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Haunted Roads

Haunted: All Saints Road, Dorchester, Dorset

01/11/2017 |

The Haunting of All Saints Road

Dorchester’s All Saints Road is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little boy.

Witnesses walking along the road have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a little boy aged about five … Read More

Haunted: Parchment Street, Winchester, Hampshire

13/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Parchment Street

Winchester’s Parchment Street is said to be haunted by a ghostly light mist that traverses along the street from the corner near the old chapel towards the High Street.

  Bibliography Matthew Feldwick (2006) Haunted … Read More

Haunted: Highbridge Road, Netherton, West Midlands

11/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Highbridge Road

Kevin has sent me his account of a ghostly event which he witnessed whilst driving back from work through the village of Netherton in the West Midlands on a dark night…

About 5 years ago … Read More

3 Haunted Streets in Peterborough

10/09/2017 |

Bridge Street

There are a few buildings along Bridge Street which have a reputation for being haunted…

The Town Hall dates back to 1929.

It has a reputation for being haunted by a former security guard.

Members of staff working … Read More

Haunted: Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Lothian

03/09/2017 |

The Haunting of Mary King’s Close

In the old town area of Edinburgh you’ll find Mary King’s Close.

Mary King’s Close is an old close named after the 17th century daughter of the advocate Alexander King who owned several properties … Read More

Haunted: Hollybush Lane, Datchworth, Hertfordshire

27/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Hollybush Lane

One of the houses along Hollybush Lane is said to be haunted by the ghost of a lady with long red hair.

The flame headed spirit is said to wear bright clothing and manifests to … Read More

Haunted: Friary Street, Guildford, Surrey

17/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Friary Street

Shop owners have reported seeing an apparition of a ghostly monk walking through their shops walls into the adjacent property.

They describe him as wearing a black cowl with his hood pulled over his head … Read More

Haunted: Ford Road, Ford, West Sussex

11/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Ford Road

In 1984 a young man was driving along the Ford Road when suddenly a man jumped out in front of his car.

The young driver didn’t have enough time to avoid the man resulting in … Read More

Haunted: Nan Tuck’s Lane, Buxted, East Sussex

06/08/2017 |

The Haunting of Nan Tuck’s Lane

Many spooked drivers have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a woman in dark grey gliding along Nan Tuck’s Lane whilst they’ve driven down it in the middle of the night.

Now there’re a … Read More

Haunted: The A23, East Sussex

05/08/2017 |

The Hauntings of the A23

Witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly male figure on the A23 between the village of Pyecombe and Handcross Hill.

In the 1960s a driver heading along the A23 near Handcross Hill reported that a man … Read More