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Haunted: The Banyers Hotel, Royston, Hertfordshire

| On 15, May 2017

The Haunted Banyers Hotel

16 Melbourn Street, Royston SG8 7BZ

You’ll find the Grade II listed 18th century Banyers Hotel in Melbourn Street, Royston.

Part of the hotel was once a vicarage, its name comes from the Reverend Banyer who was a vicar there in 1739.

In fact, it’s said that his ghost haunts the cellar of the hotel.

At one time it had a tunnel which connected the vicarage with the nearby church.

Terrified witnesses have also reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a monk in the cellar…

They say that he disappears through the cellar’s wall!

The hotel is also said to be haunted by a ghost of a Cavalier who’s been nicknamed Henry.

He’s often witnessed by guests in Room 4.

Apparently, he wears a cape and a hat and takes off his cape and bows to whoever he meets!

A ghostly apparition of a soldier in a soft cap is another spirit often seen in the hotel.

It’s said that he too, like the ghostly monk in the cellar, disappears through the hotel’s walls!

The bar area of the hotel is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman.

Spooked guests have seen her ghostly apparition walking through the bar room.

They’ve described her as wearing a bonnet, short cape and a long dress!

The ghostly woman isn’t the only spirit to have been seen in the bar area…

An apparition of a white haired man in his mid-forties dressed in a white suit has also been seen to manifest behind the bar!

Lots of paranormal activity has also been reported to happen at the hotel…

The sound of a phantom baby crying, eerie knocking noises on the front door, the sound of conversations in the empty bar and the bar clock flying off the wall have all been reported by members of staff and guests alike!