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7 Ghosts of Canvey Island

7 Ghosts of Canvey Island

| On 19, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of Canvey Island

On mostly moonlit nights many shocked fisherman have reported seeing a ghostly apparition of a tall burly Viking standing on the mudflats at Canvey Point…

It’s said that he’s waiting to be picked up by a returning Viking ship.

His described as being six foot tall with a beard and a moustache wearing a wet leather jerkin, a steel helmet and knee length strapped gaiters.

He’s also said to be armed to the teeth with a short sword and battle axe!

In the 17th century a Dutchman called Cornelius Vermyden was responsible for making the marsh area of Canvey Island habitable.

Some of the island’s locals believe that the regularly seen ghostly apparition of a lonely Dutchman carrying a sack on his back is in fact Cornelius.

He’s mostly seen by terrified witnesses in the quieter northern parts of the island!

Local legend says that many years ago a lady tragically drowned on Canvey Island after her horse drawn carriage crashed into a lake.

And, as a result of this tragic event, it’s said that her ghost is often seen wandering the area around the lake.

The locals have nicknamed her… The Lady of the Lake!

The funny thing is that there may actually be some truth behind this sad ghost story.

You see, recently there was a clean-up of the lake and its surrounding area.

And guess what?

It’s said that the bones of two horses and parts of a wooden carriage were found in the bottom of the lake!

Like a lot of coastal areas in Essex, Canvey Island had its fair share of smugglers in the past.

One tale which was believed to have been created by the island’s smugglers to keep people away from where they hid their wares was the tale of the Black Man and the White Lady!

The Black Man was said to offer a price for your soul whilst the White Lady would try to tempt you to dance with her.

There used to be an old farm on Canvey Island called Knightswick Farm.

Unfortunately, the farm has now been demolished but it did have a ghostly tale to tell…

It’s said that a young girl who worked at the farm was one day standing on the porch of the farmhouse gazing across the surrounding fields.

She suddenly saw a nun walking across one of the muddy fields towards her.

Wondering why the nun was coming to the farm, she left the porch to go and greet her.

As she walked towards her she was totally shocked to see the ghostly nun slowly vanish into the ground!

Stunned witnesses have seen the ghostly apparition of a bride in her wedding dress walking down Harvest Road.

It’s said that her childhood sweetheart tragically died in an accident with a horse and cart just before they were going to get married.

Another marriage was quickly arranged for her by her elders.

But, she was so grief stricken by the death of her childhood sweetheart that she decided to committed suicide by throwing herself under a horse and cart.

It’s said, that at the time she was wearing the very same wedding dress in which she was going to wed her childhood sweetheart in!

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Along the Bath Road in Bristol you’ll find the Arnos Manor Hotel.

The hotel was first built as a private home for the business merchant William Reeve in 1760.

It was once a girl’s school which was run by nuns and it’s the ghost of one of these nuns that is said to haunt the hotel today.

Local legend says that a nun had committed suicide because she fell pregnant.

To hide the scandal, the other nuns bricked up her body behind a wall at the hotel.

During the Second World War the hotel was bombed by the German Luftwaffe.

The workmen who were sent in to repair the bomb damage area of the hotel uncovered a female skeleton.

Apparently, to avoid delay, the workmen just buried the bones elsewhere within the building!

Since then, poltergeist activity has taken place throughout the hotel.

Terrified guests have also witnessed a ghostly brown figure within the hotel especially within Room 160.

Guests have heard a female voice calling their name and have felt a figure pinning them down whilst they’ve slept in Room 160.

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