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3 Haunted Ancient Monuments in Dorchester

| On 09, Nov 2017

The Town Pump

You’ll find the town pump structure located at the north end of Dorchester’s South Street (Cornhill).

The original town pump dated back to Roman times.

Today, a Grade II listed stone obelisk which dates back to 1784 marks to spot.

The area around the obelisk is said to be haunted by the ghost of a small boy.

Witnesses have described him as wearing dirty clothing, being bare-footed and carrying a wooden bucket.

It seems that he collects some water in his bucket and then disappears into thin air.

He’s only ever seen in broad daylight at a certain time of day with witnesses describing him as being very solid and real life looking.


The Old Roman Wall

During Roman Britain, the town of Dorchester was known as Durnovaria.

The Romans built a six metre high wall surrounding Durnovaria to protect its inhabitants.

In the 18th century the majority of the wall was replaced by tree-lined walks but some of it does still exists today.

Along parts of the remaining Roman wall passers-by have reported seeing bright floating green and white lights.

The spectral lights are said to hover at shoulder height and often follow the witness for a short time.

Witnesses have also reported feeling sudden temperature drops and hearing phantom marching feet.

Some people believe the spectral lights, sudden temperature drops and sound of marching feet are created by the spirits of former Roman soldiers who are still patrolling the town’s perimeter wall!


Maumbury Rings

You’ll find the Maumbury Rings located in the south of Dorchester.

It’s an ancient single banked circular henge dating from to the Neolithic period.

During the Roman occupation of Britain it was used as an amphitheatre and during the English Civil War it was used by Parliamentarians as an artillery fort.

The henge has a ghostly tale to tell.

In 1991, a local policeman had just finished his shift at midnight and was walking pass the henge on his way home when he suddenly heard loud voices coming from it.

Thinking something unlawful was taking place he went to investigated.

As he approached the entrance of the earthworks he could hear shouting and saw lots of small fires around the centre of the henge.

When he entered the middle of the earthworks everything went quiet and the fires disappeared.

Then he saw an apparition of a bent-over man in tattered clothing staggering towards him.

When the man was two feet away from the policeman he collapsed to the floor and disappeared into thin air!

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