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Haunted: The Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

Haunted: The Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall, Bradwell-on-Sea, Essex

| On 20, Jun 2017


The Hauntings at the Chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall

The chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall is believed to be over 1400 years old!

Back in Roman times the Roman Forts of the Saxon Shore were built to prevent raids from Norsemen…

And the chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall was built from the remains of the Roman Shore fort Othona.

The chapel was constructed to similar designs used by early Coptic Christians in far flung places such as Syria and Egypt.

Between 1700 and 1850 it’s believed that the chapel was used by smugglers to hide their wares from prying eyes…

In fact, some of the ghosts stories are thought to have actually been spread by the smugglers to keep the revenue men and nosey people away from the chapel!

In more recent times, believe it or not, the chapel was used as a cow barn.

In 1920 it was then re-consecrated and opened to the general public as a place of worship.

It’s said that the chapel is haunted…

Local people have seen unexplainable lights at night shining from within the building and ghostly figures walking around outside.

Now to me this ghost story sounds more than likely to have something to do with the smugglers!

But there’s Roman ghostly tales from chapel of St Peter-on-the-Wall too…

You see, apparitions of Roman soldiers having been witnessed marching along the old Roman road which leads to the chapel.

And there’s also been sightings of an apparition of a Roman on horseback riding within the area of the old Roman Shore Fort!

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Along the Bath Road in Bristol you’ll find the Arnos Manor Hotel.

The hotel was first built as a private home for the business merchant William Reeve in 1760.

It was once a girl’s school which was run by nuns and it’s the ghost of one of these nuns that is said to haunt the hotel today.

Local legend says that a nun had committed suicide because she fell pregnant.

To hide the scandal, the other nuns bricked up her body behind a wall at the hotel.

During the Second World War the hotel was bombed by the German Luftwaffe.

The workmen who were sent in to repair the bomb damage area of the hotel uncovered a female skeleton.

Apparently, to avoid delay, the workmen just buried the bones elsewhere within the building!

Since then, poltergeist activity has taken place throughout the hotel.

Terrified guests have also witnessed a ghostly brown figure within the hotel especially within Room 160.

Guests have heard a female voice calling their name and have felt a figure pinning them down whilst they’ve slept in Room 160.

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