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Haunted: The Black Horse Hotel, Cirencester, Gloucestershire

| On 05, Jun 2017

The Haunted Black Horse Hotel

17 Castle Street, Cirencester GL7 1QD

You’ll find the Black Horse Hotel situated along Castle Street in the middle of the market town of Cirencester.

The Grade II listed hotel dates back to the late 17th century.

Visitors to the Black Horse have reported smelling the scent of lavender by the fireplace.

It’s believed the smell is created by the ghost of a former cleaner who used to spayed lavender furniture polish near the fireplace when she was cleaning the premises.

The Black Horse Hotel is famous for a ghostly incident that happened in 1933.

A young woman staying in one of the rooms was awoken in the middle of the night by a greenish lurid light which turned into the apparition of an old angry woman.

The ghostly woman was wearing a long fawn-coloured dress, a white apron and a mop cap from the early 19th century.

The ghostly old woman approached the young woman.

And the girl screamed out in terror which resulted in the phantom woman disappearing through the bedroom wall.

On one of the little panes of glass in the bedroom window an upside-down name was scratched into the glass.

Many said that the ghost scratched her name into the glass but the etched words appeared to be a capital ‘W’ and the name ‘John’ repeated a few times.

Experts who’ve examined the etched words thought they may have been done by a child.

The signature existed up until 1992 when the window was unfortunately smashed and replaced.

Other guests also witnessed the phantom elderly lady wandering about the hotel.

Apparently she would walk into gentlemen’s bedrooms just as they were undressing, appear in front of women on the staircase and startle guests in their locked bedrooms!

In 1933, the local clergyman was called in to exorcise the ghostly woman.

As the ceremony got under way the angry ghostly woman appeared and gesticulated frantically at etched name in the window pane before she disappeared.

In 1999 the ghostly old woman reappeared with guests reporting that they’ve seen her in the upstairs part of the hotel.

Local legend says that she’s the ghost of a rich wool merchant who once hid her treasures in one of the rooms at the Black Horse Hotel.

And is still looking for it to this very day!

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