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9 Haunted Pubs of Hertfordshire

| On 17, Apr 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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The George Inn, Bishop’s Stortford

The oldest recorded pub in Bishop’s Stortford is the George Inn which is located on the corner of the High Street and North Street.

The historic inn has a Victorian façade but it actually dates back to the 1417.

In the 1600’s both Charles I and Charles II visited the hotel.

The George Inn is one of the town’s buildings which is said to be haunted by the Grey Lady.

Terrified members of staff have seen a white shape hovering in the hotel’s cellar…

But the cellar isn’t the most paranormally active area within the hotel, that’s left to Room 27!

It’s said that a woman was once stabbed to death by a burglar in that room.

Guest staying in the room had complained that they feel their being watched by something unknown.

And have also reported seeing the wardrobe’s doors open on their own accord and the bedroom’s lights turn on and off by themselves.

On one occasion a young couple witnessed a grey mist above the bed…

And one poor guest was scared witless when he saw a ghostly apparition of a lady in a grey dress next to the bed looking as though she was in a lot of pain!


The Brocket Arms, Ayot St Lawrence

In the small Hertfordshire village of Ayot St Lawrence is a stunning 14th century pub called the Brocket Arms.

In its heyday it was a popular place for pilgrims on their way to St Albans Abbey to stay.

Keeping with a religious theme…

The pub is actually said to be haunted by a ghostly monk.

Terrified witnesses who have seen him describe him as being a small man and wearing a brown habit!

His ghostly apparition is often seen by frightened punters near the bar area of the pub…

Apparently, the monk committed suicide there by hanging himself!

Whether it’s the same monk or another one altogether…

Some visitors to the inn have also reported seeing the apparition of a monk who is on fire!


The Silver Cup, Harpenden

On St Albans Road overlooking Harpenden Common you’ll find the 19th century Silver Cup pub.

Back in December 1985 the landlord of the Silver Cup got the shock of his life…

You see, he went into his bedroom and discovered an apparition of a lady dressed in grey with tied back hair just standing there.

The lady smiled at him and then disappeared through a door!

He believes that the grey lady probably has a connection with the Archer family who owned the pub for many generations.


The Olde King’s Arms, Hemel Hempstead

Further up the High Street you’ll find the 16th century Olde King’s Arms.

It’s said that the inn was once used as a meeting place for Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII when they were first courting.

Spooked members of staff have witnessed a ghostly apparition of a large man sitting on the bed in one of the pub’s bedrooms.

Apparently he resembling the King and is said to be laughing!


Dog and Whistle, Hertford

You’ll find the trendy looking Dog and Whistle pub along Fore Street.

You may be surprised to discover that the pub is actually an old 17th century coaching inn which for much of its life was called the Ram Inn.

In 2011 the new management at the Ram reported some strange events taking place in the building…

Doors would mysteriously open and close on their own accord.

And witnesses reported seeing shadowy figures in the bar area of the building!

The Ram’s managers also found it hard to rent out Room 1 on the upper floor of the building due to the strange atmosphere in that room.


Feathers Inn, Wadesmill

The 17th century Feathers Inn located along Cambridge Road in Wadesmill near Ware is said to be haunted by a ghost dating back to when the Feathers was a coaching inn…

You see, a young girl was knocked down and killed by a stagecoach outside the inn and it’s now said that her ghostly apparition haunts the building!


The White Hart, Hemel Hempstead

Opposite the Rose and Crown is another haunted pub called the White Hart.

The White Hart is also extremely old with parts of the building said to date back to 1530.

It’s the stairs of the pub where all the paranormal activity is said to happen…

Sensitive people get bad feelings when they approach the stairs.

Terrified witnesses have seen the ghostly face of a man manifest near the stairs.

They say he appears to be in terribly distress!

Local legend says that back in the days of the Press Gangs a young man was tricked into accepting the King’s shilling.

Depending on what version of the legend you hear…

The young man was either killed by the Press Gang whilst trying to escape.

And his ghost haunts the pub today.

Or, he killed the Press Gang’s recruiting sergeant and officers.

And their ghosts now haunt the pub!


The Fox, Pirton

Along Pirton’s High Street you’ll find the Fox Inn.

The pub has a reputation for being very haunted…

In the late 1970s, the little son of the landlord witnessed an 18th century soldier manifest at the end of his bed.

The poor little boy was scared witless by the apparition!

Apparently, the soldier was dressed in a red coat with a mitre cap.

He was armed with a musket which was slung over his shoulder and held a pistol in his hand.

The funnily thing is…

In 2011, a medium who was working for a pilot TV programme called Britain’s Greatest Haunts picked up on another young soldier in the High Street who was killed at Ypres during First World War.

He told her that he visited all the houses along the High Street as he was looking for his mum!

She also picked up on the spirits of an 18th century mother with two sick children who died at the pub.

Eerie bangs and knocking noises have been heard in the pub by the punters.

And strange EVPs have also been recorded.

One poor barmaid reported being slapped in the face by something unseen.

The same barmaid also witnessed the ghostly figure of a woman by the pub’s door.

The doors in both the men’s and ladies toilets have been heard to slam shut on their own accord even when the restrooms were supposed to have been empty.


The Plume of Feathers, Tewin

You’ll find the Plume of Feathers pub in the Upper Green area of Tewin located just off Sevenacres.

The Grade II historic inn dates back to 1596 when it started life out as a hunting lodge for Elizabeth I.

The pub has a reputation for being very haunted…

If you ever have a meal in the Plume of Feathers choose to sit at Table 8.

You see, Table 8 and the area around it is said to be haunted by a ghostly old woman.

She’s described as having long grey hair and wears a transparent dress.

Spooked members of staff who’ve witnessed her say that she cackled at them!

Two ghostly old men have also been witnessed in the bar area of the pub…

One of the men sits down at the infamous Table 8.

Whilst the other one props himself up at the bar but actually faces in the direction of the former bar which was removed many years ago!

The ladies toilet is also thought to be haunted as there’s said to be a creepy feeling inside it.

The chef has reported paranormal activity taking place in the kitchen too.

The oven has switched itself on all by its self.

And food has been burnt when the gas hob has suddenly been turned fully up on its own accord.

The ghostly apparition of a little girl has been seen by terrified witnesses at the top of the cellar stairs.

In 1999, one poor female member of staff found herself locked in the cellar when she couldn’t open the usually free moving cellar doors.

She was trapped down in the cellar for a long time until suddenly the doors opened freely again.

In bygone years the cellar was actually used as servant quarters.

Back in the 17th century a woman’s body was discovered behind a bricked up fireplace.

The woman was believed to have been brutally murdered by her husband when he returned from sea to discover that she had been unfaithfully to him and
was carrying another man’s child!

The fireplace is no longer there but the area where the woman’s body was found is right where the infamous Table 8 stands.

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