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Ghost Story: The Haunted Victorian Cottage, Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent

| On 12, Sep 2017

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The Haunted Victorian Cottage

Sarah has sent me her ghost stories of the time when she lived in an old Victorian cottage in Royal Tunbridge Wells

My Story starts in 1996, when I was working for British Airways, as a Stewardess.

I was living in a small one bedroomed flat, but decided to sell up & buy a small 2 bedroom cottage, in Tunbridge Wells.

It was a typical Victorian two up, two down, terraced cottage, with an small extension on the back, which housed an Utility room & Bathroom/Toilet.

The Cottage, came with a flying freehold, which for anyone, unfamiliar with that term, means that the house adjoined to the left of my house, had a room built over my extension.

My partner & I, moved in to the house in September, and we had only been in the house a couple of days, when we were awoken in the middle of the night, by the sound of what we thought was a neighbours TV on very loud.

As I was, now, awake, I decided to go down starts & use the toilet.

As I got to the bottom, of the stairs, I realised that it was in fact our TV, that was on.

I thought it was odd, as we always used to turn the TV off, before retiring, but just thought to myself, that perhaps on this night, it had been left on standby & maybe the Cat, had trodden on the channel changer & switched it on.

I thought no more of it until a couple of nights later, I was awoken in the night, by the sound of our dog barking, so I got up & went to see what was causing her to bark, only to find that our front door was open.

Obviously, I was worried by this, as it had been closed, when we went to bed, & I then wondered if anyone, had a key to the property.

On subsequent nights, the same thing happened, despite us double locking the door.

We decided that it was best if I replaced the original front door with a new one, with a different lock & to our amazement, the door still opened on it’s own after we’d replaced it with a new one.

Quite often the dog would stand at the bottom of the stairs & bark & bark, looking up the stairs, but no one was there, which used to un-nerve me, a bit.

Another time, I was laying on the sofa, cuddling one of the dogs, when she suddenly sat up & started to look over my shoulder, and wag her tail, as if someone was talking to her.

I tried to see what she was looking at, but there was nothing visable, but she could see something, I couldn’t.

Quite often, I would feel a cold chill in the front room of the house & it would be accompanied by a musty smell, but I put it down to the fact that the house had been damp & before moving in to the property we had, had a new damp proof course put it.

As time went by, we had various other odd happenings, happen in the house.

One evening my partner & I, were sat watching the TV, when the kitchen light turned it’s self on, and quite often, when my partner (who co-incidently, worked for BA on the ground at Gatwick), left to go to work very early in the morning (often as early as 3.30am), I would hear the front door open & someone, walk across the kitchen floor.

I often would get up thinking that my partner, had come home for some unknown reason, & when I got downstairs, there would be no one there.

Another time, I was in the Kitchen, & the dogs started barking & I, heard a man’s voice, say, “shut up”.

It wasn’t said in a nasty way, & I thought Mark, my partner, had come home early, so I went in to the front room to greet him & again, the room was empty.

Things started to really ‘hot up’, on the paranormal front on the run up to Christmas, when various things started moving.

I had been given by a friend, who also flew, a set of Russian Dolls, that were like Father Christmas, that went inside each other.

I displayed them in my bathroom, & every morning when we awoke they had been moved round.

I accused Mark, of moving them to frighten me, but he assured me, it was nothing to do with him & he seemed as freaked out by it, as I was.

We were sat watching the TV, one evening, &, I, had put up the Christmas decorations up,earlier in the day, including a small Reindeer, that I had purchased on a trip to Lapland.

The Reindeer, was placed on a shelf which was one of three, above the TV.

As we watched the TV, the Reindeer, suddenly shot across the room, as if it had been thrown by an unseen hand.

It literally landed the otherside of the room, which wouldn’t have happened if it had just toppled over.

Mark & I, just looked at each other, astonished.

He said, “it must be our ghost”.

Another time, I had a friend round to my house, for dinner & I had mentioned to her that we thought the house maybe haunted & I told her about the front door opening on it’s own & my friend poo pooed, the idea, until when it was time for her to leave.

We went into the kitchen to retrieve her handbag & coat, when we went back into the front room, the front door was open.

Neither she, or I, had touched it & we were the only people in the house.

I joked, “At least the ghost is polite & has opened the door for you”.

She couldn’t believe that it had happened & left looking quite shaken!

I often got a feeling of oppression & depression, in the house, but I put it down to being Jet lagged, but I felt that there was something that made the house feel heavy.

Mark & I, eventually broke up & I decided to sell the house.

A few years later, I had a plumber, come to my new house.

He was someone, I had never met before & we got chatting & it turned out that his parents, had lived in the house attached to mine by the flying freehold, although we had never met.

He said to me, quite seriously, “did you ever see the Ghost?”.

I was amazed, as I’d never spoken to his parents, about what was going on in my house.

He told me that both his mum & his nan, had seen a lady, walk through the wall from their house, into mine & his nan, had also seen a phantom black cat, walk through the wall too.

I never actually saw the ghost, but I experienced sounds & happenings, that were caused by something I could not explain.

I felt unnerved at times but never really frightened, because whoever or whatever, was haunting the house, didn’t strike me as being particularly ‘nasty’.

I think they just wanted to make their presence felt.

I even said, outloud, one day “You were obviously here, before us, & I respect that, but I do hope we can live in harmony with one another”.

After that, the activity did seem to calm down, although every so often something would occur that made me go “ummm?”.

I would like to thank Sarah for sending me her ghost stories and giving me permission to share them with you.