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18 Haunted Hotels in Wales (Updated 2017)

| On 05, Mar 2017

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The Kings Arms, Abergavenny

You’ll find the Kings Arms on the corner of Nevill Street and Tudor Street in the market town of Abergavenny.

The Grade II listed former coaching inn dates back to 1660.

The Kings Arms is reputed to have its own resident ghost…

The ghostly apparition of a scullery maid has been seen by spooked guests descending the staircase and passing through the lounge!

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The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

You’ll find the Black Boy Inn situated in Northgate Street within the medieval walls of Caernarfon.

The Black Boy dates back to 1522 and is said to be one of the oldest inns within North Wales.

With such a long history you probably wouldn’t be too surprised if I told you that the inn has a reputation for being haunted…

To the rear of the Black Boy there was once a convent which probably accounts for the many sightings of a ghostly nun seen walking through the building.

Many guests have heard the sound of a phantom child crying in one of the inn’s bedrooms.

Apparently, if you ask whether the child is OK it stops crying!

Members of staff and punters alike have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a man sitting in the bar area of the pub just watching people.

And a senior member of staff was certain they saw a ghostly apparition of a woman in the bar area when they were working late one night.

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The Castle Hotel, Conwy

The Castle Hotel is situated slap bang in the centre of the historic walled market town of Conwy.

In the 1880s, the Castle Hotel came into being by the combining of two existing hostelries… the King’s Head and the Castle!

The site on which the Castle Hotel sits on was once part of an old Cistercian Abbey.

Thomas Telford, George Stephenson, William Wordsworth and the Queen of Romania have all passed through the doors of this old coaching inn.

Now, the Castle Hotel is said to be haunted by a former housemaid.

Apparently, the young maid was extremely ill and only a few days away from death when she requested that her body should be sent back to be buried in Anglesey once she had died.

Unfortunately, the landlord ignored her last wish and her body was buried in a local graveyard.

It’s said that after her funeral all sorts of paranormal activity took place at the hotel…

Water jugs would mysteriously shatter and waiters would be tripped by an unseen entity!

Eventually the landlord saw sense and had the maid’s body exhumed and sent to back to Anglesey for reburial.

The paranormal activity stopped but over the years terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a housemaid wandering around the Castle Hotel.

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The Owain Glyndwr Hotel, Corwen

In Corwen’s Square you’ll find a historical inn named after the Welsh hero Owain Glyndŵr… the legendary Prince of Wales!

The hotel dates back to 1329 when it started life out as a monastery in the grounds of the nearby church.

It then became a coaching inn at a later date.

In 1789, the inn was enlarged to house the very first Welsh Eisteddfod…

A festival of literature, music and performance!

It’s said that the Owain Glyndwr Hotel is haunted by the ghost of a young woman who outraged the local community by having an affair with a man of the cloth.

As you can imagine, the relationship didn’t work out and it’s said that the young woman died of a broken heart.

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly apparition wandering around the hotel!

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Emlyn Arms, Llanarthney

You’ll find the Emlyn Arms situated along the B4300 in the village of Llanarthney in the Tywi valley, Carmarthenshire.

The former coaching inn dates back to the mid-18th century.

In 1909, poltergeist activity was reported at the Emlyn Arms…

Phantom footsteps, eerie banging noises, crockery moving about the dresser on its own accord, bottles, stones and hot coals being flung through the air by something unseen were all reported by the local policeman who went to investigated the inn after the neighbours thought a burglary was taking place inside!

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Llangoed Hall Hotel, Llyswen

Llangoed Hall Hotel is situated in the stunningly beautiful Wye Valley near the village of Llyswen.

The hall is a magnificent country house hotel which dates back to 1632 when it was owned by the Macnamara family.

The hall was bought in 1987 and opened as a hotel in 1990 by the businessman Sir Bernard Ashley the husband of the famous designer Laura Ashley.

The hotel’s kitchen, library and Room 1 is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young fourteen year old boy who sadly died at the hotel in the 1940s.

He’s often blamed for the mysteriously ghostly pranks that take place at the hotel such as flour bins being knocked over in the kitchen and hotel furniture being moved on its own accord.

Some say that the young boy was killed in a hunting accident whilst others say he killed himself because he didn’t want to return to Eton.

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The Hand Hotel, Llangollen

You’ll find the Hand Hotel slap bang in the centre of the market town of Llangollen overlooking the River Dee.

The hotel is an old coaching inn which dates back to the 17th century.

The Hand Hotel has a reputation for being haunted by a few ghosts…

Terrified witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a lady dressed in grey wandering around the hotel late at night.

It’s believed that she the spirit of a lady called Sarah who nursed her ill brother Albert when he was suffering from TB.

Albert was the stable boy at the hotel and sadly he died from his illness.

His ghost is said to haunt the room in which he died.

A ghostly figure standing by the hotel’s organ has been reported by both members of staff and guests alike.

A member of staff was scared witless one day when he saw a ghostly man wearing a leather apron tapping on a barrel in the cellar.

Apparently the man looked extremely lifelike!

One of the hotel’s rooms is said to be haunted by a former employee who hung himself after he discovered that his wife was pregnant with her lover’s child.

She later died in childbirth and is said to haunt another two rooms at the hotel.

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Ruthin Castle Hotel, Denbighshire

The medieval Ruthin Castle is located in the picturesque Denbighshire’s county town of Ruthin.

The first castle was built by Edward I in 1217.

The Cornwallis-West family built the modern castle within the ruins of the old castle in 1826.

The town of Ruthin and the castle are said to be some of the most haunted places in Wales…

The Grey Lady is the most infamous of the ghost which are said to haunt the castle.

She’s said to be the spirit of a woman who was married to a steward at the castle in the 15th century.

She discovered that her husband was having an affair with a young peasant girl.

It’s said that she murdered the young girl in revenge but was tried and sentenced to death at the castle for the crime.

Today, terrified witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly apparition on the castle battlements and in the banqueting hall.

The apparition of soldier wearing just one glove has also been spotted wandering around the castle grounds.

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Hotel Maes-y-Neuadd, Talsarnau

The historic Hotel Maes-y-Neuadd near the village of Talsarnau dates back to the 14th century.

Hotel Maes-y-Neuadd has reported a couple of ghosts…

There’s a ghost of a nursemaid who is said to appear when guests are feely unwell.

And a ghostly apparition of a friendly phantom dog has also been seen in the garden!

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Craig-y-Nos Castle Hotel, Pen-y-cae

The historic Craig-y-Nos Castle dates back to the Victorian period.

The hotel is located in the stunningly beautiful Swansea Valley.

Craig-y-Nos Castle is said to be haunted by the Victorian opera singer Adelina Patti, her second husband, French tenor Nicolini and the composer Rossini…

Phantom children have also been heard playing at Craig-y-Nos Castle!

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Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel, Bodelwyddan

The historic Grade II listed Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel close to the village of Bodelwyddan dates back to the Victorian era.

The Bodelwyddan Castle Hotel is said to be haunted by many ghosts…

A ghostly apparition of The Blue Lady has been seen in the kitchen, a ghost of a soldier has been witnessed in one of the galleries and members of staff have seen a ghostly apparition of a Victorian lady in the Sculpture Gallery.

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The Cross Keys Inn, Usk

You’ll find the Cross Keys Inn located along Bridge Street in the picturesque Monmouthshire town of Usk.

The Grade II listed building dates back to 1368 and became an inn during the 1830s.

The pub’s cellar was once used as a prison for local condemned men waiting to be hung at the gallows situated on the town’s bridge.

The Cross Keys is reputed to be haunted.

A ghostly figure was once witnessed in Room 3.

Some say it was the ghost of a former serving girl whilst others believed it was a ghost of a monk!

Local legend say that some of the inn’s rooms are haunted by the ghost of a young girl who poisoned herself after her parents locked her away to keep her from her lover.

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The Fairy Falls Hotel, Trefriw

You’ll find the Fairy Falls Hotel situated on the Conway Road in the village of Trefriw.

The hotel dates back to the turn of the 20th century when it was originally called the Geirionnydd Vaults.

In 2007, the landlord of the Fairy Falls reported that his premises were haunted by two ghosts called John Lucas and Lucy.

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The Royal Goat Hotel, Beddgelert

You’ll find the Royal Goat Hotel situated on the A498 in the Snowdonia village of Beddgelert.

The Grade II listed hotel dates back to 1802 when it was first built by Thomas Jones when his wife inherited the Beddgelert estate.

The hotel was originally called the Beddgelert Hotel but later changed its name to the Royal Goat in the 1870s after Prince Arthur visited.

The hotel was originally built to accommodate the increasing numbers of tourist visiting the Snowdonia area.

The first landlord of the Royal Goat was a man called David Pritchard.

In a bid to boost tourism he erected a monument in a nearby field called the Grave of Gelert.

The monument honours Gelert, the loyal hound of Llewelyn which was mistakenly slain by his master.

David Pritchard died at the age of fifty two in 1821.

His ghost is said to haunt the Royal Goat Hotel today.

Apparently, whenever somebody spends a lot of money at the hotel his smiling ghost makes an appearance and walks along the hotel’s corridors before disappearing into thin air!

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The Gwesty Ty Gorsaf Hotel, Blaenau Ffestiniog

You’ll find the Gwesty Ty Gorsaf Hotel situated on the High Street of the historic Welsh mining town of Blaenau Ffestiniog.

The former three storey railway hotel dates back to 1850.

It was previously called the Queen’s Hotel before changing its name to the Gwesty Ty Gorsaf Hotel.

Recently, the hotel has gained a reputation amongst its members of staff for being haunted…

Paranormal activity has been reported in the cellar and guest rooms of the Gwesty Ty Gorsaf Hotel.

Spooked members of staff have witnessed ghostly figures wandering around the hotel.

During refurbishment a workman fled the building in horror when he came face to face with an apparition of a ghostly miner!

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The Haven Fort Hotel, Settlands Hill

You’ll find the Haven Fort Hotel situated on Settlands Hill on a headland between Broad Haven and Little Haven in Pembrokeshire.

The Grade II listed building dates back to 1870 when it was first built for a chairman of the Great Western Railway.

Locally, the neo-Gothic style hotel is famous for a bizarre UFO and alien sighting but the property is also reputed to be haunted…

The grounds of Haven Fort Hotel are reputed to be haunted by the ghost of a White Lady.

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Baskerville Hall Hotel, Clyro

You’ll find the Baskerville Hall Hotel situated off the A438 to the south-west of the Welsh village of Clyro in Powys.

The Grade II* Neo-Jacobean style listed building dates back to 1839 when it was first built for Thomas Baskerville Mynors-Baskerville.

It’s said that the author of The Hound of the Baskervilles Sir Arthur Conan Doyle often stay at the building and was inspired by it to write his Sherlock Holmes novel.

The building was originally called Clyro Court.

Spooked members of staff and guests alike have reported hearing strange banging noises and phantom footsteps coming from the hotel corridors at night.

The hotel’s rose garden is said to be haunted by the ghost of a White Lady.

And the hotel’s main staircase is said to be haunted by a male ghost.

In 1998, the hotel’s chef witnessed a ghostly shape of a large dog in his kitchen shortly before he felt a sharp bite on his right thigh which caused him to cry out loud.

The following day a large bruise appeared on his thigh where he felt the phantom dog bite him!

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The Thomas Arms Hotel, Llanelli

You’ll find the Thomas Arms Hotel situated along Thomas Street in the Carmarthenshire town of Llanelli.

The hotel is over one hundred and eighty years old.

The landlord of the Thomas Arms has reported that all types of paranormal activity taking place within the hotel.

Both he and his wife witnessed a fish bowl slide the length of the bar and fall off the end all by its own accord.

They’ve also heard phantom voices, seen ghostly orbs and heard eerie banging noises in the middle of the night.

Apparently, both the hotel’s cellar and Room 6 have really weird atmospheres to them!

In July 2014, a misty shape in one of the waiting rooms was caught on the hotel’s CCTV system.

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