhere else in the hangar.

Eerie whispering, cold draughts, strange black shadows and the sudden smell of perfume have all been reported by members of staff working in the hangar.

One Christmas night a security guard was checking out Hangar Ten when he saw an apparition of a grey hair man looking at him from the office window.

Apparently the ghostly man was in his sixties and was wearing a 1940s suit!

On one occasion a fitter in Hangar Three had a conversation with a RAF officer who was inquiring about the whereabouts of an aircraft in for maintenance.

Later the fitter asked his workmates about this mysterious RAF officer only to find out that nobody else had seen him or knew who he was…

So, it looks like the fitter actually have a conversion with a ghost!

Another fitter was working in the cargo bay of a Tri-Star jet one night when he heard phantom footsteps walking around the passenger deck of the aircraft.

Together with a workmate they went to investigate who was with them in the aircraft only to find that the passenger deck was totally empty!

Machine Shop 1 was originally used during the Second World War by airmen but after the war it became a milling and grinding shop and now it’s a garage workshop.

The building has a reputation of being haunted by a ghost called the Grey Man.

One day a cleaner was taking a tea break in the Machine Shop when he saw a suited man with a grey looking face standing in the doorway.

He asked the Grey Man whether everything was alright and the man answered ‘Yes’ before vanishing into thin air!

A similar encounter with the Grey Man happened during the war…

A workman on a night shift was working away when suddenly he had the feeling to turn around.

As he did he saw a suited man who this time asked him whether everything was alright at which the worker replied ‘Yes’ and returned to his work.

Moments later the worker quickly glanced up to discover that the man had disappeared.

Puzzled by the quick disappearance of the mysterious suited man he search the Machine Shop for him but couldn’t find him anywhere!

The storeroom above the nightshift office in another Machine Shop also had a reputation for being haunted…

Phantom footsteps would often be heard walking around the empty storeroom by workmen!

On one summer’s night a worker got the shock of his life when he used the storeroom to have a tea break and have a quick snooze.

Although it was a warm summer’s night he woke up after his snooze feeling freezing cold.

As his eyes adjusted to the dark room he noticed that an apparition of man was standing watching him…

The ghostly figure was wearing a uniform with a peaked cap.

The worker ran from the room in terror and told his workmates about what he had just witnessed.

They returned to the room and noted it was still freezing cold in there but the ghostly uniformed man was nowhere to be seen!

The members of staff working in the Metal Detailing building have reported some strange events taking place over the years.

Eerie whistling and whispering and shirt pulling and taps on the shoulder by an unknown presence have been reported.

A security guard on patrol outside the building one night was violently pulled backwards by the back of his trousers by something unseen.

A ghostly apparition of a man wearing the old style of Marshall overalls was witnessed by a worker in the 1980s walking towards the treatment tanks where he disappeared into thin air.

A storeman once witness a ladder which had blocked his way whilst he carried a box suddenly straighten to a 90 degree angle as though someone invisible was holding it upright!

The Grade II listed Civil Building housed the Chairman’s offices and was used for civil control of the airport.

Phantom footsteps have been heard walking around the building, object have mysteriously disappeared and an icy cold breeze has often been felt by staff members in certain parts of the building.

On one occasion a secretary witnessed the door handle of the Chairman’s office move up and down on its own accord.

One morning a cleaner saw an apparition standing in a doorway of the Chairman’s office out of the corner of his eye.

He described the ghostly apparition as a large man dressed in black.

As he turned to get a better look the apparition disappeared into thin air!

Other cleaners have reported hearing phantom talking coming from empty rooms at the Civil Building.

More ghosts have also been witnessed within the building…

A phantom airman has been seen walking from the front of the building by terrified witnesses.

Cleaners have also seen the ghostly apparition of a long hair woman dressed in white.

And other witnesses have seen the reflection of an apparition of a man wearing a hat in the glass of the front doors!

Airport House is said to be haunted by a ghost of a Grey Lady…

After returning from her lunch break one day a secretary was entering the building via the front doors when she witnessed the apparition of a woman on the other side of the inner doors.

Apparently the ghostly woman was tall with fair hair, pale face and was wearing a long dark dress.

As the secretary got closer to the doors the apparition vanished into thin air!

On another occasion a cleaner saw the Grey Lady walking down the stairs.

Mysterious icy cold breezes and opened doors slamming themselves shut have also been reported by terrified staff.


Oxney Grange, Peterborough

Local legend says that in the mid-1400s six lay brothers were sent to Oxney Grange to do filthy farm work as a penance for getting drunk in Peterborough.

One day they yet again got extremely drunk…

The drunkenness led to a violent argument which ended in the deaths of two of the monks!

It’s now said that the ghosts of those two monks haunt Oxney Grange.

The building is also said to be haunted by a ghostly White Lady, a spooky Blue Lady and a phantom dog.

Terrified witnesses have also seen the apparition of a headless horseman riding past the property.

Former residents have said the cellar has a bad feeling to it…

And in their time at the farmhouse they never ventured down into it because they were frightened of what they might find!

Another former resident was having a warm relaxing bath one night when she suddenly felt the water go icy cold and a pair of invisible hands pinning her down.

Within moments the pinning hands disappeared and she leaped out of the cold water.

She never used that bath again!


Peterborough Cathedral, Peterborough

Local legend says that the cathedral’s magnificent Early English Gothic West Front is haunted by a former stonemason who worked as man and boy on it.

It’s said that he was a man in his fifties and that he wanted to see the building completed before he died so much that he would often work into the early hours of the morning.

One night he plunged to his death after his candle went out and he lost his footing whilst trying to descend the scaffolding in the dark!

Witnesses passing the West Front late at night have reported seeing a candle light in one of the upper windows above the left-hand arch.

Many say that it’s the ghost of the former stonemason still working late by candle light on his beloved cathedral!

Many terrified visitors to the cathedral have reported witnessing ghostly apparitions of monks…

On a summer’s evening in 1996 an American tourist was taking some twilight photos of the cloisters when she saw a hooded monk appear in one of the doorways.

The life-like figure crossed the cloister and disappeared through another doorway.

The American tourist finished taking her photographs and decided to follow the monk to see if he was taking part in a service opened to the public.

To her amazement she discovered that he had actually exited a doorway which was bricked up and had entered the other doorway which had a locked door!

During a couple of the annual medieval re-enactment events held near the cathedral witnesses have reported seeing a very solid looking hooded monk walking around.

They are often shocked to discover that there have been no re-enactors dressed up as monks during those years!

The ghostly apparition of a young tired and hungry looking monk has been seen by witnesses actually inside the cathedral.

He’s said to be about eighteen years old, dressed in a black habit and is seen to walk up the nave, stop, look behind him and then run off in terror disappearing into thin air near the front of the nave.

Visitors to the cathedral have often reported hearing a phantom male choir singing.

Many believe this may well be the singing spirits of former monks as the witnesses often say that the singing sounds like it’s in Latin.

The West Range is a row of historic buildings situated opposite the stunning West Front of the cathedral.

A lot of the West Range buildings have a reputation for being haunted…

A house in the Minister Precinct is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen looking out of the first floor window of the house.

Witnesses have described her as being a girl about seven years old with long dark hair wearing a Victorian dress.

She has only been seen by people outside the building, the residents of the house have never witnessed her!

The ghostly apparition of a man dressed in dark cloak and a wide brimmed hat has been seen by terrified residents walking through the walls of the top floor flats of the building.

The brick vaulted cellars under the buildings of West Range are said to be haunted by a ghostly monk.

When the Tourist Information centre was located in the cellars the members of staff blamed the ghostly monk for turning lights on and off and for pushing a mirror off a shelf.

One of the staff members saw the monk standing by a desk one day.

She described the ghostly figure as being semi-transparent and dressed in a hooded brown habit.

This ghost is also said to haunt another building across the yard where he’s been seen on the stairs and in the upstairs photocopying room.

The ancient graveyard to the north of the cathedral is said to be haunted by a number of ghosts.

Phantom monks have been seen near the gateway as well as walking through the graveyard.

Witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a hooded monk with a lantern in the area around the ruins of the old abbey infirmary near to the monk’s cemetery.


RAF Peterborough, Peterborough

Along Cottesmore Close in the north-west of the city you’ll find a grand looking building which was once the Officer’s Mess of RAF Peterborough.

After the base was closed the building was used by Peterborough City Council as a training centre.

Terrified members of staff at the centre would often report seeing the ghostly apparition of a pilot walking around the first floor of the building.

The Station’s Offices and Sergeant’s Mess were once located where Savile Road is today.

Spooked residents of the road have also reported seeing ghostly figures of servicemen as well as hearing phantom aircraft coming into land!

Many local residents have also reported hearing the sound of marching hobnail boots walking through their homes.

In 1998 a family in Westwood reported seeing the ghost of an airman descend their stairs and then disappear into thin air.

Apparently he was about thirty years old and was wearing an airman’s uniform!


Peterborough North Station, Peterborough

In the autumn of 1945 an infamous ghostly occurrence began at Peterborough North Station…

A London couple were traveling on the Newcastle train heading north to visit their relatives for a few days.

As the train was standing at Peterborough Station an old lady entered their compartment, smiled and sat down opposite them.

She seemed nice but a little out of place as she was dressed in a Victorian looking black silk dress, a black hat and was carrying a wicker basket with a white linen cover!

As the train entered Grantham the husband got up to get his wife a cup of tea and politely asked the old lady whether she would like one too.

She nodded and he later returned with tea for everybody.

After her tea the old lady sat quietly with her eyes closed until they reached Durham Station at which time she got up to leave the train.

The husband helped her to get off the train and handed her the wicker basket.

At which time she said to him ‘I wish you many happy years’ and suddenly disappeared into thin air right in front of his very eyes!


Priestgate, Peterborough

Priestgate in the centre of the city is home to Peterborough Museum which is probably the most haunted building in the city.

But Priestgate’s hauntings aren’t limited to only the museum…

Along the street there’s a property which was once the City and Counties Club.

The private member’s club was established in 1882.

The building has a reputation for being haunted!

Phantoms footsteps, eerie voices and shadowy figures have all been reported at the premises by terrified witnesses.

Today the building houses a modern bar.

Spooked bar staff have often witnessed objects move on their own accord within the bar area!

Another property along Priestgate which has a haunted reputation is the Yorkshire House.

At present the building is an Italian restaurant but it actually dates back to 1550 when it was first built by the newly wed Symon Hake of Thorney.

The building remained in the Hake family for over three hundred years.

Before it was used as a restaurant it was the offices of a firm of solicitors.

The staff members of the solicitors would often hear doors banging shut on their own accord and phantom footsteps walking about the building!

Spooked members of the restaurant staff have also reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a hooded figure as well as a white female figure in the upstairs part of the property.


Cowgate, Peterborough

On the corner of Cowgate and Cross Street you’ll find another Italian restaurant which is housed in a Victorian building.

The building dates to 1897 and over the years has been the home to many different pubs.

The premises is said to be haunted by at least two ghosts…

The ghostly apparition of a grey haired lady in a Victorian dress has been seen by terrified witnesses peering out of the first floor window with a disapproving look on her face.

In the years when the building was used as a pub an apparition of a Georgian looking man was often witnessed by staff members and punters alike propping up the bar with a pint of beer in his hand!

The building at Number 4 Cowgate is said to be haunted by young children.

Members of staff at the building would often report hearing the sound of phantom children playing in the upstairs part of the building…

Back in the early 1900s the building was in fact used as a nursery!

Just off Cowgate, through a covered alleyway, you’ll find an 18th century building which belongs to St John Ambulance.

Local legend says that a young groom committed suicide by hanging himself within the building after he was jilted at the altar.

The ghostly apparition of a despondent young man carrying a length of rope has seen by witnesses entering the building!

Eerie noises, phantom footsteps and banging doors have all been heard in the building.

On one occasion a team photograph was taken within the building of all the St John Ambulance volunteers.

A strange blurry figure appeared next to the volunteers within the photo!


Bridge Street, Peterborough

There are a few buildings along Bridge Street which have a reputation for being haunted…

The Town Hall dates back to 1929.

It has a reputation for being haunted by a former security guard.

Members of staff working late at night have reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the building and believe that they belong to the former security guard!

Across the road from the Town Hall is an Art Deco building which was once the premises of a menswear store.

Former members of staff at the menswear store reported that the place would be mysteriously tidied up when their backs were turned.

It’s believed that the tidy ghost is a former manager of the store who suddenly died from a heart attack one day.

He was known for his excessive tidiness!


Fitzwilliam Street, Peterborough

During the 1990s there was a pub situated on Fitzwilliam Street called the Flower and Firkin which had a reputation for being haunted…

The landlady and members of staff reported candles mysteriously relighting themselves, phantom footsteps, sudden drops in temperature and eerie noises.

Staff members would hate going down into the cellar alone as often the door would bang shut locking them in the room and then the lights would go out!


Westgate, Peterborough

You’ll find the 17th century Grade II listed Bull Hotel along Westgate in the middle of Peterborough…

Just opposite the Queensgate Shopping Centre to be precise!

The hotel has a few ghostly tales to tell…

In the 1800s a lady travelling with her dog stopped off at the hotel.

Unfortunately, whilst their coach and horses manoeuvred in the yard the poor dog got run over and killed.

Since that time the Bull has been extended and the yard is now one of the hotel’s bedrooms.

Today, the room is said to be haunted by the ghost of the dog…

Hotel maids have been surprised to discover muddy paw prints on the clean bed sheets even when no guests have been staying in the room!

It seems that the ghostly dog isn’t the only spirit to roam the hotel…

Both members of staff and guests alike have reported hearing phantom footsteps and the eerie sound of somebody jingling keys in the bar area.

Cold spots and suddenly temperature drops have also been noticed!

There’s an old Victorian building along Westgate which houses a department store.

The stockrooms of the department store are said to be haunted by the ghostly apparition of a Cavalier from the English Civil War period.

His ghost has been blamed for pinching ladies bottoms!


Queensgate, Peterborough

The Queensgate Shopping Centre was built in the early 1980s on the site of some of the oldest streets in Peterborough which probably accounts for some of the strange events which take place after the centre has been closed for the night…

Eerie voices, phantom footsteps and ghostly figures have all been reported by spooked security guards.

The ghostly apparition of a sobbing little girl dressed in rags squatting on the floor of the lower mall has been seen in the early hours of the morning.

An apparition of a Grey Lady has been witnessed walking through the back rooms and staff canteen of the shops.

The ghost of a tall old man walking his Scottish terrier dog and the apparition of a laughing little boy who likes to play hide-and-seek has also been seen by shop staff at the centre!


Elton Hall, Peterborough

The Grade I listed baronial Elton Hall is located to the west of Peterborough and just to the south of the small village of Elton.

It’s been the ancestral home of the Proby family since 1660.

Before the Proby family the medieval hall was the family home of the Sapcote family from the time of the Norman Conquest.

Local legend says that the ghostly apparition of Robert Sapcote appears from time to time in the grounds of the hall.

Apparently he’s dressed in a large black cloak and has a large black dog accompany him.

Robert Sapcote was the last member of the family to live at the hall.

It’s said that he was a terrible gambler who didn’t like to lose…

If he lost too much money he would order his servants to mug his gambling guests on their way home!

Well, as you can imagine his guests soon got tired of this treatment and arrange for a group of local thugs to give Sapcote some of his own medicine.

Unfortunately the thugs went too far and Sapcote tragically died from the beating he took.

Today his ghost is said to roam the estate grounds with revenge on his mind!


Orton Hall, Peterborough

Orton Hall is a 17th century manor house which at one time was the home of the Marquises of Huntly.

You’ll find it in the Orton Longueville area of Peterborough.

The hall is said to be haunted by a friendly female ghost called the White Lady…

The White Lady is said to be responsible for opening curtains and windows as well as flushing toilets.

Some spooked guests have even reported somebody tapping them on their shoulder only to find nobody there when they turn around!

Terrified witnesses who have seen the White Lady describe her as an elderly woman with white hair who’s wearing a high-collared dress.

Many believe that she was once a member of staff to one of the Marquises.

The hall was also once used as a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War…

Witnesses visiting the hall have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a POW!


Thorpe Hall, Peterborough

You’ll find the Grade I listed 17th century Thorpe Hall in the Longthorpe area of Peterborough.

The hall is unusual as it was built during the Commonwealth period for Oliver St John, son-in-law and Lord Chief Justice to Oliver Cromwell.

It’s said to be the finest mansion built in the country during that period.

Today it’s used as a Sue Ryder Care hospice.

Thorpe Hall has a reputation for being haunted…

Spooked guest have reported seeing a Victorian looking gardener in the grounds of the hall who disappears into thin air when spotted!

The hall is also said to be haunted by the ghost of a Grey Lady.

Her ghostly figure has been seen by terrified witnesses gliding down the main staircase of the hall and vanishing into thin air before she reaches the bottom steps.


Bedford Hall, Thorney

The Jacobean style 19th century Bedford Hall is said to be haunted by ghostly figures of English Civil War soldiers…

Doors mysteriously banging shut and phantom footsteps have been heard by witnesses within the community centre there!

Local legend says that two hundred years ago a terrible accident happened involving a stage coach.

Apparently it crashed into the large pond on the edge of the village known as ‘the pit’ killing everybody on board.

Some people have reported seeing a ghostly re-enactment of this tragic event taking place by the pond!


Ferry Meadows, Peterborough

Witnesses crossing the 18th century Milton Ferry Bridge have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a highwayman on horseback on the south bank of the River Nene…

The phantom highwayman is often seen in broad daylight!

His ghostly apparition is said to gallop hell for leather from the area near the bridge to a nearby group of trees where he disappears into thin air.

One of the park rangers actually saw the phantom highwayman as recently as 2010 galloping towards the trees.

He searched the woods for ghostly highwayman but couldn’t find any sign of him anywhere!

Another apparition seen at Ferry Meadows is that of a phantom lorry…

Many of the lakes in the park are old flooded quarries.

The quarries were dug in the 1970s to provide building material for the new development of the city.

Local legend says that the phantom vehicle witnessed at Ferry Meadows is the apparition of a lorry which tragically careered off a quarry cliff killing its driver instantly!


Barnack Rectory, Barnack

In the 1820s the author of The Water Babies, Charles Kingsley grew up at the rectory as his father was the rector of Barnack at the time.

As a child it was said that Charles saw a ghost in a bedroom in the north wing of the rectory.

The bedroom was said to be haunted by a ghost called Button Cap…

Button Cap is said to be the restless spirit of a former rector who was said to have defrauded a widow and an orphan.

Apparently his called Button Cap because witnesses have described him as wearing a dressing gown with a flower pattern and a cap with a button on it!

Today Barnack Rectory is now called Kingsley House after the author and has been split into two private houses.

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