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Read About the A22 Caterham Bypass Ghost

| On 06, Jun 2016

You’ll find the commuter town of Caterham just off the A22 in the Tandridge District of Surrey, about six miles to the south of Croydon.

The A22 road connects London with Eastbourne on the East Sussex coast.

It incorporates the Caterham Bypass which was opened in 1939 and actually follows an ancient Roman road.

Over the years spooked drivers have been reporting a ghostly apparition whilst travelling along this part of the A22!


The Caterham Bypass Ghost

The A22 Caterham Bypass ghost is one of the UK’s most reported ghosts.

Many drivers travelling along the A22 in the early hours of the morning have reported seeing a dishevelled looking girl run across the road and vanish into the woods on the other side.

Some drivers describe this young girl as wearing a Victorian dress or nightdress.

But the majority of the witnesses describe her as wearing clothing from the 1960’s.

Typically a dark short skirt, a light coloured top and a 60s style hat!

Local legend says that the girl once lived in one of the tied cottages near Tillingdown Farm but was tragically killed whilst crossing the road.

Apparently the ghostly girl only shows herself to cars that are travelling alone in the early hours of the morning.

Some brave witnesses have even tried chasing her but they’ve reported that she always maintains a certain distance from them however fast they run.

They also reported that when they stop the chase, she stops too!

Some other apparitions were also seen along this part of the A22 in the 1960s.

Shocked drivers reported seeing a group of ghostly figure dressed in dark capes or cowls heading silently towards the road!



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