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Haunted: Dorchester West Railway Station, Dorchester, Dorset

| On 03, Nov 2017

The Haunting of Dorchester West Railway Station

You’ll find Dorchester West Railway Station situated off Damers Road.

The station dates back to 1857 and is one out of two railway stations which services Dorchester.

The footbridge at Dorchester West Railway Station is said to be haunted.

Spooked passengers have reported seeing a very life-like apparition of a man crossing the footbridge carrying a small black briefcase-style bag under his arm.

They describe him as being a smart clean shaven man with black hair wearing rimmed-glasses and clothes from the late 19th century consisting of a dark coloured hat, frock coat and waistcoat.

Some witnesses say he smiles kindly at them as they pass him by on the footbridge.

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