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9 Haunted Places in Berkshire

| On 24, Apr 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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Bisham Abbey, Bisham

The Grade I listed Bisham Abbey is a manor house which gets its name from a long lost abbey which once stood beside it.

Bisham Abbey was built in 1260 as a community house for a couple of Knights Templar.

Now you would think that Bisham Abbey would be haunted by ghostly monks or phantom knights but truth be told the manor house is said to be haunted by the ghost of Elizabeth Hoby…

She was an influential noblewoman in the court of Queen Elizabeth I.

She was married to Thomas Hoby of Bisham Abbey.

Legend says that she had a son who she punished relentlessly because he was a slow learner.

Apparently he died after a severe beating she metered out to him.

It’s now said that her ghostly apparition is often seen wandering around the grounds of Bisham Abbey crying whilst wiping her blood soaked hands!


Donnington Castle, Donnington

The ruins of Donnington Castle are situated in the village of Donnington just a stone’s throw away from the town of Newbury.

The castle dates back to 1386 when it was constructed by Sir Richard Abberbury the Elder.

It became a ruin during the English Civil War…

You see, at that time it was held by the royalist Sir John Boys who withstood an eighteen month siege from Parliamentarian forces.

In 1646, Boys eventually surrendered the castle to the Parliamentarians who later decided to demolish the castle leaving just the gatehouse standing!

Today, the ruin of the castle is run by English Heritage and is a scheduled ancient monument.

With such a long and eventful history it’s no wonder that Donnington Castle is rumoured to be haunted…

Now, the gatehouse itself is said to be haunted by a ghost of a guard.

Apparently many witnesses have mistaken the guard as being a guide in period dress… he looks that real!

Of course they’re horrified when he simply vanishes into thin air right in front of their very eyes.

He’s often seen on both floors of the gatehouse.

Talking about vanishing into thin air…

In 1990, shocked witnesses saw a ghostly apparition of a white dog run down the castle hill towards the woods and suddenly disappear before he reached the tree line!

Royalist ghosts from the English Civil War are a common sight at the castle.

First there’s the ghostly fire-fight between Royalist and Parliamentarian troops which is often witnessed in the nearby Love Lane.

And then there’s the amazing story of the young campers who witnessed an old Royalist soldier assaulting a young woman.

After approaching the phantom soldier and shouting out ‘leave her alone’ both apparitions disappeared into thin air!


Windsor Castle, Windsor

We all know of the world famous Windsor Castle as being a royal residence.

The castle dates back to the 11th century when it was first built by William the Conqueror.

In the beginning the castle wasn’t used as a royal residence.

That wasn’t until 1110 when Henry I became the first royal to move in.

With such a long history, you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that the castle is said to have a few ghosts knocking about the place with some of them being from royalty!

King Henry VIII is buried at Windsor Castle and some say that he never left…

His ghost is said to haunt the Cloisters and the corridors of the castle.

Witnesses who’ve seen his angry ghost have described him as being a large man who paces around looking anxious.

Henry VIII famously had his wife Anne Boleyn executed for treason and adultery at the Tower of London in 1536.

Her ghost is said to haunt the Dean’s Cloister at Windsor Castle.

Terrified witnesses have seen her ghostly apparition sadly peering out of one of the windows there.

Staying with Henry VIII, his daughter Queen Elizabeth I is also said to haunt the Dean’s Cloister.

Many witnesses, including royalty, have seen her ghostly apparition at the castle.

She’s said to be wearing a black gown with a black shawl over her shoulders.

George III, Edward VII and George VI all reported seeing the ghost of Elizabeth I at the castle…

Many say that her ghostly appearance occurs on the advent of war!

Did you know that Mad King George III was confined to a room below the castle’s library during his periods of mental illness?

Startled witnesses have reported seeing his ghostly apparition peering out of the library’s window and doorway.

In 1936, the ghost of an angry Queen Victoria was witnessed by terrified workmen who were attempting to cut down some spruce trees once planted by the Queen and Prince Albert…

Apparently she wasn’t too amused!

The Kings and Queens of the past aren’t the only ghosts said to haunt Windsor Castle…

Phantom footsteps and sudden temperature drops have been recorded in the Curfew Tower. On one occasion the bells in the tower mysteriously swung on their own accord.

A ghostly apparition of a man and a horse has been seen by terrified witnesses walking through the wall of the kitchen in the horseshoe cloisters.

You see, the cloisters were once the cavalry stables!

If you’re every alone in the Deanery, you may be startled by a phantom young voice shouting… I don’t want to go riding today!

Well, the Deanery is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young boy.

Now this isn’t the only auditory phenomenon to be experienced in the Deanery…

A child’s footsteps, believed to belong to the ghostly boy, have been heard crossing the building!

And last but by no means least… spooked visitors to the Prison Room in the Norman Tower have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a Royalist soldier from the English Civil War in there.


Windsor Great Park, Windsor

Sticking with Windsor, the Great Park is also rumoured to have a few ghosts of its own…

Windsor Great Park is a massive deer park to the south of Windsor town.

In 1240, King Henry III officially defined the borders of the Great Park.

It was originally used by the King for personal hunting and to supply Windsor Castle with wild game.

The park is said to be haunted by a great hunter dating back to the reign of Richard II called Herne.

Local legend says that Herne saved the King’s life by getting in the way of an angry stag set on mauling the King.

Apparently, as Herne laid dying local wizards appeared and saved his life by placing deer antlers on his head…

It’s said that Herne recovered by lost his abilities as a great hunter!

After his valour, Herne became a close friend of Edward which made the other huntsman very jealous.

They framed him for a theft from the King which resulted in him being cast out by the Royals.

Sadly Herne committed suicide by hanging himself from an old oak tree within the grounds of Home Park at Windsor Castle.

Today, many witnesses have reported seeing his ghostly apparition running across Windsor Great Park…

Nobody knows why he’s running!


The Ostrich Inn, Colnbrook

If I can take you back to 2001 to the first series of Most Haunted you may remember the team visited a pub in Colnbrook called the Ostrich Inn.

Back in 1106, a coaching inn called the Hospice was founded by Milo Crispin in Colnbrook which later became the Ostrich Inn…

It’s believed that the inn is the third oldest in England!

The Most Haunted team investigated the inn because it’s said to be very haunted.

Back in the 17th century an evil man called Jarman was the landlord at the inn.

He installed a trap door in the bedroom directly above the kitchen with two intentions… robbery and murder!

He secured the bedstead and mattress tightly together and attached them to the trap door.

His wealthier guests staying in that bedroom would never see the next day again.

You see, he would creep into the bedroom in the early hours of the morning, tip up the bed and dispatch his sleeping guest through the trap door into a boiling cauldron of fat in the kitchen below.

Apparently he murdered up to sixty of his guests in this way.

You’ll be please to know that crime doesn’t pay…

Jarman and his wife were later hung for robbery and murder!

Well, you probably can see why a lot of paranormal activity has been reported at the Ostrich Inn…

Sudden temperature drops, strange noises and objects moving on their own accord have all been reported at the inn.

Ghostly figures have also been seen by terrified witness especially that of a Victorian lady who often seen in the upstairs corridor of the inn.

It’s said that the Jarman murders were the basis to the Sweeny Todd story.

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The Maiden’s Head, Maidenhead

You’ll find the Maiden’s Head pub situated along Maidenhead’s High Street.

For many years the pub was called the Hobgoblin.

And it was during this time that it gained a reputation for being haunted.

The pub was said to be haunted by a fun loving ghost called Bob.

He was blamed for turning the beer pumps and lights on and off, moving coats, hiding objects and then returning them and on one occasion moving the counters during a game of Trivial Pursuit!

His phantom footsteps and glasses clinking have been heard coming from the empty bar after hours.

And he’s been known to lock people in the bathroom even though the door hasn’t got a lock and key!

On a couple of occasions the barman was struck by a pen lid and a paper clip on the back of his head when he was alone in the bar.


The Catherine Wheel, Newbury

You’ll find the historic Catherine Wheel pub along Cheap Street in Newbury.

The Grade II listed former coaching inn dates back to 1761.

The pub is reputed to be haunted.

In 2011 the pub’s CCTV system recorded two glasses falling from a cabinet on their own accord.

The first glass fell in front of the shocked manageress and as she bent down to pick it up the second glass flew from the cabinet and hit her on the hand!

Spooked members of staff have reported seeing orbs and having their hair pulled by something unseen.

Locked doors would mysteriously unlock themselves and objects would move around by their own accord.


The New Leathern Bottle, Warfield

You’ll find the New Leathern Bottle along the A3095 in the village of Jealotts Hill.

The Grade II listed pub dates back to the 17th century when it started life out as a private house.

The New Leathern Bottle is said to be haunted by the ghosts of Hannah Carey and her abusive husband.

About a hundred and fifty years ago Hannah and her husband were the landlady and landlord of the pub.

Hannah was having an affair and her husband found out.

In a jealous rage he beat her so savagely that she died from her injures a month later.

He was arrested by the authorities and hung for murder.

Both their ghosts are now said to haunt the New Leathern Bottle.

With phantom weeping coming from Hannah’s ghost and profanities from her husband’s ghost!


The Bull, Wargrave

You’ll find the Bull situated along Wargrave’s High Street.

The Grade II listed former coaching inn dates back to the 15th century.

The Bull is reputed to be haunted.

The ghostly apparition of a tall man wearing a black hat has been seen sitting next to the open log fire.

For many years the family at the Bull would hear phantom crying coming from Room 2 around the beginning of July.

Apparently, in the 1820s a former landlord discovered his wife was having an affair resulting in him throwing her out and forbidding her to see their young child.

Local legend says she died from a broken heart shortly afterwards.

And now her ghost returns every year on the anniversary of her ejection crying as she packs her bags!

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