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Haunted Houses

Haunted: Zeals House, Zeals, Wiltshire

24/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Zeals House

You’ll find the Grade I listed Zeals House on the outskirts of the Wiltshire village of Zeals.

The privately owned country house dates back to the late 14th century.

It was bought by the Chafyn … Read More

Haunted: Maddington Manor, Shrewton, Wiltshire

24/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Maddington Manor

You’ll find the Grade II listed Maddington Manor situated along Maddington Street in Shrewton.

The 18th century manor house is said to be haunted by the ghost of a man in armour possibly a crusader.

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Haunted: John a’Port’s House, Salisbury, Wiltshire

22/09/2017 |

The Haunting of John a’Port’s House

You’ll find the Grade II* listed John a’Port’s House located in Queen Street in the city.

The timber-framed building was constructed in 1425 by John a’Port’s the mayor of Salisbury.

The building is said … Read More

Haunted: Walnut Cottage, Chilworth, Hampshire

16/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Walnut Cottage

In Chilworth Old Village you’ll find a private residence called Walnut Cottage.

The pretty timber framed Grade II listed cottage dates back to the 16th century.

It was originally two estate workers’ cottages which belonged … Read More

Haunted: Northwood House, Chilbolton, Hampshire

16/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Northwood House

You’ll find the early 18th century Grade II* listed Northwood House situated along the Winchester Road in Chilbolton.

Today, the Queen Anne house is a private residence but in its history it was used as … Read More

3 Haunted Houses in Cambridgeshire

10/09/2017 |

Hinchingbrooke House, Huntingdon

The Grade I listed Hinchingbrooke House was built around a 13th century nunnery.

The Cromwell family took possession of it in 1538 during the Reformation and then it later became the home to the Earls of Sandwich.

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3 Haunted Houses in Hertford

10/09/2017 |

Leahoe House

You’ll find the 19th century Leahoe House in the grounds of County Hall.

The County Council have owned the house since 1935.

They run it as a recreation and leisure venue.

In the 1980s, one of the barmen … Read More

3 Haunted Houses in Hatfield

10/09/2017 |

Hatfield House

Hatfield House was built in 1611 by Robert Cecil, First Earl of Salisbury.

But it wasn’t the first house to be built on the site.

The Royal Palace of Hatfield was built in 1497 by the Bishop of … Read More

3 Haunted Houses in Ware

10/09/2017 |

The Amwell House

Today, the Grade II* listed Amwell House is now used as the administrative area of Hertford Regional College.

But in its heyday the house was the former home of the wealthy 18th century poet John Scott.

It’s … Read More

3 Haunted Manor Houses in Kent

08/09/2017 |

Warden Manor, Warden

Sir John Sawbridge owned the Warden Manor in the 17th century.

He was a local magistrate and surprisingly also a leader of a smuggling gang who used the property for their illicit trade.

One night he was … Read More