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About Stewart Hare

I’m a paranormal fanatic…

I first became interested in all things paranormal in my early teens when my dad started to buy me a magazine series called The Unexplained.

At the same time, a TV series was also aired called Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World.

The Unexplained and Arthur C. Clarke’s Mysterious World started my fascination with the paranormal.

Most recently, that early fascination has been resurrected by TV programs such as Most Haunted and Ghost Adventures and by watching endless paranormal videos on YouTube.

I’m extremely lucky to be born in the UK which has a rich and diverse history, in fact within an hour’s drive from me there’s some very famous haunted locations.

These eerie places are all located in my home county of Essex… yep, I’m lucky boy!

If you’re a Most Haunted fan then you’ll recognise Coalhouse Fort and Layer Marney Tower.

There’s also the extremely famous haunted location of Borley Rectory which is on the Essex/Suffolk border.

So, I intend to visit all these locations and hopefully many more.