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Haunted Places

The Grey Lady Ghosts of Suffolk

08/09/2017 |

The Grey Lady of Bury St Edmunds

The most infamous ghost to haunt Bury St Edmunds is the notorious Grey Lady.

Her ghostly apparition has been witnessed in many different places within the town!

In the 1930s, the park keepers … Read More

Haunted: Chapel Pond and Brick House Pond, Sandhurst, Kent

08/09/2017 |

The Haunted Ponds of Sandhurst

Along the Bodiam Road on the outskirts of the Kent village of Sandhurst you’ll come across two ponds.

The Chapel Pond and the Brick House Pond have a reputation amongst the villagers for being haunted.

Read More

Haunted: Dedham, Essex

07/09/2017 |

A Haunting in Dedham

Dedham is a very picturesque village on the River Stour in the heart of Constable Country in the northeast of Essex.

It’s west of the market town and infamous haunt of the Witchfinder General… Manningtree!

If … Read More

Read About the Infamous Snettisham Ghost Story

07/09/2017 |

Did you know that the village of Snettisham is INFAMOUS FOR A GHOSTLY TALE FROM THE GRAVE?

If you head to the west coast of Norfolk you’ll come across a small village called Snettisham…

It’s about ten miles north of … Read More

3 Places in Kent Haunted by Roman Ghosts

06/09/2017 |

The Roman Ghost of All Saints Church, Brenchley

Brenchley’s 13th century All Saints Church is well-known locally for its beautiful avenue of four hundred year old yew trees.

Back in the summer of 1988 a visitor to the church was … Read More

3 White Lady Ghosts of Kent

06/09/2017 |

The White Lady Ghost of Eastwell Manor Hotel

Eastwell Manor Hotel is situated in Eastwell Park just north of Ashford.

The original manor house at Eastwell dated back to 1540 when it was first built by Sir Thomas Moyle who … Read More

3 Grey Lady Ghosts of Kent

06/09/2017 |

The Grey Lady of Oxney Bottom

Oxney Bottom is located along the Dover Road between the Kent towns of Deal and Dover.

The area is infamous for its Grey Lady ghost who hobbles across the Dover Road scaring drivers half … Read More

3 Places in Kent Haunted by Ghostly Monks

06/09/2017 |

The Ghostly Monk Haunting the Vines, Rochester

Where Rochester’s Vines Lane and Crow Lane meet you’ll find an entrance to a Grade II listed park called The Vines.

The park gets its name from the days when it was used … Read More

3 Places in Kent Haunted by Cavalier Ghosts

06/09/2017 |

The Ghostly Cavalier of St Bartholomew’s Hospital, Rochester

On one occasion at the hospital a ghost of a cavalier was seen chatting away with a patient.

The cavalier was dressed in a white frilly shirt with a black plumed hat, … Read More

3 Poltergeist Hauntings of Kent

06/09/2017 |

The Poltergeist Haunting at Furnace Mill Farm, Lamberhurst

Back in 1906 a story appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper about some poltergeist activity happening in the stable of Furnace Mill Farm, Lamberhurst.

The owners discovered that their horses had been … Read More