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Haunted: The Church of St Genevieve, Fornham Park, Suffolk

| On 24, Jun 2017


The Haunting of the Church of St Genevieve

The iconic looking ruin of the Church of St Genevieve’s tower is said to be haunted by a ghostly monk who is said to appear to shocked witnesses every year on Christmas Eve.

Some say that the spirit of the ghostly monk dates back to the Battle of Fornham.

They say he was either a chaplain attached to one of the medieval armies or a Benedictine Brother from the nearby St Edmunds Abbey who may have been at the battle attending the dying.

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FEATURED HAUNTED HOTEL: The Queen Hotel, Chester

The Queen Hotel is said to be haunted by the ghost of a little girl.

She’s said to haunt the area of a former nursery which was once situated on the second floor of the hotel.

Women guests have reported the little girl ghost has sneaked up behind them and pulled their hair before making her escape!

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