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Haunted: The Ettington Park Hotel, Ettington, Warwickshire

| On 13, Jun 2017

The Haunted Ettington Park Hotel

Alderminster, Stratford-upon-Avon CV37 8BS

The Ettington Park Hotel is a former neo-Gothic country house situated to the southwest of the village of Ettington.

The magnificent Grade I listed hotel dates back to 17th century but there’s actually been a manor house on the spot for centuries before the present building.

The neo-Gothic style of Ettington Park Hotel gives it that stereotypical spooky haunted house look…

In fact, the house was use for exterior shots in the 1963 horror file The Haunting.

Sometimes fact can be stranger than fiction as Ettington Park has got a reputation for actually being one of the most haunted hotels in the UK!

Over the years, members of staff and guests alike have been scared witless after witnessing some of the ghosts which reside at the hotel.

A ghostly apparition of an old Victorian lady is often seen near the conservatory entrance.

Some witnesses have seen a man with his dog suddenly manifest in the library before vanishing into thin air.

On past Christmas Eves, spooked members of staff have reported seeing a lighted candle lift off the mantelpiece and levitate in mid-air!

The most common ghostly apparition to be witnessed by both members of staff and guests alike is that of the lady in the white gown.

She’s seen walking along the hotel’s corridors in the middle of the night and disappearing through solid walls.

Sometimes she’s also seen on the terrace… normally just before dusk!

Many believe that she’s the spirit of a former governess and have nicknamed her Lady Emma.

There’s another lady ghost to accompany Lady Emma and the old Victorian lady at Ettington Park…

She known as the Grey Lady and is often witnessed by the foot of the hotel’s staircase where many people believe is the spot where she died!

Two young boys from the Shirley family tragically drowned in the nearby Rivet Stour in the 1800s.

Shocked witnesses have seen and heard their young ghosts crying next to the river’s edge.

A couple more ghosts which have been reported by witnesses at the hotel is that of an army officer and that of a monk who’s been witnessed both inside the hotel and outside in the grounds.

You can probably now see why Ettington Park has got the reputation for being one of the most haunted hotels in the UK!

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