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Haunted: The Bull Hotel, Bridport, Dorset

| On 30, May 2017

The Haunted Bull Hotel

34 East Street, Bridport DT6 3LF

You’ll find the Bull Hotel situated along East Street in the market town of Bridport.

The present day Grade II listed hotel dates back to the 17th century but there’s been a Bull Hotel on the site since 1593.

With such a long history you probably won’t be too surprised to discover that the Bull Hotel is reputed to be haunted…

During the Battle of Sedgemoor in 1685 the Bull Hotel was attacked by three hundred of Monmouth’s men.

The hotel is now said to be haunted by the ghosts of some of the soldiers who died during that attack.

Eerie phantom voices have been heard in the hotel’s cellar.

The Bull is built on an ancient graveyard and many believe the eerie voices belong to the spirits of those buried there.

Witnesses have reported seeing the ghostly apparition of a woman sitting in the reception area.

They describe her as wearing old-fashioned tweed clothing!

During the English Civil War a skirmish broke out between Parliamentarians and Royalists forces.

A stray bullet struck a man called Wadham Strangeways who was dining at the Bull killing him.

His ghost is now said to haunt the hotel.

The phantom cries of a small child are often heard coming from the hotel’s ladies toilets but whenever anybody goes to investigate they find the room totally empty!

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