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Haunted: The Bull Hotel, Long Melford, Suffolk

Haunted: The Bull Hotel, Long Melford, Suffolk

| On 13, May 2017

The Haunted Bull Hotel

Hall Street, Long Melford, Sudbury CO10 9JG

Along Hall Street in Long Melford there’s a lovely old timbered building called the Bull Hotel

Well, the Bull is well known locally for being haunted!

The Grade II* listed hotel is an old Tudor building which dates back to 1450.

It was first built as a dwelling for one of Long Melford’s wealthy wool merchants.

In 1580 it was converted into The Bull Inn and opened to the paying public.

Inside the Bull Hotel there’s a fantastic feature…

An ancient beam which has an image of the mysterious Wildman or Woodman!

This decoration was common place in the Middle Ages as it was believed to ward off evil spirits.

The Bull Hotel is said to be haunted by a guy called Richard Evered who came a cropper at the inn.

He was violently murdered in the hotel back in 1648.

He was stabbed to death during a very heated argument about politics with a bloke called Roger Greene.

Roger Greene was quickly arrested, tried and executed for the murder.

The weird thing about this murder story is that Richard Evered never had a proper burial…

You see, his dead body was laid in a side room after the murder.

But when his relatives came to collect him… his body had totally disappeared!

Today, Richard Evered ghost is said to haunt Room 4 and the hallways of the Bull Hotel.

Sudden severe temperature drops, objects being moved on their own accord, phantom footsteps and strange banging noises are the paranormal activities which are been reported by terrified members of staff and guests alike at the Bull Hotel.

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