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Haunted: The Bell Hotel, Malmesbury, Wiltshire

| On 29, May 2017

The Haunted Bell Hotel

Abbey Row, Malmesbury SN16 0AG

The Grade I listed Old Bell Hotel in the beautiful market town of Malmesbury is said to be the oldest existing hotel in England.

You see, it’s built on the foundations of the remains of Malmesbury Abbey outbuildings that date back to 1220.

The ghostly apparition of a Grey Lady has been witnessed by terrified members of staff and guests alike in the pub.

She’s often seen in the James Ody Room!

She’s said to be in a forlorn state and local legend says she was a woman who was unhappily married in the nearby Abbey.

Both the Danvers Room and the Foe Room have had spooky goings-on within them.

Frightened guests in the Danvers Room have reported their belongings being thrown across the bedroom by unseen hands…

Their bed sheets were also pulled off of them in the middle of the night by an unknown entity!

On another occasion, guests staying in the Foe Room had a problem entering it because a heavy wardrobe had been jammed up against the door.

On entering the bedroom they found it empty…

Nobody knew or could explain how the wardrobe ended up against the door!

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