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Haunted: Colchester Barracks, Colchester, Essex

| On 21, Jun 2017


The Haunting of Colchester Barracks

Colchester has been a garrison town since the Roman times…

So with such as long military association you wouldn’t be too surprised to find out that there’ve been stories floating around that the town’s barracks are haunted by a violent ghost!

The first violent incidents took place in 1911 with three different witnesses on three different occasions.

It’s said that three different soldiers were all knocked out cold by an unseen assailant.

These paranormal assaults had one thing in common…

They all took place in the middle of the night!

And you know nobody was ever charged for these violent attacks on the soldiers.

For the time being no other phantom assaults were reported at the barracks.

But in 1975 it looked like the angry ghost might have returned…

A corporal in the barracks heard a door continually being smashed so hard that he went to investigate who was causing all the commotion.

When he got there he witnessed the door being banged so forcefully that it literally shook at the hinges.

He flung open the battered door to see who had been causing all the disruption to only to find that nobody was behind it.

Puzzled he closed the door and walked away.

He had only walked a few steps when the violent banging on the door started up again.

This time he could literally see the door shaking with the force being bestowed upon it.

Quickly he flung open the door to try and catch the culprit only to discover again that nobody was there!

This violent door banging only happened a few more times before totally ceasing for good.

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