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3 Haunted Pubs in Bedfordshire

| On 09, Mar 2017

The King’s Arms, Bedford

If you head along St Mary’s Street in Bedford you’ll come across the King’s Arms public house.

The pub has a couple of local legends associated with it…

It’s said that the King’s Arms is built on the site of a morgue.

And that the coffin-shape trapdoor above the bar was once used to lower bodies down from the room above which was used as a mortuary!

Another legend associated with the bar is that a dual was once fought on the stairs which resulted in the death of one of the dualists.

The King’s Arms has a reputation for being haunted by at least two ghosts…

Back in 1994 an employee of the brewery was scared witless when he saw a ghostly apparition of an old man in the cellar.

Apparently the ghostly old man was wearing a short-sleeved white shirt!

The ghost has been blamed for throwing buckets around the cellar and stripping down the beer taps after they’ve been cleaned and left to dry.

Spooked members of staff have often reported the feeling of somebody behind them when they’ve been working in the cellar.

The upper floor of the pub is said to be haunted by the spirit of a young man…

He’s been heard walking around upstairs making the floorboards creak and setting the pub’s dog off barking!

On one occasion some old fashioned handmade nails were thrown at the one of the pub’s customers in the bar.

Recently, a woman and her children were staying at the King’s Arms overnight.

When they woke up in the morning, the woman found a ring left beside her bed and two smaller rings left beside her children’s beds… one each!

Where these rings left as gifts for the woman and her children by one of the pubs ghosts?


The Falcon Inn, Bletsoe

The Grade II listed Falcon Inn is a former 17th century coaching inn which like many other old coaching inns up and down the country has a few ghostly tales to tell…

In 1995 the new manager of the Falcon Inn heard heavy phantom footsteps pacing up and down the upstairs corridor.

He also saw a pair of bookshelves float across a room!

Another witness saw a pair of phantom feet standing behind his bedroom door even though nobody was standing there when he checked behind it.

On a couple of occasions he also heard a phantom baby crying out in pain in the back bedroom.

This disturbing event was also heard by the pub’s Head Chef.

The Dessert Chef occupied the front bedroom and would often leave her room untidy with her clothes left all over the floor.

When she returned to her bedroom she would often find that it had been tidy up even though she had locked her bedroom door so that nobody else could enter it!

Her clothes would be placed neatly on her bed.

And her shoes would be paired up and placed next to the bed on the floor.

Objects would often disappear then reappear elsewhere in the pub.

The manager would also hear ghostly voices whispering amongst themselves suggesting that the building had more than one ghost.

And on many occasion his girlfriend had bottles, glasses and books thrown at her by something unseen!

In fact, glasses and bottles falling off shelves were a regular occurrence at the pub.

The barmaids have also reported having objects thrown at them and having their name called when they were alone in the bar.

Many people don’t like going into the bottle store which was once the old stables as they feel that someone is watching them whilst they’re in there!

Local legend says that an ostler who worked at the inn in the late 1700s tragically died after he fell from the hayloft.

His ghostly apparition has been seen in the kitchen as well as the grounds of the inn!


The George, Silsoe

You’ll find the 19th century George Inn situated along Silsoe’s High Street.

It’s said to be haunted by Lady Elizabeth Grey.

Local legend states that Lady Elizabeth Grey tragically died in a coaching accident near to the George when her coach crashed into a nearby lake and she drowned.

It’s said that she fell in love with a coachman at the inn and they used the George as a hide out.

They were fleeing her disapproving father when the fatal accident happened.

In 1959 the landlady of the George was so fed up with all the paranormal activity happening at the inn that she called in an exorcist.

Apparently the exorcism had no effect whatsoever…

The haunting continue soon afterwards with the doors at the property opening and slamming shut on their own accord in the early hours of the morning!

In 1960, a workman at the George saw a ghostly figure of a young woman dressed in grey and wearing an impressive hat walk pass him.

Was this phantom female the ghost of Lady Elizabeth Grey?

On another occasion a very solid looking apparition of a man was seen by a terrified witness who reported that the man just disappeared into thin air!

Other witnesses have also reported hearing phantom footsteps walking around the premises.

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