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Haunted: The Chequers Inn, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

| On 01, Jun 2017

The Haunted Chequers Inn

51 London Road West, Amersham HP7 9DA

Along the London Road in the market town of Amersham you’ll find the grade II listed Chequers Inn.

The inn dates back to the 15th century and is stacked in history.

It’s said to be very haunted, so much so that it’s been exorcise on numerous occasions…

It seems the exorcisms didn’t work as it’s still said to be haunted by up to nine ghosts!

You see, in the early 1500s the Lollard Martyrs were burnt to death for their religious belief in the Bury End part of Amersham.

Seven Lollard Martyrs were held in the Chequers Inn before their execution.

And it’s now believed that their spirits are responsible for the majority of the hauntings which take place at the inn.

Terrified witnesses have seen a ghostly apparition of a hooded woman in white in one of the inn’s upstairs bedroom.

Some say that the figure is Joan the daughter of William Tylsworth who was one of the martyrs to be burnt at the stake.

Another spooky cloaked figure is often witnessed by members of staff and punters alike in the bar area of the inn.

He’s said to be a man called Osman who was the gaoler of the Lollard Martyrs.

There are a couple more ghosts which are rumoured to haunt the Chequers…

One is a young chimney sweep who’s said to roam the inn and the other is of a woman dressed in grey that’s often seen wandering around the outside of the pub!

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