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Haunted: The Coombe Abbey Hotel, Coventry, Warwickshire

| On 13, Jun 2017

The Haunted Coombe Abbey Hotel

Brinklow Road, Coventry CV3 2AB

The Coombe Abbey Hotel is situated along Brinklow Road in Coventry.

The historic Grade I listed Abbey dates back to the 12th century when it started life out as a monastery.

Coombe Abbey is said to have a few ghosts knocking about the old place…

One is a ghostly hooded monk who’s believed to be the spirit of Abbott Geoffrey who was brutally murdered back in 1345.

His apparition is often seen wandering around the hotel and is probably the culprit of the poltergeist activity which takes place in the hotel’s kitchen.

There’s also a ghost of a young green-eyed girl known as Matilda who was once a stable hand at the Abbey.

She is reported to have cursed any child born at the Abbey to die at a young age.

You see, she gave birth to a stillborn child after becoming pregnant by the master of the house.

It’s said that the master of the house wanted nothing to do with her after she became pregnant and this is why she laid down the curse.

The strange thing is…

Through the ages, many of the children born at the house have died at a young age!

Others apparitions witnessed just outside the abbey include a phantom horseman and a ghostly Victorian lady riding an old fashion bike.

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