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Haunted: The Church of St Peter and St Paul, Swaffham, Norfolk

| On 01, Jul 2017

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The main ghost witnessed at the Ackergill Tower Castle is that of Helen Gunn.

Witnesses describe her ghost as a Green Lady or as a lady with black hair in a long red ball gown!

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The Legendary Church of St Peter and St Paul

The Church of St Peter and St Paul has a nice legend associated with it…

Back in the 15th century, a local pedlar called John Chapman dreamt that if he stood on London Bridge he would hear good news.

So he set off for the capital city and when he arrived he waited on London Bridge for three days to hear his good news.

On the fourth day he told a local shopkeeper about his dream.

The shopkeeper then told Chapman about his dream of digging up treasure under a tree which belonged to a pedlar in Swaffham!

John quickly returned home and started to dig under his tree straight away.

To his amazement he discovered some treasure.

And, it’s said that the wealth generated from the treasure he donated to rebuild the church.

If you ever visit the church of St Peter and St Paul in Swaffham, you’ll discover that the front pews have little carvings of John Chapman and his little dog.

Apparently a wealthy merchant in the 15th century called John Chapman did exist.

And it was said he was very generous to the church!

Another more ghostly story associated with the church is that of an apparition of a woman who was witnessed by a young boy wandering around the graves in the churchyard.

He said her ghostly form was walking up and down the graves as though she was looking for a particular gravestone.

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