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Haunted: The Ballygally Castle, Ballygally, Northern Ireland

| On 13, Jun 2017

The Haunted Ballygally Castle

Coast Road, Ballygally BT40 2QZ

The 17th century Ballygally Castle overlooks the sea at the head of Ballygally Bay.

It was built by James Shaw in 1625 and remained in the Shaw family for most of its years.

In the 1950s, it was bought by the carpet tycoon Cyril Lord but today it’s owned by the Hastings Hotels Group and is run as a hotel.

Now the castle has a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in Northern Ireland.

The spirit of a former resident called Lady Isobel Shaw is said to haunt the castle.

Apparently, she likes to knock on doors and then disappear.

It’s said that her cruel husband locked her in a room and tried to starve her to death.

Whilst trying to escape from the room’s window she fell and was tragically killed.

And now her ghost is said to haunt the castle.

Another spirit of a lady which is said to haunt the castle is that of Madame Nixon.

She stayed at the castle in the 19th century and it seems she like it so much that she never left!

Witnesses have heard the eerie rustle of her silk dress and her phantom footsteps walking along the castle’s corridors late at night.

There’s one room at the castle which is never let out to guests of the hotel…

It’s the small room in the corner turret of the castle and it’s called the Ghost Room!

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