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3 Haunted Castles in West Sussex

3 Haunted Castles in West Sussex

| On 04, Sep 2017

Arundel Castle, Arundel

The most well-known ghost at the castle is that of a former kitchen boy.

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing the phantom sounds of somebody cleaning pots and pans in the kitchen.

Many believe these phantom noises are created by the kitchen boy ghost going about his daily work!

The library at the castle is said to be haunted by the ghost of a cavalier from the English Civil War period.

Witnesses who’ve seen his apparition say that he seems to be looking through the library books!

Nobody knows exactly who the cavalier ghost is or why he haunts the library.

The Hiorne Tower is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young lady.

Legend says that she committed suicide by jumping from the top of the tower after a love affair went bad.

Over the years many shocked witnesses have reported seeing her ghostly suicide re-enacted from the top of the tower.

The final ghost at the castle is of the feathered kind…

You see, in the past a phantom white bird has been seen flapping against one of the castle’s windows.

The ghost bird is an unwelcomed sight as it’s said to be an omen of a death in the household, normally the head of the family!

Bramber Castle

Bramber Castle, Bramber

Situated in the village of Bramber you’ll find the remains of the Norman motte-and-bailey Bramber Castle.

The castle dates back to 1070 when it was first built by William De Braose.

He built the castle on a natural mound overlooking the River Adur together with a Norman church.

Bramber Castle remained the family home of the de Braose family until 1326.

After that date, the history of the castle is a bit sketchy.

It’s known that during the English Civil War in 1642 some minor skirmishes took place at the castle.

Today, all that’s left of Bramber Castle is the remains of the Gatehouse tower, a section of the curtain wall and a small church opposite it.

Legend says that William De Braose, 4th Lord of Bramber had upset King John I.

As a reprisal, it’s said that the children of William De Braose were captured, imprisoned at Windsor Castle and starved to death!

The ghosts of those poor children are said to haunt the ruins of Bramber Castle to this very day.

Witnesses have seen their ghostly apparitions dressed in rags and begging for food in the castle’s grounds!


Knepp Castle, West Grinstead

The grounds of Knepp castle are said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl from the 13th century.

Apparently, her ghost can transform itself into that of a phantom deer!

Nobody exactly knows who the shape shifting ghostly girl is or why she is haunting the grounds of Knepp Castle!

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