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Haunted: The Angel Hotel, Guildford, Surrey

| On 19, May 2017

The Haunted Angel Hotel

91 High Street, Guildford GU1 3DP

Room 1 at the hotel was said to be haunted by the ghost of a military man.

Terrified guests and staff alike have reported seeing his apparition in the room’s wardrobe mirror.

The ghostly soldier is described as wearing a 19th century Eastern European uniform.

He’s said to have thinning brushed back hair and a large walrus moustache!

In 1973 the actor Roger Moore was staying in Room 1.

On a couple of nights he was awoken by a white misty figure which floated straight through the bedroom door and stood by his bedside.

In 1979 the singer Petula Clark was staying in the room and she too saw the ghostly soldier in the room’s wardrobe mirror.

In 1985 a member of staff reported hearing a phantom voice calling out to her when she walked down one to the hotel’s corridors.

Other members of staff have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a white nun within the hotel.

She’s been seen at the top of the main staircase or descending the stairs into the restaurant located in the undercroft.

The ghostly nun is often accompanied by the strong smell of lavender!

Phantom footsteps and kitchen utensils moving on their own accord are belived to be caused by her.

Members of staff have reported seeing other apparitions at the hotel too…

A ghostly male figure has been seen wandering around the restaurant.

An apparition of an old man has been seen sitting by the fireplace in the main lounge.

In 2002 another ghostly man was seen walking into one of the bedrooms where he stopped, looked out of the window for a moment then turned and exited the bedroom.

A ghostly butler has also been seen in one of the front bedrooms of the hotel!

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