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Haunted Places

3 Haunted Places in Leicestershire (Updated 2017)

05/09/2014 |

Table of Contents

Bosworth Hall, Market Bosworth

The Grade II* listed Bosworth Hall hotel is a historic country house situated near the small market town of Market Bosworth.

The hall was built back in 1293 and was the … Read More

4 Haunted Places on the Isle of Wight

29/08/2014 |

Table of Contents

Haunted Places on the Isle of Wight Arreton Manor, Arreton

Arreton Manor, as the name suggests, is a fine Jacobean manor house situated in Arreton.

The history of Arreton goes way back past the Jacobean … Read More

5 Haunted Places in Greater Manchester

14/08/2014 |

Table of Contents

Haunted Hotels in Greater Manchester The Stork Hotel, Billinge

You’ll find the Stork Hotel along Main Street in the village of Billinge.

The Stork Hotel dates back to 1718 when it started life out as … Read More

3 Haunted Places in Fife

11/08/2014 |

Table of Contents

Balgonie Castle, Milton of Balgonie

You’ll find the 14th century Balgonie Castle on the south bank of the River Leven near Milton of Balgonie.

The restored keep is the oldest part of the castle.

Unfortunately … Read More

3 Haunted Places in Buckinghamshire

19/07/2014 |

Table of Contents

The Hellfire Caves, West Wycombe

If you’re a Most Haunted fan then you’ll remember that the team investigated the Hellfire Caves back in 2004… it turned out to be a very spooky place!

The caves … Read More

5 Haunted Places in the Scottish Borders

18/07/2014 |

Table of Contents

Hermitage Castle, Newcastleton

The Hermitage Castle looks like a fortress from Lord of the Rings…

It’s quite an imposing building, even in its semi-ruinous state!

The Norman Motte and Bailey castle was said to have … Read More

6 Haunted Places in Ipswich

20/06/2014 |

Table of Contents


Ipswich is the county town of Suffolk and it’s believed to be one of the oldest town’s in England…

You’ll find it’s absolutely stacked in … Read More

Discover the Haunted Places in Clacton-on-Sea

18/03/2014 |

Treasure Holt is not the only HAUNTED PLACE IN CLACTON-ON-SEA!

Treasure Holt is an infamous haunted location in Clacton-on-Sea.

But, you know there are many lesser known haunted places in Clacton too…

If you haven’t heard of Clacton-on-Sea it’s in … Read More

Discover the Witches and Ghosts of Canewdon’s Haunted Church

11/01/2014 |

Canewdon’s Haunted Church

The village of Canewdon… did you know in Essex it’s called THE VILLAGE OF WITCHES!

Well, if you’re not a witch or from Essex then you may not have heard of Canewdon.

Canewdon is a small village … Read More