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Ghost Story: Fishpool Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire

| On 11, Sep 2017

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The Spooky House along Fishpool Street

Sue has sent me her ghostly story of a spooky house along Fishpool Street in St Albans

In the 1980’s, we had a dog called Bogart and one day out of the blue over lunch, my mum said that she had taken him for a walk along Fishpool Street.

She said as she was walking along the dog stopped dead, put his claws into the pavement and refused to go past a particular house.

The rest of the street was fine.

Since I wasn’t with her I decided to take him down there myself to see what she meant.

I had no idea at the time which house it was.

Sure enough, when we got towards the bottom of the road, he stopped dead beside a house and would not move.

I had to lift him off the pavement and continue down the other side of the road.

I stood and watched other dogs go past this house with no problem.

He did this every single time we went past that house so it was no coincidence.

I know the number of this house and have followed its progress over the years (as it were).

It has been up and down for sale like a yoyo !!!!

I wrote to the Abbey to ask whether there were any tunnels under the road that the monks may have used to go to the Abbey.

They said there weren’t but mentioned that some of Fishpool Street used to be site of an abattoir.

Is that what he could sense/smell?

I remember being on my own one day and peering into this house while it was unlived in.

There are pavement windows which you can look into and on this day there was a bare bulb fully lit inside this basement room.

Nothing spooky about that really, except that if a house is empty, it is usual to turn the electricity off before vacating.

It is now fully occupied and has had a paint job but we’ll see how long the current residents stay there.

I would like to thank Sue for sending me her stories and for giving me permission to share her stories with you.