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3 Haunted Airfields in Suffolk

3 Haunted Airfields in Suffolk

| On 05, Sep 2017

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It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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Martlesham Heath

Since the closure of the airfield at Martlesham Heath the area has been heavily redeveloped.

There’s three thousands houses, the main headquarters of the Suffolk Constabulary and a high tech industrial park called Adastral Park which is home to BT Labs.

During the Second World War the airfield at Martlesham Heath was one of the major airfields in the area.

As you can imagine the pilots stationed at such an important airfield during the war years saw a lot of action.

And it’s the ghostly spirits of the poor unfortunate pilots who were killed in action during the war years that are said to haunt the Martlesham Heath area today.

In fact, many uniformed ghostly apparitions have been seen in this area.

Suffolk police officers have reported seeing the ghostly apparitions of dead American pilots in the canteen of the Suffolk Constabulary headquarters building.

A couple of ghostly sentries from the Second World War have been witnessed at the BT Labs Gatehouse and on Portal Avenue.

Martlesham’s former air traffic control tower which is now a museum is rumoured to be haunted.

Terrified witnesses have seen the female ghostly apparition of a WAAF walking across the car park towards the old air traffic control tower.

In 2004 shocked shop owners in the Martlesham Heath shopping area reported seeing a ghostly shadow outside their shops…

Just a shadow, no being, no body, just an eerie shadow!


RAF Woodbridge

In 1943, the airfield at Woodbridge was originally set up as a place for returning crippled bombers to make an emergency landing after returning from bombing raids over Germany.

It’s said that during the war years over 4,200 aircraft had made emergency landings at RAF Woodbridge!

As you can imagine, there was probably a few tragedies at the airfield from crash landings involving stricken aircraft.

Due to the war time history of RAF Woodbridge, you won’t be too surprised to discover that there are rumours that quite a few ex-service personnel haunt the base.

Strangely enough, the RAF bar is said to be haunted not by an ex-serviceman by a ghostly apparition of an old white haired woman in a night-shirt who’s been seen standing in the corner of the bar.

During the Cold War RAF Woodbridge was a US Air Force base and many USAF aircrew witnessed a ghostly apparition of a German airman they eventually nicknamed East End Charlie.

It said that East End Charlie was a German pilot during the Second World War who crash landed his stricken aircraft at the east end of the runway at RAF Woodbridge.

His ghost is often seen by terrified witnesses at the east end area of the runway to this very day!


Rougham Airfield

Just north of Rougham village you’ll find an airfield which was once used by the USAAF Eighth Air Force during the Second World War.

After the war some of the airfield was returned for agriculture use, some was turned into an industrial estate and the remaining grass runways were made available for civil use.

The control tower was used as a private dwelling for many years but today it’s now a museum.

There’s a ghost story from 1945 about an American serviceman called L’il Butch whose aircraft was shot down during a bombing raid over Germany…

Apparently, his comrades saw his ghostly apparition a couple of months after he was killed wandering around the base as if he’d just returned from a mission!

But it’s really from the 1970s onwards that paranormal activity at the airfield started to become more noticeable.

The sound of phantom aircraft taking off, eerie voices and the sightings of ghostly apparitions of American servicemen walking around the old base have all been reported…

One in particular is of a distressed pilot who rang out of fuel and crashed his plane at the base.

In the dead of night, his spirit is heard crying out…

‘Why wouldn’t you let us land?’

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