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Haunted: The Chaucer Hotel, Canterbury, Kent

| On 17, May 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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The Haunted Chaucer Hotel

63 Ivy Lane, Canterbury CT1 1TU

At the end of Ivy Lane in Canterbury you’ll find the grand looking Chaucer Hotel.

In the past both members of staff and guests alike have reported paranormal activity taking place within the building.

Recently the hotel manager reported that he thought the Mary Tourtel room was haunted by the spirit of an old woman.

A young girl staying at the hotel had an unpleasant experience one day…

She noticed that as she walked down an upstairs corridor she felt the temperature suddenly drop.

As she reached the top of the main stairs she felt unseen hands give her a shove.

Luckily she managed to steady herself and not fall down the stairs but she was left shaken!

Ghostly hand touching guests is a reoccurring event in the hotel.

Spooked guests have reported feeling their hair being stroked in the middle of the night whilst sleeping.

On one occasion a guest reported that writing suddenly appeared in their steamed up bathroom mirror just after they had a shower.

Apparently the writing was illegible but it looked like it could have been somebody’s name!

The adjoining building to the hotel which is used as staff accommodation is also said to be haunted.

Phantom footsteps, sheets being pulled of beds by unseen hands and the eerie sound of a child crying in the middle of the night have all been reported by scared witnesses within the building.