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Haunted: The Cinnabar Café Hotel, Hertford, Hertfordshire

| On 15, May 2017


The Haunted Cinnabar Café Hotel

88-96 Fore Street, Hertford SG14 1AA

Next to the old Post Office in Fore Street is a building which was once the house of the Master of Hale’s Grammar School.

Today the building is a boutique hotel and restaurant called the Cinnabar Café Hotel.

In 2012 a lot of the chefs working at the premises reported paranormal activity take place within the building.

One night a chef was hit in the side of his head with the lid from a mayonnaise bucket.

You see, he was playing Frisbee with the lid during a quiet period earlier in the day with a workmate.

The eerie thing was…

His workmate was actually working in the bar at the time of the incident.

And he was totally alone in the kitchen!


FEATURED HAUNTED HOTEL: The Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon

To the rear of the Black Boy there was once a convent which probably accounts for the many sightings of a ghostly nun seen walking through the building.

Many guests have heard the sound of a phantom child crying in one of the inn’s bedrooms.

Apparently, if you ask whether the child is OK it stops crying!

Members of staff and punters alike have reported seeing a ghostly figure of a man sitting in the bar area of the pub just watching people.

And a senior member of staff was certain they saw a ghostly apparition of a woman in the bar area when they were working late one night.

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