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Discover the Most Haunted Chislehurst Caves

| On 27, Aug 2016

The Chislehurst Caves are said to be one of the MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN THE UK!

You’ll find the awesome Chislehurst Caves located along Old Hill in Chislehurst which is in the London Borough of Bromley.

Although they’re called caves, they actually consist of twenty two miles of man-made tunnels which were created as a result of chalk and flint mining.

The mines are believed to date back to the mid-1200s and were excavated up to the 1830s.

During the First World War they were used to store ammunition.

Whilst during the Second World War they were used as an air raid shelter for up to 15,000 of the local inhabitants!

In the 1960s and 70s the caves where used as a music venue with legendary names from the music industry such as David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd all playing there.

Today the caves are a popular tourist attraction but they’ve also gained a reputation over the years for being very haunted.

In fact, if you’re a Most Haunted fan then you may remember that the gang investigated the caves back in 2008 as a two-parter for Series 10!


The Ghosts of Chislehurst Caves

One of the apparitions witnessed in the tunnels of Chislehurst Caves is that of a ghostly Cavalier from the English Civil War period.

Some of the witnessed who’ve seen the ghostly Cavalier say that they first heard phantom footsteps before he appeared to them!

During the Second World War when the caves where used by the local population as an air raid shelter, playing children were scared witless when an apparition of a Roman soldier suddenly appeared right in front of them.

This apparition is rarely seen in the tunnels today.

Local legend says that the soldier was killed just outside the caves during the time of the Roman occupation of Britain.

There’s a story associated with the caves that it was once home to a stables.

And one day the tunnel roof of the stables collapsed killing a horse in the process!

The ghost of that horse is now said to haunt the caves.

In the early 1980s the Society for Psychical Research investigated the cave network.

During their investigation they recorded some weird sounds…

One being, the eerie sound of a horse whinnying in distress!

Keeping to the theme of ghostly animals, the caves are also said to be haunted by the ghost of a large black hellhound with glowing red eyes.

This ghostly hellhound reminds me of the Black Shuck legend of East Anglia!

In the 1930s Chislehurst Caves was actually used to grow mushrooms.

Workers at the time would often report seeing an apparition of a small huddled figure which they described as looking like a goblin.

Some people believe this apparition could be a ghost of a small hunchback!

There’s a spooky area of Chislehurst Caves which harbours a Druid altar.

Local legend says that human sacrifices took place here.

And that it’s haunted by a ghostly hooded figure.

Just before the First World War broke out, a photograph of the Druid Altar was taken which revealed a transparent cloaked figure!

Local legend also says that the tunnels are haunted by the ghost of a Druid princess who tragically drowned in an unground stream within the cave network.

But her ghostly apparition hasn’t been witness since the Second World War!

This female phantom is not to get mixed up with the ghostly lady of the pool…

Within Chislehurst Caves there’s a haunted pool where a lot of paranormal activity has been reported.

It’s said that a couple of centuries ago a woman was murdered by her husband at this spot.

And that he weighed her body down with large stones and threw it into the pool which was much deeper then than it is today.

Her ghost is now said to haunt the area of the pool!

Terrified witnesses who’ve seen her ghostly apparition describe her as being dressed in white and being in a forlorn state.

In the 1940s excavations in the pool area uncovered human skeletal remains.

And since that day, sightings of the ghostly lady of the pool have increased.

A local newspaper actually named the murdered lady as Mary Jane Beckett.

Whether the spirit of Mary is the lady of the pool, well I’ll let you make your mind up on that!

Another female phantom seen in the caves is that of a young woman pushing a pram.

Nobody knows exactly who the ghostly woman is but some people believe she could be the ghost of an unfortunate woman who maybe died during a bombing raid in the Second World War.

The sounds of phantom children giggling have been heard by witnesses within the caves.

During the Second World War a little girl tragically died when she was digging a hole in the tunnels with her brother and the chalk ceiling collapse onto her killing her instantly.

Her brother survived the accident.

Some people believe it’s the ghost of the little girl that’s responsible for the phantom sound of giggling within the tunnels.

Some witnesses have even reported feeling a little hand hold their hand whilst they’ve walked through the cave network!

Another ghost who’s sometimes been witnessed by visitors in the area of the Roman Well is that of a figure leaning over the well peering into it.

Nobody knows who this ghostly figure could be!

When the Most Haunted gang investigated the caves in 2008 they reported hearing somebody whistling.

A whistling ghost is said to haunt Chislehurst Caves.

Some say the whistling ghost is the spirit of a former guide of the caves called Derek!

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