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2 Black Shucks Stories from Basildon

2 Black Shucks Stories from Basildon

| On 20, Jun 2017

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The Black Shucks of Basildon

If you’ve never heard about the legend of the Black Shuck then let me quickly fill you in…

In East Anglian folklore the Black Shuck is a name given to a giant ghostly black dog which is said to roam around the landscape.

The name Shuck is believed to either come from an Old English word meaning Demon or from the word shucky meaning shaggy.

Some believe that sighting the Black Shuck is an omen of death.

Whilst others believe that it’s more of a protective animal accompanying you in difficult situations.

Those who know a thing or two about the Black Shuck legend naturally associate it with the countryside and coastlines of Norfolk and Suffolk

But surprisingly there’s also been a couple of phantom black dog encounters in of all places Basildon!

The first happen in 1988 to a group of teenagers who were playing in the churchyard of St Michael’s Church on Pitsea Mount.

The kids were playing on the north side of the church near a grave which is ominously nickname The Witches Grave…

Out of nowhere, two massive strange looking black dogs with red glowing eyes appeared and started to growl menacingly at the frighten teenagers.

The kids naturally backed off but strangely the dogs just seemed to disappeared as quickly as they appeared!

The other Basildon Black Shuck encounter happened in 1995.

Again it was with a group of teenagers but this time it was at St Nicholas Church in the Laindon area of Basildon.

A large group of the local kids had congregated at the church.

They were larking about like teenagers do.

A smaller group of girls broke away from the main crowd.

They sat down in a nearby field for a chat and a giggle.

Suddenly they heard an almighty screaming noise coming from the bushes near them.

They thought it was a rabbit coming to an unfortunate end by a fox.

A couple of moments later, on the rise above the field, they witnessed a huge black dog or wolf like creature with massive glowing eyes…

It was staring down at them whilst emitting an unearthly growl!

The girls, with all good intentions of not panicking, slowly got up to back away from the terrifying creature in a calm manner.

But fright got the hold of them…

And, mass hysteria descended upon them.

They fled the scene without a glance backwards leaving the menacing black creature way behind them on the ridge!

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