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The Ghosts of Haunted Coggeshall

The Ghosts of Haunted Coggeshall

| On 19, Jun 2017

The Hauntings of Coggeshall

If you’re near the woods of Coggeshall Abbey, listen very carefully…

You may just hear a cheerful woodsman whistling in the distance whilst he chops wood!

So what’s so eerie about that then?

Well it’s the ghost of Robin the Woodcutter and locals have been hearing him chop wood since the 1600s!

Robin was a respected local tradesman.

He once carved a beautiful piece of work called The Angel of the Christmas Mysteries…

And, he’s said to haunt the woods and grounds of the Abbey!

His ghostly apparition has been seen strolling along a stream which the locals now call… Robin’s Brook!

Robin isn’t the only ghost to haunt Coggeshall Abbey…

People have seen a ghostly apparition of a wrinkled monk!

He’s been seen walking through the Abbey grounds and along the lanes heading towards the Blackwater River with a lit taper in his hands.

Close to Marks Hall Old Rectory, there’s an old building called Cradle House.

It’s here that terrified witnesses have seen a floating procession of phantom white monks.

Some believe that Cradle House was a secret meeting place for the monks of Coggeshall Abbey… to me it seems that they still like the place!

There are three old buildings in Coggeshall with a spooky tale to tell…

The first is the 15th century White Hart Hotel which is said to be haunted by an unnamed ghost…

He or she has been witnessed in the older parts of the hotel, in particular the guest lounge area!

A former old inn in Church Street, which is now a house, is reported to be haunted by a poltergeist.

You see, the owners discovered a secret room in the 1960s and there’s been poltergeist activity happening within the house ever since.

A strange eerie mist suddenly appearing at the bottom of the stairs, a rotten smell and doors violently opening and closing on their own are just some of the paranormal activities reported to have happened in the house since the secret room was opened up!

Guild House on Market End is said to be haunted by a ghost of an old man who’s been seen standing at the foot of the bed in one of the bedrooms.

Unexplained balls of light have also been seen drifting around the attic room from the road by independent witnesses.

It’s believed that Coggeshall is located where two ley lines cross and it’s these ley lines which are responsible for large amount of paranormal activity happening in the town.

But, this charming town also has a more unpleasant side to its past.

East Street was once called Gallows Street, St Peter’s Road was known as Dead Lane and local legend says that a set of gallows were located at the Tollgate crossing.

So, is it the ley lines or the past public hangings which are responsible for the paranormal activity happening in Coggeshall?

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THE RED LION HOTEL: One of the Most Haunted Places in Essex!

The 15th century Grade I listed Red Lion Hotel situated along Colchester’s High Street is probably the most infamous hotel in the town.

It’s said to be haunted by not one but three ghosts!

The ghost of a small boy, a monk and a lady called Alice Catherine Millar are said to haunt the Red Lion…

Terrified witnesses have been reporting seeing the ghostly apparition of Alice Catherine Millar as far back as the 1800s.

Alice was believed to been a chambermaid who worked at the Red Lion.

In 1638, she was said to have been brutally murdered by her lover in the hotel.

One of the past owners of the Red Lion was so frightened that the stories of the hotel being haunted by Alice’s ghost would affect trade that he bricked up her old room to try and stop her haunting the building.

Unfortunately for him it didn’t work…

Her ghost is still seen to this very day in the hotel!

Both guests and members of staff have witnessed her ghostly apparition in the hotel’s kitchen and in Rooms 5, 6 and 10.

Her ghost has even been seen by terrified witnesses to disappearing through one of the walls where the old bricked up doorway to her room was once situated.

The assistant manager of the hotel on one occasion even saw her sitting in an old rocking chair rocking backwards and forwards before disappearing.

Other hotel members of staff have been frightened by hearing Alice whispering or even talking to them.

Having their hair pulled by an unseen entity is regularly reported by scared guests staying at the Red Lion.

An unknown woman’s voice was once mysteriously recorded on a video tape shot in one of the hotels rooms by a shocked guest.

Another ghostly apparition seen at the Red Lion is that of a hooded monk…

He’s often witnessed in the early hours of the morning walking along the hotel’s corridors.

Sometimes he magically appears in the Red Lion’s reception area.

He’s sad story dates back a few centuries.

It’s said that he was in charge of some children when a bad fire broke out in the hotel.

He perished in the fire whilst trying to save the children!

And last but by no means least, the final ghost believed to haunt this historic hotel is that of a small boy…

It’s normally children who witness the ghostly apparition of this little boy.

They often see him in the Parliament Restaurant which was once the old Banqueting Hall.

The little boy’s ghost has even been caught on camera by shocked guest when they have taken photos in the Parliament Restaurant!

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