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Haunted: The Crown Hotel, Wells, Somerset

| On 12, Jun 2017


The Haunted Crown Hotel

Market Place, Wells BA5 2RP

Along Market Place in the cathedral city of Wells is the Grade II listed Crown Hotel.

The hotel dates back to the 15th century when it started life out as a coaching inn.

The hotel is said to be haunted by a few ghosts…

One terrified member of staff witnessed a ghostly figure standing next to the fireplace staring at him.

He described the figure as a slim tall Victorian gentleman with slicked back jet black hair and a moustache wearing a suit and carrying a cane.

Another apparition seen at the hotel is that of an English Civil War soldier.

He’s seen in the bedrooms and running down corridors where he vanishes into thin air!

A maid at the hotel was scared witless one day after she saw a ghostly apparition of a woman dressed in black carrying a suitcase walk past her.

Many witnesses have also reported seeing ghostly faces peering out of the hotel’s ground floor windows!

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