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9 Haunted Churches in West Sussex

9 Haunted Churches in West Sussex

| On 04, Sep 2017

AMBERLY CASTLE: A Haunted Castle You Can Actually Stay the Night In!

The Grade I listed 12th century Amberley Castle Hotel is located in the picturesque village of Amberley.

Today, the castle has been transferred into an amazing luxury hotel.

It's said to be haunted by the ghost of a young girl called Emily who committed suicide at the castle.

Her ghostly apparition has been seen by terrified witnesses in and around the Herstmonceux Room!

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St Nicholas Church, Arundel

In 1940 a visitor to the church took a photo of its altar.

When the photograph was developed it showed a ghostly apparition of a priest kneeling at the altar.

But was the ghostly figure actually a priest?

An old church warden of St Nicholas Church once reported that he’d witnessed a ghostly apparition of a woman kneeling and praying at the same altar.

He described the ghostly woman as being dressed in blue and having long white hair!

Another woman ghost said to haunt the church is that of a ghostly nun.

Her phantom footsteps have been heard in the church’s bell tower and her apparition has been seen there too!


St Andrew and St Cuthman Church, Steyning

The church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a 13th century holy woman called Milian who arrived at the church looking for sanctuary and enlightenment.

Apparently she was quiet argumentative, she would often argue with the local monks and even launched a lawsuit against the vicar!

Although her ghost isn’t often seen, it’s still believed to haunt churchyard.


St Mary and St Gabriel Church, South Harting

Spooked visitors to the churchyard have reported witnessing either a figure of a ghostly man or a figure of a ghostly woman.

Witnesses say that the ghostly woman tends to disappear into thin air as soon as she’s spotted.

The ghostly man has been described as being a well-built tall man who paces around the churchyard as though on guard.


St Nicholas’ Church, Poling

Spooked witnesses have reported hearing chanting and seeing ghostly figures in the churchyard of St Nicholas’ Church and in the grounds of the nearby farmhouse.

Experts in ancient music have identified the chanting as being a Gregorian funeral chant called Deus misereatur, the 67th Psalm!


St Andrew’s Church, Didling

One day in 1926 a visitor to the village decide to have a look around its church.

As he began to enter the church he heard a choir singing loadly inside.

He paused for a moment to listen then opened the church door and entered the church.

To his surprise he found the church was totally empty and the singing had ceased!

One Sunday in 1943 the Reverend at the time reported to his organist that he could hear a phantom voice singing along with his regulars during the service.

The organist was pleased that the Reverend had brought the matter up as she could also hear the phantom voice singing away.

Apparently the voice was pure and beautiful but only sang a couple of lines of the hymns before fading out!


The Holy Trinity Church, Bosham

Terrified witnesses have reported seeing a ghostly male figure walking around the outside of the church.

They describe the male ghostly figure as being an ancient knight!


St John the Baptist Church, Westfield

Visitors to the churchyard have reported that after feeling that someone was watching them, they’ve turned around to see the ghostly apparitions of two ill looking children.

The ghostly sad looking young girl and boy are thought to be victims of the plague which swept through Westfield in 1348.

Witnesses describe the ghostly children as wearing old fashioned scruffy clothing!


St Mary’s Church, Westham

The church is said to be haunted by the ghost of a local smuggler who knocks on the door to ensure the coast is clear of Excise men so he can move his illegal goods.

The vicar has been inside the church when the load knocking has occurred on the door.

When he open the door he found nobody there!

Visitors to St Mary’s have also seen the ghostly apparition of an old man who in the afternoons walks from the church door down the path to the church gate.

They describe him as being dressed in a grey jacket and trousers and carrying a walking stick.

This is why he’s called the Grey Man of Westham Churchyard.

Apparently, the ghostly old man is very life-like!


All Saints Church, Patcham

There’s a ghost story which says that during one Christmas Evening service in the 1970s the local congregation noticed a very pale sick looking woman sitting in one of the pews.

She looked so ill that one kind person tried to put their coat around her but as they did so she just simply disappeared into thin air!

Spooked members of the church choir have reported seeing a ghostly figure emerge from the south side of the church and then disappear somewhere in the churchyard.

On another occasion two passers-by were shocked to witness the ghosts of two medieval looking women pass through the terracotta tombs on the west side of the churchyard.

In the 1970s a couple of people tried to talk to a woman at the church but were totally surprised to discover that she was actually a ghost as she disappeared into thin air right in front of their eyes.

In 1956 two boys were ghost hunting in the churchyard.

They became terrified when they saw the ghostly apparition of a hooded figure appear and then walk through the churchyard.

The ghosts of Sir Charles Thomas Stanford and Lady Ellen Stanford are also said to haunt All Saints Church!

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