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3 Haunted Hotels in Nottinghamshire

| On 02, Mar 2017

Colwick Hall Hotel, Nottingham

Just outside Nottingham is the stunning Grade II* listed Colwick Hall Hotel.

Colwick Hall Hotel is a Palladian style Georgian country house which dates backs to 1775.

It’s famous for being the ancestral home of the English poet Lord Byron.

The hall is stacked in history so you probably won’t be too surprised if I told you it’s reputed to be haunted.

During the Second Reform Bill disturbances in 1832 a mob stormed Colwick Hall setting fire to it and looting it.

Mary Ann Chaworth hid from the mob with her daughter all night in the pouring behind some shrubbery in the grounds of the hall.

This shocking episode was too much for her as she died four months later at Wiverton Hall.

It’s now said that her ghost haunts the hall…

Witnesses have seen her ghostly apparition in the hall’s grounds trying to hide behind trees and bushes!

The hall itself is also said to be haunted…

Members of staff and visitors alike have reported hearing eerie footsteps walking along the hall’s corridors as well as phantom children laughing and strange voices in the servants’ quarters.


Ye Olde Bell Hotel, Retford

You’ll find Ye Olde Bell Hotel along the Great North Road in the Nottinghamshire village of Barnby Moor.

The hotel dates back to the 17th century when it started life out as a farm.

In the 19th century the Bell became a popular stop for the stagecoaches travelling between London and York.

In 1835 the young Queen Victoria together with her mother the Duchess of Kent stay the night at the Bell.

In the early 20th century when car ownership became popular the Bell changed its name to Ye Olde Bell Hotel.

During the 1980s Ye Olde Bell Hotel gained a reputation for being haunted.

Members of staff and visitors alike have reported seeing an apparition of a Grey Lady in the hotel’s ballroom, on the staircase and gliding along the corridors.

The ghost of a very lifelike man has been seen entering one of the bedrooms.

Guests staying at the hotel have also reported some paranormal activities taking place in their rooms!


The Lion Hotel, Worksop

Along Bridge Street in Worksop you’ll find the 18th century Lion Hotel.

The Lion Hotel is said to have a residential ghost called Alice…

Back in the early days of the Lion Hotel Alice was employed as a serving wench.

Apparently she committed suicide by hanging herself after being spurned by the owner of the hotel.

Members of staff and guests have been scared witless after Alice has manifested in front of them.

She tends to like the older parts of the hotel especially Room 201!

She’s been blamed for the eerie humming, singing and crying which is often heard by spooked guests whilst they walk along the hotel’s corridors.