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Haunted: The Church of St Peter and St Paul, St Osyth, Essex

Haunted: The Church of St Peter and St Paul, St Osyth, Essex

| On 15, Jun 2017


The Hauntings of the Church of St Peter and St Paul

Let me take you back to ‘The Dark Ages’ of Essex in the 7th century, 653 AD to be exact.

Osyth was the daughter of the first Christian king of East Anglia, Redwald.

She was engaged to Sighere, King of Essex.

Unfortunately for Sighere, once they got married she devoted herself to Christ and took a vow of chastity!

Sighere was a good sort, respecting her religious vows he gave her his village of Chich and built her a nunnery in which she became the abbess.

At this time in history it was common for Vikings to sail up the creeks of Eastern England to plunder and loot the locals.

One such Danish raiding party under the command of Inguar and Hubba sailed up the local creek and set upon the village of Chich.

And they weren’t so tolerant to Osyth’s beliefs.

They took her from her nunnery to the nearby Nun’s Wood where they ordered her to worship their gods.

Osyth out right refused.

Hubba’s reply was to swiftly… CUT HER HEAD OFF!

But that’s not the end of the story…

The legend states that she then picked up her severed head and walked to the nearby Church of St Peter and St Paul.

Knocking at the Church’s closed door she collapsed and fell dead dropping her severed head in the doorway.

Since this violent act it’s been said that every 7th October she’s seen walking through Nun’s Wood or the churchyard with her severed head in her hands!

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